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Articles by Michael Hamden

Behind Coleman v. Schwarzenegger - Profile of Prison Law Office attorney Donald Specter

Behind Coleman v. Schwarzenegger

September 30, 2009

Corrections Policy Examiner

Michael Hamden (

Donald Specter: attorney in the public interest

As many know, California’s prison system is grossly overcrowded and there have been repeated legal findings that prisoners are treated inhumanely. In fact, people who have the misfortune to be ...

Outrageous phone rates devastate families of prisoners

September 1, 2009

Corrections Policy Examiner
Michael Hamden

The Scam: "Give me your money and you can talk to your kid." That may sound like a line from a 1950's Jimmy Cagney gangster movie. But in essence, that is what pay telephone companies are saying every day to millions of ...