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Articles by Reaves, Jr, Walter M

Criminal Law Update

by Walter Reaves

The following are summaries of the some of more significant, and interesting cases decided during the last several months dealing with issues important to prisoners and those interested in post-conviction litigation.


Corroboration of Affidavit - United States v. Peck, 317 F.3d 754 (7th Cir. ...

Recent Significant Decisions

by Walter M .Reaves, Jr.

The following is a summary of some of the more significant recent decisions on issues important to prisoners.

Search and Seizure

InUnited States v. Osage, 235 F.
3d 518 (10th Cir. 2000), the Court addressed the scope of a consent to search .The Court held ...

Post-Conviction Update

Prepared by Walter M. Reaves, Jr.

Habeas Corpus

Addressing an issue which has not been consistently decided by the circuits, the Fifth Circuit in United States v. Thomas, 203 F.3d 350 (5th Cir. 2000), held that for purposes of limitations in a §2255 petition, the decision is final when the ...

Post Conviction Update

by Walter M. Reaves, Jr.

This column will address recent decisions which have some impact on post-conviction procedure. The summary is by no means exhaustive, and contains only those decisions which may have some potential impact on defendants pursuing to post-conviction claims. For the most part, the decisions are from ...