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Contract between Corizon/Prison Health Services and Alameda County CA 2013

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2005 Lyon Street, San Francisco, California 94115
Office (415) 885-5918
Fax (415) 885-0685

September 19, 2013
Michael J. Haddad
505 Seventh Street
Oakland, CA 94612
Investigation at the office of The County of Alameda, General Services Agency
revealed the enclosed Medical Services Agreement for Master Contract No. 900324 for
Prison Health Services, Inc., which is also known as Corizon Health, Inc.
(Enclosure #1)
Please advise.
Zachary Fechheimer
(Enclosure #1)



MEDICAL E RYICES A·G REEI\mlhis Agroemrot, M.d -~he Modica] Sertices lnterim. Agteement, for Master Coutract No.
90()J24 (Proctu-ement No. .3459, Pm-chase Orde:r No. SfiERF-0000005496)~ { said interim
agreement. dated 9/17/08. is for the t~me period from the end of the las1 Agreement
(Comtr.aet o. 10l23/EP/03) July l, 20Ct8 to October 3] .2008), .are made and entered iEto
effective tbe first day of July~ 2008, by and between the Coouty of Alameda (h~reinafter
referred to as d1e ~com.llty•') :md Prison Health Services, l11c. (herd1iafter refe.rred to as
"PH " or ... C~ntrnecor~~} for lbe provtsjon of lwaUb se;rvices to iw11ates the custody of
me Alameda COWlty Sheriffs Office (bere~nafter referred to as ~~ACSOH). County and
PHS are dc:cmcdl to be «the parties ....


\¥bereas o 1mty desires to procure comprehensive professional tnedk::ai~
phannaooulical, rlent~l and simiJar in£rurle medical services and related arlm~nistralivc
1 ,

service.'i of PHS whkll art! more fully described in the Exhibi~ here~o c~comprehenst· e
Imna.k ; Medical Services"); and

PHS is professionally qualified to provide suCJh services aud ;s ...viUing to
provide same to County under the terms and cottditions set fortlb herem;
Now. tberefor(; in consideration of Ole pto-mt es and agreements hereafter set furdb, the:
parties agree that County does hen~by relaiD P'H , w provide irrunate medical servi<:es~
and PIIS accep~ suCh enga.g1~1nent, on the Ge11era1 Tenns and Conditions hereinafter
specified in lhis Agreement, the Additional ProvisionG attac:h ed heJreto, and the following
d~cr-ibed ex bib its. all of which a~e 1ncorpmated into this AgDeemeDl by this reference~


Deftnidon of Servk:es

ExmbhA- l Descrip l:iion of.Servicc-s.
Exhibit A-2 Scope of\Votk

ExhlbitA-3 Staffmg Pattet-ns
Exhlbit A-4 Electro nic Medica] Reco:rd s
Exbibit A-5 General Ellvi.ronm~ntal Reqt~irements
Payment 1 enns
E.xbibit B
!Exhibit Requirements
Exhibit D
Debarment and Suspension Certification
'oLltract CompUaJI<ce Reporting Requiremenbl
T h e "'Scope,~· "'Specific. Co:otradot Requirements,,. a.Iid


·«Deliverables/Repot1s· sections wit1'kin ·C oumtyTs Reql! for Proposal

No.900324 (RfP}

Ex.hlbit G

The .. Executive Summary,'' '"Descliption of the Proposed

..Implementation Plan &


Schedules~ •


and '~Hid Form/Pricing , sections of

PHS, Proposal dated Decem'b r 7 ~ 2007
The effective date and ·rem1 oftllits Agr~m~nt si:Jall be from Jwy 1, 2008 through June
30. 20l 1.. Upon mutuaJ written agreement ofth.e parties~ tho 'c ontract m<S.y be· renewed for
two additiona] one year per~<fs.
The compensation payaMe to Contractor sh311 nat exoeod Seve£ty Se en Million Six
Hundred Fony~Four Thousand Six HundJOO Twe.oty Tnree 091lar~ ($77,644=623 .00),
including the spent amouot paid to PHS for the period of July l 2 200 & through OctobeJ
J ~ , 200& ~o f &even Million Nine Hundred Sixly Five T.honsand Two Hundred Sixty s•x
and 68/l OU DoUars ($7,.965.266.68), for tl\e term of this Agreement

compensation paya.ble ~o Contraclor~s s-ub-oolJtra;:~oo pfumnc'lcy provider~ Maxo:r
CPS, shall .note ceed ine Million Dollars ($9.0()0,000.00). mdud!ng the spent amount

paid to Maxor CPS for the period of July 1 ~ 2008 tb.TOtlgh October 3 1, 2008 of Eight

Hundred ThomsWild Dol1arn ($&,00~000.,0.0),. for the tefOl of this Agreement.


ESS WHEREOF, the p·arties heret.o hal'c
die dt')' and y car first above writ teJJ,.

~ ~cltt(.'t)


greement as of




/:u JJU


Trtle: _ ____;P::;...;ur=
· · -=cb.a=sm=·"'"'@:....:;:A=g
t _ __


\~${ o?>'

f!r, ,J!,qf ;L[~


oate:·--~~~}--~----------l1y ig11in,g abo·vc., $ignalo:ry wanants
and repr~sents that he/she execumed
ftti:s in hls/her authorized
capacity and iliat by hiSJher siJ;Dalure
on this AgJrtJement, he/she or dle
entity npo[l behaJf Q r which he/she
acted, execurled this Agreement.

Appro,,rcd as to Form~



l'urBil:ndAp'PO Nu._





I). _ _ _Mash!l'

ContJ·act o. 2mJW

IN DEPEND l\"'T CO TRACTOR: As reft:rt'OO to in Uris Agf,eeme:nt. '•PHS ' refers not
o.nly tQ Ute named corporation but to i ~ offic·ers, employees anUI agen1s. No re]a.tionshlp
of emp1oyer and employe i created by this Agreement; it being understood and agreed
that Contractor is an independent contracCor. Contractor i~ n ot tbe agent or employee of
the Collllty in any capacity wlwtsoeve.r, itnd County shaH not be liable for any acts or
omission by Conuac_.or nor for any obligatioos or liabihties incurred b}' Contractor.
Contractor shaH have no cJ~im under tltl Agre.emellt 0 1 otbenvise~ for seniority,
va·c.ation rime, v-acation pay, sick leave, per.3onal time o.ft: overtime; heatd1 insurance,
medical care, bospitlll care 1-et:ircmcnt bem:lits, socia1 eeurity, disabil1ty. Workers~
Compensation, or unemployment tti.SU1'anre benefits" civil sr..mce protectio.n, or
elllployee benefits of any k'iud.
Contractor shaH be soldy Liable for a d obligated to pay direc tly all t1lpplict~ble payroll
Ui}:~ (including federal and state income taxes) or contributions for unemp~o)'mcnt
instmmce or old age pensions or 8Jmmties w l ch are imposed by any govemmemtal
entity io connection wltb lhe labQT used or which a~ measured by wag • 1daries or

other remUfleratioLl :paid to its officers, agonLS or eruployee$ and agrees to ind~v-mnify aud
hold County harmJess from (Ul}' and all ~i.ahility \vhich County may incur b~:eauJse of
Contractor~s fuifure to pay such amounts.
In carryitls out the wor contemplated herei~ Contractor shall comply ith alJ
applicable federal and state workers" compensation and Hahility laws and regulatiom
with res peel to the officers, ~genes and/o r employees conducting.and parlicipatitl.g i.11 tbe
wo1.L Rod .ugrees that suc.h officers, agents, and/or empJoyeecS wiH he ronsider,edJ as
independent contractors: anrl shall :not lb • l.l'ea*ed m· COI1Sidercc:J in any way rui, oftic:e •
agents M dl or employees <>f Contity.
Contractor does. by this ..t\.greement, agree to perform its said work and :oncLi,Oll at all
time~ in trir..;l ac:cordauce with curr-ently app rovod methods and practices in its healfu
c~re field ~:tnd that the sole inter~l o(CowtCy is to insure l!hat said service shaH be
perfonncd and rcndereu ~n a c.Qmpeteurt, efficient, time~y and satisfactory manner and in
accordance w ith the ltigt1est profes~ional and accreditation Laadards requrrcd by the
Coun1y agency CQDc m.ed.
otwithslandillg the foregoing, if the ouJrtty d ttmnines thal pm-su.ant tQ state and
federal ~av.· Conb'actoJ or any of its officers:!' t:.mpJoyees, subcontractors. or ag,t.1lt:s is an
employee for purposes of jnco•ne tax withhoWing., Coonty m::11y upon two week's notice
to Contractor. ,. itbhold from payments t.o Contractor hereunder fe.deral. and state inco~
taxes and pay said ums to the ferlera1 andl state government'>.


IFICATION: To Ole fuUest extent permitted by taw. Contractor hall ho!d
harmless, dc~fend and udemrufy ·the Coooty of Alameda~ it'S Board of Supervisors,



PIU'BorudApPO No._ __ _'Pn)CIIlrt!ment

onbr3ct No, _

_ _M1 lt.'i"·Couttact - o. 9003U

e-mployees and agents from and against any ctnd all claims, losses, damag~ liabi ljlies
and e penses, including bnt not limit ttl to attorneys 1 fees arising out of or resuJtiug
from the performan~e of services undeJ tbis Agreement. pmvided that any such daim,
Joss; dttl!nage~ liability or expense is attributalb.le 10 bodily injury,, sickuess, diseas~.
death or to mjury Lo or destruction of prop~y, including the Joss tbercfrom~ or to fill
violation of fcdtmtL state or municipal law or regubtion, \\•hich aris out of or is any
way t:olll.L~Ced with 1he pe1f ormance of trus agreement (collectively "liabilities"')
~cept to the extent such Liabilities Hre CAllSed oy the negligence or willful misconduct
of any indemnitee. T he County may p:at1 ici p-ate ~n the defense -o f any such claim

relieving Contractor of any obJ~gation hereunder.

In the event mat Contractor or any employee, agent or subconJracto of Contract.or
p roviding services under this Agreement is determined by a court of competen1
juri.~diction or the Cotmty Employees~ R.efuement Association (AC RA) or
California Public Employees~ Retit·emen~ System (PER8) to be eligible for enrollment
m A CERA and PERS a. an emp]ojloc ofCotmty~ Con.tmctor s h~ ll indemnify~ defend,
and bold hannless County for lt1e payment of any employee and/or employer
contributioll!) tor AC ERA and PER._ benefits on behalf of Contrdctor or its emJ)Ioyees
agentR, or subcontractors, as well .as for the payment of any penalties and intt-II~t on
such contributions, which would otherwise be the responsibility ofCouory.
INSURANCE: Contractor shal1 al all ki•nes during fue term of the Agreeme•lt with the
County ma:irnt2lin in force those irnsurnnoe pohci:es as designated in lhe attached Exhibit
C, and will comply with aU tbose requ1ff.."tllent"> as stated therein.

PREVATLING \VAGE : Pwsuant to Labor Code · eotions 1770etsc-q., Contractor shall
pay to persons perfonning labor and services for this Agrer..'"IRent IIJot less than the geueral
prevailu1g r;.u.e of per diem wages for wmk of Dsimilar in the llocaJ ity in which
the Work .is performed, and not less than lhe ge:nernl prevailing r.ile or per die111 wag for
legal ho~id11y and overtim ~ worl< in S4."'lid locality, which per dican v ages shall noi be 1e.~"5
than •he S1 ipulated rates contained ma scht:dule thereof which h~ been ascertained and
detennined by d:te Dircdor of the Stat~: Department of lndustrial Relations t~o be the
genera~ prevailing mte of per diem wages for each craft or type ~of workman or mechanic
n~led to· e

ecute tlris contract.


\VORKERS' COMI> SATTO 1 : Contract01 hall pro ide \Voll'kers' Compensation
i.nsur3flce. as applicabl e~ at Contractor~s own cost and expe~
and further, nci1her the
CQntractor nor its carrier shall be entitled to recover from County a'n y cos•~ seU1 emer1ts,
or cxpcn~es of \Votken;' Compensation clai1ns arising out of this Agreement.



ln e:rfol'1lill:lg services tmder this Agreement, Contractor shall observe and

comp,Jy with all applicable law , ord i oanc~ J c.odes and regulation~ of
governmental, incJudJng federal, state, mtmicipaiJ and local goveming

bodies, :having jurisdictiJon over tt1e scnpe o,f service~, including all applicable
pro'!r'is.ions of the California O~Xupational Safety and Health Act Contractor shall
indemnify and hold County hannlt.-ss from any and an liability, fmes, penalties
and consequences from any ofConltac~or, s failures to comply wiw such lav.'S,.


codes and :regulatkm~ .


Accidents: If .a death or serious personal inju:ry lo ContractoT~S ernpbyed
or c.on.traoted staff or S\l.llbstwtial property damage occms in connection widl
Contractor' s performance of ·Ibis Agreement. Contnl.dor shall immediate·~ y notify
the Alameda C-aunty Risk Manager's OffllCe by tclefihoue.. Contractor :shall
promptly submit to County a Mitten report. in such fonn as may be reqrurod by
County of .aU accidents wh1cb occur in connection with this Agreeruenl This
report must indudc the foUowing irnfonnalion: (lj name and a.dldress oftbe
h1jured QT deceased person(s),; (2) name and ofConlraclor's subContractor~ if any; (3) nam(: and addrctJs of Contractor's liability insnmooe
carrier; and ( 4) ~ detailed description of tbe a~cideot and whether any ,o f County's
eqli~pttnent, t-CJols, material, or staff was involved.


ContmclO-r further agll'e es to tllke aU ·r,~sonable steps to presen•e all physical
evidence .and infom1atio:n which .ma.y be re~e-vant to the circUJns.t:ultCes a potential claimt while maintaining plilbHc safety. and to grant. to the
Couttty the opporb.mity to review and inspect e'\l·idencc~ inclt1ding tb.e sc-ene
of the accident

DEBARMENT AND SUSP ENSIO CERTIFleATlON: (ApplicabJe to aJl ,agteem.ents
f\nuied part or wllole· with lederal funds and contrnc~ ove1 $2:5,00())_



By signing thl.~ agreement an-d Exhibit D~ Debarment and Susper~i<m
Catification. Contractor/Grantee agret:s to comply with applicable federal
suspension IJlld dehanne9t regul~ti(lus. including but not limhed to 7 Code of
Federal Regulations (CfR) 30Hi.353 28 CFR 66.35! 29 CFR 97.35. 34 CFR
&0.3:5, 4.5 CFR 92.35 and Executive Order 12549.


By ;sjgniug thl !lgreeme:nt, Contractor certifies to the best of its knowkdge and
be tief~ that it and its principals:·
( I)

Are tlOt ]:n esendy debaned, suspended~ proposed. for deb:ument, declared
meLigib~e. or vohmtarily excluded by any fudera~ department or agency;.


Shall uot knowingly enter into any covered transaction with a person who
is proposed for debarment -onder federaJ regYlations, debarred, suspende~
declared ineligjble, or voluntarily excluded from participation in sucli
bans action_



PAYMENT: iF or ~--vic performed in accordance wilh tb.i~ r\greement, paymellt shall
be made to Conrractor as p1~ovided in Exbibit B hereto.


TRAVEL EXPENSES: Contrdci:.Or shall not be allowed or paid travel expenses unless
set ro.rtb 1n tills Agreement.

l 0.

TAXES: Pa)ment of aU arpp1i cable federl11, state, and local taxes shall be the soJe

.responsibility of tb.e Contracto1·_
l] .

0\VNERSHIP OF DOCU tENTS: ContracloT hereby assigns to lh~ County and it~
as.signees all copyright anci o111er utSe rights in any and an proposals. p]aJ:lS,
specifications, re-ports and rdated docutnetll!i (includ ing complltaizcd or electronic
copies) respecting itn any Wtl Y the subject matter of fu]s Agreement., whether prepared by
the Count y~ the 'ontractor, the Cantn wtor·s ·u~Controct.ors or third parties at the of the Conn·actor (ooilectively, ..Documents aud :M.aterials"). This e pbcitly
includes Ch .. electronic ~opies of aU above stated documentation.
Not\\ritbstanding anything in &
his Agree em to the contmry the term Document~ and
Materiat hall not. include ·pns forms and otber tangible work product or materia1s
prepared or devel.opcd by PHS as part of its ~cneral business operations and not
:i.-petiiicaUy tor the subj ect matter -of thils Agrcemt.'llt.
Concractor also hereby arS.Signs t-o lhe County and it~ assignees an oop}right and other
use rights in a_(ly Documents and Materials incfuding electtnnic c;-..opies stored in
Contractor~:s Infonnation System, respecting in any \\'ay the subj ect matter of this

Contrnoto r shall be ~mtiCted 10 retain co-pies, mduding rcprodu-cibJe copies and
compuferiz.ed cOpies, of sa.i d Docmnents and laterials. Contra-ctor agrees to take such
further steps as may be reasonably requ~ led by ount}' to iimplement the aforesaid

assignment. If for any r~on said as~igmnent i..s not effective, Contractor bereby grant.'>
the County and any as ignee of the County an e..'t-prtSS royalty - free Jicen.<c;e to retain
and use said DOC'Uments and 1aterials. The -·oumy' s rights under thls paragraph sbaiJ
apply regardless of the tltgree of completion o-r lhc Documents and la~eriaJs ;-~mul
w hether or :not Co;ntrnct·o r~s servives as set forth. in Exb·i brt ''A'' of this Agreemont bav~e
been fully performed OT paid for.
Ln Contractorts conu-acts with o ther Contractors.. Contractor shall e-xpress~y obligate its
Sub-Conllractors to grant the Cotmly the afor-e "ai.d assjgoment and liDense rights as to
th at Coo tractor's Do<:uments an-d MateriaJs. Contractcor ~grecs to defefld1 ind.emnify and
ho]d Lhe Counry ha.nnles. from any damage caused ~y a :failuJr,e of the Cot11tractm to
obmin such rights fro:m its Contrae1ors and/or Su~Colltractars.

Contractor shall pay a11 royaJries and Hcense fees which may be due for llny patented or
copy.rightoo trulteria[s, methods oT systems sde~~ed by the Contractor and incmporakd

into the work as set torth i 11 Exlubi t ''A.,~ and shaH defe~ indemni fy atld hotid tll e
Counly harmless ftorn any claims for infringemeDt of pak,nt or copyright an sing ou t of
such selection.. Noh11it.fu:l taniling ay other 1a.nguage in this Agreement to Lhe contrary,
the County ,s rights under thls Para graph 1 ' shall not extend to any computer software
or web-based app licatiom• owned or otbcrwis.c used by P HS. it agen~. employees or
subcontractors to create such Documents and he County agree:s that
Cata~ysfTMt PHs··· weiJ~based el~ectronic health mcord, its underlying !iO\nve code.
appli4.:-ation) i.nfonnation and materials are proprietar-y to PHS. PHS snall relaio 1m1e
ownen;hi:p and aU rights, rifle and in leresl in an-d to Catal>rst nnd ~ts undc:rl ying source
cod~~ applicatio~ infonll,_tion and rnaterials.

CONFLICT OF INTEREST; CONFlDEN'TIALIT Y: The Contractor covenants tbaL if
presontJy bas no interest , and shall noL have any interest, din:ct or indirect, would
confl ict in any mamter with the perfonuanct: of ~""rvices required u nder this Agreement.
WrthouLlimitatioD; Conh·actor represents to atld agrees widl the Ccnmty that Contraclol'
has no p resent. and \ ill have aw future. conflict of interest between pro idjug the
Connty services hereunder and any oth~rperson 01' entity (including bu1 not Hrnited to
any federal or state or regubUory agoocy) which has any interest adverse or po t~enh~l)'
adverse lO the County~ as determined in the re..'l&'U0.8blc: j udgment o rtJJe Board of
• U{)ervisors of the County.
The Contractor agrees that a.ny U.uonnation, whether proprietru"y or not~ made kuov.rn to
or discovcli'e d by it duriog the performance of OJ in comreclia:n wilh this Agreement for
the County wiJl be kept ooufide:ntial and not be disclosed 1o aoy other person_ be
Contractor agrees to immed.ia.te~y notify the County by notices provided in aocmdance
with Parngrapb 1.3 ofthis Agreement~ ifit is requested to disd ose a11y infonnalion made
kno wn to or discovered hy it during tllc perfonnance of or in COiill~tion with this
Agreement Th~e conflict ofi nterest and future service provisioo.s and
remain 1\.illy effe~tive five ( ) years after term.i.nation of services to d1e County



NOTICES: All.ootices, requests, dromnc:b, or other cmni!U.'Inicallom ·under this
Agreememt shall be in •,yrifulg. ~olices shall be given for all purposes as follows:
Pawnal delivery: '\Vhen pe.rsonaHy de~ive.rod to llhe recipi~ent, notices are effective on

Cerufied tail: When maUed certified mail, return rec;eipt requested,. notice is effective
on receipt, if delivery is confmned by r~ retum rec·ejpt
Ovemigllt Delivery: When dclivcrcd by overnight cleli,•ery (Federal
Express/A.iJbome/United PaTCel Se vice/DHL \VorldWide Express) w ith cbarges
propllid or charged to th~ sender~s account, notioe is effective on delivery, if delivery .is
confirmed by the del ivery service. Telex or facsillli.le t:ra.nsmiss.ilon: \Vben setlt by telex
or facsimile ·ro the Last telex or facsimile tnunbt:r oftbe recipient k nown to the party


giving notice, notice is e ffective o n receipt , proviu~d that (a) a duplicate copy oHhe
notice is promp tJy given by first-class or ccrtifit:d mail or by overnight deHvery. or (b)
the receiving party delivers a written c.onfim1ation of receipt_ Any notice given by tele:x
or fa(;,SimUe shall be deemed received on then :x1 business day if it is received after 5:{)0
p.ro_ (recipient's time) or on a non-business day.

Addresses for purpose of ghring D otice m:e as
Tn the C fl)u~ty:

Alameda County Shenfrs Of:Tice
G~;egory J. Ahen•~ lbetiff/Coirollller
1401 Lake-; ide Drive, 12tt. Floor

Oakl<lnd, CA 94612

Alameda County Sheriff's Office
Comman de1·, DetentiGru & CotTe-cdon · Di;veiiun
14 0] Lakes.ide Dri e~ 12dJ Floor
Oakland. CA 946 .12
Clerk, Alameda C'ouoty Bo,ard ofSuJten nn
122 I Oak Street, Suite 53(5
Oakland, CA 946l2
,o o!n ty Admiuis:trntor

122 1 Oak Street•• uite 555
Oakland, CA 94612


Pt' ·o1• R :lltl• ""enrice1; Inc.
105 Westpark D rive, Suite 200
Brentwood. Tennessee 3702 7
Attn: President with cc to General

COWlS(' l

Prison HeAlth erviees, loe.

1150 Ballooa Boulevard. Suite 200

CA 9'4 501

Attn: Health S(:rvices Adrninistirnt.or

AJ1y correcdy addressed. notice that is refused~ unclaimed, or undelivecab]e because of
an act or omission of the :party LO be notified halll be deemed effective as of the first
date that s-aid notice was refused, uoclaj med or deelned undeliverable by th • post a]
nutboriti • messer•ger, or overnight delivery service.

Any party may change i1S address or 1ele.( or facsimile number by giving tho other party
not~ce of the change in any manner permitted by Lhis Agr.eem~ut

l 4.

{ J E OF CO~"'TY PROPERTY: Contractor shaU nol use 'o 1.0ty property (including
oquipmcllt; in~1rumen1s and supplies) or per o el for a_ny purpo. e other than in fuc
performance of its obligations under 11lis Agreement

l5 .

assures fuat if wiU comply wich Tjtle VU of the Civil Right-; Act of [ 964 and !:hal no
person shall. on the grounds of race, creed~ cofor,. disability, seJ:, sexual orientation
natimml origin, age. rnligia~ Vietnam 'L~H Veteran~s status,. political affUiatio~ or any
Otller non., merit fuclort be excluded h'om parti.dpation in, be denied the benefits of. or be
oth.en •ise subje(ted to discruui.nalion under this Agreement


Contractor shall.t jn a.U solicita1ion..r; or advertisements f01 applicrutts for
emp Loyment placed as a result of this Agreement s-~Bte Oml lt is an ·' .EquaJ
Opportnni1y Employ'-.,., or tb::ttall quaJified apphcants wi ll J·e ceive considerntion
for emp]oyment -.. it out regard to thcir race, creed, color. disabili ty~ sex, sexual
orientation. national orig in, aget religion, Vietnarn era Veteran· s ~ tat;lli;, political
~tffiliation, or WIY other non-m~ri~ factor.


Contractor shall~ ifrequested to so do by tbe County, cert~fy that it has not, in the
performance of this Agreetllent. discriminated against applicants or ·employee:s
bsC311Se oftbe ir race;. creed, color, disabifty, sex] sex~a] orientation, national
origi:11, age. religion~ Vitrtnarn ero Veter<ln"s status, ()()lineal !dliliatioo, ·o r my
otbeT non-rnerrt faotor.


If requested to do o by 1he County, Contracto:r shaH provide the Coun ty with
acces.-s to c.opie:s of aJJ of its records pertaining or relncill.g lO rts employment
pra.ctic....~,. except lo the e Ll.."111 s11ch records or portio~ of sucb records are
confidenti aJ or privileged under stare or feder-al law.


Contractor shaH recruit vigorouf:i!y and encourage minority- and wo~owned
b: inesses to bid its suboontrncts.


Not:hiug oontaim.c..d thls Ag1·eem:ent shall be oonsttu'ed in any manner so as to
require QT :peJmit any act which is probibi tw by law.


lhe Contractor shaU inc tude the provisions set forth in par,agraphs a through e


(above) in ead-. of i1s st~bcontracts.

