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Articles by Robert Pierce

McNeil Island News

They plan to open 1,000 new beds in January, and have added no new room to the hospital or kitchen. It already takes five months to get any dental work done, and I'm thinking of preparing a § 1983 on the whole hospital as it is. Being at this place ...

Prisoner Litigant and Prison Law Library Secondary Resource List

By Robert Pierce

In the field of law, books that deal with an overall view of a topic, those that are used in teaching law, or that are encyclopedic in nature, are known as secondary resource materials. These secondary resources are essential to the jailhouse lawyer when developing strategies on ...

Constitutional Right for Cons to Buy Lottery Tickets? Federal Court Says Nyet

By Robert Pierce

To file or not to file, frivolousness is the question. Wisconsin prisoners answered the question by filing a lawsuit alleging that they were constitutionally entitled to purchase lottery tickets. The action stated that under the first amendment they had a right to buy state revenue enhancement lottery ...