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Articles by Michael D. Cohen, MD

Course of the Covid Pandemic

Pandemic Medical Update

Course of the Pandemic

Some of the worst surges of the pandemic are occurring in Brazil, India, and Uruguay. The surges seem to be driven in part by bad policies, like relaxing restrictions too soon. The surges also appear to be driven by variants of ...

Pandemic Medical Update: Vaccines, Variants and More

Course of the Pandemic

The United States has lately stabilized at around 60,000 new infections per day. This is not good, as daily infections need to go down much further before control of the pandemic can be achieved. At least deaths and hospitalizations have continued ...

Pandemic Medical Update: “Herd Immunity” at Prisons?

Course of the Pandemic

Declining numbers of infections, hospitalizations and deaths: After the peak in mid-January at about 220,00 cases per day, infections have been declining in the United States. In mid-March, infections appeared to be stabilizing at about 60,000 per day, a level similar ...

COVID Pandemic: Medical Update

New variants of the coronavirus

February saw numerous reports about mutations and new variants of the pandemic coronavirus. A variant called B.1.1.7 was first identified in England (UK) last fall. B.1.1.7 spreads among people more easily (is more infectious) and may also cause serious illness ...

Pandemic Update: News on Vaccines and Prison and Jail Staffing

All preventive measures undertaken by individuals to protect themselves and ...

Pandemic Medical Update: The Latest on Vaccines and Prisoners

The Latest on COVID-19: Will Vaccines be Available Soon?

Coronavirus: A Second Wave of Infection

Infection rates are increasing rapidly throughout the U.S. At press time, the Midwest had the most rapid increase in rate of infection (steepest upward angle of the rate graph) and a higher rate of infection than ever before. In the Northeast, the current rate as of October 13 was about 95 per million population. In the Midwest, the rate was about 240 per million population. By the time you read this article, ...

The Latest News on How to Protect Yourself From Infection

by Michael D. Cohen, M.D.

Recommendations for behaviors to reduce exposure to coronavirus and infection are changing as more knowledge is gained about the virus and the disease. Of course, implementing these behaviors in a prison setting is often impossible, but it’s worth passing on newer information so prisoners can ...