OR UG-FRE VlOR.K P AC : Contractor and Contractors employees shaU comply
with the ounty' policy of a drug-lfme workplace. N..:~lher Contractor no.r
Contractols employees shallllnlawfully manufacture, di tribute, dic;;pense, possess or
use controUod sui:Jstances, as defined ;n 2 l U.S.C. § 812. including. but not limited to~
marijuana, beroi11, cocaine. and at my Comity fatili ly or work ite. ]f
Contractor or any emr>loyee or subcontractor ~or agent of Contractor ms conv k ted or
pleads nolo c.oo tendere to a uir.llU11al drug statute vio~ation oceurring at a County faciJity


or work site, the Contra.ctor \Ynhin five days thereafter s:baU not~fy tbe h€ad of the
County department/agency for which fuo contract services ftre perform-ed. Violation of
1J1js provision shall consti rote a materiel breach o·f mbi~ Agreement.


AUDITSj ACCESS TO RECORDS: Th~ Con~r.1ctor shall Olflke ~Wf1J lf1hle to tbe

Com1ty, ir~ authorized agents~ O·fficers, ot emp[,oyees for exa11rioatron any and all
ledgers, books of accounts., invoices, vouchers~ ~c.mcellcd chocks, and records o.r
docwne:nlls: evid0ncing or r~e.lating to tbe andl disbtusetne..nts chru'ged to the

Co:unry, a:rull siL1ll ftllniish to the County. its authorized agents, officer or emlfJployees
such other evidence or Rlifot-·rnation as the County may requiire w ith regard to any su:cb
c."tpenditure or disbw-soment clmrgcd by 1b Cont:rfittov.

TI1e Contractor shaU mai tnaiu full and adequate reoor·d s maccordance with 'C ounty
requir~me11ts tu sho'"' lht! actual costs iar;..rurred by the Conl.ntcmr in tbe perfon.llanc~ of

Lhls Agr·ooment Ifsuch books and ~ords ~_re not ket)t and maJntamed by Contractor
withi.u the County of Alamed!a, California,. Contractor shaJl upom request of the County,.
make such boob and records availaible eo lhe Co'W1ty .tbr i nspecti·on at a location within
County or Contra~ctot' sl)all pa.y to the CoWl·ty the reasonable, and ncocssmy com.
·wncurred by toe County in ins~-ctiing Co-.ntntctor' s boob arJd records, inch~dfing, b\!lt noe

lirn.ired ~~ ot travel, Jodg]ng undl Sltbsistence costs. Conttactm ~3hall provide su-ch
.assistianoe as 1nay be reasonably required in the COW"Se of such inspection. The·County
fu.rmer re.serv~ the right to examine .M d &:1id books, recotds and data during
·the three (3) ye~ period. fo~ lowing temlination of dris or completion 0 f an
work hereundeJ", as ~p,:id€nced in writing by the County. . and the Contra..ctot shall in no
reVre tll dispose Of, destroy • ruler, Of mutilate it.ld books, r-ecords. aCOOUlll$, a.nd data in
any manner whatsoever for three (3) years after the County mak~s the fma[ or last

payment or within thr,ee (3) yel:trs lifter any pending issues betwet~.L 1he County and
Conn·acrtor with thl.s Agreem.e nt are closed, whic-.beve:r is later.


Cownty 'for

MATERIALS: Conua.ctor sball maintairJ and make available to

•ts i tl~pectioo and use during the term. of this Agreement. aU Documen1s and

Mak:rials, as dcfmcd in Paragraph 11 of tbis Agretment. Contractor• ,obbgations und-er
the prec.ediug sentene.e shaU co11tinue f.or dwee (3) years foUowlug termination OJ'
expiration o f m~s Agreement or the completioo o f a.l1 'IA'Olic. hercu.nde.r (as evidencod. in
writtng by County), and Contrac[or shan in no event dispose oft desEroy, alter or

m-..tilette said Docomen~s oo.d Ma~eriats. fO'r tb.r-ee (3) yea:rs fullo'i.'ling d1e C<lrun.ty' s tast
payment w Contractm under ·this A!,'l"eemeut


T ME OF SS.ENCE: Time is of the essence m·respect to aJI provis~on.~ of this
Agy-eement that specify a titne for perfonnancc; provid£d, hoWrf!Vrer , tlud the foregoing
shall not be (..'OIJSbu cd tl) L.imit or deprive a party of ~he benefits of any grace or use
perlod allowed in 1bis Agreement


TER1-UNATION: 11Us Agreement may be tenn.inated witllorrt cause by eitl1erparty
upon .at ]ea!St one hundrted 'LWeJ1ty ( l20) day prior wci• ten notice in accordance wi.Lh she


l•urDoardA.pPO No._ _ _ _l•rocciJJe"~iiiC":nt Co n trA~

D. _

M.uta- Conbad No.~


11otice sect~OJl. ofthis Agreement ln the eve nt t..bat d:te County should abandon,
tenn.inate or suspend the Contractor's work, the Con1Tactor shall be entitled to payl:ll:e' t
for services provided hereunder prior tu tbt: rt:ffective date of said sus pen~ ion.
termination or abandonment SaicJ payment bali be computed in accordance with
Exhibit B hereto. provided d1at the maximum amount payab le to Contractor for it
Comprehens ive Inmate Medical Servict:s shall not ex-ceed 77~644,623 payment for
services provided here\lllder prio.r to, tl"te effective date of said suspension. 1:c:nniwJtion or

subcontracts wil\1) PHSldedictJI UJ1JJoraJionPC (1150 BaUcna Bh·d.• Ste 200, Mwnedla,
CA 9450l, Ymmg . Kim :MD~ Principal)~ J.C.L. Prmt As. ·(JeiJltes (5,55 l'eter~ Avenue
#260~ Pleasanton, CA 945 66, Jeffu..)'· Letwchl, Principal} and PrckPoiJ~t Corporation
(4234 Hacieuda Drive # 101 , ~1easanlo:n, CA 94588. Kevin Dela.nty. Principal) for
services to be provided under this Agreement in an aggregate ounoWlit of at least th.itteen
percrt:nt (]3%) o the a ailable S EB rlollars for this cc;mtracl value with the exception of
expense payments goiug to Jocal, community based bospimls ror 1npatieot care, emeTgency
mom scrviccs, and spocialty ctinics., md Odtside p ysician nnd specialized p rofessional
services; accounting for 1 I% a f total cosLs; salades and beue.Eits for ·tatf world ng
dirccdy at the jail estimate d at 3l'%; and dir,cx:t p~as~ ofpsyd1otropk drugs by
Bel1avioralliea1th CfU'e· erv1c (BlH ' S) equal to app1oximatcly 1 J% for Lhi:s
.Agreetnent. PHS wiU contiWlc their effoCJrts to maxirruze paymenlS tor expenses to
S LE B(s) and to work w~ lib G A-Purchasrng and the Office of Acquisition and Policy
{OAF') 'tO identify certified businesses f01 20% SLEB particip~tiOJl under this Agreemen1
in accordance
County's Smail and Emaging ILocal Business provision.


Partidpation of a :maH aud/or emerging local business must b~ DlBimain~d fur the term
of this contrt~t.'t. Contra-ctor haU not su ~titllt.e tl1e mall and/or emerging local
business(s) listed in this agreement ,vithou.t ptior written approval from the County.
CouDty ""rill be under no obligation to pay contractor for tb.e perc.ent committed to a
small and!'or loeaJ business jf lbe work is tlQt performed or not perfomu~d by ti:Je llisted
fi1(3Ua.ndlor emerging local h\!lsiness. Said rcquest!i to substitute a !imtdl mdlor
emerging local busine.s.s shaH be ubmi ttcd i.n Contractor shaU not suh>'tirute
the su·~onttactor(s) wi.Chont prior written appro·val1 from dle. Alameda County Auditur
ConO'OUer Agency, Office ofeonbact Comphance Officer.
Contrattor sh.aU pro ide SL H uHii7.atioo repo~ wh en inv oicing 1he County utilizing

fl')e Alameda County Coo11pliance ystem. Contractor and Contracco:r"s smaiJ! audlor
emerging Local businesses parLicipating as ubconk'actors on the awarded contract a:re
requ ired rouse tl:te County web--based compliance system as described in Exhibit E
(Cnntracl Co.t:npliance Reporting Requirements) to report and validate paym~nts made
by Prime Co11t:ractors to tbe t.~rtificd small artd/or emerging locat It is the
Contractor~s responsibility to ensure dlol the and then· subconpactors are registered
anll trained as re-quired to· utilize th e Alameda County Cootract Co.r npliance yS[¢1D.


Contractor question~ regarding utilization o,f Lh~ i\Jameda Courtlty Cont1-act Complmance
ysteu~ are to be directed fo the Auditor- Con troller~s OffiCe of Contract Compliance
(OCC) located at 1221 O~k St, Rln. 249. Oakland, CA 94612 at Tel: (510) 891 -5500,
Fax: (5l U) 272-{)502 or via ' -mail at ACSLEBcompliance•p)acgoy .om if you have any
other questions regarding utilizalion of the AJameda Cou.nty Contract Compliance

FlRST SOURCE PROGRAM: For conbacts over $ 100,000, Conii1Iclor shaU provi.d e
C.oun~y ten ( 10) working da}~ to rd~: Co Contractor. potential] cand1datcs to be
considered by ContmctoT to fiJI auy ne\v or vacant positions tbal are necessary to fuUiU
tlleir CQ.OtJ'ilctual obligations to Hlc ColDlty that Contractor has available dtuing the
contract t nn before aclveJtisiog to Ute general public.


C HOJCE OF LA\V: Thls Agreement ' ail be governed by the laws of t!he S tate of


WAIVER: No waiver of a breach, fai~ ure of any condition, or any right or remedy
coliltained in or gnmled b the provi ioLlS of this Agreement sbali!Je ~tToc ~lllless it is
[n wrillng and si.gued by the party waiving Ch~ breach, fai lure, ligbt or remedy. No
waiver of any breac~ failure, rigbc or r·emedy sbaH be deemed a 'f\'aive:r of any other
tlrea<;h, taiture, light or remedy, whether or not ~imila.r, nor haU any Wil i:ver oocsti1Utc a
continuing waiver unJess ili.c writing so spec111es.


NTIRE AGREB,1ENT : This Agreement, ~r1clluding all attachments, exhibi1s, ami any
other docume:nts specifically incorporated iolo this Agreem~nt. sha ll coos li tut,~ lthe
entire agre.entent between County and Conlraclo.r telatifig to toe suhject maner of fuis
Agreement. As used hcrei~ Agreem<mt re ers to and includes any documcnfs
incorporated herein by refere.nce and any exhibits or attacl:tmen . Thi Agreement
super edes an:d merges aU previous unde.rstandings.. and a~ l other·eements~ written or understandiog of the parties regarding
oral"' bctwceD the partie and ee ~ ford
the subjecc .matter thereof. The Agreement may not be modHied e cept hy a written
document ~igned by b otb parties.

2 5.

HEAD INGS: ~he · eadiogs are tor conven.ic.nce of rctbJ,a:L{;e only tmd shaU
atrect inlequetation of the Agreem~nt.


ADVF.RTIST ~G OR PlillLICfl Y: Contractor shall nolllSe the name of County, its
officers. directors., emp1oyces o.r agents, .in advertising or publicity releases oi othernise
without securing the prior written COJl ent of County in each instance.


MODIFICA TlO OF AGREEMENT: This greement may be supplemented,
amended or modified onl y by the rnurunl agtieemeat of the parties. o upp~enletll,
iliDtmdment or modification ofthls Agreement shal~ be birtding unJess it is irt writing
and signed hy authorized represemtaliv · ·of bo[h parties.


ttl no way


ASSURA . CE OF PERFORM . CE: Tfat any time County be]ieves Collbactor may
Dot be adequately performing ]ts obligations undc:,r fuis Agrocme.nt ar that Contractor
may fail to complete ~he Services as required ·biY llhis Agreement, Couocy Dlcl\Y :request
from Contracto-r prompt wrif.teo assurances of perfom1a11ce and a wtitten plan.
accepmble to County to correct the obse1-ved deficiencies in Cont:racmo:r'"s .performarnoe.
Contractor slb:a]l provide s uch written as~unmces. and v,ntten pJan within ten { 10)
ca[endnJI' dt1.y of hs receipt of County~ request and shaH thered'ler diligenrly oolll!lnenoo
and fuUy pelfonn such written p]an. Contractor ack:Dm'l:ledges ani~ agrees tilat any
failllll"e w provjdc such written a:ssurrcmces and writkm plau \Yrthin the n;._~i1·ed dme is a
nmt,erial breach l.mder this Ag;n~ement.



C'ontra.celtor shan not subcontract, a ign OJ!

delegate any ~rtlon of this Agreement or any duties or obligations herew:tder without
the County~s prior w1ittcn approval of the facility Comrnanding Officers for ruua R.Ha
Jaill and GJenn E. Dyer Detention Facility.

Neither party shall, on 1be ·oai'is of this Agreemt-1ltt contmct on beb~lf of or in the

n.ame of the other party. Any agreement1hat v~olates this SectiQn hall wnfer no
rigbts on any party aud shall be null and void.



Contractor sbaU only u.~e ·d.te subconttactars agreed to in '''.rriting by the C'oWlty
and shan not substiturlle subcontractors without County 1s p:r:ior wricten .a w·rovru..


Contr-actor sbaU r-emaiu fuJiy Tespon.sible for compliance by its subconbactors
with aU the terms of ttri~ Agreement. regtlrdless of the terms of any agreement
between Contractor and i1S subcontmctrn:s.

· RV]VAL: The·obtigations of this Agreement, whkb by theit· mture would continue
beyond ·fue ·term_ination. on.expirat•on of the Agre:ement,. induding wi.1hout limitatio-u~
the obUgation.s. regarding Indemnificatiom (Paragraph 2), Owne.rshit" of Documents
tp·a ngrapb li.},.: Con.t1ict ,o f lnterest (POltlgraph 12) 1 Audits· Access to Records
(Paragraph 17}~ Documems :md Malerialls {Paragraph 18) Term.inatimJ (P,aJrag;rapb. 20)
arnd Patent atld Copyrigh't Indemnity (Paragraph 33) sh9ll survive ter-m;natjon or

.., l .

SEVERA.BfLIT¥: ·I f a courtofcompetent jmisdicnon holds any provi~on of this
Agreement to be illegal.~ uoonforceab1e, OJ invalid in whok or in part ior any reason, the
validity and enforooabihty of the re:m.ailtiua provisions, or portions of them, w· 1 nol be

aflected1 unless an essential purpose of tbis Agreemeilit 'vould be defeated by 1!lre loss of
lhe mega], tmenforceable, or inrvalid prmrision.


ND COPYRIGHT INDEMNITY: CoDtractor represents that it !knows ofn.o
aUegatious, claims., or threatened daims that 1he ·materiaJls, servic~ hardware or
software C'Contracto.r Pirodluctsn) pmvided to County under mi.s Agn:;t~flieul infrillge any
pBtent, copyright or other proprietary right. Cnnuac~or shall detend,. mdemnify and bold

ham1Jess County of, from and against all losses. claims~ damages. Ii ab; 11ties, costs
expense and amounts (collectively, "Losses") Hrising out of or in C<lnDection w•th an
assertion that any Contractor Products or the l!lSe thereo( infringe any patent, copyright
or other proprietM)' right of any third party. CoWlty wiD: ( 1) notify Contracc.or
promptly of Sllch claim, suit or assertion; (2) penni{ ontractor to defend, compromise,
or scttle fue claim; and~ (3) prOvlde, 011 a .reasonable has is, information to tmaMlt
Contractor to do so. Contractor shall nol agree withmd Comity"s prior wrilteu consent,
to any ren]ement, which would retJltin~ CoiJilty to p~y money OT pe:rform some act in order to co:nt~11u~ using the Conn-actor Product"-


341 .


If Contractor is obligated to defend C01mty pUI1luant to this Seed on 32 and f:ills
Lo do so after reasonable notice ti.1om <.::ounty~ County may defend i~clfat[ld/or
~ttle Ut;h proceeding, and Contractor shall pay to Cournty any and aU losses.
damages and expenses (including at1on1.ey s fee and costs) mcuncd in
reJHtionship with County's defense and/or settlement of such proceed1ug.


In the case of any ~-ucb daim of iJ1 fring.ement, Contractor sbaU either. at i l.s
option, ( 1)' proct:u-e for County the right to continue using tho Contractor
Products; or (2) rep1aoe or modify ~he Coutraotor Products so that mat they
become ncm-infringi11g, b ld «llJivalent in functionality a11d pcrfomumcc.


ohvirths1anding Ulis Se ~tion 32, County retains 1tbe rigbt and ability to defend
it ~elf, at irl own e p 11 aga rn..;;t any claims that Contractor Pro:Uucts infringe
any patent. copyrigh~ or other :intenectnal pl'operty rigbt

OTHER AG C "' : Other tax supported agr.mcj wjtbin. the tate or California who
have not contracted for their own rtquitements may desire to :participate in this contract
11,e CGntractor is r~ ted to. ervice Lhese agCDcics and wi11 b"" given the opportunity
to accept ot' reject th . additional rcqtll:rcments. Jf the Contractor elects to supply other
agencies orders wil.J be placed directly by tbe agency and payments made directly by
the a..seney.



By signing tbi agreement,, signatory wmr.mts and Jepres~nts Lllat

he/she executed this Agreement ~n his/her auth.arizcd capacity and that by hislbe.r
signattrre on tiUs Agreemenl, h • ~ke or the eoJtity upon behalf of which he/she ack:~
c·xccutcd this Agreement

TR.A..N:SlTION: In the event that the provider oflvledical Services to County mmates
changes for any reason including but not li mirted to termination of the Agreement, PHS
baH be responsible for enSllring that the mtina:gernent, operaeional, and reporting
re.\Opon.~ihilides for healt:hcarc services Hie tra fer:red as smoothly as possible to any
succeedillg contractor .rovicti ng c-omprehensive inmate medical services to Ute County.
P.H agrees t~o cooperate fully wiili the County and any other suoceeding contractor during
the U'ansition. PHS and County wil~ e5.1abhsh a trnnsitioil team ~c.omposed of a.ppmpriate
medical and jail staffpeisaMcl ~ including ·l edkal Records. andcl .represeuta.tives'l>

and Medical Physician,. and Dr" Benton, The transition tea.m win follow a transition
checklist approved by the County. PHS will cooperate fully wifu the subsequent vendor in
eil'ecting a smooth transition.

madd'tion tflereto7PHS wiU .,.How their medical personnel to apply for transfer to tlhe n~
providet' wi"tbou1 :penalty or payment of a finders fee, or any other fee, assessm,enrt or
ckarge of any naturre~ a essed lO either new provlde.r. AC '0.~ or County resulting from
such transf-er of persoMel.



Pri!\on n oaJTtb Sorvic~s~ luc.. (PHS) shall pro"'ide <:omract-ed ompreheusivc Inmate
fedical Se.rvices at Alameda County Santa Rita Jail (SRJ), 325 BrodeT Boulevard,
Dublin, California 94568, and at the Glenn E_ Dyer Detention Facility (GBDDF} 5506rA' Slr·t et, Octdand, Cnliforntia 94607 (coUec1ivdy ·1be FacHicies!o') in accordance -..vith
the Genemt Tenn.~ and Conditions, Exhibit A-1, '"Description of Sc.rviocs'\ Exhibit A-2~
" Scope of Work,\. the ..Scope;,. ... Specific Contract·or Retluir!time.l'lts;• and
··oeHvoflblesJReports', sectio wilhin County.' s Request for Proposal No·.9Q0324
(RFP), collectively Exhibit F, ant! the ·•, xecutive Summary; ~ ~'Description 1Jf the
Propos.ed, • ••tmpl~ntation l'l an & Schedules;~' and ..Bid FonniPriciHg''
sec1ion. of PHS? Proposal dated December 7, 2007. collective1y, Exhibjt. G.


In the event of an.. conflict (direct o r indirec t) among any of the 411bove·
referenced docUinents~ th follo ..ving order of precedenre shaU apply: (i) tlle
General T~erms iUlt] Conditions, (j1) Exhibit A-1, (iii) Exhibit A-2~ {iv) Exhibit
nand (v) Exhibit F. o the extent lh~ Gene:ra.J l'e!'ft1 and Conditions. Exhibit
A-1, and Exhibit A-2 arc sikn• as to any particular matter or sen'ice~ EXhibit

0 shall conttot

AU li:c.cnses necessary for PB to rer der medical and bealth scrvices as provided by thl
Agreement shalt be ma.i.11taiued tbroughout tht: term of this Agreement by PH ,. its statf
members. and subcantmctms pruticiJpatillg in thls Agreement Such fai~ure 1o or
the rcvoc8ti.Oiil or oon-renewa~ of any said v,.ill ~ grounds for tennination of this
Agreement by County.
PH ., must maintain and or colnp] y with all accreditations deemed appropriate by , 0
incfudiog, but not lilllited to the American Correctio 1 AsL ociation (ACA). the ational
Couunitttx on Correctional Hea lth Care (NOCHC) and Commissi'Otl on Aceredimtion for
Law E.oforcement Ag.ecci~'i; (CALEA) throughout the tem of th Agreement.


PBS' projccl tewn will co · ist of the following Key Personnel and suibcoutmclOrs~ as
applica ble during the contmct km1:
Bill Wilson

Health SciVices Adlntinistrator
RcgionaJ Mao_aget


Group V ice President



agrees at it hal l not transfer o.r reassign the individuals identified above as Key
Personnel or substitute subcontractors w ithout the express \vritten agreement of C ounty,
which agreement shall not be unreasonably witbhe1d. Should s ucb individual or
individuals in U:le employ of P H ', no longer be employed by I' 1' duri ng me tenn of
thls Agreement. PH. shall make a good fuith effort to pr,esent to County au individual



~o._ _ _ _ _.P rocur.emeut Coutract

No. ---"MMin· Codra:cl ·. o, '!"'10~24

\vith greatf...'f or Ci]Uril qua'hfic.ations as a replacemenLsubject to County's afli.uoval,
whicb approval shall not be 1J1il'teasonably withheld.


The appToval of County to a :requested change shaH not re1ease PHS ro_m i.ts other
obligations under this Agreement.


l[•urii()11ruAp'V0 Nt'J._ _ _ _["rfle"IIN'!I'Itt!n1: Contuc:t o. _ _.-Mastel' Ci>nfrut o. !tOOlU




The Coonty l'esecves the right ofprror .and oo11tmuing approvnl of~l l personnel v.rho
worlc in the Fa.cilities, ·e ither as an employe-e of P·B S or under «~ntract o:r subcontract
\ ilh PBS. I~ns, employees and subcontractors (including CJmdidatcs referred

through the Firsf, Source program) working at the Delentioxl and Corteetion
1adlities must be ab]e to p , w tbe satisf;'lctio:ll of Alameda Colliity Sheri frs
Office ( CSO)~ a seC111Tity and background c~ck to be performed by ACSO.

This provib."iOril shaJI aho pertnin to any smaU and/or emergmg local busmess
participating in this oontrnct for die term.
Jn addiCion to the C. 0 backg.tountil check_. FBS \ ill CODtinue to o:ffet' a new
hjre backgt~ou.nd check proce.du:re for Jicensed nmsing staff (RNs aud L VNs) and
AdministratorS at the ACSO Dot·ention and Correction Fa:cilities at no additionaJ
cost to the Co-nnty. J:n tlO 1ova.y does this procednre rep:k\ce or duplicat·e the
c riminal rec.ord o r other background cbec.k.s that the ACSO wiU perform for

facility security clearance·purposes.
PH shallt al lbe wri ttoo request of' - CSO; replace any personncl. agent,
1'epJtse-ntati"e, contractor S\lbooo.tract()r~ or d"te emt~~~ oyees of any agent,_
rcp1esenta1ive, contractor ol" subcontractor of PH for an:y reaso:u~ \vitb or

without cause.

The Count}' shaD have the rigbt to screen all heaJth care personnel to
assure such personnel will niJt c.on.stitute a security to the Fad lities.


PHS sbaU waiTIIrnt thaJ all personneJ employed in me perfotJnance of this
Agreement, whether they lbe PHS personne~ or that of any f'HS. agenl,
.representative, contractor or subcontractor~ possess the reqtm·cd expertise,.
skill, ltcen ing, and professional competence to perform their

Under the t~t.'mlS of this Agreement a ••meet. ftlld confer'' process !between the
piui ies is required for appointment of any regional PHS key personnel to a
ca-pacity direct]y involved in the admiuislration or support ofiliis Agreem·e nt
The County, in its sole discretion, has the rig}tt (~ \lltinmte]y 1ejec-t a elected
~·HS administtauve·ca£Jdijdate.


eouot-y Beba,..-im· Healdt 'C ;tr e Service · (BIIC ) staff shall be J(; ponsible :for

mental health care after intake screening, and for crisi.s itrterventio.n, ongoing

Purll11afld,\pPO No._ _ _ _Proc••nm «~nt Con&n u::LNo.. _ __

coun5eli ng and care. JUl


P')'clliatrlsts will also prescribe psychotrupi~

ruedications for their clients housed ai the County dctcDtion facilities. B C will
pro..,·ide and pay fo.rtbc psychotropic.: drugs to be dispensed by Maxor CorrectionaJ
Pharmacy Servic~ (~1a~ or CPS)~ PHS subcootracted pharmacy provider. BHCS
is nnancially r~'])on~ible for otfsile inpationt and out:pa.tio•l mentcull~lth ~
psychiatric care for A<CSO ilunatcs.

.PllS shall provide un ;umual report no Later than January 3] 1111 of eacl~ year foJ'
previolll-5 )'ear of the Agnx:mel!lt to CouilfiJt)' and CSO of bs
compliance with c-urren1Ca lifornia laws~ regulations and codes rolatmg to tb~
Detentjon and Corrections Pacilities Medical PTograms at th,e Facilitie:s. This
report ,_vill summarize lho prior c~lenda yea.r"'s health cal'e acdvrues and make
the Sheriff aware of upco~ guaJs and objective-~ for the detention Facilities
~nd plans for meeting those goals and objectives. This reporc is given to the
Sheriff's Command Staff.


