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Articles by Yana Kunichoff

“Voluntary” Work Program in Private Detention Centers Pays Detained Immigrants $1 a Day

In the Stewart Detention Center in rural Lumpkin, Georgia, Pedro Guzman cleaned the communal areas, cooked, painted walls, ran paperwork and buffed floors. But Guzman was not brought into Stewart as an employee – he was a detained immigrant taking part in the detention center’s “voluntary” work program.

“I didn’t ...

Private Prison Health-care Industry Grows as States Cut Costs, Bringing in Millions of Dollars

Aleshia Napier was 18 years old in 2006 when she hung herself with a bed sheet at the Broward Correctional Institution in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, after being placed in solitary confinement despite her diagnosis of clinical depression and bipolar disorder.

The attorney hired by the young woman’s devastated family, Randall ...