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Articles by Rachel Meeropol

Two Victories in New York’s Struggle Against Unjust Telephone Contract

Two Victories in New York's Struggle Against Unjust Telephone Contract

by Annette Dickerson, Rachel Meeropol, and Lauren Melodia

Families of those incarcerated by New York State finally won some justice this winter in their fight against a prison telephone contract that charges families of prisoners 630 percent more for collect ...

Guantanamo: Nine Months after the Supreme Court Victory, the Island Remains a Prison Beyond the Law.

By Rachel Meeropol

Consider the situation of Moazzam Begg. He is a 35 year old man with dual British and Pakistani citizenship. In early 2002, he was seized from his apartment in Islamabad, Pakistan, by Pakistani and U.S. agents. He was arrested without explanation in the middle of the night, ...