PH win apply a proactive mana.geo:umt approach Otl tlring a mechanhn for
ongoing commw:Ucation between healch care staff aod dte A 0 oorrecrional
professionals. •'D S adrni nistrntlve leadership will contli:me to look for ways to
improve operationall efficiency, oost accututtabilit~ and respon



iveness tQ the

and A SO.

PH ' Conrract Adminisrrator:

PHS shall work under the auspices of the CSO. and uhe Contract
AdmbllS1rator, cumntly Teferred to as the PH Liai~on Li~Lltmanl and PHS
Liaison . ergeant., wiU be under fuc CSO Commander uf the Detention and
carr,~ lions n i vis ion.


The Detention and Corre:ctions Division Commander shal l . elect a Contract
Complianoe Officer ( ,CSO P1'oject Officer) who shaU have responsibilititS
lo include, but not be limited to:


Conttnct to.lll{:~lianoe


Fiscal Constderatior.LS


Liaison wit!h Provider (PHS) and respoctirve County ageo.c•es. and


ProtocoJ develop.uent assistance

PBS shaU provide a qualified (Board CertU1e{i}ph ician (c.urrentl}r, D r. Harold
Orr) desiglliitod as Mellic:al Du:e~,.:tor or lead physicia11 for the Services mthis
Agreement. Specialty cerriflcanon .. ball be mthe field of intermd mt:ilit.:ilte~ family
practice. or emergeflcy room {ER) medicine. AUornabveJy, PitS muy propose a


'"'Boar-d Eligible"' ph)'Si.c1an or a physician wid1 specialty experience ~LJL.tivalet1t t.o
tlwtt of a Board Ce11ified physi,cian~ e ither of which will be subjoct to fuc ~proval
o·f C '0 , which may be accepted as Medical Director or .lead pbysic1an in the sole
discretion of C 0 .
The PHS M edical Director is.responsible for overall health care delivery for the
Fa'Cilitics. He or sbe must maintain curreJJt licenses aud credentials to provide
sen-ices i.n the State of Cal ifomia.
The P H S Medical Diirec..1or mus1-p1
rovide w ritten uotific.ation to the Comrunand
Staff prior to amy seltedt.ded time away from the Facilities due to vact~tions or
iJ lness. The notice will inch.1de the- name of ~be al ~ernate :phys.idan to act on
behalf of the PBS Medical D itrec.i or during his/her ahsen ce(s) fr·om the Fa.cilitii~
p~!rsuant to :P H S~ staffing cove~age plan set fortb in E.xhib:it A -3
Designated d inical full time equivalents (FfE, ) hall be maintained at aH rimes in
accord ance with at Leaoi the Minim um Performrulce levels described in Section
f . l . of Exhi bi~ A-2 O.e. shou'd a petson go on vacatio.n th~y must be replaced by
OOOJ.f).1Jable staff). Sta ffmg plans may inclu de consideration for a relief factor foJ
practitioners~ b ut ·they are co be m.alntained in acoordancx: with a l kast the
1inimum Perfonnance Levels~~ forth Seetionf.l . of ,_llibit A-2. T11ere shall
be one senior d inical staff mtmbcr <t1 eacb facility that :o;ba.IJ be designated as the
contac1 person for the Officer of each f.tcili .. 8rtd sl'l~n have


decision--making authority. f o1r pUf)JQseS o.ftEriB Agreem.enc. the term '"seni'Or
clinical staff member" ~h Ill I be a staff member witll the qualifLCatio.D!) of a
11egistered nurse or highe1.

Any new m,.,dicru prog.ran or otheJ' changes in the provi sions of services
reqttir.ed by this Agreement, proposed to be implemented a Aer the date of iliis
Agr"E!sm(!nt, shaJI be reduced to wtiting and sh al l be undertaken oniJ.y upon the
.mutntt.l agreement in :'lo' by tbe County and P IIS. · ]roulu a decision be
made to· inc:rease tbe scope of se.rvic{;S in lhis Agl'ee-ment. the County and PH
slmU mutually agree in wdtinrg lo an adju:-;tment in the cost of this Agreement, if
flny, 10 be paid by the c~ooty to PH . Ho.w~v~r, PH shall bear an of 1he. UOIIlcapit.11 costs of any nC\'i program(s) retjuiroo •o be implemented by PBS to
comply wirth ttl~ prov1sions ofthe contract complimce st'dlldards, and &e C uun·t y
sball be-ar any applicahle capital costs.


Sccuri1y of Jail and Inmates:

P'H sh all bave no responsibility for the ph ysical security of the FaciJiti~
or for the con tinuing custody of inmates, which shall he the respoJJsibi lity
ofCOIUhty perso,onel . A'IJ P HS staffshaJJ ·Observe a U applicable C 0

policies and proredw-cs concerning the oper~tion. of the Facilities. Wf any


T• u trBu~rd Api>O

~-_ _ _ _Pnlc: au.eni t:!nrf Ccalllt n~.d

o. _ __.M u tcr c .. otraxt No.. 90012:111

liecommendation by PHS IRN or doctor in charge for healtbc.aro s_emces
for .any inilividua] iDmate or group of i.nmatest inchtdl.Iig but not 1unite-d to
transfers to health care facilities, shopld not be carried out by ACSO :for
any reason, P'R i shaJ I thereby be relea.~ed from a] I Jespm:~..~bihty, for any
hann or damage Lo thai individuaJ or gro~p, resulting from the refusa] of

ACSO ro comply vriili the RN ( desi.gru!t:ed as the medicaJ person in charge
ofth.e afte ct.ed faciJity) or doctor"s recommendation(s).


,c so agrees oot co confme any person in a hospi'lm or OPHU fo.r -reaLSmu.


ln providing services: to County, !PHS must onLy employ medical, nwsnng, clinical
and adiJuni.')tilative JJersonnel who a~·e certified and l icensed by the appropriate
certification arullor lic.erlBing board~ as required, by 111e Slate of Cautornia
PHS ..,._rill e1lSlllre 1hat its professional health care employees at tbe ACSO are
nrnintain aU required licenses, and avcess to Cottti1ilu~n.g
E.ducatioll Uruts (CEU) to oonttuually update their skills and knowledge to meet
Califom~a spBtifit re-quirements.

During the rerm(s) of this Agreement with annuall updat~ PHS mus:t maintain a
record of each professional health care ~e~opJoy·ee at !he ACSO tu include the
following rlflfOmlatkm :



Employee rune
Employee's position
Date of Current certifitlltion or license and expiration dr1te


Continu ing Education Units







Healtbc~u:e Senrices p1ovided by PHS arc in~nded only fu.r thooe jnmates
a.ctuaUy remanded into cu~ lody and/or booked into the f'acilitie.~ and/or athCTW:ise

committed to 1he Fad lities;, whichever occm-s first~ including inmates under
guard in outside hospi tals if anaignt:rl or commiUed to the CSO's, cUS1ody.
Such inm'atcs ·:nan be itlclUdeill in (be daily r)()pulal:ion count.


PHS becom~ ~"Pom;ible for tJle medical care of ail inmate when the
Health Services Director or MedicaJ Dirnctor of PH lla' boeu not~ fied
that an inmate has been remanded or arraigned and/ or otherwise
committed to tl cu tody of A SO, or ~rhen physically bookcrl into any
of the acilitries:, whichever first OCCW'S.


on any son of temporary release''' including, but nol ]iitlitecl lo,
iDmates tenrpomril 'Y rdeased tor the purpose of atlend1 og funerals or
similar farn 1j~y emergend , iillll.ales on e."i:cape status, inmate on pass or
parole who do not r etur n to tJile Fac.ilines, and :l.nro.ates ass•gned to the
Eleclronic SW"Veillb nce Program,. ill HQt be included in the daily
population count, and shall not be the ~oosibibty of PRS wi1J1 respect
to the payment or furnishing of Healthcare Services.


ln.mates wbo become iU or are inju.rod while on ''tempon~.ry ~1~-ase (to
atteod an out.s.iue pro.g:nnn, funeral~ etc) and who receive lreatment outside
the Facilities will not be the fi;na ncial .r esponsibility of :PHS w.irth res peel
to the casts of se:rviocs provided by others (including CoUJmty fadJilies)
re]ating to thal particular iU.t1ess or iujury. The cos~ in cun·ed by PHS for
providing ervice for such inmates, once the i.nmat"C is rctunLt::d to tthe
facihty, are the financial rt:spo:nsib1 Hty ·r ,HS. Other i nnesse~ and
inj uries for suGh i.Ittna•es shfiH be ·dle tinaoci.1 ~ respot1sih1hty o,f PHS.






in the custody of otheli po]ice or pem~l jurisdictions are likewise
exclutl.&1 from Lhc pOpiJl Aijon count. aud are not1he responsibility of PBS
for the :fiurnr-lling 01' payment of He..'ilihcare Services, unless and until they
are initiaH)• booked into a Facihty o.r lietuf:ned to lhe c'as1orly of A 0 .


It is under tood and agreed th~t P H S s!hall be the sole supplier and
coordinator of all merucaJ pmgr.auJS for the lf'ac.iitities, and as such, shall
bave the authority and rQ,")JOnsibiLity for the uo.plementation, moruficatioo


and continuation of any and an h~lth care programs for the Facilities
within the requirements of this Agreement "Modification., is ddined as
any alteration in an existing service or progrom that does not require
additiona1staffing, funding o.r facilibes or does oot nlQdi fy the tetms of
this Agreement.







PHS shaH H!!Sist lht; ( :SO with any changes, updates or compliance
clilanges ;n accordnnce with the srandards the acct~edltting agencies
identified by the C 0 for the entire duration of this contract For
purposes of thjs Agreement. d1e accrediting agcnci~ currently
'denlified b)• A, 0 inclUde 1h~ AC~ NCCHC~ and CALEA.


PHS sbaU s\iblll'l it au annual Comp~iance Report by uo IR ler than
MaJcll l of each year t o ACSO on all applicable PH and PHS
medical taff~ ;:~_nd s ubcontn1ctors (if appHcable) certifications.
ac ;redi~ations and licenses during the Imfe of this cor•tract PH
shall m.aiotain a file of an certif~.adon • a~reoitations and licellS-es
of applicablt: PHS and PHS medic~ staff at both facilities.


PHS will provide tile foJlow1ng sewices (medkal, nmsmg, dental,
phannacy, laooratory, Iadiology, :md diBJysis). Specific St.,'l'Vices pro ided
by PHS to Cotmly sball il'ldude, but n:tay not be limited to:


Intake health scrrenillg


Healtb appraisaJs


Sick caU


Pbyskian s.crvtc.cs


Maintenance of medical rccord'i


Prooedurel:i man1.1al(s)


Food services - speciaJ diets


lJealch screening - l:runate workers


COfiSulting mWical specialtie!t


:PwB<mr dApPO .N~J.


l".wC4Ui·e tnemt Cml!llbntd



Emergency serVices


Out patient Service~


Dental services


Prenatal/pregJlancy service.">




Hospital care




Ancillary services




AmbuJance Transportation (as specifi~~ in Section B.3.o. hereln}


Quality assurnnce


Statistics and record keej)lng, aud

Dcscrj,ption of Health Care Services Program: PHS shaU provide d1.e
tollowing accredited h~hh care serv:H:es:

Intake H~lth Sc,.ee;,ing. screening mu.~t he perfonned
for all inmates by a ~ icensed.reg:istenxl nurse (RN) or an LVN under
llb.e supervision of an RN~ at lhe ·time of booking at lihe Snntl Rita Jari!
and Gl·emi E. Dyer Detet1rtion Facility. Except in .emergencies, there
must be no gaps in n~g staff :for lunch or n:st breaks during the
Intakt; TrallSfer and Release (lTR) process. Mandatory tnbeTc\.dosis
testing is begun at 11.tis point of co :tact in acrord~lCe with Smte and
local st:ruli:L·u:ds. PBS imake stiff must be trained by Crimirud Just)ce
Mental Health Staff irn screening for mentcil health conditions.
Criminal l ustice 1ental Heakh mt.lSt provide
a copy of fue
intake p1·e-screeniug procedure for mental health issttes and :refemls
on-site at each Facility for reference by C.SO and ffJS medical



.FOlirt~zen {14) D:ay Health Appraisal. This examirur•ton (history
and phy~ie.als) is for aU itm1ates coming inw the Sheriffs custody


and muS1 be completed within the fii'Sl 14 days of 1heir wcarc:eralion
io order to be in compliance wtiili apphcabk: standards of the
acc:rediting agencies id@ntified by the ACSO. TI1e PHS 14 day
Health Appraisal includes '~ menlaJ lleald1a.ssesslnent CriminaL
J\lstice MeJl"bL Health.staff w11l be respoosible foT training PHS
medical staff in the p&l:ormance of the menud healcih assessment
portion of the 14 day r]eaJah!. PHS will provide this
service to meet the staudarlli~ of tlhe aoorediting agencies identri tied by
the All!lllJeda County Sheriffs Office.



(ull. Inmates hall be .allowed .acc£ss to essential health caro
se:rvices at al1times. At a mwn i mu:m, a licens.ed ourse or vhysi.cian
shall attend ick Cflll held Monday1Ll!I.'OUgh Fltiday at Santa Rita Jail~
~nd Mon~y tl:nungh Friday at the Glen E. Dryer Dereation :facility
subje-ct to ACSO staffing and deputy avajJab1Hty. Additionru ick
C811 mt1y be added as required.


Foad Servkes - Spedul Dim-: PBS shaD adhere at minimum tQ the
mecUcal dietary standards which are out.lined in IitJe 15, Section
1248 or any supercessi.on t!htteof~ Cun·ently the Foodservw
provider p;ro-vides a :.-egistered dietid3!1l who oversees. the dietary
tequit-ements of the inmates at both Faci.litie$,.


.l:l.'ealtli St!reening - Innrali! Jl7orker.s--: PHS shall provide heaUh
S"creenring, including appropriate· lab wotk, fu.r food \
and other imnate worker.;; as reqwre{L


Consulting Medical Speeflltli~tj . .rU:S shall make bo111 ammgemc:nts
and payments for ail consulting mediical specialty sorviex5 and
special medica] aqui_pmoot (i.e. brace ~ cmtcbes, etc.). Special
mcdiiCHl equipment shalJ be d efmed as durable medicill equipment
(Dl\ffi) a set forth 11.1.1lde.r Mcdica~c Part B plans and but is

not bmited to diabe-tic supplties, canes, crutcnes, ~'raJkers, co01mode
ctitarcs, htnne type o ygen equ1pmeat. hospital beds, seat lift
mechanls:rns, traction equipm-en~ etc._, excluding wheelchftils.
As further defined, D:M£ is eqnip1nent whlch 1) can witk~tand

repeated use~ 2) is, primarily md. custo:m.a.rily used to save a medical
purpose,. 3) is generally not useful to a person in the absence of
illn~s OJ' injury and 4) is appJQ:priate for use liudle inntates housing
1L'5e of any DME withm ilic facilities willlbe wiili lhe
approval of"l:h@Alameda County Sberifl's Office.



PurBoardApPO No-._ _ __

1/mt::urem~ul. Cotd t'fltr N~

_ __ _tastuCoDb-!I:Cf N•._ 9!JC1l U


Em ~rgency Se-rvices: PH' ghaJl be ~pon ib le for aJ.l ,emergency
:seryiccs provided on-site. or.Qff::sile. rnch•dingpayment for such
service . Ttris shall include both medical and dt.'111al services.


Outpatient Huusing Unit (OPHV) : Boos ava.ilab!e for usc in this
area inclurle up to twenty-five (2 5) beds in twenty (20) rooms at
Santa J •ta Jait Operations of the Outpatient Housing Units (OPHU)
sball include:

Physichm on call twenty-four (24} I I(J~u-s peJ day~ physician is
onJy ca]lcd when th~I'e is no doctOI' OAaSJte


Phy idan on premises eight (8) hours per day, forty (40)
hours p"r '''~ek , Monday through F riday


On-site supenrision i!llllh~ OPHU by a licensed registered
nurse URN) Ofl a twenty-four (24) how seven (7) day per week


Twtmty-four (24) hour nursing sctvices, seven (7) days per
week at lhe levels. set forth in Section f .1. of thi" Exhibit


Copy of O'PHU &l anual shall be avail~bl~ on-site


Separace individ\lal and complete medica~ roconl k~:>pl for each


D e:m al Suvlees: Pl:ll shaH prm.ride cnc::rgency, medicfll ty nocc.<:OSaJY
and nou emergency dental services, indudh:.g but not limit<'d to
cxttactio . DentaJ service.s five 5) day'S a week for at Lt:4lS~ forty
(40) hours per week at Santa Rita Jti il, One day wi ll be designated
for uansfcr of Glenn Dyer Detenti ~fi Facility iuma1es to be
lr8nsported w .. anta R ita Jail for dental servicts.


p i!cial Needs ofPregntJnt a11d .Po. tpar tl4m Wom e'ff.: .Provision
shall bt: made to care for the special needs of pregnant an\!
postpartum women. The required ~ervice.s hall hldude, 1 ut are not
limited to:

I) and t~ting tbr pregi1:=mcy at the or booking the
i lllllBte into the Decention and


Couechon facil ity

ontinuation of the C'UJl"ently used Pregnant , emale Protocols
for use by and heal ~h ca11e staff



Referrals to and oootdlnation with a comnlllllity based
melhadone ti~eatment p:rQgram experienced in ilie special
needs of pregnantlpoSfpartum c llients


Ptetlatal education wul counseling., and


Est<:lblishment by PHS of v;'fitten agreements with appropriate

health care professionals to a..;;!'i lllfc lhe oonti:rmous availability
olthe full rang.e ofroutiJJ.e .and a nerg,c.ncy obstetrical en:ices
induding manage.m.enrl by the app ropriate heattb care
profcssiolli'll ·Of high risk conditions.
PH shall evaluate pregnant women w illJ histotie..~ of drug
depcndency o.n-site immediately and sball r fer them wifb1n tour (4)
hours for h~gh 1i sk obstetrical evruuaLion. t• S sbaU cooroinate and
pay for enrolhne:nt and assessment services of pregnant opiate
ac.l<hcted women for methadone maintenance programs.
In addition, PHS sllaiJ p rovide onagoing stafftr.tiningprogmms as
required by law or aocn~dimtion standards, particularly w ilb regard




of regLJLat n-aining sc_hed'Wes for medica]
staff OD pregnancy issues.


.Devclopmet\t of training pmgram for rcvjcw of
medical protocol for pregua nt inml.lte ·.

Futt~ily Plmmi'n g .'\ervices: PBS shraU 'be rcsponsibk for providing
family planning services pu1suant to PennJ ()de ectious 3409,

4023.5 and o1her applicable la"' .


Female .I nmates Ri,R-Ilts Plan : PHS is required to meet the
ret1urirements of1he Reproduc1ive Privacy Act (Jan. 1~ 2003), as weJI
as all Jights required unrlcr Jaw.


P'rosthesis/Gla · ·e ·: I"HS sha.IJ provide and pay for medically
requ ired medical and denml prO&thcses and eye ~lasses.


HospiJm Care: PUS shaH b respOil.·"'dbk for ammging and piilying
fox aUinpatient and otdpatient tr~a.trn(."flt following inmate booking.

With thee cept+on ofemergenctes; or unavailabil ity of
specific se.rvices, hospita1izatmon for the acute care need~ of
al l .incarcernted inmates is cun-eruly COJllracted for by rHS


PmrDo:udAprO No._ _ _ _hocru.Yemooc Con11r111d No. _


_ MnLer Colltlt11ct No. Q00021

at A.Jameda County l\.fedical Center (ACMC), HigWaatd
Ho pital1ocateci in Oakland.

Acute menttal health care for ruJ inmates ~s ptovidcrl by B.UC ~
through an outside ~enrr.ces provider. lf ACSO devefnps an

Acute·Psychiatric Unit 011 site PHS will negotiate mgood
faith \\riC
h Lhe Cotmt)' to pmvide any non-routin ... medical
services to those mmates in ilie proposed Lurit th l go beyond
the baseli11e medical services pro~· ded ~o aU other inmates
under the ACSO"s judsdic'tdoa.

rnergency care for anla Rita Jail inmates is currently
provided by AJmn~da County McdicaJ CentEr~ Vallt.-y Cme
Medical "~ten'L~, or Ed&~~ 1\.feili~,;al Cea1ter, . Emergency
Room care for G.form E. Dyer inmates is cturently provided by
ACM:C llighlland liosp~ta.L


Trun.worttrtio11 : PHS hall be respor ib le fm 4BTIUlgiug and paying
for necessary arnbulat~ce transportation pro' ·ded by Ameri can
Medka1Respouse (AMR) or its :;.-uoc~~or. Transportation by
automobile shaU be ~berespon.'lihil ity of ArCSO. PHS all rna4ntain
u:ampurt:atiou poH:cies. and procedmes for n
·' LI
s of
trw porntion iomlly deycloped bv ACS(t and PHS to be ke:pt onstte.



PH is responsible for tbe pmvis.ion ofphannac:y services at
bofu Facilities and 1nay subcontract with laxor Correctional
Pha.nnacy ervices (Ma.xor CP ) to provi·de pnanmcy


PHS :;;halJI provide an on-site pb~:Utnacist at the Santa Rita J8il
Faci~it)· who ~s duly licensed ~n the Smtc of California .and l1fiS
cottec&nal experience. The Pharm.ac1st mns1 he on-site
filfulg p:rescriptions.
I s_ystem i..;; n.o t acoep,1ablc at the
Santa Rita Jail. Tbe shall be open with ti
Pharmacist on-sjte Monday through Fric.iay from 7:00 ~ lo
5:00 p.m. After hours and on weeker~dS, a p lwma.cist sh.a.U be
on-caU 24/i and must rome into the facility as neoded. The
fax/fill S)'l'tem will continue at GEDDF unless and Ufl~ i1
changed by \mften agreemenl of the parties.


PHS shal.l, in additiou., e::l"tab)i.~h a ph:nma.c~utic I flild
lhernpeml'c (P & T) committee to review inventory ami


control management for a.U drugs. A ph'311lladst~ duly
licensed by the Smte of California; shaH be a memb~ of this

1\tlaxor <.:.P shaU work in collaboration with RHC . . and/oT
thei:r contrnctcd mentall health. services Pll'Qvider \vneu
cudt:ring. dispensing~ billing ~ud revie't.ving docl.IIDl(:nb. of the
psychotropic medicines for all Uirnatcs in CSO Detention
and Corrections Facilities.


od!Dty shaiJ be respon'imble for providing all digibl~ rUV
mcdicaboll ~Lablislled by lhe AlDS Drug Ass~iance Program
to eligible inrrmtes in aroordance with Stare Iegulations.


Maxo r C:PS shall utilize pill cups that can be oomposted (for

example, paper). or utilirze a system whcreby pill eups are
reused r·esnlting in a T&lucti.on in ohid waste genemtion.


AIDS: P HS shall cooperate with lhe Alameda County AID Task
For·ce in continuing witb AIDS edlttc,.cion in lhe Detention and
C~ctiou . AIID IHlV te..\iing sha1l be provided as
d iuically indicated within current commuruly standards. or -upou
imna1t: request p:ursumll to [..a.b(J.r and Health and Safety Codes. All
·test-ing shall be done in accordance wjth Califontia SLaJe Ia .


Ancftlut'J• S ti'Vit!e. : PHS shaU be responsible for laboratory, x-ray
and dial ISis and other ancillmy scrvic~ as ~uired.
services can be performed off-site but p referably wilJ be perfonned
on-site. All applicable licensure requirements shall be mel priot to
the :start of the ContracL A ·written tisl with the names, year of
experience and fypes of Iicen~e held for persons wbo wiH b •
providing th~e scrviaes will be maintained and available to Lhe
AC 0 upon r·equcst PHS will oot be respon~lble for lhe cons ,o f
diruy:sis seiVice:s •o imnates in tbe custody of ACSO but under the
juris..diction of the US Mar.:ihal '.s m-vice.


Trai11inH .und l!illJ.t;atltJn: PH ·shall continl!le to provide a program
or programs of continuin,g educarfion that moet or e.'(,ceed
accreditation S-tandards andlor are required by law foi its health ca:rc
staff annually, and sh all provide the County with a copy of its
trailling program armually.


Detoxificatioq Services from Dr-ug


t~nd Alcohol:


P HS shall pr<>1t1de detoxifkatiou services at the Facilities in
accordance with the standards of the accredi1:ing agea -ies
identified by the AJ.oo.eda Co••oty Sheraffs Office. PH sh-.ill
be rcspOllSilblc:: for p.r,ovroing a methadone detoxification
program and for obtaining a]l licenscs ~ssary to operate U1e


PH '"' shall assure that arrangements ar~ m aintained whereby
pre~Dant wome:n. w ith histories of drug dependency are
evaluated on-site by registered nurses immediately and

:reft:trecl wilhiB four (4} hours faT high risk obstelrialll
eva1Uatim1. PH shaU coordinate and pay for enmlhneot and
~sment sen•it;es of pregnant opiate addicted women for
methadone mru!llterurnce programs.

S uicide PrnentioiJ Prog~tJM : 'PH~ is respomible for ensuriJlg there
is a u~cide prevention program in place. B,B CS is 'tbe Jea.d ag~ncy in
dris p rogram and pruvidt:s a chairperson fo1· the Sukide Prevention
SO, PHS, and BH shall work in collaboration to
provide pn~screening and crisis int:erv~ntion. and shaD review issues
related to suicide prevention. and the resolutiou Qfproblell'l8 in
acrordal1Ce wi'dl :l()plicablc standards of the aoc..-reditinr~ rtgeucies
identified by the Ala.mneda Cotmty S1leri tr s Office.



JaU cooperntc fully with County Quality Assurance

Program! th • Ad'ult. 111111llate Medical Services ~ledical Revi~w
Pane] ( .fS Paoet) and County Crim:i:na~ Justic-e Oversight
Comn:Jittee, whlcb :ba\'e OOro desiguated as advisory to tbe
B oard of Supcrvisots (Board) \ ith regard to criminal j ustic~
, nedical senricel'i.

