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Articles by Robert Nelson

Jailhouse Justice: Phoenix New Times article on failure to protect at Sheriff Arpaio's jail

Jailhouse Justice:

New evidence suggests Sheriff Joe's running his empire as if it were a Mexican prison

By Robert Nelson

Published: January 23, 2003

If new information in an inmate-beating case is any indication -- and if there's any justice in this world -- Sheriff Joe Arpaio should someday get ...

False Positive - Phoenix New Times article on retaliation at Sheriff Arpaio's jail

False Positive

Is Joe Arpaio up to his same old dirty tricks? This time, a man's life may be at stake.

By Robert Nelson

Published: February 19, 2004

Jim Cozzolino wasn't afraid of serving jail time. He was just afraid of where he'd be serving that jail time.

Two months ...

Jail Bait - Phoenix New Times article about prisoner badly beaten in Sheriff Arpaio's jail

Jail Bait

A prisoner was nearly beaten to death behind bars for a crime he didn't commit. Was he set up by Sheriff Joe's henchmen?

By Robert Nelson

Published: December 26, 2002

Jefferson Davis McGee was not the man who raped and killed 8-year-old Elizabeth Byrd.

But on May 28, ...