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Articles by Silja JA Talvi

Shoot First, Ask Questions Later: The Militarization of Law Enforcement

Shoot First, Ask Questions Later:
The Militarization of Law Enforcement

by Silja J.A. Talvi

The following is a review of Militarizing the American Criminal Justice System: The Changing Roles of the Armed Forces and the Police, Peter B. Kraska (editor), Northeastern University Press, 2001.

As the line between the military ...

Gender and Incarceration: How Men and Women Experience Life Behind Bars

Gender and Incarceration: How Men and Women
Experience Life Behind Bars

Reviews by Silja J.A. Talvi

Prison Masculinities, edited by Don Sabo, Terry A. Kupers, and Willie London. Temple University Press, Philadelphia: 2001.

Counseling Female Offenders and Victims: A Strengths-Restorative Approach, Katherine van Wormer, Springer Publishing Company, New York: 2001. ...

Idaho's Prison Labor Scandal

by Silja J.A. Talvi

Over the past decade, Idaho's state prison system has been rocked by a steady stream of scandals ranging from the sexual abuse of prisoners to the violation of prisoners' First Amendment rights.

But nothing has shaken the Idaho Department of Correction (IDOC) as hard as a ...

Conditions of Confinement: Washington State Prisoner Sues Over Twelve Harsh Days in Strip Cell

In the early morning hours of February 2, 1998, at Clallam Bay Correctional Center (CBCC), Washington State prisoner Sylvester Mahone felt like he had had enough. Locked up in isolation in one of Washington State's six Intensive Management Units (IMUs)the kind of bare-bones, supermax concrete isolation cells increasingly common in ...

Not Part of my Sentence: The Rape of Washington Prisoners

Gig Harbor, Wash.: Annette Guzman-White, a 32-year-old minimum-security prisoner incarcerated on a second-degree burglary charge at the Washington Correction Center for Women (WCCW), is eager to get out of prison.

It's something that could probably be said of most of Washington's 15,000 prisoners, just slightly over 1,000 of whom are ...

Women Behind Bars

It's the kind of statistic that deserves repeated mention: America's prisons and jails now hold just under two million persons, or 1 in every 142 U.S. residents.

To put America's incarceration rates into perspective, it's worth bearing in mind from 1990 to 2000, U.S. prisons and jails grew by almost ...

Eight Prisoner Deaths in California Women's Prison

Eight Prisoner Deaths In California Women's Prison Revive Concerns About Medical Care, Availibility
Of Compassionate Release

by Silja J.A. Talvi

The deaths of eight female prisoners within a seven-week period at a California women's prison have sparked a new round of activist and legislative inquiry into the provision of adequate ...

California Legislative Committee Hearing Meets Behind Prison Walls To Hear Testimony From Female Prisoners

by Silja J.A. Talvi

It was anything but an ordinary California legislative hearing. On Wednesday, October 11,2000, behind the barbedwire grounds and multiple security checkpoints of Chowchilla's Valley State Prison for Women (VSPW), the bulk of a nearsevenhour, nonstop hearing held by the Joint Legislative Committee on Prison Construction and ...

Hepatitis C, A 'Silent Epidemic' Strikes U.S. Prisons

It's been called the nation's most insidious virus. A "silent epidemic" that has swept the nation, hepatitis C is now the most common, chronic, bloodborne infection in the U.S. Because the virus often causes no noticeable symptoms for up to 20 or 30 years after infection, most of those who ...

Is Health Care Too Much to Ask For?

By Silja J.A. Talvi

In California's State Prison System, Female Prisoners and Their Advocates Say They're Continuing to Fight an Uphill Battle, While Prison Administrators Insist They're Doing Their Job

Over the last several years, health care-related allegations emerging from women's state prisons in California have echoed notably similar scenarios: ...