P ll shall partidpate ~ requ_e.')ted Qn service related Counly
oorrunitt:ees, and shall promptly comply upon receipt of
ests fnr service - · a' fld sta1isric~~ hv th e County
Qualify ss~tmnce Pirogram and Criminal Justice 1edicaland
Mental Health Committees. PHS shan torward in " ·ting the
requ~t.ed in.fonnatiou to the ACSO lor re~iew.


Co.unty, at it~ o~n e:qx:ase. shall contra~t with an
;nde_pendent ncutrn] fuird party expenence.d in medical <£1!la1irty
ass:tlil"aOCe reviews. This third party Contractor wJU conduct
ud its of inmate medical records for tre31Jtlent.
of medical conditions in order to evaluate me timeliness,of

appropriaten ess Of.asstsS:Itlent, 1reatmen~ type Q [
provider and le\rel of Clil'e using sampling (echniques muhlally
a~ed upon by ounly, PH and th-e thlrd party mt:cUca1


The third party reviewers shall act in :m advisory capacity
Oflliy aud are not gmntcd any rights. of coturact euforcernent.
Cunently the ACSO is ~sing 4.!\tnerican Heald1Ulli} as its
lliird party Contractor. Tbe role ,of AH is to review mtdical
record s a.ud look for discrepancies in reoord keeping,
di agnosis. or progno:sis as ill refers to treat.Lnent.

The audUs comp~cted by tbe ~hil'ld pairtj· medical
inr:iud~~ bnt not be H Ill ited to:
Ma ter Vroblem ust;








Seizure disotders~
Medication Administration Ra;oJd:
Medicatio11 orders;

Biohazard ,.,·aste;
PAP results·
Diabetes; '
Int ra- ystem transfers.;
Diagnostic services;

Heatm a! ~essment~
Assessment prutoco ls;

urse i<.:k Crill;

Tuberculosis car~ ;, nud,.
RefusaJ of treannent.

lhesc audits are conducted using co"{1rec'tional care critcr]a
r,eviewed atld app roved by the County, PH ancJ the third
party revieweT Heal lb (•AH'l The COJllllleted
audit studies of medical TeCQrc::bl shrul be made available lo
Comity Board of upeTViwrs. C AO and PHS upo.o re<1u~t.

AH nmdumly sela;IS Illes to review/audit monthly

for items such a~ timeliness ofcare, appropriateness of

care/documentation, ~nd level of care give.c to 1he ~1.J:i,ents.
AH generates a moodily :repon ofd1eir tindin.g s to the Cotmty

Office (CAO) rnd to PH . LC mu ime1m of
twenty pttt:ent (2()C)A,)1n1ioor anedka.l etTDirs and a
ma ·mum often percent (lOo/o-) major ertor rfate wm b~ a
goa[ per year fotr tbe contr~ct term p~r year a",detel;imined


PurBondi pPO No.,_ __ __ .Froeg~'fl t ·4):ntr.•d

u. _ _ _ M:ut~r C 110'act

!o, 2!!.i!W.

by tbe independcmt ueotrall thir·d party eontrneto..- (AU}
and the AillS Panel AH uses j~ o-,, l audit tool1o measure

Error trends thal fall below 80% (i.e., mor:~ tllan 20°,1(, for
minor medical emu'S) for lhree {3) cQnsecutive months are
subj ect to a $"' 000 tine per month until the ·core tea(.; t1es the
specified levd of at least 800/a. 11a· XI i 1 ~rs must be
'VOrrocred ... 'lhin.JO days ofmuorting to PHS. Major errors iu
excess ,o f a ten percent (10%) mte of occunence, as
discovered during the thlrd party audi:•s. will be oonside.-cd a
materi~l bteacl1ofthe contract.

The r·9 d ts of ~acih quaHty a umnce Jeview, a~ weH as
reeormnend~ tions for corrective acbon performed and jssut'(l
by the AIM P'aneJ andlor ,otbe:r health care evaluators, will
be provided to the C{lm.ty and J•II . I•BS shall pm vide
written aclwowtedgement \\rirtbin ten (10) busin~s tlnys to
Coun~· regarding all issues 1dcntified mthe qua lity
a~uranc~ mootlHy summary. PHS shall promptly bike tho
recommended correcli ve .a.ctim~ atld advtse the C ~( )· in
'1r\'Titing, i.n my Cruidi where l'HS disagrees v.rith any .findiDg
and a detailed explanation to the · C 0 fhr r~:view.
and then on a report to lh~ AIMS Pane l as to why such
correcti e acHon should not be raken. Repeated cnor trends
.~:~ecognized by the AIMS Panel with no effec1i... e corr-ective
acti.OJl, will resull jn the following fines:

late responses (over forty-11vt:: drtys days) by P
the uuplementation of or wrinen responses as to why
in1rplemcntation is not deemed advisable to lhe
recommended corrective 1:rctions contained in drlrd
pa.rty audit teport sha11 give 1ise to fines to oo
imposed upon PHS of ThPCC Thousarud Dollars
($3 ,000) pe1 ()CCl.l11'ence, pe~ month, until resolved to

the satisfaction of C,ot1nty.

Major erronl mu~ t be corre.cted within tJhLrty (30)

cal·e ndar days of rep on to PHS. 1\>fajor crroB io
excess of a.teu peroent ( 10'-'.4} Jate of occurre.n.ce. as
discovered duririg the ~t1 irrl p~rty ~\lrlits, will be
cons•det-ed a matet"ral breach of this Agreement.




"Vhethcr an erro.r is a rnaj or ·e nor sh.·dl be determined
by •he AJ 1 Panel or as d ·~ermined tJy 'tht:; C Oldi
third party auditor .

Fm:ther morutonng is provided hy way of adherence to ACA,
CCHC, ancl CALEA Standards. PH sball hdp lO supply
documentation for the accreditacion pro~ .
CompUance v.rith ACA, CCJ-IC~ and CALEA accreditations
or any othe1 accrcd1ting agencies as identified by 1hc AJameda
County Sheriffs Office is mandatOTy. Formal audi~ are
required every tluee (3) ytt..'U"S a11d ACSO will infomully
perform maintenance random audits periodically throughmrt

tl"'e year.


1 h e Medical Director {(;um::nUy Dr. Orr)~ QT Health Services
AdminiseraLor (Cun'f:t:ltly ill Vvilson), and other appropriate
representativ~es of the mcdica.IJ proville.r shall :reg-u]al'Jy attend
schednJoo mee1ing of d1e Criminal Jlustice Medical and
Mental Hea]tb Committee to report ·o n ~~ of coneem to
that ColliDllittee and shall cooperntte oo an ongoing basis with
dc:;&ignated Conltn iuee representatives.

Continuous Quality lmpa·.orement (CQI) Committe-e:


PHS must have in place and ttlalnmlin a CQI Committee
which shaU meet at least qu..vt.erly and is responsible for
developing~ recommending and implementing afl fuh-11'e
policies and procedm(!Sm:~cssat~y for tbe operation of the:
kealtb care program. he objective of this ooumtittee will be
to assure quality health care is accessible to all mmales.


The Comm1 ttee s hall be comprised of at a mini_mutn~ a
phy ki~ a rcprcscntative(s) of PUS administrative ~nj~
Nursing ·ervices, Dental services, and Pharmacy services.


The Committee sbrul ltl.OOt quarfetly with a v.TitreJl
prcd<rtcnnin{';d agend(ll, reooJrded mlO.Utes~ and copies of
reports subrnitted to mhe Detention and Corrections Conl.ract


}\ll services under lhe pw:view of health seJVices shaH be
.re~ ie~ red and evaluated for quality of care through ~tablished


and regulari)• perfomwd audits by the AIMS Pll.nci~ PH , and
D.r. Beruo.n. These services shall include buf nre not limited to
d1e foUowimg~

Primary care services


Preve.ntive bealth senrke.ll


AuciiJary services, llabut.atury and x-ray


ln-p.'ldent . crvices, hospital and OPHU




Dcnlal sc.rvices


Medical recmds


lteferral medical specialty smices


Corrunt.m kabJ.e disease contro]


Environm tal saN;:(


Intake screening health appraisals


Out-patient hospiml sc.·rvmces


OB/OYN services


Training onentation


PHS sball make available aU acc:roed statistical data
rcgardir•g . ervices pro,vlded w hich meet A;CA guidehnes.
Data shall be comp-iled in appropri::de monthly reports as
dcfmed by CSO and shall re<luir~e a monthly reporting
mechan.is111 as de t1ned by AC ·o.


PHS shall make avail'abk upon request all I·ecords l'
by lhe Cu'm t~' to veritj service delivery compliance with
this Agre~ment. Such rucords wilU be made avaHab!e \lrithin
a maximum of five {5) working days of said request when
the records ar~ maintained on "ite at the Facilities and withia
a maximum of fifteen ( J5) working days when they are
m~ iutained



ll! au·lCt~a flt1 Ap li'()

Na.._ _ _ _Pncur~ot ·


(•- _ _ _Ma9~1' Contract No.

flour of Cnve_rage:

Twenty-four (24) hoUT physkLm services shall be available
on-call at both Detention and Corre<:ttons FacUhies. The oncall pbysacian will come to the Facilit:y if needed.


f11H~ wm~J

lfOVide 24·h01U" seven da ~ ' r~ek (including
boUdays) c.Jinicalcovmee at both .f aci.lirie.i.
A weekly slatTing schedule, provided by PHS shall be
ava.l ~able for l."e.yjev,~ by the Watch Com rnander.


A minirnuru of one hundred sixty (160) hours per week hall
be provided fo1 on-sit(! physician, ph ysictan assistant and
muse prnctitiO:ntir servkes at the . anta Ri ta Jail, with an
sd(Ht1onal to:rty 40) hours p& we k to be provided at the
Gle1m E. Dyer Detention Facility. Mtnimum m"~Site coverag.e
for a t · · will indude t\'lenty four (24) hours each day_.
Monda)r thT<Ougb Friday and rounds in lhe 0 Jt Patient
Housing Unit (OPHU) on Saturday or Sunday. M inimutm
ov~rqge f01 Glenn E. D)~ sbaU irldude eig ht (8)
how-s each day, Monday through Friday.


J•K OB/GYN ph:ysician stRdl be oo ·ile for an average of
thn::-e (3) to six (6} hours per week, with r.~venty four (24) hour
OB/0 Y services available. Support staff shall include a
prenatd coordinator~ nurst: pract.itio er and medical assistant.



PIES shaU provide five (5) day per week on-site physician
coverage as wcJlas 24-hour on call ElVallabi lity. PHS wiD
maintain at lee t 85% of the OptimaJ Staffing Levc~ ~pedfied
lD Exhibit A-3.


PH will provLde an evel1ing shift Physician' Ass- tant or
urne Pn-tctitioner~ as specified E..x.hibit A-3.


The foUowing speciafty clinics shall be provided for u1 the Santa Rita



Orthooetlic:.s., 4 bows pe-r \'r'eek




Qbstctr.ics, 3 lLoW:S per wee


.ATDSIHIV, L6 hours per mon~ and Procedl41't shall b-e as follows:


PH wiU fuli0\10' the cnn-ent A. ~so poiJcy and procedure
regw-diug the communication and resolution of imnac.e rutd
J\(:SO staiT complaints, or other ·items 1'egruding any aspect
of kcalth cacc delivery.

•ns wiU continue to follow the Emergency Gnevanc.e
Procedme d(::)jgned specifically for pregnant inmates.


PH shall continlle to tl;lXlat~ and follow ACSO Policies and
PrOCE.'tiures for dealmg \\'li.t.b complaints. Patient complaints

shall be [}:;Ut of the heallh sen-ic~ reportiog requirements.

Acre~= AC C10 ~curily


Legal Services:

staff shall accompany health care staff in
providing heahb car,e services in !the oeU bloc area mae<;ordauce
wilh written policies ()t pt'Ocedures-

PH S shall actively as:sis1 Cou.n• .. ltgaJ COlrJtsel u~ ~ he defense Qfor
prosecution of any fcgul action against or on behalf of A.Jruncda
Coonty, the Col!J)]ty Jail Health Can: Staff AC 0 taff or ooy other
County employees or agent.s. Said ass1stMce shall include but i:s oot
limited lo. Lhe t i mel~ p11ovisiou ofmeil.ical data, medica] record!) und
other information as cormse1 deems n~(."eS£81)' to prepare the defense
or pros.ccutioo, th ~ investigntion of clair. , the f}rqtarntion of
declarlli!UOt s ,o r affidavin;, aind the p;itrticipation :n any pre-uial
di covery. tiial ar hearing as necessary a11d. a]Jprropriate.


P,atiefU/lmmlJe Tnm.ifers or R'elc;wses/Co.minuuy ofCare:

Hcahh rooo.rds of an inmate who is being transferred, whether
f:or medicail or otbcT reasons, sbail be evaluated by Lhe PHS
medical! staff for completeness prior to trtuJsfer, and a lrnnsfer
SUJrlJilary sh(, 1completed at tbi time. Procedures for trnnsfct
o ,.i nm.ate. with suspected or known active tuberculosis must


e.~tahliRbcd by PH

requ1mm nls.


in compliance with sta.wtory


PHS is respOnsible fox written notification to the appropriatft
Public Heailth ageode.s of reportable illnesses and
CQmmuuicable diseases prior to inmate release. Evidence of
thls wrirton nobfi~on must be placed in the inmate· s
rr edical recordS flle.


PH provides a plan for contlouilty ofmedk auan therapy

upon irunt1t~'s tll'ansfer or :release w·hen PHS .has been
provided notice ofrclcasc:, and PUS will pruVi( a one day
supply of emergency medkart1on ~ deerued medically
necessary by the medical di:r,ector.

Staff co,tllgJ.OifS DiJ·ea:,.-e Te._U/ng; I)HS must have and follow a
platl that inc tude~ testing for other exposures on a caseaby-case basis
for ~rious contagious diseases.


Jrunate Couri N,ejerraJ Prot{)C1}ls: PHS must have in plaee atld
fc.1Uow procedlll'cs and protocols for addressing medicill referraJSl
from 1he courts (SecuonAO l t ofthe PenaJ ode).

At inWce :PHS conducts a meilical screelling on al l inmates. This

S(;reening incI~d a b ief mental health screen. Inmates identified 86
needing further menUd health assessment cwd •nage flrre refetl<ed to
the Cmmty operated meuJal heald:li services (BBC /CJM11) which
shtill be respon 1hle foT any £mther scrvices .related to the mt:nta1
health of inmate . Employees respon!;ibl:e for merual health
screening will be provided traini ng lhy Criminal Jnsb.ce MentBl
Health. PH · shall make appropriaLe r~ferrdls to the Cmulty·s 8.HCS
Cr·iminul Ju.sti« e.nlal Health (C Bl) staff~ and cooperate in
any ongoi• ~g tt-ea.1nlflnt as pl'escribed by Mental Health practitioners.
and Je:->'p ond to vorrirtten consult referrals &om DHCS Mental H~lth
Praditioncrs. BHCS Meneal Health ta.:ffwill co<n.cratc in an}r
ongoill,g me(l!Lcal treatment as pre.~bed by PHS ·1edical
Pra.ctitioo.ers and will respond to aU referrn1H on a tirucly basis.
PHS wiD provide timcJy rcspcm . es tf't requ,ests for medical
~u.:leion . medieal consultations and labo:r~tory anal s-es fn.m
CD-m. .JMH '""iJl pro~idle timely r~ ·puns to rcq ~te~i for
meotaJ beaUh e''~luations, m~ntal h<!altll consultations and
medical ml·u fllln!lin:n frool PH . urses en1p·Joyed by PHS wiD
admiJlirter psychotropic medications including hlj ·tiom.· as
ordered ~y
psyd!Liahists aod in eohlJ)~lan~e wtth 111U
3fplkabJe l~ws rules and egulations..




0Jlt.t,r1 _

PBS ~ponsibilities hall include, but not be Limited to the


Strategic/operational planning




Supervising the investigation of the in11plcmcotation of
an electro:nic medica1 record! yst,ero in accordance
wi1b Exhibit -4


Developing drng utiliz3tion data


EstabJisbillg professional contrncls with re.terra~




Evaluating e:Jcisting ·wnv~otories


Per1ronnel rocn.ribnrot


Ordering of supplies and equipment


Developing both !ntema1 and e>.rternal plans for
emergency care, and




Estab · hing reporting p-roccdUTCs


C/0 .


County shaH. provide the space~ limited iiumtiture, .fixtures~ uti lities.
telephone (~excluding long d•stance ~nd toll calls and secu-rity


foJ efficie~~t operation of the Healthcare SystOOI. The Co unty shall
pro·vide only the equipment presently on-site as well tlS any other
equipment that tbe ~Couory chooses to purchase and !l."etain m~,o·nersbip of.
PHS ruLll be responsible for the purchase of all other equipmt:nl and sh~ll
retain ownership of the equipmenl that il pu_rcbase . AU heatith care
related laundry services ill · anta Rita and GEDDF, incJuding
conlaminated linens~. haH be the financial responsibility of PH .

P H he reby agrees to be re ponsible for any direct 1o~s or damage to
property oc equipment of tJ,e Couoty that is caused by PH staff citre to

willful acts Ol' ncgli gence_

PW'BoardApPO No._ _ __

I•roc:ur(ll)rent Co tract o. _

_ _.M:a$h~.r C (lulf"at t o. .o.K.lll~

ln like manner, C~uoty hereby agrees to be msponsibJe JOI' nny di rect loss
o r damage to pmrlel1)' o r equipment of PH tbat is caused by any wmful
act or negligence by County employees or inmates.



PHS shall not us~ Couuilltly premises property (including equipment;
hl.stromeots and suppUcs) or personnel for any pUipose other than in the
perfonnanc of its obligation Urtder this Agreement.
The · "'ounty reserves the right to purcba~ at a mutually agreeable price

any equipment or supplies purchased by PHS for on-site u~tge after the
temrination of ttl i. Agreem.e nt.





Medical Rttc(}rtk 1edica:J Ro.:ords are of a secure and confidential nature.
PHS agrees to continue to fo11o,w applicable accrt:dirla1Aoo standmds for the
sec-IJJ!rity and oonfidentiaJity of the inrmd~es .. mC(iliet'lllhe.thb care :rocords as is
required by law. The Oitec or ofHeabh Informati()n lvlanagement and ber
staff wiU contirule to ove1:see the day-to-day (~il.tions of recotds
~intenatnce. In the e\~rd of ;;t contn tct tenninati.on, records shall be
retumcd to Cm1nty to ilSSUtle compbance: with medicaJ Je"Cords retent~on

p·:ff sbaU cooperate w ith the Mcdica1 Records Audit Con 11.ltant review
program as provided by "the Cm1rnty.

Becnf"d ~ MoinUJJance: inmate J1ealrth records must be kept

ou.r:rent with updated; aocurdte infoflll'ation and shall indude, bul not be
bmit.ed to~ lhe foUo,wi11g required medical infonnation:

Prc-scrren history


Patient vi1al signs at eal:h e ·amination


Medical evaluation repmt


Cm11pJa:inrts of injury or illness and action t~


Physician orders


Progress notes


Names of aU pCISonnel treating, pre.~c1ibing, and/or issuiaB




AU labonttory, x.-lfly. and <eth-er doCdmcntation ofb-catment provided,
81 d

Ownership ofR ecurds

Ex is.ting medkaJ reoords and ruedlcaJ records pre:pa1ed by P US
medical! staff shall, dutillg dle tenn of this Agreemt.:n1, be under the
crue an(! ctlStody of PH~ but shall be the PIOpci"ty of the Qunty.
Couoty shall have fulll aud promp1 :ilCG~ to medical rocords
during ilie term of this Agreement, and both PHS and OUhty shall
:n1ain~in the confidentiali ty of all ~ucb reGord.s as required by law.


To ensure c-onfidentialhy o·f medical rocmds accessible to d1e
.ounty, ouly County Collll.Sel, the SheriJf arnd its colltractors 1he
IMS Panel and person(s) pedficaUy identified in writing by
either as ha h"Jg access privileg~ will be provided access to the
me.dical records.


of thiis Agrtt:,meJtt. lh~ c.:are and oocSto'Ciy of the
mec!licall records shall be tumed over to the Couniy _ PH ~ball
ha v~ access to the medical records after th tenni natioa of this
Agreement in order to pre~tre tbr liligation or anticipated litigation
brought in ootmectiQn with the Healthcaru crvices rendered by
rHS pur uant to 1bis Agn::ement


C 0 a d the Co111nty shall aUow PHS personnel ae(ess to intnate

1 the termination

confinement records or other data Otl .a ·•Lleed-to-know basis. •• PH
pcrsonnd shaD hono r C 0 1ules and'or established proeedures
ror afeguaTding the co~tfidmtiatity of ~-uch rocords or data.


Pursmml to Catifomi~ Government Code §6254 (c) -•Personnd,
medi,ca1, or similar filesl the disclosure 0t' which would constitute
an unwarranted rnvB!:lion of personal privacy, are not required to be
disclosed undeJ the California Public Recorus A·· t (Ref. oo~. Code
~6250~ et. eq.). The County; as ov.'ller of tt'(;.b: records.. sball be
responsible fur respo.ndiug to any request made under th.e Public
Rccorul:j Act for any imuate medic:U rccorm, including, . .vhere
wam nted, 1he enfm:cemcnl of inmates, rig.lU ~ of c.onfidendalhy and
or prjvac •. P HS shan immediately notify Cmmty of any roqu@St
fo1 records recei ed.



Tra.n.ifers or R eitu1sel Continuity of Care;

PtU"BoardAp:PO o.._ _ __


J'ro r ll.1'·ernent Coatrac4

o. _ _ __4~Ler Cor.tract

o. ~

Upon P H beiog no~ fiecl ora tran.~ fer~ Ole health records of ao
inmate, who i · bejog tmnsferred, whd hcr for medicaJ or otl1er
reasons, ~ hall be evaluated by PH .medical staff for current
info:rmarion and a transfer summary must be 'loVtitLen in ili<:: progress
notes. Criteria for medical trnnsfeTs shall be estabJished by ltH, •
bast.-d on ·tut.e and local stmdards and a transf er sununary sh.all be
prepared. The AC 0 will attempt to provide PITS "'rith 48 hours
notice for any intra a.od ~nter facility n-ansfe:r in order to review the
nmdicat I'OCOJI'd and to preparr; a trnnsfh :suml:L.ary.


Appropriate Public Health agencies will be notified of
"lltless and communicable diseas

plior 1o ;nma.te release \l'bcrc
possi,h le or upon discov·ery after i.nmate release. PHS will provilde a
one day supply at emergency mec:ticatiom as deemed medically
noc MY by the medical director.



D 1L

PH w ill coutin.ut! to maintain statistical data related to the lnma I.e health
care program as required, which will indud'e utilization of eP.rice
statisttcs and other area iha.t PHS and the AC' ·o agree wouJd be useful
lo evaluate "ltte health care programs and anticipate futu.r:e needs.


PH must produce .monthly staurtic.aJ r'€ports on health sen.1ces
utilization which s haU be providt:d lo bhe C uwr1ty and the A _0 using the
data set and report forrnats approved by the Couuty. A quarterly yt10psi
oftrus dam :shall b sent to the Sheriffs Offic.c.
PHS shall make avruJable upon request accrued data .regarding services
provi~. The stad sticaJ data will retlect the p.rt,"Vious mo.nth, s "vorkload
~t bich 1t1ay include, but not be limited to:
Inmates' req nest for various services
I.nm.ates seeu at ick CaH
]mnates seen by the phy ician
]nmates seeiJJ hy the dentist



Me<lical Ob~cr.·ation Urut adm.UlsiJo , patient days
Medical specialty COilSUJtation Jeferrals

lntake Screenim1g oonduoted
Fourteen day history and pltysical a
Dictoonostic studjes



ln.mates testing positive for AIDS and ffiV antibodies


lrunates testing positive for TB
Ln llJate~ treated for Al DS and HI
Inmates treat~d lor TB


Inmat~ mortnllty





Number of hours worked by medical staff
Other data deem appropriate by fue Jail Administration


P HS will submit u quarterly synopsis of the above data Lo lhe CSO. In
Addition to monthly reports, quarterly and 81lll\Uiil health related
suiDJ.narics, a cmuprchcnsive Wl!laal statistical report v.'ill be submitted.


Security of Data.: Some dam files of the CoUIDty are Qf a coufideutiJal
nature_ PHS emplo)•ec:s shall be allowed access to these fLies, only as
needed, pursuant to staff and 1nedicod. ca-r,e duties rdatcd to thi
. o\.greemem,
and in accordance witD applicable ln\ £11ld 1he rules
estaJblishe.d by the cu todian or the records. PH shall adhere w
cstablisbed policit:s and procedures for safeguarding the ..: cmfidelltiauty of
sncb data. and may be liable civilly or crinlinal fy under pr i·vacy legisla•ion
for negligent ret case of such infortlliltion


G: The Opti.mwn Performanc-e Leve~ (OPL for PH staffing and
llours ofcovcra~e shall be a set fonh in Exhibh A-3 of this Agreemror.

