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Articles by Wm Daniel Ravenscroft

The Capacity of Prison Overcrowding

The Capacity Of Prison Overcrowding

By Wm. Daniel M. Ravenscroft, Attorney At Law

A major difficulty in describing the extent of prison overcrowding is that there is no general agreement as to the definition of the "capacity' of overcrowded institutions.

To merely count the number of prison beds and inmates ...

The United States Supreme Court: Petition for Writ of Certiori

The United States Supreme Court: Petition For Writ of Certioriari

by Wm. Daniel Ravenscroft, Atty. At Law


The United States Supreme Court is the highest court in this country. It is also the final forum for appeal in the American Judiciary.

Its jurisdiction is defined by Article III of ...

Warehouses of Misery

By Wm. Daniel Ravenscroft, esq.

What has our prison system really come to? Nothing more than a giant machine gobbling up human beings then spitting them out without the slightest concern for the collateral consequences.

The California prison system has over 90,000 inmates and the rate of incarceration and recidivism ...