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Articles by Sal Rodriquez

Oregon: Grand Jury Cites Problems at Multnomah County Jails

A Corrections Grand Jury report released on December 18, 2012 made recommendations to remedy problems in Multnomah County’s jail system, adding to suggestions the Grand Jury had previously made in 2011.

In its most recent report, the Grand Jury noted there was a 121% increase in the number of emergency ...

Lawsuit Filed Against Solitary Confinement of 800 “Seriously Mentally Ill” Prisoners in Pennsylvania

On March 11, 2013, the Disability Rights Network of Pennsylvania (DRNP) filed a lawsuit against John E. Wetzel, Secretary of the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections, charging that the confinement of prisoners in Restricted Housing Units (RHUs) amounts to “cruel and unusual punishment” of those diagnosed as “seriously mentally ill.” The ...