Staffing Service Flcxibili~

'The OPL for staff services {hours oi coverage) is based on an Avernse
Daily Population (ADP) of tow- thoU$a11d one bwuhcd n11d eighty .inmt11tes
at SRJ {4,180) and four lnrndred (400) .inmates at G ""DD • wh:ich
a.pproxhnales .ni.nety percent (90%) (lind ten p&ce:nt ( 10%) :ret>1Jevtively of
all.i.m:n&tes in the custody of ACSO. hould either inmate movement vruy
between Facilities or total inmate population ruy to an extent necessary
to adjust PHS start~ a written plan will be agreed upun by both s>arties for
adjusting the O l.•L. PH shaU b e requilrcd to mairntain ot least a
llnJmatm L~·el lor Sl;lff servic~ (~·bic b is defined as
8:5°/r} of Optimum Pedorm"ltl~e Le·veO shall be subj,ect to [pemdty,
~Wlllde.- tbe tetllill~ (. wch as; ootice and penalrf.y amojt•nt) fl'hat PH.. ., ~nd
th eso ' ball megolicate in good ~·aith .
The· COliiJm rt..oserves the light to adjlll.~ the MPL. The Count:.v will
provide PHS with thirty {30) days written not~ of changes to the f\.IPL


Fie- hou shou1d be used as much as pos.s.ible on County holidays.
Cmmty holidays are:

New Years Day
Martin Luther King lr.·s B irthday
Lincoln' ' Birthday
W Mhington's Binbday

lfernoriaJ Day

PleutBoal'ldApPO N1l.._ _ __



o. _ _ _Mast-er ConCJrad

~.., .


htdependence Day

Labor Day
V eteran,s Day

Thanksgivirng Day
Day after T hanksgiving





PUS tllllflt provide twenty-fow- (241) hour registered nurse (R ) and
L- staffing mi x to meet the standanis of the accrediting agencies
idenlifi~d by ~he A1A.medla Cm.mty Sheriffs Office.


PBS must pro·vide a senior clinic st.t1.ff ruemher for aU three shift~,
24 hours a day 7 days a week, at Santa Rita Jail facility. There
shall be one • nior clinical staff member at each facility that ~hall 'be
designated ~ tbc contact person for l:he Corwnanding Ollicer of each
fac.ilit)• ant] shaU bave decision-making aufuori ty.


PHS. must pro"·ide fully trained. and State L icensed nursirlg sta.(f.
Veriticalion o f license will be lllainlained on tHe at IJotb Facilities.
and w ill be m..1de available at any time, dW'ing operatiDg ~
(24/i) to CSO persom1el..


PBS personnel sl'l_aU abide by the serurity regulations of the
Facilities . The County shall provide Ptl .wi1h at tea<;t one ( l)
copy of the security regula1ions. PH · han iufo1m its employees
and ubcontractors of a]J such regulations. All ru contract
petSQaneJ shall atlcnd a sec.uri.ty orient~ b()Q provided by CSO.


Proredrurros 1aoua1: FRS shall be responsible for maintainiflg an nprlated
prooedw-es manuals 1hat mret-; ~he requirements of applicable
aecrediration ~1andan1s. as ideotified by lite A.lameda Connty Shcrifrs
Office and aB defm~d in .-1]tJe J5, § l206 or any supcrccssion thereof. A
sepQJ"d~e· communicable disease manwJ mlllit allso be maintained that
meets standards as set by local hea~th auchorities.
The ()llh.ty sha'J have the right to r ':view 811d app ove t he c-Ontents of all
procedure manuals, protocols. etc.t during the tenn of tlu.11 Agreement, and

shall have acc-t:ss t{) lhese aod other operating dot."U..DmJts relevant to
ove~ightand coordination of aclivities in the Faciljties. To 1he e Lent
specHied tn ection II ofthe General Terms aod 'o ndit ions. upon
tern1i nat:i on oftllis Agret:ment, the C<tunty shall be ,considered the o\vner


of tl1e procedure manuals. protocols, 81ld other items created during tbe
scope of this Agreement




PHS shaUmaintain on 41 C"u•-renl basis complete records includmg b4)0:ks of
origin.-d e11try, source docLmlents supportiug account_iog transactions. eJ igibility
and :service :reco:rds as may be appJicable, a genera l ledger, perso nnel arul payroJI
recordS. canceJed chec • ~o n J·ehrtcd ·docmnents and records ("Doctttnents,) to
assure pro~r accounting of funds and performanc-e o f this Ag1-eement in
accordance with instructions as may be provided by outmi)'. PHS simU comply
wlith AU sttch instmctions.. These documents and r~oco:rds sha' I lJe ret11 ined for at
least five (5) }rears from the termination date of t:hls Agre~tnenl. PH shaH


cooperate with COllllt in the preparation of, and will furnisb any and
infonnarion required for. repQns to be prepared by Count)' as may be requjred
by the rules, regulations~ or requirements of Count.. State or f ederal
govornmen1. Io the eJr.lent pen-nitted by law, PHS will abo pcr.rnrt ac.:ocss to all
books, accounts, or recoTds (Iclativc to this AgreemcrrO 'o County or its
designated repn~s.entati c fot purposes o f audit or :investigation, .in order to

a.stertain compliance with tbe provisions of 1his Agreement so long 'ts ::~uch a
need is stated . ncb reconJs sltall be •liade avail aWe wi:dlm a ma.-ximmn of five
(5) woikililg days of C.ol\mty's req1r1es1 when the records arc m.amtruncd on site at
tbe Fadi~Ues aud within a maximum o f fiftcxn (15) daJ wh en cbey are
maintained off si1e






:rOSITl( )i~

Mli1dical Dirrector - See No•e l
l'hysir;ian - See Note L)
Case Munager (1-UV)
NurS!! Pradl l:ionet/Physidans
Assist an• - See Note 1

















Corru:n. Disease CoQrdlnutor
Quality A.s:mrance Coordinator





Admi ni~lralive Asst/Secrctary


Dentlil Assistan•




HenJth Services Admiu. - SeeNo[e


Healtb Sen•ices

Medical Assistant
Perinatal Coo.rdinator
Perinatal Educator
Z..•ied1cal Rewrds Supervisor
M~:;~:ii~l Reeords, Clerk
Laoondm}' Tecluri6 a:n
Nurs.e S upen.'isor
Rt:gislcmd Nn..-""Se • See NCllc 3

Lie. VQt:ati:.ona.l Nurse ~ See Not,c 3
TOTAL ROl JRS/FCE per week



1,11 2



l l l.OO

Notes; ~ ) On. call rwe:nty-four (24) hours per dilly.
2) On caU twenty- fQ'Ilm- (24) hours per day (or
d~i~Loo Assistant Hcallh Sen<ices Admin.)

3) lndudi nt~ hoi iclay.s


Pbysk al Tllerao·v

TOTAL HOL"RS/FfE per week

·G LEr


.lt- I&

,O. l 0



Anr -< 400
Physician- See NoLe ~


Asst. HSAiRN Supervisor
MedjcaJ Reoords Cle1·k






Q.OO -








Registered Nurse - s ~ Note 3
U c. Vo cational Nurse - SQC o le 3

NM!.!ii~ 1) On calli tweflty- four (24) bourn~ day.

'!o) lnc]uchng holid. ys

, 2'7.:85,

This: staffing plan repn-sents the staffing p n indud fl1 In tl1c RF P for
GEDD populati~ 'l up to 400.


f astn ootrau No. 1.)1)0324

{Jpon signing ofilie Medical Setvices Agreernent, PO wiU work coUaboratively and in
a timely manner with ACSO •o inveS1.igate the impl~mcntation of Catalystt an
automated l:Or.rectionat medical record motld. at no additional cost to the Coli!Rl}' as
pHrt of current couaact.
Within thirty (30} days of contract signing, C 0 snd 'ri:IS shall forthwifbjoitJlly
create a ~hedule governing the timely analysi and im plcrmmtatioo ofCat:ai)'st . Th
agreed upon sch~uJe sha11be inoorpornled into this Agreement ll(}()n its adoption by the
par~ie:s und thereafter, "'1ith appro"•al by AC 0 Deterui,o11 and GoJTection administtat~on,
PHS shaH perform all services Ul'lde.r this Agreement in coafonnan4;e with lhe schcdl!IJle.

Catalyst is an electTonic health record SJ- ten . It me-ets the function a] requirement o
an electronic heahh record ars defined by tile I ustitute of Medicine. lt delivers
pop ulauon and statist ica' informauon to c1inicians and adruiD.i~trators whe.never tbey
need it atLd provides Active Directory a.utoentication services to enstlre privacy and

Catalyst is web-based, aJlowing access to the information fr<Om any desktop or
worksl:a1ion a dis Ito_ted from a sectll-c. remote comput~11g facillty.

Cabt~sf can

·• Access to patient. information at po~l'lt of decisi.on-makirng;
• :Easily retrievable i!lformariou;
• Alerts and reminders of foJlow-up and requh'ed hea'th services;
• Protection for the pe ona1 health infoJTJl8tion of tht: patient; and
• High seJVic.e availability.
PHS evaluate tat; upp 'cability oftbe YaJ"]ous compon~nts ofCataJyst to ensme it curreut jail operartions arul is compatible \IL'ith jail systans aru.J procedure .
PH' will also work C()l taborative'y 11oith the CSO no e. ])lore the poss ibitity of
intplemetll1 ng 1he PH. Cluonic Care Tracking ystem (CCTS) moduJe of the Catalyst
sys;tem to systernicaBy manage e .. nu al data an palienlS with pedfic cb.ronk innr::sscs.
Its purposes ace to: ;detltify those patients with chronic i 11 nes"ws; provide prompts to
provider to give evidenced-based care; provide outreach to those with abnonnu I ]abs;
measrne processes; and measure outcomes.

GENERAL ENVl RON MENTAL REQU~ . : require:men_ts. outined in this
seclioll apJ)Iyto all product categories conlained wthis Agreement.




It is. tile objective of the· ounty lo purchase prot.lucts with tbe lowest overnU
environmencal impact from manufacturing through end of life and to proem
services that achi ve thi.!. ::,an1e To med this objedive, e v.ironmCDtal
ractors and product attrihuees are evaluated in the p~·urernent process. The
Ccr,un ty is mandated under 1casure D to div·e tlseveDty five percent (75%) of
material from lan dfill by the year 2010 through recycling atld source reduction
and to enoou.ragt!' mark:e for environmentally preferable goods att-d services
'ttl rough its proauem.e nt process.
P'RS is require(! to meet anm1aUy with lbe Gs · Com·dina tolr and the
A . _ 0 Pro "ect tc:.un !liais.oD to re iew up~tes to Ute progratns and to
m·aJuate the Contractor's participation. PH · rQngly e11couraged to
a icipate in the C ountv recycling progqm,t which. includes, but may 041\ be
IJmited to, compos · P. ..a.rdboarcl mixed office gaper. OOtttes and r.ans . toner
0 it'lk.
rtridges., and batteri~S (bo1h ingle liS and rechargeable).

R<.:gtdatory CQmnliance:
PH will b~ in vompliance with aU local, state.. and federal envir-onmental and
\\fOrk~r b.e~Jtl• and safety regulations that apply to its operntion 11.mder this


lii'Ce Re<hlctinn and Packaging:

Tbe County ba " scrong rni.tment to source reduction. mj 1li1rniz~ng waste·
generation, and reducing the County~s expenditure on waste disposal and
recycling. PHS sbal4 and sru ll require any of its subcontractors, such as Maxor
CPS, to, provide bulk packaging, reusable, or minim< I packaging in.providing
p-roducts to the County. Packaging and distribution materials win be both made
from recycled material ~ a d be reu able or recyclable. P H ~t~ to e pl~ore
and prt'vide opport~~Jruties for the reuse of pacJkaging tnaterials. t a minirnu04
. _ sbaU uti liZ£ pill cups th11t are w.mooscable or uti lize a reusable pill c1IR..ilml
does not enter the waste Sttef!.m_ PH shaiJ pro'lt·ide a wril~en. StllllUlaJY of its
planned efforl.s to m.:inimiz.e tbe amou11t of packaging~ shipping. ~Jld dist:Jibution
ma te.rials ~nd hould describe the post-consumer recycled content of those

:Page 49

Marter Contrad o. '!N~itJl4

materials to the County GSA Rec.ycling Coonlinato.Jr and the ACSO Proj,ect team
li aison.
Packaging shan n.ol rontaiD inks, d)l~. pigments~ stabi1izers or any
adclitives IO whi~c.b any lead, cadmium, me.rcucy~ anu hexavalent dlTOlnium has
been inrtenbonaUy introduced. The sum of the concentration levels of 1ead,
cadmiwn, mercury, and hexavaJent chromium shall not exceed one hundred
{ WO) parts per million by '\\'e ightPH is ~equiied to meet annually wi1b the GSA Recydimg 'C oordinator and the
C 0 Prnj oct team liaison to review updates to the recycling prog-ra___ms aud to
evalua1e me Contractor's participation. P'B S is StTOilgly encouraged to
~-..vricipate in the C0unty recycling programs which includes) bul not be
limit~d to~ CofiiiJOSting, cardboard, mirxcd office paper. bo·t;des and cans, ~oncr
aruJ tukjet cartridges~ and batt~1ies (both singJe us ;md recharge:ab]e),

ln January 2002, the Cf)unty passed a resolution "'to encourage rhe reduction and
where fer ible. the eHmination oftpersit~ lrnt~ bioac.cumu1arive and toxic
cbemicai] (PBn emiss1ot1s ... ~ Tbe U n lted States Enviromne.ntttl Proteclion
Agency bas eslnbiished a list of twelve priority PBTs l_ndnding dioxins ~
polycblnriuated biphenyls, mcrc...-ury <u d it compounds, lead and others, Th1;
most curre-nt list CAn be found a.uhe EPA' s website at
2£kgmrlopptintr/pbtl. AdditionaHy. PBTs are listed in the CCR in Section
6626 1.24.
I' HS must provide products antl et ice.'> th~t aiJow the Couoty to comply wi
the PBT Rcsolutio111 and COrntl1ete the ooi1ificmion statement included in the
A•tachments. Tt1e Resolution requires that tthe Cnt~nty eliminate and reduce the
procu.ren1ent of produc'Cs· and serr'ioes wbich contain or cause th ... genenrUion and

release of PBT · into tbe envi.ron.ment during tbeir manufacture, u e, or
destructioo!di PBS sboulu prov~de pl'Oduc1s that do not contain, use, or
generate PBTs. l fno aheruative mac.erials are ava.iJablc, :PHS :;hould notify the

County m\\i'rillng prior tQ prmriding sucb lllll:lteriats to the County or usmg these::
materials when providing services to the Couuty.

Page 0

M :1 ter C'oDtr:u:t o. 9(10024





Pricing is for comprehemdvc i DDlate he111th cace without ]luritat ·ons,
including on-site inmate h~alth c81Te, outside medical services and
phar1mtct:utia d ~.x.pen es.

The C{)st of oms ide servioes is defmed as: inpatient
hospital izalion costs, emergency 1oom vis.irts, ambulance
transportation expenses, outpatient surgeries, outpatient physician
consultations, oul.!>ide speclali t fees,. off-site diagnostic procedl.ll"es
all dial~tsis treatments, both onsite and offsite, arn1 manage:d care
netwOJk fees.


Components covered under phannac.eutica~ cosL~ incb.t1.ft:: 0 ·er the
rcounter (O.T.C.) m~dica11ons .. fonnu.lary and non-fonnulary
mttli~at.iou s,

back-up phall'lnacy expenses, in;i«tions, vaccines

{inchlding Uepatitis B, Otll <md rabi ). courier service and dis-peJJsino


PH ,a,riU not be responsibLe for tJ11e cost oOUV/AIDS, and psychotropic
medictrlions. "!be Coonty will he re-~ponsibl£ for providing HJV/AlDS
medicalions to aU eligible irunares through the AIDS Drug Assistance
Program (ADAP). The (.:OSL of ps-ychotropic medications will be borne by
the County's Mentail Health Prov] dcr, Behavioral Health. Care Sef\ ic



·vns wm perform utilization/cease manageme11t s~ices to monitor the
necessity and appro?rill~ene...~ of inpatient hosp,nal care and oth01 ou~sidc
medical services and wj ll process al l provider clai~ regm·dless oftbe level

of cost incwn'ed.

The prices to be paid to PHS for this contracLretlect the soope of srn·i,ces as
outlined in the Request of Proposal (RFP No. 900324) and diescri.bed in
PH , proposal as well as lh.e CUt'l'eot com.tnunj ty standm:cl of car-e \.v:ith regard
to the provi ion orhealth care services. Should there be any change in

and/or m-odification to State or Ftd~ral Jaws or regtdaHon , standards of care,
scope of se.rvitce.s; or the mlm.ber of c·omctional facil itie..c;; services that wit I
result in a tNIItceria l change m the costs to f'H in providing sen·ic~~, the
eouaty ruul PH -wiJl negotiate in good faith and \Vithout delay HD
Page [

Atnendlmcnt to 1he contract providing for the appropriate adju~ to the
contrae~ price to acc.ount for .said changes in costs.


PBS has included tbt! ah-eady negotiated J 0:rYo salat y increase for an
Wlionized positions.{effective August 2008 for one year) as w~U as
anticipated legal expenses r~eh1ttJd to Uoitcd Health care \VorkeiS Vlesl,.
eJVic.e EmploytX:s International Union (fonnerly SEIU 1Local 250)
negotiations to resuLne in Y car Two of the contract
]n andc•pation of Union negotiatiom, ~' H S has already included in its Cek~S

an estimated annual incr·ease for Wli.on employees~ s alaries and heahhcare
costs in eacb ol Vears Two and Three costs.



E.-xcept in cH:SeS otherwt e provided for h~ ei n or nmtuan y ag~·ecd between
1he patti~ in consideration for lhe service..;; d scribed hc<rcin and ubject to
the adju.~1me.nts sel fCJrlh lli Sectilon C, below, the to~al remuneration payable
to Plf for its serv1ce oveJ lhc throe yeilT term of fuis Agreement shall be
Seventy Seven Million Six Hu rtdred Forty Four Thousand Six Hundred
Twenty-Thcce DoHars ($77,6441 623).


Pricing is based on a combined a1o•eragc daily PQ(lUiation (ADP for
bolh faciliues of 4,580 inmares (42 00 inmates for Sanm Rita Jail. and
3&0 lnm.ates for Glevn . Dyer Detention Facil ity) . Should the
combirnt:d mou1lWy ADP exceed 4580 inmates, PH ' will charge- a per
ci iem to cover inc:rcmenlal variabl'e (non-staffing) 'CXP~ .
Converse1y, shooJd the combined monthll y ADP decrease below 4~ 1 50
inm.ates P HS will rebate to the (Amnly to cover savings in
trtcremental variable (non-staffing) expense-S. Botb cbarge and r·ct)ate
amowlt.s by contract yea1 arc set forth below in Seeti on C.


Medical care renden:d wtthin the f acilities to inmates fro m other
j urisilictions b C}'USed iu the Facil ilies pursuru:tt to oonrract.~ IJel\vcen the
Co1tnty and other jurisdicl.Lons shall be lihe fiuauc.inl responsibility ·O·f

PHS, subjccl tu Se tion C. MONTHLY ADJU ,T
PAY!VIE T ~ below. Any appointm~·uts , hospitaJizati-ons, or other
u1edicaJ care rcndorcd ·Outside of the acil ities v.ri.U oc the
responsiblility of PHS~ unless othen'lise ~eciiied io lhe conb"act

betvteen C 0 and the contract1ng abrency. e.g. Federal government.


During the contract years July 1 2008 through and i.ncJudil)g June 30, 201 1 ~
Ceonty shall pay :rn ($77,644,623) payab~e

Page S2

:J.iJ$1.!1' Contlratt

No. 'XJ(I324

From July I, 2008 tb.rou~h and inchJcling June 30, 2009. Coolit)' shall
pay to PH , a toUt] of T wenty Three Million Eight :Hundred Ninety
Five Thou and Eight Hundred DoUars ($23~895.800) in ·nveh•e ( 12)
·equal monthly iruaallmen~ ( l/12 1 ~ of the annual contract amount to
be billed thirty 30) d~ys prior to the mon1h in which servic-es are
rendert:d, witll the Conuty agreeing to ~Y PHS w.ithin ~hirty (30
days of County's receipt and approval of T•H ~ invoice. The
payment amount w~U be One iHi.on Nine Hundred Ninety One
Thous~md Tbree Hund red Sixteen and 671100 Dol~a~t·s
($ 1 .~9] .316.67).


From July • 2009 through and including Jrtll1e 30. 20 I 0 ·C ouoty shall
pay tQ I•HS a peFceoii:A.~e inuea,.~ t~r year ~wo ei' 8.4%. The Cotal
for year two wiU be Twenty F)ve. Million ine Hundred Three
Thousand Fony Seven and 2011 00 Dollar-s ($2 - ,9(}3 ~04 7.20} in twd ve

{]2) equa] monthly p~ymeni.S (J.I] 2'~ o·f the annual contract amount
th1ny (JO) da.y prior to the month in whicb ~>en-ices are
with lhe County agreeing to pay PH w1tbin thirty PO) days, of
County's .receipt and 1:1ppvoval of PH. ' invoice. l'b e pa)'lnent
amount \~.•ill be Two MH iion One HWlt.h-ed FHty Eight Thousand Five

Hunrlred Eighty S.oveo and 271100 Doll a~~~ ($2,15SiS87 .27).


During the contract year July l , 20 I 0 through and including Jm1e 30,
2 0 11 County shall pay to rHS a pe.rC'entage incl'e:i c J:Ur CIU tlu-ee
0f7."%~". T he total for year dm::e witl be Twenty Seven Million Eight
Hundred Fony Five Thou~u d Seven HuDdred Seventy-Five DuUars
and t!Vtnty-Four ~ent~ ($27.,845~77.5. 74) in h\o'elve U2) equal
momWy pa.yurent~ ( l/ l21h) of tbe annual contract am~Wll tmrty (30)
days prior lo tM month in which services arc rendered wilh lhe
Coun~ agreeing to pay PHS willlin thirty (30) days of · ouoty•s
receipt and appwvaJ of PH t invoice. The paymcnl amount will be
Two l\1illion Three Hundred Tweuty Thousand Fou~r Hundred EigbtyOrle and .3 1/JOODo~lars ($2,320.48.1.31).

Base monthly paytnenl to litUS shall be made within thirt-y (30) days of
Ceubt)''. receipt and a:ppYoval of PBS' invoice. Payrne.nt shall be mailed

pron1ptly by d1e specified day to an address supplied by PHS. PHS shaU
submit its invoied to AC. 0 for approval., nnk othetvl.i e advised.


The Coml!ty does mot ptty, and is uot ubject to~ a.nry late chru-gest fees
or penalties Qf any kinrl.

In the event that healthe are services provided to inmates of the Facili tie are
covered hy third -parry payments, e .g .• Wod~ers' Comprosatio£4 no-tault
insur"1lnce, private heaith jnsuraooe, etc., PH shali bill only tor such covered
Page 53

services in the sfune mat1 ~1eJ' as PHS bcalthcare servjces were
provided by A pTivate p hysician 01 health savice. for e~cb year of lhe
Agt:eement. PHS shall~ aB ao offsel Lo i1s costs. retain fifty percent (500:k of
all p~ents it receives f_ro third-party payers. The remaining filly peteent
(50%) :recejved by PIIS shaU be cr-edited to the County in the next PH
invoice fo llowing their receipt PH ~ shall not be entitled to claim
re]mbur.l.--ement Ji~m Cooney programs including MooicaUy I ndigent Aduh

Ptogram, ((mhly Workers' Compe11sation and CoU!Dtty employee hea~th



The payments sel fo•tll in ~tion B. PAYl\1ENT TERl\ f' , AND
CREASE, above, are based on a comhine~ average of the
ma'rimum daily inmate populati on nt the Facilities of four thousand five
hundr~ eigh ty (4, '\ 0) inmates_


Per Diem Exce&s Chm-gdRebate:

PIJ:IS hall be enLitieJ to a ger diem charge of Four and 49/ ]0I}"s
Dollars ($.4.49) tim es the difference bet ...~.rcen the combin.e d total of
four thousand five hundred eiglrty {4,580) and the actual rlai~y

inmate popnLation 1n eues~ of four tbou.sand five bl.Ulf.ked ejgbt:y
(4,5810) , averaged over die affected calendar mon•h-


Should the inwate popuiation decrease below four lbousand one
hundred fifty (4, 1 50)~ a'' etaged ove the affected calendar month,
the co,mty shall be entitled to a per diem rebate at the :ra1e on;onr
and 06/1OO's DoHars ($4.06) tim~ the diflereuce between four
1bousand one hundr~ fi fty (4,1
and the actLJaJ d aily pop ulation
o f Jess lban four thousand one hundred fifty {4150).


The per dian charge aud per diem rehate are subj cct to the same
peroen.taee i11crea~es for two of 8.4% and fur y~r three 7.5%

of the contract

The i.nm..1.te wm be recmded each day per ·calendar month.
per diem sh aU he calculated as in tht: fo1lowing c amples~



No excess charge for the month
Page 54

ON - 4,5RO


f<=r CoJJtraet ' o. 9()(1324



!Excess charges= (4,620-4.580 base)= 60
Excess cbargfts = 60 INMA.rES ~ (6~ X 4. 9 P~r Di eHl X
days of at.tual month)

DAllY POPULATION = 4 ..000

C'rcd.rt/Rebale = (4,1 50 base..4,000) = 150
CreditJRebate = for 150 INM:A
X dc1ys of actual mon1h)

= {150 X 4.09 Per Die


This amount to be 1aken (credjtcd) from nex~ roonthly
·- voice.


PIIS wiU be respotJs·ible fur the provis1on of medical car·e and treatment to
the inmates housed in the acute psychiatric unh at GEDDf ( l 0-20 ]nale
and female County inma tes). The number of inmates in lb acute
psych;atric urdt wm be counted as part of the ADP of 45&0.
C 0 payments 10 PHS shall be less any mmlilhly telephone charges for
loU and long distance telephone calls made from Facilities' provid~d
Lelephones, upcm rt:eeipt of invO'ice ftom the County.


rH ; hwo•~ to CSO shaU b~ adjusted to deduct any per d~em reba~es
for census dec..Teas..:s shown as a credit, or to add ex.c.:
to the .next month"s invoice.

cos fhr c.ensw



ln colbideratioo for the paym~nts listed tn Paragraphs A. PAYMENT
PHS shall pro·v ide alJ bea~thcar-e service~, exclud'11g M'ental Health, including the
administration dtcreof, as described in tbl ~gt'eCment without limita timns,



I, IS shall ensure 1hat its ~bcoutractcd pharmacy provid~·~ Ma. f)r CPS~ agree to
the payn1ent of (axor P '~rvict:s ol dispens ing prsycbo1ropic pharmaceuticals
as follows:


In cmuideration for ~laxi)l" CPS senrices, County sbaU pay Ma ·or- CPS
in an amoW'lt llOt to exceed ine UioL1 Dollars ($9.000;000.00). sa
result of these services, the .. notto ex<X.~d anL10un~" I over the tluee year
term of the Agreement from JuJy 1 ~ 2008 througb June 30, 20 11 _


The ott-site pharmacy, Ol)eratcd by Max-mr CPS, ;shaU work iln
c{)] laboration wifh BHC .and/or their 'C.Qntracted services provider when
ordering, conrroJlin.g, documenting,. dispeDSing; and
administering aU ps:ychotrop ic meclications prescribed by Coolllty
to aU mental health cHeots in the AC 0 Facilities.



