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Articles by Roger Hummel

Book Review: From Prison to Home

by Jeremy Travis, Amy Solomon and Michelle Waul
Justice Policy Center, the Urban Institute, Washington DC, 2001, 56 pages, paper

Review by Roger Hummel

In a remarkable new book from the Urban Institute's Justice Policy Center, the dimensions of prisoner reentry are analyzed and reported in highly readable detail. Useful ...

Ohio Prisons Make Almost $5 Million in Improper Food and Education Payments

After receiving an anonymous tip about billing irregularities, the Ohio State Auditor conducted a special audit of the two state prisons: the Noble Correctional Institution (NCI) at Caldwell and the Belmont Correctional Institution (BCI) in St. Clairsville.

Released in November, 2001, the auditor's report showed that NCI's private food service ...

Boot Camp or Boot Hill? Troubled Teens Suffer From Too Much Tough Love

Boot Camp Or Boot Hill? Troubled Teens Suffer From Too Much Tough Love

by Roger Hummel

On February 15, 2002, Charles Long II was arrested on murder and child abuse charges growing from the death of Anthony Haynes. On July 1, 2001 the 14 year old Haynes died while attending ...

News in Brief

Alaska: On April 11, 2002, Cynthia Cooper, the head prosecutor in the state attorney general's office, resigned after being judicially admonished for pursuing felony charges against a public defender who crashed his car into a light pole. Anchorage prosecutors had agreed to a misdemeanor plea bargain with Wally Tetlow, the ...

The Death Penalty in the U.S.A. -- Past, Present, and Future

The Death Penalty in the U.S.A. - Past, Present, and Future

Book Reviews by Roger Hummel

Condemned: Inside the Sing Sing Death House by Scott Christianson. New York University Press, New York. 184 pages (illustrated), $24.95, cloth.

Beginning late in the nineteenth
century, New York State boasted electric chairs at ...

Telemarketing and Computer Programs Crash at Utah Prison

"Hi, how are you doing? I am fine. My name is David ... If you will be willing to go out with me, will you answer these questions honestly as to what you will be willing to do with me ... holding hands, french kissing, fondling each other ..." and ...

The Connally Seven - A Texas Prison Escape and its Aftermath

The John B. Connally State Prison is a 2,800-capacity maximum security facility for men. As part of Texas' $2 billion prison building frenzy of the 1990's, construction of the so-called "Michael prototype" unit was completed in 1994; the first prisoners arrived in the summer of 1995.

Located in rural Karnes ...

Actual Innocence--Five Days to Execution and other Dispatches From the Wrongly Convicted

By Barry Scheck, Peter Nuefeld, and Jim Dwyer

Review by Roger Hummel

Since 1963, at least 381 murder convictions across the nation have been reversed because of police or prosecutorial misconduct yet not one of the prosecutors who broke the law was ever convicted or disbarred.

Twenty-seven percent of those ...