BHCS wiU pay for OlLDty p-rescn"bed psychotropic medications
pnrchased from phar 'ilCeutical provider ~~ax or CP . Tbe vost
sball be calculated as foUows:

Brand Names Dr1.11g : A vera,g e Wholesale Price less 12% Discount
Llwer of Ave~age \Vhotesale Price (A \VP)
Generic Drugs~
less 2()% Discount, Hca!tb Utrc Financing
Administratjio:n Max.amum A UowaMe Cost
(HCFA MAC) or Usual & Cushnnary

Phw-LDacy Servic~ Reports: 1axor CPS shall submit to the BB
Diret:tor of Pharmacy Services tl1e following:


for purposes of rece;ving paym-ent for tho~e medications provided
to mental health clients~ 1\'laxo£" PS m usl ubmi1 a har"(! copy
momhly invoict a lphabetically l~ting each patient, medications
dispens.;d. cost and total monthl y cost o,f the psychotrupk


A mo•lthlly ce I report of each psychotropic medica~jo
admini tered as part of the Pharmacy SCNices, 1axor CPS, shall
submit to m~ DOC ., Director of Pharmacy ervicc.~ the foHowing:


A monthly Excel repOrt for e~ch psychotropic medicati O"n
adminis1ered~ dosage) numher of tablets, cost per uni~ and
client count. The total of this IC>port should equal the eoot
reflected in the monthly invoice ubm i tted.

Page 56


A Joontllly E eel Jl'epot1 with the patient's uame, prnscrmbmg
d octor• -SJ, medication, dosage stre-ngth, diin;ctions
providll:tJ wm1b ·the medication~ anUI the n~mbe£ of tablets.
For the pr~escribing d.octor~s :name. "CJMH~~ {Criminal
Justke Mental Heaffil.} designation wiU not be sufficient.


The above )tee I reports may be submitted with the monthly
hwoice directly for the psychatro,pic medications. These
reports m\1St b-e accurate before payment of lhe· invoke for

the psycltolropic mooicatiom; can be efJe~ed.
4. Juvo:ioes wiJl be app:rovro by the ~Co-unty;Z!i repJ·esenta1ive: Beh(Irr..:ioral Hecdth
Care Ser11ices Director ofPhi)Tmacy S'eYVices, Dftoglas Del Pag1,riDt
JiibarmD, MPA. or bi5 designee. AH invo:ioos wtckr this Agr~eanent shal1 be
sent to:

Beh.mJf.oraJ Health Care .~ervices

2000 EmbarcadertJ, &dee 1()J
Oak/ami, CA 946()6-5 300
Attn: J~~lit Fung, FiTHUit.:ial S·er1Jice:; Spe£-ifdist JJ

Page 7



Comm~toiill Genoc,a1Liahilicy


Pmrrnas Lrability; ProdUcts and Ca1J11!~1f.ed Opar,; lior.s; Conlnduallialllity,
P>arstlrlal jury and Jd\o.!!rti9in!J Lianiitr, Ab!lsa, Pt~!)rll, S!:-:(Lial A~ll.S
and ~nit t!nd 83:.ery
Commerdal or Eht!i!lness Awn10b e Llabll~
~ owl! Ed vetlieles, ttlftd I); rca:;tld 'ldilcki~ nmomml}d, bli11~ and

S1,000,00f) Jler OOOI.ffT•eooe (CSL)

p.;!rm~ U$}S. P'Cftoa Aif.cmoo1a Uabi5f IIi liiOCilJIIBimio fur indi•ooual
cootrattnt&. wilh rta lra'lap<:Uilllioo ar hmlling reliOOd a~s

l&ld'ily l'njury and PrGpllrty IJEJTTta,ge


'1\\orkers.• Comp~$a:li:on fVIC) iinlJ temploytrs Lii'ibility ~t::q
R~!i!!lrirl!d l'or uti ooa(to"durs wilil .;:rnp«Tyci.$

\VC. &..iihlbxy urrtts
; $100,{100 pa acci:h~nl klr ooail~ · IJ.Ii)' crdlir.:iiSC


PorofessloMI I.Ia~lllytirroR & 0D1L~~jou&
rndades end~lt!; cl UH ;lJctuaJ liab:lil~ t~lid de4t!n-sa arrd i~amnlfiei~nDll of

$1,(100,000 pet GCCUJroooo
$2',000,000 fl)ft1et1 ~{il9~as9

E!ldnrsemenls .ar~d Colillfitllllt9~






ltillDJfiONAJ. INSliREIO: An ln~mfl{l{!- ~t..!irel1 e~X:J~,~~ w'Cl e exce,l))Oll af IProfessll;tl LIP. ty, ~l lil.OOnltlbfe
liLy, Wori:eri'
Oonlpe11$.8_UCfl aM Emnloyers Uablb:lr, mall te ent!OfSecll 'ID nilllle ~ a::t.Jnillmat ltswe4 CotmLy or AIMledll Board of Super·~isors. ~:
lfidmdu rnern'liM ltlr;J'OI)t, atK1 all Coulity o~. <'l{IIJI ~. crllfllo)t:Rs ilitd reprmi1ili1.awos.
OURAll()tiJ OIF COV-ERAGE: o!IJI requlretl El!lr~ maa be m ·nt:a'ne(! -dul'itlg llle ettUre term cr tire Agrea.."l!en~ ~AUI1 LM ~k:lwing exoapfon:
lnsuram:.a f.O'ir~ ffi .a~w oov.arage(s) v~n Cifl a dams-matf'e basis shrul be mlin:.ainel:l dllring lhe enf:re IBm of ~ AgrEemen1 and tmrll 3
!{E'ai':S fulbwnlJ ,rm:na Oll :ilnd ;;(OeptallOe of ~JII'o!Qrk P'Q'litte~ ~ll(!eJ e Agreement, ~dl the re\ltl:;t;{h'e oote .of said m trnillce (as~Tl~'q' 1:1e
ag~lct:tJie) conCI.!Jittlt o,~~iftt tile COIT'IIYtellcetY~ent of a~tvi'Jes. Jli.lf.S lllln:t to ~hoi Agree~~.
REDUCTION OR l MlrT' OF OBLIGATIOtfc AIIIO$.!r:!!le(t prJ lei~ ~;!it; b6 ptl.."'\3l'flt'!Sllr~ ll) .1111.)! lll::;lJm!lc il'taJ;;i)lc to ' lr'l~ml'lillod
PartiQs and Md11Jo·t91 l~S). i1Jrsue~nc to lfl8 pr~'\S. of l.hiS Ji{lre£il:'nQllt , stunce el!eel'eil or IXOOttr•ed ~ 1ne Gi:lnltadaf sl!aD mc.1
ro>dllca « D CCilCracta's. OJn d:lt'g9'5i:ir'I ID btdenmily ii'ld defEnd lhe rnd<rnlilad PartitE.
I~Sil.JReR fiNc~CIA.L lU.TIKG: lllS!lr~ ~ 1be 111Bill1Bi ~ lhmy!;fl an in5llrer wtih a 111inirrru111 ~M. BQ5I Re.~ ~f I+-« betler, 'Mih
119duclitl'e amounls ~p1atJe to IJie Coonty. b£lcep1Bfll:le' of Contr~' ln.~.mrno:: b)• C<ltnlly sfl~lnl>il rei ev~ <~r d'e«ease lfte flahllity ol
Cf)l"'lr:d¢r h(!rell!llti:!r A'fi'J dcdu~ ~ ~lf«~$1Jrcc 1'¢1:Cil Oil :IM(WJ'l' or 01\Cr ~~r~fl3r 001gt~b0n -Jr:.:l the f>(iJtlcs ~ b~ me sO'!c
respcnsltlll.t;' d Ule C!lr~tradOr. M'f ooooctil:tll ar s~-llt$lli\ad rt~.c:~~ .a1ll1::..mcor Gill a- smllar ooli{l~lli ~~ llle ~£<S s,'la he Lha s®
rl! spcn-s ilillit)' d lhe Ctul'llra::fu r.

:SUBCONTRACTOR$: •C®trat:lor ;S."elllrtelJ!Je" ~n w bOCflhtl®ra as en inwred (wlll!!r~ ~NirM un~ it~ wid~ 'Of &hell furnl~Jh ~parste
cemfc3te!l 2M e~emenl;$ ~r ead't 'Lbcootrac!Cf. All cq,.:erage fOI' ~rs a~ :00 aubi~ to all of ll1e r.eqL r.emertt$slated

JillNT \IEI'fTliJR£8: 1r CO'I!Iri!d.ot is. an i!l!i!i(Mjatitf'l, !llil'tl shin or Gitter jonl buSilless '~Millle , •erq "F&:l irl&'lltaroc:& s~l b:t PJ'OPiiorl'ed tiiy i'l'l~~
one cf 11la ~nlhwm!J rnalh.a!!S"
SEtJaJile iilw~ J)O'tct~~ lsrued for ~dl lndrv:dual er~dtv, v, • e!tdl ~tity lnr.t.ldefl as a 'Named lll$1lred (wr,~ered party}, or ill
-rtin.,_.m name~ ss an "AdlltUcti lttsuf(.'d" w 100 olhm's F'OI~s.
- .JGin.t ins.uan~ progrillll wilh 1ITs 8:550datillll, pillitllEntip o .mh&r jcint businas& Ymlure included as a1'!amed surad.
7. CANCELLATION! OF ~SURANCE: All r~~q lirM inSUTai'lcs sttall be ·iM'K!DIS!lii lo pro'litfe lt'irf)' {30) dil)Yi advance wriHen notice lo thi! CfiWJI,y

of cant:1tl~.

CERTIFICATEOF INSiURAI'itE: Befme- iXII'riR'I!;t'll'lillg ~n~ 1ll~r I .$ Agreerre~, Cllf)tr~ !': hll!ll prM~de Certfc~\c(s) of JnsurMu:~
~nd appllca1lle lf}$\lt~ QndatS~fit:s. lill!aml amcl s~ct<Jr)· Lo C<ll.lnty, ~11cii)D a! alii r'Njullld lllNr<lll!Xl tn eH'ed. Tha
CD:!I ~· ~ar.~s It$ righlii b reqllire lte Olrlltr:K:Icr b ~ ~late, cettiSar.1 ro~Ji1'5 .or ~I requ~d insuranca !Jlide!i. The IJBifllire
~te(:;:} ~ ,l;ilt;fQr-5oetnen~ ~ ~e '5-ellt lo·:
Depertroeflb'Age:m::y iss...WJQ e <tCf'l ltilet. ·GSA Pt.udRI~ill91 D~5)0Diiln(:n~ (11401 Ulw~id(! tlriY'Il-. Sut ~ 901. Giiklaml. CA 94M:2 Aim;
St. Coo ~1$ ~d~·
Fa.rn :rooo-

C9o caLe C-2C

Page S8




I ro an agreetnelbta fimded in par1 or whole with ~rill ~J.:. and contra1.:1.s ovw S25,000).

1te C(!mtracto:r, under iPeoaU.. of peri1~:n·y, -certifies that , e cept as noted hetow,

contractot·, its p rrincipals, and


a~ocl UillHlOied

sui1Mon1T.o cbu:

b no~ ~curiJ!'Iently ll.llllder sll!ls:peo:siom, ·debarm·ent, voJornb.ry e"Jclu:silon, or


ao~· m.lbt

of ineligibiilit)• by

~ny Jeder~

Has not !been suspended d~b~tr d


o]U!l'tsrily e:~clnded or determined

ineligilble by any fedenl .age.hcy wirhin p~t three years·

• Does not h vc a


dlebarmctit pending· and

•· llaJ · n()t been ibdict d., cuu ictcd, or bad a dvill judgment rendered a.gamst jt lby

a eourl o.r t.omp et·e nt jurisdi:dioo in any ma.ff.eT DI'V·OI'!Iing fr.uu~ U·t onitial
miJ(QDfiUtt "'1thm the- til~r·ee years.

lf' dtare


auy CXCepOODS to tbis ·~~ll'lifiC::lllOO,, insut1 tbe t.,JUf'1JOi0 liD fJ1 e


Excep·t ions ,,.m oo·t necessary ~re u1t in dcmnl of nwllrd; but wm b.e considet·ed. io
determining econtractor n!sponsibi~ity. For aoy exoeptjon noted ~d.HJVe, irnd1cate below
to "'h om jt appl'ie8~ initiating agent")', and da tre · of action.

Page 9



0 ALA~t DA
Comprehensive Inmat-e Medical Care



Upon receipt of signed cnntract documents, prime contractor shaU immediately enterlatSSign
subcontractors in the System.; oonfirm pat) nents received from the County within 5 business
day in the System, immediately elltcr payments made to .snboomractors arnd en:run:: that

s11bcoutractors confirm they received payments within 5 business days in che System.
Subcontracto rs shall confirm theiT payrneun; re(;eived fr-om the prim.e contractor witb~11 5
business days in lhe Syscem.
Alameda CoWlly Contract CompLiance ystem bain.irng ;md ongoing support ue provided at
no cba1'ge to oontrdCtors ar~<l p~trlicipating sub--contractors awm-ded a coni!ract as a .result of
this bid process fo-r this projecl Conttaclo:rs lnvil1g couna~ts wltb the County whlcb ba e a
start date on or &fter July l * 2001 sh.oLJid schedule a representative ftom their
o:fficelcompany, along with each of their subcontractors. to ~tttend training. he training
schedule may be viewed online at http:/b\rvr.nN.e1alt,a t ions,rs/su pport l..htm
or call E1ation System~ at (510) 764- 1&70. A spec tal access code wiiJ be J».'Ovided to
con.tra<:tor.s. fllld subcontractors par ticipating i.~ this contract awarded t(l aUow use of the
System free of charge.
rt j th~ Contractor's r~ponslbHity to ensure (hat they and their ubcontractors are
registered and trained as requiJ'ed to '!lltilize the . r'\Jameda County Conlrac~ Comp~liance
System. Trnining s~ions are .:~pprox.i mare1 y o~e hom and wi.U be held perjodically in ar
number of locations throug}toot Alameda C<ntnty.

P~tge 60


n,e folllowing Sectio

are taken from the County of Alam~·s Request for Proposal
o. 900~24 document for insertion herein to the Conl!met N;r..:ement between Alameda
Cotlllt y her:iffs Office (ACSO) an<.l P!iSOtl :Health Services (PllS).



Contractor, s employees and subcontractors (inc ludln.g candidates ret0:rred.
through tbe Fir ~1 Source r:wogram) working at the (~etention <md wrrections
fadH ties must be able to pass~ to tnc sat1sfaetion of A ·so a. security and
background check to be performed by C 0. This provision shall abo
pertain to a11 mall andlor emerging local busine::;s P<~rlic ipattng in thi«> bid.
and for the term of any contract which may bt: entered into a~"o a result of tbis

BHC staff shall be r~-ponsible for menml health after intake screening, crisis

intervention, ·ongoing-oounse~ing and. care. as well as BHCS p yc~11 a1 tist
prescribing psychotropic mcdicartions for thei.J clients housed a1 the C<:nmty
detootion BHC wiU pmvi:de and pay fm· the psychotropic drugs Co be
dispensed by the Co.DJtractor selected to provide Comprehensive Ifealtb Care
The Contiact.or ic: Jesponsible for inmate heaUb <:are service. upon the

prisoners bcing arrnigne<l /remanded into the custody of the ACSO.

The Coulractor(s) must provide a program that meem the unique n-eeck of
County Detention and Corrections. ucb programs and services will provide, at
a minimum, the follmvirng:

Comp.t~ellensive .health care

erviocs for inmates boused at the ACSO

detentmon and com:diom fucilillies.

The development and in1p~ementation of a h(:.a]tlt cm-e pinos with clear
goals"' ,obJectives,. policic~ and procedures for docomeoting goal.
acmevemems spooinc to each ·o ftbe detention facilities.


Vendor(s} must only cmp]oy medical~ nursing, clinicaJ and admin.istrntive

penonne1 who w~: c~:r-tifioo and licensed by the app1opriatc certific-ation
.afidfor· hicensing board, as requirat by the StaL.e ofCatitomj a~

Administr.ative lea<lcr3b1p tbat offe:rs b th coot accountability and
.responsiveness to £he inmates a.ud AC 0.


Respousible progr.un or proerarns of c.ontiDl!ling educa11ion tltrd meet or
exceed accr,editation standards for i1s health~ staff annuall~,r.
);'age 6 l

Contractor sl1aUpl'ov~de the Counlty with a copy of its tmini.n:g program

An annual report to Cootity and ACSO of coml)li.mce with current
C~Hfom.ia laws, regulatiml5 and codes relating to Detention and
Corrections Facilities Medical Programs at Santa :rtita Ja.U ru1d Glenn
Dyer Detention Fadlity.


Descriptive mform.ation and SOO]Je of serv-~es provided at Santa Rna Jail,


'I1ris is tbe latga ofehe· two f::tcilltles and is cun;entJy operated by
ACSO and is a. ''new generation, facility, whE:re services are
'brought 'lo the inmat rs rnthu titan sendiJJg the inmates to the
s~.rviccs. Ourrenlly eighteen (1 8) bo-usu1g uuhs are in use~ holding
appioximate1y fou:r thousand tv.·o b11ndred (4 200) .imnates. MHiry
of fuese inmates are held t:mder contract with me State and Fedenil
governments. Approx.imtttely three h\lfidred event:)•-five {375) of
1hese imn.ates are won1en, some o·f whom r&:tuire special
considera tion due to pregnancy.


Medical Sites: Tite main clinic is housed in the· Core ll~.tllding and
contains a ~weuty (20) room ourpatient hoasiDg unit (OPHU) with
a total capacity of twenty five (25) beds 1hat can accommodate
convallcscence care., int:r.iivenous trea~menr~ centralized
detoxi flcation, psychological observation, on-si~e dialysis and
management of non-ambulatory mmat~.



Dental Office: TI1ere is a complete dental office and laboratory.
Ornl smgcry ils also perl"-omted .em site.


\Vomen, s tiedical Office: A complete Obstetric-Gynecological
(OB/GYN) clinic the·s al'ea which has offices aud
~runh~ation rooms. The clirllic. O})erates wi~ a Con1racto.r
provided prenatal coordiiLtfll or~ nurse practifione.JI' and prenatal


]n tiake :md. Receiving~ C onsjsts of a holding area which allows the
separation -of :inmates by classification and ~. Thece is a
complete intake screening clink which screens an average of one
hundFed forty {140) inmates in a !twenty-four (24) hour period.
Mandatory r-.uberculosis testing is a componentof the intake
&ereening process a5 wen a..~ pregnancy .and diabetes testing as


D~criplive Wonnarion and soope ofsenrkes provided at Gleun
Detentio.n Facility~ Oald@_nd~

E. Dycr


This is a bigll-rise facility currently housing an avenLge rl~ily
population oftluee hundred eight (380) inmates-. \Vittl a n1aximum
capacity for hm1Sing eight hundred (800} mmatcs. The population
of this fucility may also vary due to contracts with ·,e Fcder11l

Government and State of California.

Bllilding Design: Nine (9) stories comprising six (6) housing
Uoot·s ~1 ne (1) medical floor, ooo (])booking !l()()r and one (1)
exercise floor. Described as a new generation jail io which
s-erviceg 81\t; broughl to ·the inmate.


·ledical Hoor; Floor COllrtairilS medica~ offkes~ dcntill opeiBting
TOQ1n (ct.w.:renlly not in use), and the examination arc~ hRS capacity
to support x- ray faciliti~. Currently this area is used prinwil y fm
office space and inmates are seen on the indivlidual housing .noors.



loor Examination Rooms: Each housing floor has a
medical room with tt bed cu1d desk


Potential Booking Screening Examination Room: The booking
floor has the pOteotiaJl for mil!.le and fcma1e cxaminatioJl rooms.
The screening process averages 60-70 inmates ov.eT 1he
oountcrdnring a [2 hour shlft 1700&0000 bow-s. Mandatory
tubercJul~i.~ testing as weU as pregnancy Md dlabe
resting is a
OODll)Oncnt of tbe iD take scree.ning

There ~ a current p 111s.n to open aD acute psyc.hlakk llllit ornedme
aft(!r .lnnuary 1. 2068.
e e tsimated capa.cilty mbe between 12 to
20 beds. Tite mediccal ·Ontraeto:r mny or may not be t-equ ired eo
1Ji'0\1de rocdlit al and pbannacy se:rvic.e to pen~ u.s l\1 ho nrc in tld.
a~ute psyelliatric unit This deci dnn will "be !based oo opptr'€J,v:d by


CtJntrnct Admin.i!:ibator:



Contractor shall work under the auspkes. of the ACSO, and the
contract adroi1tlrisuatoT shall be under tlle CommDnc:le.r of the
Detention and Conoc"tions Divis·on.
The Detention and CorrectiollS Drvis.ion Cornmat1der

hal ~

elect a

Contract ompkianoe Officer (Project Offic¢r) who shall ha'\i·e
n~ponsibilitie.s to ind~ but not be lunited to:

Contract corupliance


ftiscal Co:nslderadot


Liaison with provider and respective County (tgCttcie.~. and

Page ·63


Protocol development assistanc

10. C.ounty requires that there be a qualified (Board Certified) physician
designated as mt:dical dirtec1or o.r lead p·hy.siciatl. Specialty cerrilicatiuu shall
be ln. 1he .field of internal rnediciue, family practice~ OT etn~y mom (ER)




Contrnctors shall .maintain au .re.quired accrerlitations inchuting
American Correctional ssociation (ACA) acc]"(.~ilation
lhroughout the tem1 of allY contract wh1ch rnay be awarded as a
rc.~u It


of this RFP.

Conlfllctor shaH assisLd.u:: ACSO with any 4;hanges. updates or
compliance Chru1ge~ in a<;con:lance with ACA Standards f01i fue
entire dur.mtion of any contract which may be ay,-arded as a 111esult
ofllus RFP.


Cont~ctor haH submit an amma~ Compliance Report to ACSO
on aU applicab]e cerH licati ons. accredi lations ::md litCJaScs

duting the life of thi. contract.


Health Caro Scrvic~ Ptol:!,'11ttl •: Contractor sball provide the follo...\•ing
range of acCl·edited health caJ"C s,crvices:

~ree11~ng. Receiving :screening sbtill be petfonned
for all inmates by a licensed regisler~ed nurse (RN) a t tJ1e time of
booking at the ·ao.ta Rlk'l JaiL Booking takc.s place intcnniltenHy
hut is heaviest on lhe P.M. hift. ( E. Dyer Detention
Facility cummtly docs not book inmates). Ma.udatory tuherc u1osis
lestiug is begun at point of aontact in ac..-conlance w.itb Sl(Jte
and ~octd standard"!. Contr.acto:r shall develop an inml:e prescreeuiDg proccdl1n~ for meatal heall'b ts •es and referrals .


r·o ~11ee.n (1 4) D ay Health Appraisal This ervice must be

Ineake Iiealtb

provided in order to n\ee1 the ACA ~tandards:_ This is an

cxruniDation (history a_nd pbysicals) of aJI inmatc:s coming into the
Sheriffs custody mu:st be completed wttllin ~he fi.rst 14 days of
their inc8!Tcern.tion io ~o rd~r fo be iu compliance with die ACA

s landanJs.


Sick Call Inmates sbaU be allowed access to essen&ial llearth care
services at all times. At a minimum, licensed
and P-hysician
sick call hall be heM Monday through fliday at both Dekmrion
Page 64

And Correction.~\, fadl.ities. Detention and Correctious faciJiti
sick call shall be he]d in the medical rooms provided in tile u:nuate
housing art:as. Additional iok call hours may be added as


Hours of Coverage:


four (24) hour physician services sha11 be avail able oncall at both Dckntion an-d Coo:!;:&fiOllS fflcil iLies. The on-call
physician wU~ come to the facility ifnoedcd.


M'oimum •O nsire C@Ve:nge roi.T' ()g..sjw pk ~ icilll) services ail!:
~nla Rim Jail will indndo ·e i~ht (8) ~1Gurs ·e acb dla)'t J\llonday
throtl~ Friday? and l 'OOiilds in fllrle OPHU 011 at u (by or
wncby. A--ul:iifi~m af 011~ ~-lc6()) hotlffi per ·~·eek
· ed--!t.,..~ephy15ieitil se.f'lfieeJl al the Sttntt Ri~
Jai , ~th-an atl~-li&1lf'S per we to-beflnl¥itied at
~mm: E. D)'t'l' f.o.a~. Mit)Y=n1u n--eRsite eo'f'entge :fe.F..&mta
R-i ta wut--inGiu~·eifty four (24) hol:lf'S each day. M0Bfiay
d:~reur:tds iB t;b&Q:P.K{J-Qfl ~~Ei-SW'Miay.
~111mm owite,e tar on-1rjt,e ptJ.ys-ician senioes at
Cle!DJn E . Dyer sl1all rudude eight (8) hoUJrs e:acb llay, 'M onday
throoug,b Friday. A pby~ician will b · on-eall and nvai1111ble 24bo~r.;: il .dJa~f.1


OBlOYN phyf>iciau sltaU be on si1c for three (3) to i (6) bou~

r)er week, with twenty four (24) hour OB/GY .services available.
Support slatf hall inclnde a prenataJ coordinator, nurse
pra<"-ti tiotle:t' and medical assistants.

Contractor shnll be specific regarding five (5) day pttr week onhe plr~'sician co·v eragc as weH as pro,.U.iou tor twenty-four (24)
hour physician 01Kall te]ephoue availahility. Designated full fune
~uivaleDts (F rE~ )
be mmtltained at all times (i..e. should a
person go on v-.tcati,on •hey· must be rep]aced). Staffing plan
should incfude c.ons.klexatiotl for a relief factor fOJ practitiontMs.



Said llem 3.b. was mnend.ecl Lu reatl us s~edabovc in


1 _ 2oftbe:Rt'P

Tht folio,. h1g specialty clinics shall tre provided for at lh Santa
Rita Jail:

3-4 bouT per month




Orthopedics.. 4 per week

Page 65


Obstetrics, 3 hours per week


AJ D / li IV I6 hours per monltl4 ami


Ora!:&!m.rt, 4

6 HO\lfS--f)~


Qfto&ile oral rurgical



:IHooia!l lflooruooas


• ~'1\elHC-e!l

Z--ygematie Bfeh fi:&Ot\i~


._~_n•~dible-fm:ett±rcs (bo~epell tmd eJes0d)

lnei iOfl~f-maJfiHofi:mial a~~
• Complex e.Qe.a~om:ies, ~;tn4


Food Services- Speciul Dit,;; ~ C.Qnttactor shall adhere to the medical
dj,etRry standards oudrned in Tide: 151 Section 1248.


HeaHib. crooning - lnrm.ate \Vo:rkers: ConttadoJ shaD pwvide health

scr·eeflll\g, i.1"cluding appropriate l.ab work, for i.rnn4l!te food workers and
other inmate wod~.ers as required.


Consullling Medical Spcx;iu1tit"S: Contractor hall make both
arrangements and p:aymer~l!s for all consulting m~dical specialty services
and peciaJ medical equipment {i~c., wb.eel chairs, braces, crlllches etc.).


meligeu(y Services: CQntractor shall be n:sponsibl~e tor all emetgency
services provided on-site, or ofie iCe~ payrnent for such scrvioes.
This shan botn anrl denta.J.

Ouq:ratient Care: Beds available for use in these areas ~ tlc1ude twentyfive (25) beds in h.venty (20 rooms at Santa lUta Jai t Operatious of the
OPHU shaH juclude:


Ph ician on caH twenty-four (24) bours per day; phystcioo is only
called \vhen there is ·no doctor on-site



Physician un-siL~ eight (S) hours per day, fmt y (10) hours per
week, londay through Friday


On- ite Sllperv' ion in the OPHU by a licensed registered nurse on
a twenty-four (24) how'S basis


Twenty-fo'Ur (24) bour nursing services

e. copy of ~fanual of .ursiug Servkes


Separate indhrkiuaJ and complete medical record kepl for each


Suicide Preveutioll Program: BHCS is 1he le~tl agency in this program
providing a physician to chair the program's meetings. The ACSO, the
medical Contractor, a:nd BHCS work in co}labom1ion t{) provide
prescreeniug and cri sis intervention. They rtvit.-vr· is~ue~ relate<l to suicide
preveution, and the rt:Solluion of problem. io accordance with applicable
ACA ~tandaJiids. However dte Stticide Prevention Progr81D js the
uJtiinate responsibility o f tbe medical Contractor.


De:otal SeTVkes: Conuactor shall provide crnergt:r.Lcy, mtXIicaUy
necessary andl non-c."''tlergetlcy, including b ut not limited
to e. trtt(tious. Poteutial services shan be provided al lW:St &mteonf l6}
helffi]-pet"-\~teek ut the Glt! aa-E.-~r 1:; f!Gility ~1<1 five (5) days a week for
at least fody houn pc,t
at Santa Rita Jail .~


Special Needs of Pregnant and Postpartu.tu Women: Provision sbaU be
mrtd to ca_re for the special n~ of pregnant and postp._mum \\l·um .
The required services shall itlclude, buLare not.l.rnited to:

Screening and testing for pregnoocy at lhe tine of booking the
inmate into lhc Detention Ullld Correction facility


Continuation ·o f the currently used PrugnanlF¢1'1l8!1e Ptotocols for
use by custodia1 and heallh care scafC


Refe:rrdl and co01'di.nalion v.1th a. community based methadone
trea.tmenrt progra~n e perienced in tne SJlecial needs of

pregnantlpos-qmtum chcnlS

Prenatll education and ~counseling. and

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·e .

Establishment of writt'cn agre(;ments co assure the continuous
availabil~ty of the full range of routine and ~nergency obstetrical

ervices .incJuding mauageJuent o·f high risk conditions

!Family Planning Sorvices: Contractor shaD be respomillle for prQvidling
family planning services pursuant to PeDal Code Sections 3409, 4023.5

and other applkable laws_

Fe-J:Jui.lo lrunates RighlS Plan~ is required to meet lhe
requj11eme1.1ts Qfthe:R.eprocfuctive Privacy Ad (Jan. l~ 2 001). as wcll as

aJl right.;; leqtiHOO tmcfur [aw.

Prosthesis'Glasses: Contractor shall provide and make·payn1ent for
medically required and denml ptosthesis. and eye gfasses.


Host)ital Caxe: Contractof" shall be r£SFOOSible for making ammgements
and paymetd8 for all ifl.patienl and out-patient treatmeal ronowing


\Vith the -exceplilon of emergencies or u:navrulahiLity of specific
services, h.o_')pita.Hzatiou for ilie ac.urle care· n-eeds of all

iDcarce:rated is currently connact~ed for nt A1ameoo
County Medical Center ·(ACMC)~ Highbud Hospimllocated in

Acute mental health cace for all :iurunates is by BHCS
throu,gjb an outside scnd,'Ces provider. "fhe medka'l Con1ractor
shall wmk mcollaboration wilh lhc outside mental h ealth services


Emergency room care for Santa Rita irullaLttS is ClU'l'eat1y provided
b y Valley Care Medical SyStems. Emetgenc.y room tare for
Olem E. Dyer inrnates is cun ently p rovided by ACMC f [jghlruld



Contractor shall have lbe ability to contract f4:lr -o r provide



Oontrac.tor sllal1 have a qualified, licensed by the State of
Ca]jforoia on-site pharmacy that shall be responsible for lhe
exercise of p roper co.nh"O~; ordering, payn ents, a..nd
administration, and timely discribution by licei1sed persom1el of all

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Contractor shall provide an on-she phaiDJac:ist who b duly


the State of California and bas correctional expeJ.ience.
The Pharmacist must be on-site filling prcscripti;oru;. A thx/.till
S)I'Stent is not acceptable. The Pbarn1acy is open with a Pharmacist
oo-site 1onday through FrlcL"iy ftom 7:00 a.m_ to :5:00p.m. i\ftcr
hoW'S and on ·weekends a phannacist is on-call 2417 and must
come int-o llie facility a:s needed.

Contractor shan. in addilioo,. e-5'1ahlisb a ph.anrnccuticru commilt·ee
to review ill''l.re11•ory and contro management fo all dJUgs_ A
:PJlanrloojst, dtdy Hcensed by m-e State of California. &haU be a
member oftihis committe·e_

Pharmacy shall work (n coH~boratio:n with BHCS ami or thcir
conuacted seJTVices provider ·\vben ordering~ dispensins, billing
and reviewing documents of dle psychoctopic medicines for all
inmat~ in AC SO Detention and Correctiom Facilities.


County sllalllbe responsible fol' providing an eligible HIV
medication established by the AIDS Dmg }\SS~'1ance Program W
eligible iD1:1liite-s in accordance wi'm State regulations-


Pharmacy shaJII utilize pill oops that can be are composted {for
example, paper), or utj li.ze a system \Vhereby piU cups are re-used
xesulting in a .reduction in solid waste gen·eraho.n.



Contractor s haD oooperate wi1Jh the AJameda County AID - Task
Force in wiw AJD S t:dlocatior• in the Detention and
Corrections facilities. AroS/HN' testing slWJ be provided as cliWcal])y
i.Ddkated v;rithi-n current comrrnmity stanrlarrls or upon inmate {)r Sha-iff's
Offic.~ staff r&Jl-reBt) pW'SUant to Labor ood Health and Satbty C.odes. AU
leSting hall be done in a~)rdlaJ_lCe with State law_


Ancil]ary Services:

Contnlctor sbaJl be respo~iMe f()r laboratory~ x-ray
and other llary ~ervi~ as :required_ AnciUmy rorvices could bperfonned off-site but proferooly on-site. .A.Jlappllicable tioensure
reqmremmts S:haU be rnel prior fo the start of the Contraot. A WTitleD l~t
with the names,. yean; ·o f experienc·e and types of hceose held for pen.:-uos
who wiU be providing these sorvi~ must be given f(J tl~e ACSO prior CO
fue start of a Contract a.warded as a resu~t ofthis RFP

19 .

Training and Education:

Pro 1ide for on-g·oing staff t raining p~ as provided for by law oT
accTedit.atiou standards_

Deve]opmeDt of reg11lar t raining schedi!Jies fo-r medicall staff on

pregnancy tssues.



Deve]opmeat o,f training progmtn for review of protoool
for pre:grumt inmat~-

Detoxification from D1ugs and A lcohol~


Con1race.or slwll provide detoxification services at the facjlity in
accordance witb the American CorrecHonal .A. ociabOLl ~tandards.
Contractor shall be respollSible for pmvidiog ~ m~:lfutdone

maintenarnceldeto'ltification program and for obtaining aU lkeLues
uecess:uy 1o operate the program_

Contractm; shaH a.ssure d:wU. ~ents ru-e maintained whereby
p regnant womeu 'IIIith rustQrie of drug dependency fil'e t:\'·alnatoo
on-s1te by registered muses immediate ly and referred within four
(4} bnurs fo-r high rhik obstetrical eyaluation. Contractor sbaiJ
coordinate and pay for enrollment and a... ~ ~anent servit:es of
p regnant opiate addicted "~·omen for methadone mai11tenance


2 J.

ConfiraCb.)r hall be responsJlJ)c for arrangjng and paying
fo.r .nec~ssa:ry 3ll1lbulance trnnspartation. 'f)Je r.u.L·r,a l1 A.tubul~n~t: tntnsport
provi®r i ·American Medical Response (AMR). Tra11spoJ1ation by
automObile sball be the re.~cms.ibiliry of CSO. PoJici~s and procedures
fot appropriate modes oftransporta,t ion shall bej~)'iody developed by
ACSOand Contxactor_



suranve I Ovtm)ight I Reporting:


Contrnctor shaH cooperate fully witll Coun s Quality A Lullnce
Program and County Crim.inaJ Ju.:stice Oversight Committee,
·whicb have been designated as adv1sory 1o the Board of
._ upervisoJS (Board) ,.._rith regard to criminaJ jttl)tice medical


Contr~ctor shall ]'arti(.-ipate as request ed on servioe related Co.tmty
comnli.ttees... and with I'e(tL~~ for service infunnation and



County, at [ts own expen~'ie shall contracc with a neutral third

party experielicc:d in medical quality assurance review" . l11is third
party wHl conch1ct monthly audils of inmate medical records for
trea:tme11t of mod.ical conditions in o der to ~va]UHtc the timclirJ.css
of care, appropriateness of assessment, treatment; type of provjder
and ]eve~ of care l15ing sampling tr.::chniquc~ mul.llal ty agreed upon
by County and tbe third party revie ..1.o·er . Currently d1.e AC 0 is
wing Health Care Bva]ootmon lHCE) as its third party co:nh1tctar .
PBge 70

The ro]e ofHCE is to review medical records and.loot for

discrepancies in record keeping~ diagnosis,. or pr,ognosis as it refers
lO treatment.

Currcn1tly Hea1Ch Carre Evalnation !Lcmdoolly selects flies to review
montbly for items sttc.h as 1i tnel ;,_l:eSS of care, appr-opriateness of
c:are/docwnerrtalio~ and ].evel of care given to

the patient T hey

generate a mouthly report of 1heir findings to the Collnty
Admitnstratm s OAice and the medi:cal Colltrac~or. The repQtt
eire.~ min.o r errors e."(ceeding 2.0% and mi.'ljor errors tt~~XCeeding
100/<J. If corrective action 1:ake11 by d:te medical Contractor is not
effective after tllree (3) cotlsecutive months of findings for tb:::
same category, a penalty ofthree ilious:mddollars ($3000) c.ould
apply. HCE use!. 1ts own atldit tool to measure findings.

Contractor shall provide timely written I-eSpoDSes 1.0 Coutlly

ttgaroing all iiSSues identified in U~e medical quallity ~UJsurnnoe monthly sumn.l.tU')'. Conhacto:r shall pmv~detimely
"'rritten re.sfX>JlSes regardi11g futdings in any cases with which
Gonaactor disagret:S.

ResUilits of each medic-al quality asManCe J.'CVtevo·~ as weU M
JCOOtttm£lldaOOIIS for oorreot:h•e acUOtl, wil1 be pmvrdcd to the
Camlty and Contractor. Contractor will take recommend'etl
-corrective action, or will advise rue Cmmty i_n writing why suc.h
corrective a.ction should nvt be taken. Conl.nlCtOI' will oooperate
with proc~dures to r~ol ve tmy impasse.


Further .monitoriD is provided by wa,y of adllerence to·ACA
Standards. C<<Jctor shall he:ip to supply docwnentatio.n fur the
accreditation process.

Compliance with ACA accreditations is mandatory. Fm.lnal audils
aroe required every three {3) years and ACSO will infonm1Uy
pi!rform maint~naoce audjts periodicaUy boughow dle year.



The Medical Dkector~ Health Administrator, md o1her
app.L'opriate represBDlatives of the mroical prolt·ider shall regularly
attend scheduled ru~trtings of the Criminal Justice Oversight
Conunitue to report on issues of concern to dlat committee and
c.ooperate o:n an ongoing ba$i..~ wirlh designated committee


23 .

Medical Audit Comminee:

Contractor shall instiitn e and ma.illt.ain a fedicaJ Alldit Committee
to be responsible for deveJoping. recommending and
implemen ting aJJ fu ture policies and proccdun:s nocessary fo the
operation of tJhe health care program. TJle ohj ective of this

commi ee will be to fiSSUre quality health care is accc:ssible to all

inmate ..

!Proposed COrtinlittee haU 'be comprised of, at a. minimurll 7 a
:phy ·ici;-m, represetltative(s) oflthe Contractor's administr:'!Uive unit,
RW"Sing services, dental services, phaJ1llacy crvice."i, ACSO
Pc()jcct Officer, CriJnil.'laJ Justice J\'fental Health, and Mctllic,al
Records per onnel.



shall rue t at. least monthly with a written

predetern1ined agend'\ recorded minutes. and cor ies of reJ~oru
submitlod to the Project Officer.

All senric~ Ulld er ilie pun•ie\v ofheallb. ervices $_hn11 be reviewed
anti evHluated for qu~tity of care through e-smblishoo and regulHrly
performed audits. Tb.eS-e services sbaU include but are not Hmtted
to the foJiowi111g:


Primary care services


Preventive healfu service


Ancillary services, laboratory and x-ray


lt1-pat.ierl1 setViceA, hospital and OPHU




Dental ser,.iccs


Medical record


Refer.ral mOOical specialty ervices


Communicable disease control


E.nvirorunental safety


Intake sc~g health apprais.aJ


Out-patient hospita] selVices
Page 72



OB/GYN services


Tlaroing otientation

Range·,of Accred.itetl Health Ca:t,e Services (medical. nursing, dental~
phannacy, laboratory, radiology). Specific expected services include, blirt
may not be ~imited to:


lnt1tke healch screening


Health apprais.als


Sk k call


Maintenance of medk aJ records


Procedures w an ual(s)


Food services - special diets


Health screenin,s - innJate wodcers


Emergency services


Out p at!ent S.ervio~


Dental senices




Hospital care




Ancillary services






QuaJity assunlnce

Page 73


Health edncationlfam.iJy planniDg/sociaJ services

Grievance Pror!~dnre shaM be as foUm.vs:


Contrac•or wiU follow lhe current policy and procedure with the
·CSO for the commU!tl!icatlon. imd tesolution of iru:nate and stall
complam1s or oilier items rcgardi!11g any aspect of health CMe


Contractor wiU cominne to follow lbe Grievance

Procedure €lesignerl. specifically for pregnant inm~~tes.

Contractor shaH develop and fotlow poli~s and procedures for
dealing witt. compiah:ns. Patient complaints shall be par11 of the

health services reporting requirements.


Secllrity staffsbaU ac.COlllJ)atly llea!U:1 ca__re staff in providing h~tb care
setvices tn the c·eH bLock ~ea in accordamtce ' 'titll \:vritten polkies or


Legal Services:

Contractor shall actively assist County Jega1 coun~el k1 defense of/or
prosecution of any Iega] action agaimt or o.n behalf of Alameda C(.lfln1y,
the County J.a_ll Health Care Staff, CSO Sllaffo ruty other Coutuy
emp1oyees or agents. Said assistance shall include~ but is Dot limited to,
ti1e timeJy provibi.on of medrical data, medical recon1s and other
in fmm ation as co1msel deems n ecessary to prepare d:te defense or


illYEst~gation of clairru:~

affidavi~. and file

the :preparation of deelaratimts or

pa1rticipation at uy ·trial o r bearing as nocessmy and


Patientflnmate Transfers or Releases/Comtimrity of Carre:

Health r~cords of an irnmate, who· ~ being tr~ferred, whe1her fo:r
medical or other 1~ns, shall be 'evalua.t,ed by mEdical staff and a
l:cansfcr summary .;;omp1etoo. Procedure ror transfer of inmates
with suspected or known acth•e ruberculoois shaH he ·estabHshed
b y Conttactm in oomp1iancc wid1 statlltor)' requiremenm.

:Page 74

t'r-ti!CU J! Yntt.<JU '-'1li iJUil!..' l L"'i - -

- -- -


Con.trc1etor is respons:iib1e for aoti.fying the appro-priate public
health ag-encies of reportable illnesses and conmmuicable diseas~
prior to i!IJDlale Jelease where possi'ble_


ACSO is in the pto(;ess of de-veloping a compassjonate care
release program_ Hum anitarian, court approved releases are

cun-ontly used whe.n.over feasible.


Staff Contagious Disease

Contractor must bave a pJan that includes tiesting for other expc.t;SUr~ 0111 a
c~e- by-case


basi::;. rm various contagi.aus diseases.

l:mnate Cow-t RefeJ'!'lll Protocols:
Conbactor mmt have in pl_a_oc procedures and proi.:Ooeols for ,flddressing
medical retierrals from the co1Jl1S {Section 4011 Qf the Penal Code)_

1 1.

Medical Reco1ds Audit Coll!!'"UUant :

Co:nllmCt,c r sh.BU cooperate with the outside medical r~Ofds review
progrmn as [trovided by the County_


Responsibility for Mental f]eallh Services:
After inihal ·croernng by Contractor~ County hall be responsible for any
setv~ces re~ated to tnetlrtal heaUh_ ..Jnp!oyees respoiiSible for mental
h-ealth scrooning are to have specialized trairung and!or cl~es io this
area, Contractor sball make appropritue referrals to lbe County's
CrimhmJ Justice eJ.ltal He.1hh S't aff, and wb-en obsenratiom; wanant
s.ud~ cooperat@: in any ongoing trea1mt:nt as -prescribe-d by mental health


<Contrnctor wi!lil coUah011rate with CJI\.lli Mf>m.tal Realtlh services by
providing funely llfSiJWnses to· re-~ue:s18 for medlical evaltultion.
medical consniDts; a d &ooratory ana~es. u~s C!Plpl'oyed by the
Comtrador willl admmlis:ter psycb.otropi:c medieAltli oos m d udlimg
injections a .otr dellied b)· CJ 1H p ycb:iatrists.



Contractor shall be Jesponsible. for eT.IS1IIJ':ing tlt:rt fue DWJagement
and opemtiona.l respamjbilitit.:S for hcahh services are tnmsforred
as smoothly as pos:siible ftom ooy prececting Co:r:nraotor~s mediC'


Con1.nlctor shall be responsible· for the tollowiu,g:



Straregidoper-aoonal pJlaJming


lo-service U'ainiog


Sn~rvisiDg and dev(!loprnent of a disease/Dl,itll)' oriented

medic.all record system


Developmg dtug utiHzatioo




Ordering of supplies and equipment


:Developing both internal wtd e-~teroal pla:t-16 fur emergeocy
care, and


Es~'lbtisbhlg reporting ]}t'Oc-edures


Medical Rec-ords are of it secure and confidential nature. Contractor shall
agree to maintam ooflfidentiality of d:Le health care records as Is required
by law. In the event of a contract t·ermi:rurt:ion, records shall ~ rotumed to
Coun1y to assure compliance with medical records tel tion practices.


Records Maintenance; Indiv~dnaJ inmate health rocords shall include hJut
win not be linl.i~ed to:


Pre-screen hj story


Medical evaluation report


Compli'lims of iojury or illness and action taken




Name.5 of all per-son.nel ·u eating. pr~ctihmg. and/or issuing


P4Lge 76


MeclicMiot admi.nistered


AU laboratory, xwf"ay and other doctunetrtt1tioo oftteatmenl
PJOvidet~ and


All off-s.ite senrm shall be documented

U shall be noWd that a :m.a:xjmum of ~e11ty perocnt (200/o) minor and a
maximum of ten ~}6feent (l()o/(.,) majCJr a ror rate will be a.goal ptl" Y·~r•
for the coming Contract term per year as detemlined by the independent
neucml third party oouttootor aod Contractm's quality ~suranoo program.
The t'lU'fent peai:UWfe . ~~oomg 2:0·~~ J'niatn-aad ~~m-medieal
et'ro • h 1'
-· · ·
~ eor15eooth<e
~~et~SaDd ooUOflj ($3000~. A mmor error might include
v.filc not fo:m~ ,, ".sigrumrre" or ''documentation missing. u A major error
wou~d be detemli11ed hy a peer reYiew pand and might incJud"'" rut en"Or

that caused severe injury or death to a patient.


Procec:lwes Ivtam:~aJ: Contrador sballl be "'~1>Qli1Sible for maincaiuimg an
updated on-;Sitt procedures lll1i1Ulal IDat meets the requirements of
appl iLable standards as outUned by the ACA, HS well $ th~ requil'emenns
of1he Sbeti:lrs Office a.s dcfim:d in ntle 15', Section 1206.
commlmicable disea e lllamJa ~ shaJL also be maintained onsitc ..

" Sentence Mtlellded to read as above in Arldeodum No. I of RFP

Sentence ii1bove ddeled i'U>~<"ttodi in Adil~-m..dntn No. I of RFP


Contractor sbal1 produce moniWy statistical reports ·on he~ftlt services
otiliz.ation which shall be provided to the Cotmty and ACSO llsing 1he
data set and report fo:rma1!; apprmr,ed by ·ilie County. A quarterly synopsis
of this data should be sw1. to the Shedff of Alwneda County.. fu addition
to momhJy reports. qt1arterly and aJil!1lllal :smnmarLies sbaU also oo
submitted relating to progress toward agreed upon objectives tor ConDty
dctentions and correotiollS healtb SM' and the status of persormelrelated a<:tivities .


Contractor shall make available accn1ed data rega:rding services :pTO\rided.
Data s.b.8ll be compiled .in appJ'OJUiate ~rts as defined by the ACSO
and sball initiaJly i-equire a monthly reponing I.DfX:batlism defined by tb~

Page 77


Monthly statistical teports on bealth services utilization shnJI be provided
eo tbe Project 0 fficcr using data set md report .tonnaiS approved by the
County. In addition to monthly reports~ quarterty and annua1 ~ummaries
shall also be sub:ruined relating to progress toward agreed upon ·objectives
for 1he County Jail Health Services and recrWting. disc..;plinary and ower
affumative action statistics.

Page 78


The attached docnmeHCS are ft'om the original proposal submitt@d by Prison Health Serviots
on December 7, 2007 and are being incorpomted and made a part of this contract Agreement
betwero Alameda Cmmty (Connrt)·) and PriS{):n Health Servioes (PH } as requested by PH .

Page 79

Pl!'fltutem_eot Contraet o. _ _ _ _ _ £1ih11t~r Con11"11d o. 2QoJ14

,.. . .



. l_



E. Executive Summary
The Acso.FKS 20-Yaar IPartnarshJp
:P~h Health Swvi~ 1nc.. (MS) bas bad dJ.c privilege .of pt,"'"idin,g h~I.W CJ;l.fe servi001. fur tli~
AW\l'eda. Coi.Wy Sb~~Ws Ofttce (ACSO) Kine. 1981. Over that tiJll.t;'her v.oe ha~ CR:.'ttt)().
~emcntcd and maintttml'Jd a m.odd ofhccdth et~te dBlivcey uniqac LO d!e specific goals · -d
objeciM:s of tbc ACSO. In the past lO }~ P'FfS ihti shown imlov.atioo :md a trued ' 1.Q
"'-oJ1k in 11 parioa-gh:ip witl.J fui"l CSO ~1\d ou:r ~an of o~<mal m:collcn>CC.imve set the st:i.8C
fix NIS ii.nd the ACSO h> «mtinue to sGt t'lcw .ind:wrtry Wl.!ldllt'd.S. Jlo pa:rtncrslrlp with thB ACSO.
"PITS -.Mi~ted in ~_n:ing imti;d NCCHC ~fur the Swa Rita J<lil iA 1990 aDri. ACA
:te¢rodiln.liG1'1 ill 1998 31'(1. WC il,ave succcss1iiill.y DUJml.~(!Jj 1bc!iG a.ct:mJlmti;QD.S SiD.CC. In 'lfu:, most
~ ACA 1,'eo.~on audit this year, PHS "~ plea..<:oo kl participate widJ. !:be ACSO m
11U$ ~ ~Mt s set)'re tJf98. 7, 1M highwt bt AC4 hiatfR1.
11;Jmn.gbout fhis p:!iQpOsal wcdan<mStmte l'HS' ~to tWos lllcis pllr~:umaooc to th"'
~l level ~ slml,gl:bmi~g our p;nta~ with 100 ACS<l· EIDd wilb 1100 A1amcda Cotm.ty
commu:oity ways that will oot~tinut:. to meast ~ CJ~:·~ thO ACSO a.00 Coomty's c:v~>ivin.8


n:quin:mmts for bealthcare scr:viccs Wtu fatw'e ~- We krv"' a. ~y dcbrl:lcd wlider"J1!'ill4~g
of j'(llllr ~ ~Ctlf.S ia.cludlnt smffing.II:iDnmg CJ.d ~tmc:ot nmls l.o o.fheieody
pm\l"..d~; qlllllliy. oust-.~thle h.eallh coo:o ~for ill ~ hou.'lro at fur: s~ Rija Jai]
mil or -- E. Dyer Dece:!iliom. Facility.
~ April 2004, 11!c ACSQ b.~~


to ~~tr:~~llt'! (l 1) scmi-mm·uu PHS Clit!at Satidutio.

SnTTC~ With 15·qucslinns on mcZISIUVey. the samf.!ction level. b;s:J. b0012 ronsisrmily'hi~ oa.e.b.

time ..... 96~ 9.{ tlur n:spt~IS.'ia ~tile hlgMst ~ J'Oiinp ~ ~~anplaty Pc:s:fomtan~· or
·illiJli PHS ~eeu o:r ~.. .ACSQ·~ou.. 'Ibt: m<i:j( ~t ~y of Octo~ 2007 is
mduaw in the frw1 Dfthe bllider widJ ~ ,lJBIDp! of ~it ~pJishm<:n;a.

PHS ~strivCi5 to impove the levdofl!en'ioos a:ndclicni ~I) wedcliver. To that
cod, efforts CUI('C[It!iy underway .mdlo.r pliiJilll.'d upon a:ward of~ new ~ ind.~

IUV/AfDS Cbn-cc1J.oodfeo.lilmUJJUy Iatttfi[CC. Prognrm (DCJP)- PHS hM p.ur1Mt"ed
wiLh dv: AIDS ~~ject of Che Lut Bay! the o1de3t .illd l~st savic.e ~on iJ:II
Al~~m* County iilu:ot pruvide!S ~jce$ lor-people widJ JUV IAIDS.lndividuili \¥ith
lDVJAIDS who mt~ in~ iu am A~O facilib' 'Will b1 idcniiiicd early in~
~etlUioli uml :t PIIS .EUVI AIDS Cue ~will work with ~ch indivicblal t:e plan fur
a ~ ~(1.1!1. to theu oommuruty-bcs«l II1VJA IDS c~ upon rele;L'IS from



Support ()(low mtnorlt:y ·and s:.ma11 bQin~ - PHS .has~ om pc:vcbasin&
marlmizc the mnount of ~llf conlract dolla:rs. thai. stay ;n Alamc:da County. Fot
ionmoe. we am r:onlrn~ wlt!t 4 Loeal SLBB ,oem~,(d'S ~ ~ iPRS Moo.ical COC"pO:JR:te PC
h.'IS ~Uy q!llili6ed a.5 a SLEB. Also. Yln l007, over 64% of PHS 1 y ~ R..TC
p:tid o res-i~ts of Atrun~ County of9fbir;h 49'% am nliooritics. btli.liset for the 1lQ1
yaru-ptoj~ a QtaJ of'S1,341J607 going to sum apcn.di~ amountil!g to 5.6%oftb rpud OOD!tm.ct valu.G: (this acbJally 19.!'(% of oo~t expendimJ'cs whim r.CW.d
rcalisticaDy go to SI.J!B vendon .afWo eu-l!udin,g amOUp~ paid to Loca.1 11osp5tn.k., ~ 1100
Sl.EB-im:.UgibJc oosts).

process to


--~--..:::Ccdl=tyDii~CA • ¢lrL"""'-"'IIfl'iVldlilllbil~ • ~?, "/,:i]r

& pcrianee:d, Accountable Proj&el Leackr$bip
rcWDil:lg. PUS fur lhis eon ~::act, tLc ACSO win OWTr:inue ~ btMfit from a ~t m~~n'agemaut
tt:.Jm tl'..'ll r"' e~ a~ ll!lJ.i ~wu~Liy !lldllcd. 'Il!£ foU.owing·~•s r'HS
mrum'IJ;f:!Dt~u.t h.~il Is COJllm.ill.cXI to c~q tbelr Sl!:rv1t:e fD U.C A<C::SO;



( .

Ridi!EhlJWMdl... Preaidmt & CEO - 2 yiiiai~
R~ Hollibaan, Groa;p V&a ~ afOpetatio.n.s- 4 yatr:~
Dill 'WlliOll, Rcgionnl M.!lna~~atth ~cea - S }'C61S
HaMid Orrt MJi). R..eei~ Meciir.31 D!Jm:DIIO.o-Si~~ ~cal - fi yem
LID&! H;m;!Jn,,RN', t)i,~, ofl\'ursmg - l 6 )'ellili
Laorc G.ilba1, AMi~ Hcaltl! S~ .Adc:J.iai!;IR'r:IC' and J)j!Ceto.r o.f:Hc."llth
Infuml.dion M':m:t~ ~·ice::~ -·6 )'Wn'
Shv<lo Gob«, L VN, CucnmutUt:.ble Pi~~~ Coordinatol'- 9 )'-can
U.11ch P"owdll, ~VN~ Quality Tm~ml 17 )'C&ft

lht!.PlfS tf:8It).~ a ,~rnblnt-4 Jllith rlu:ACW. u .
q~ depth or~" ami ~~e. {Please 8CIC Sedio11. ll £or :!d.tRtl.otJal
w'OIXU.\.IiJ)e~ !l)d.rosu:ncs.)

Enhant&d l echnolomr ilfJd Dteisi~ldng

:rns 1w dc\ICI.oped m1d d~Joyed tecboo1ogy a1J11lic:!Ltioas to ~Y<e pali~t safety. dliu1::r· rutd
cliJJjcal d~& A$ af) eo.bancemJ.:Dt for tile AC.SQi.n the IX)Ift1Qg oootmct tmn. PHS i:i
offi:ring ~n~ ~Jmolosy appllcatialii! IZJ "" fld4titi~JMI cmiJ wiJh tb: o'b-jccti~ of

• Improvil:ls p!lliet~t can:, mccy and ~nt <JutttJmM;



~'IQ~g., ~aDd~ of hd'q~l)cn

at the iodiv.idl.lll ~~ ~ p0p'..JI.a1loo.r

~ ~ vibkll 'r"iil ~ ~~ ~ JlfiloOa:l!l .o f C3J'C dclaYc:ry,
· aooca 1o timt.ty~ rn""imll dlDlcal mel ~ CQ!' patieot and
~..wide dcciJioc.·DillkiE~
tmpranmting llld ~disease-~ ~~l!tVdOf&!l wbich most

cff'eclivezyilWIU{;Q medical costs .for the ACSO IJVI!'l' tim!!; ami
lJ.lUI:n~y; j m,pfl)\ling our iib.ility tom~ n:pellt et~d demoostra1e 8DOCitlmLbili.IJ}·Io
ACSO tbr CIUI"-p~

With OJ~ ;(IJ(:tivo, cofllboram'C mvolvtmcmi ~m oflhc ACS~ PHS~ ru

i..ub:tlduoe. tlie s.ys1rm8 below whi1:1h .PHS lba dev~ fur the ClOCt'edioms ~

Page 82




.Si!f! ~a .fur arl~ mfbn.ru1* .ah.nut U'!21 Cb_~ C,nn:. T"r~ S)'I;Ii!DL
Enhanc:img On,S~ •OJ1nics and Pharmaey
Over iho W..yror &istmy of PHS" .acrviC!l oc, 'iht! ACSO. St.-~ ~iiltydu11Qi pilW"tW.L<~ly
pi'U\'~ otf si~ have ~been broo;glii: on-1iit~ fflli)eimg i.J,il®illiC33iily fcw(l;!' <Jn:-a~.£ trip .a:tldJ the


~ ACSO ~too, lrtaffi!lig a:.d ~t}' ~By c:c~lc, two of H!esc elinica,
Dialysi51 arul l){~d, i !!lft! I»'~"~ ~st ~ .M Nl/n e.M avalllr11~e of(!WI' UPllfiJJWrl
. J(l·~ The ~111 riSk B.89lleiaml. with wmall:S3a!}' inmste lll.O"o--anmi to
.sndl from o,H;'-$it~ii ~~.bas alsO~ ·~0

.PHS' S!Jbeoti~,. M~ ~OIW ~ S~ ln. am;unQtion wi1h :Pid;l"oint
{$~). "is ~ dswlopm.e: 8.111 rli'il!:dmnic. 1\t~~ Adminim~ lte~d. (1'.-M.\Jt)
~~. ~·him will ~o::Iude b3:fCI)de ~~B of eo'ldl imn~·:s ID ~. ~ me.!lil;atioo. 81. tlw
pointof.s.mvioc-tcmwm ittattltes~Cfm8~ ~ a ~ ·to Ent!ifX!mteii: J3fltktTt 81
1fl.o riglu 'ime~ B~ N: i!t5tamly docoml$iL~ i1lb.l~. --~~ iltc (l]1:;(;1mfl£c J.~
will ~ Ri:loOO,lin:g 'Papct MAR.s dnt$ ~s '\lafualJlt; QHBI...tJg ~d. adm!Di~ve 1itneo
TILt e]Gdi:'rJui~ MAR wi.U pve dle ACS.O O'Jc ~ility ro ~c :l!m:il}~ a'CpOit!l and
.adminJst:r.fd:J'v~ ~ tools,. ineludiJl.g ~ ~Jiallce Bllli .uoo-com.p1~ 1imcl.ine3s
of admiol!r~ ·~, discomimuxl. or new ~~ patimt mfu&ala~ ;mdJ bold mcdie&tiooa.

PBS bas berm pri~ to :serve: tru:. ACSO for 2{) ~· w~ ruwc 'Pi!Nb:d hm:'l CD ICillil. )'OIJI:"
'!irust B!ld bave: ~~ m=t oil1 QOOJn!Qt rcquircmcnt8 mW erihllll.CCd om ~r:- lel.·cb. Wo
ID:C DOt ~t !D i.!D:!rpf the ll'l:.ltw; qttn cfto.:q:l~ ;tbc ~tin& I~I of ~mi® 'VIitb oor
~We& PHS fs;id u-, imp,rtW~ eflki endes f{)r lbot.D e>ACSO ~ PHS~ ~6iJlB
:p.iJiimL llilltty; ron.1i~mllll).' im~f!i .;tiJ!k;:q p;o~ iM1'd ~ltv pli~oM; bein-H ,.


~ OOIJIOLBI:c ci~i!Q~ Jtlfi.J 'bi:.i:ug u E00tt ~uRI oftbe>~ publi~;~ ~~ }w. ~ olif
~.PHS w.m a!w.a-~ Wi~M 1:1) p~ ~ ACSQ wi!!h U..; ~ v,tiu~:l" ~.loi~<m wltJJc.
~8 heoJth care 'M;j'f~ :rAbct lhe o~ ~b t1£~8ACA. NCCHC aad AIHm_cdu
~. 1'b.:ml yon furebi3 ~0

""'-...... ~ ~ ~ .. RfP

. BOCmJI+ E..&D:od\illo:!Kmmliy


Page 83


' . D~ escripti~on of the
S,ervi ~ces


(Section II: Statem,ent


Page 84


I. Descdption of the Proposed Servieos {Section 15:
Statement of WGrk) (IIXhi&it r~ s. w-P ~ S-2BJ
~ ~o a.cliCYiog cacdJ!lOD!! m .all l!ln>fi!l of ~DQe IUild has conducted
~L-4llm1.!11 ~'i of the All:Wlcdn Coo¢>• s.hsi.ff's Office. to ~~ ~ perfmmnnce fram
• th3 fi.tsl,b!mdJ J.l~~ of 1h~ ACSO, A'.ety of key ~ .llf¢"t'l .am~ in llhc
CfWrl SlfliFfildiull SUFVfBl,, in.<ll!l(Jing llJM.1te beaJih ~ ~ ~~w'~Ulltiou
aftd d~ 4.•f kt\W=: :imprtwtnlA quaniiHI. lclring to on-s_il.(: ~th a:rv.ioe&r, ·toT

PHS l$

C:3!~Joi, ~,kj 1hr: ~mcknt
~- 'SJ.:l"Ve'Y I'£$)X)I:'l~

ntc: .tho hcaldtczrtrl stMl....s ~Hit.)' w 'bartdk: t:f~'o/
cation o:o n. OOL'<~'I/e sca1'e wilh clwiues:
mmsio!; flo;oa ~i6cmll)' l'll!leds.imptavcmcnt"' (l) CD ~~aey-ptrlo~ (5)." $p01K.1!1
fur 'I!JlitG.:i.n ooiDlnSIIti ~ .W.SO. pro,idod..


Sim:c.Apill, 2004, tl1,9 AC80 bas n:apoo.ded to
ekvco ( J1) Cti.f:il11 .SanWict:loa SurvcyB. Wnh 15
ques1ioos on Cfli!b sllh'ey, Lhc satiafaaion kYell'

bcc:J. \"CfY hi#! Gad!. lime - 9.!% (){ tilt ~

&8'' the llghet pOtiible l"'lfiili., '"E'X~mplar)'

o st.alfd dta.t PBS ..M'£d5 o:r

~'W The mostTCOCid:

:sl.ln'eyium Oct~ :200'? hu boca .inclr.Jded io lhe
mmt of Hie bindl=r wi1h .o ~ oi our



"!'he. P:Ji$ c~ SilltbfJCtidn Sli~y L'l (~ftC ofk mngib!c- 11!!'1JT<i. in ......Wc.U.wc de.moD~Crn~ ~
ongoiJis ooawlliftm~mt ~o ~~ve higli qwitny d:i~ !illn'iGE: fm 11.e ACSO' h~th ~

l 1 - Scope of Wort (RFP ~ u;
~s ~and Jill~.xiin{TncllJdillg<:a'ld:l~ ~ ~roug:h ~ ~ :Sou-ee

IP~!'rl) ~~ ~ the: dcOcnUoo andl ~!:! ~itle& m~ be tlblo llo ~ b filii sa1iflaetJnn d
A.CSO, io ~ Md badk~d check 1o btl \ilelf.otmed by ACSO...

PBS will OOIIbi.JiJC ID ~Ujuicc cmpiloyec:s and su.bco-n~ indudifigtbosc: referrcd.lhTougb
'the Fi.rsl Somcc program, wcding at 1he dc:tenricm uo)i oorrecWm9 facilities to ltJllOll a ~ty
dtc.d: ib)' th~ Almncda Co«:mLy Sla.:rllf"s Offiee
. (ACSO);.

fu mditioo 1D tlw ACSO ~ 'PUS wiU,OO!Ii'iliooo to offer 111 11.1'\V flir-b ~mid
~d ~for ii0Cll3od nw:aioe sbdf(R'tl& ait.dl LPNs) llDdl Admini~~ Ill ~ACSO
atm~ ~Ntd«JS~. 1bia ~
~l s~ vcrifi~eq t.l'm~
~Jii(Jn !III!J d!:teWOJI oi U.l.)d nt~d ~&\. In tU?J way d<IC'S- dJis ~lllle !fql,laoe or
d~'l:d.K.ilCI:I ~· r;RmDW II1XlOrd oc other ha~grouDd cllrob tlut tfle. ACSO wlll pcrfurm far


&u::ility !~ cll'l<m!D~;.e p:u:pt~Se~.


All ne.w)y hin!d 01Ql;.C!S mJd ~ will be .t¢ql.l[n:d '(:) ,nzn, a~ J Authorization
aJ!Jdl.biW5e :Form i.nnluded i ri.lhe.Oi!:W hire pa.c1:cts, By ~~~~g 1hll fOOD. the pros~lh~
cmployt>e is~ I' RS to oond.UCi a clm:k into m.~ badpi!!Dih. KmU

flage 85


Awaica, iloc. (Kroli), An i deptlfl~l tb:ltd !l)alt)' VG.'Im, \11611 ooudw:t 1111 baQ;_.e;rtwnd cllec.k.s
tor this new pl'tlcets.. Kroll wlH sdlemoo trRiJUD& fot lht! ~ 3YSkm ~ Lel~one
.ettilft'lr:.nting ;10IJ .l tNeb--!~ tumMJ_


The ~~dl~:kwill Wc.e sppro~lyU lwws ko co.mpl~. 1n an:h- to minimize the
~bry 1c filHog j uL vacattc1C8, all aewly hired~~ and~~ !nay be offered job...-;

l.b:t. u:e C001ingutt oo a ~1 passi.Qa OJ<f lhe h!ckgrol.llld <:hed:. Once~ ~my imfCiTJI1JIIjon 1m -~~~ ~1(! p:mcessed. Kro wdl provid:: 1M si.te HSA
'i\ritb ri sta1m report ind:"'C81io:g wh .uhr:r ~~ o mre mcc:ts or dol>$ I!JO( mea l.hc <l01TIJUI1>'•:s
!Dploytm:at Slanclani& 1\.l!l, intu:rrnadon o~ d!IQ~ !:he bdgr1311Dd ~C'k v.oi II b&
tl'c3.tcd 89 ooofidm'liiil md will Qn!y boe illsc.lo!Jed 011 • De&! ~ lkMw iD ~·=~ wi1!1
appl..i.cabl~ at:atc .udiw feden,l laws..
[f)')C?l ~.-cti'l''ei'!/ "'~;t~g at tbeAL."""SS

fuil to li;[l'ed! m
he lUI~ of at'!! ~erorul

ch.cck. ' r;y will he~ to lcm:rl:rudioo.

lf1hey IU'C IUJ( )let •tti,'ely ~ the-y '~Pill ~

di:.Qllillificd hut tmploy,Ulc:m with PES.




I'H!5_..,_'1,. ~
~oiWilDI 1M~'IIIII"b!8 11!Cd!to tmmlli:ln

:d ....,

R!- - lti»ftt $~ Ire, "' llf'P No. i10JC<2.ti + I, ~d'N ~ ~

Page 86


BHcs ~a~ be:~pon:;lllk: tor rnmllBI ~ ec, ~~~ :;~ Cf!Sh; ~en~tkm,. aJ113Uing
COWiselir..g i!M c;uc, ~A ' '.11:: K. eHCS f!S~ ~ibing ~hatropiot ll'lltid~ fttr 1/'K!'ir
~•1$ ~ ~ 1tw;l CQ~ ,jat«r..:On fal2ilfsa_

rtlS ood!:I"Stmds tlW 'Gbs Alameda Cnumty B.dl!1oioW Hca1tb Ca.IFC S::.rv.i~ (BHCS) will be

..~biC'I fur mmte11 Jmaltb a~ mta:kc !Klfctnmg. a:i!IIS! ~ omgoimg oounsr:Jcing
md ~ a,s BHCS psydliatrkt's 11~ p~Wp] for1h.m- dir:otJ;
liollsoed ill tJ.~ C01rnty d!:l:CD1ioo facilities.'~
PHS will !tiinl.imoe r;o ~ ~blft fur iD:Imttc hc:.ilth cim:, :s~ fm the :JlliW.nm ~
. remandci il\'l.o {ht: ~~of tho ACSO lliLd rm.amtf ben1tb. ~?.. v.i11 <:.wtin•m lci be
mctndoo oltl' f;U!tLJlml ~eivillf; ~lj.. o.rr 20 ~-o-t~.n~ in AI~•c.:rli:II,[J
gives PHS a ilt."'bilL'd wxi~$W~ bi!A!th~ J1:!11~"~.~ttraiml.uga:ml
recmiJD:IIcnrt: ~ lo fmllj• tzd ~11,-d)• ptc}vrde ~~~care ~Q!IS .fot an
i:Imlm~ b.m!:sOO atr:be.S.rum. ~.J~ bti. G~~ l.PJtei~ Fadltty. (Sro S«doo



1.1.1 Corn!Pft!heneivBHeaHh C!.aJe. SeNJcn (RFP~ "1'
~~'>&~!hi~ ~fa inmOlte':l 1-Dused at file. ACSO ~!IHGn :iiR!I Ultindiooe


Since l9SS,l'llS DB been pi~ to r,rovtdo Jlcal4h GS~V.: scmcc:s fur thcACSO. ·Ovuthis
Eime we h&.'~ ®J~J. imp~ and m;UnCailK:d a unique ODd!~~
1& olh$.lhh ·
care~ a:p~~e ~em, spc:cifiD ~ nnd obj~ of Allmil~ Co~nly. w~ M'Ye
~n ~_j !l!I:JJ4 .. ~e' ~ w

"'min 111 ~~~ wi.dJ. the ~. PtiS i:5

oomoUttcd to st~l\'!lim.dns 1.0 build dJi.:s ~~fi;JL ptoi!Q1:U~


~ P..lll'bfer!DHl~i&li'!niBnt, ms 1bt p:rmdul JD:tldkd taft; aud JIWla~

~ifaqDU!IIy -at the

ACSO liw illit ~£ 1:0 - au.


- 11le mCICkl oo~~ed in 1h!s t:U~ ~ u rc:qu-.c:stcdt baaed OD ac .accrcdiRd

Ammcan ~gmJ AMoir..imon (ACA) p!'l)'gttil. PJ:m will a19a- ~ t(l JllOV;t~ .(1,
pogrnm tlw n)~ ·ib;· r.:m:iqllc;·DCi:lds.dCbcACSO~ami ~t~Dstltc.ili.~. Our
oom~_si~ff(:J~ will provirk. • t·o, DlinimnD. tht= RfiP ~ r;,f llfTJik. ~m'=ll!."·
I.~ .2

o.v.1opment & lm,plemen1Btien ofiR 9alfh Care PlaM1 (RF!P PD.~~

'f'1w::, dno.Mir!~ 8l)d i~e,J~ 11 11 ile. . . c;re plans ..mJ1 mar~ oil;~. p:\kiee. :at\d
~IJlliS b iiOO!lfn_u~ ~ il',&tiel'.-em~ ~At 1D 1!!3ch of 11'\e d~1io!Jn kliii!f!i.

PHS has been de~J~inz mJd impl~ !lv::al(b J;W(! plms fw 1iK f.lll91l9 Jo't:ml tWI-h c.t~
galtl.'l, o-hjcdl.~. pOti_(iid m.J p~ The il"t-ffi II;(J.IIIpl'dllemi·.~C M~ Mlm..ipm.CJ~t
P~ (~J:d by b ~hi(! on ~,e- lll, ~ 1.2.5). provides apbtimm :fi>r(Jn
dd!ivcty clf"'lJ:c;a]J]j eiD1!o l1w: fcacWM 4imctly ~ th~: patiegt..ctinida~ su:;ollldl!t". ThJ!t, 4'sY<'~
~ bcaJth .c.atC d£liivt&.jt ~- :i!; fowxled. 00 beilt jtti~C!til.oee=, ~a:;; qwility
:im,p:rovc:mc:m.t prillclples, mllizal:iom ~t~ 311!1 a_Ci!flll!di~:atic:!m, stmdanh.
Si:milnr m·S.)':Strm3 affiTc:d ro ronlmet'daJ employetS 111' mat~~ ~ platu. die l"RS program
~eli~ and 'COO!'Jomlc

P'lge 87


Site-~fic Pnligeti nnd Pmoed~


C~Y(~ Qclldlty ~I!IIUIIlt Program

• Numoe Evntv



:,., 1"c;Ws. (NBTs)

• 'at'Dll:h Apfdlsa!J

Spodalty and Chroo.ic ~
CoosiB!:rt (Jon:mWJ.icstion chrnqeb MAC ·•t u!etl.iagS
R-cj)\1Ktim g S y.stcm
Cre:dc:nttlling Progrnm

• U'tili!2:1tian }l.~mt ~FD
+ Coountmity ~liw ~ad: a.:tul Coru:r8cta for thC! nff• sen-sees a.odl c:lClrudinsro:'l .

ID illll.lkli~ Bill Wii:KJC1, Ghl f'tiS Smtioc'l.l ~Cir, eunemly ~ 111.111Imal.

reoort Cot flw St:n.,i!f s-w:ru~ theprier ycG3 b~th tal6llctili;Eica 1l2111J1Jitcs d:tc Sheriff

gOill.g 8fLd objedivcs for lb:dlel.enJi.CIIi ta.eilitia

1.1'.3 l!..iooMin~on ~WP PtQ. 1)
\/eOOOf(l:i)mU51.ort'/ QIITlp~Q¥ rnwd~ n~.Riii;. dinie8li l!lld aw~l&\'m ~ ....trn t~ta ~
~•r3 ~by 1he ~o ~

m:lfa ~board , 6li mquii'Qd, b"t·t:na Sbm 1!f

Cdcm '

l'he PHS Cnxlmtialing Progmn uiil ~ttl enwre tbafM:alth care pramtiomc:n: o:o..~~ !m'ioc Bf tm: Aa!O ~(:S h.o.wa 1M! ~to pnJ.Oiic~
wilhim Ow;:ir :ficld in '!be: sm={'l ofOdffiJ~ AD b,~l.b C8.fe pmcQ..1i«H'lGi (l:lllJI~~ lind
indc_pmdcm oo~) i1o'b;.pro...idtHII:i-~sctYiecs qtfhcA.CSO f.cillilm v.-ill be.~d
io oomp1eb: the~~ Til£ Admini.J.'!Il!tM> A~Unt tb&Wti"tflm l.cginoal
· O:ffloe mAJI'Qn.aL<tw:ln tn.bmili and emmedlst1hc~~'Cifk lunbmitted to trcp
thi.l. r~~mm.


l'HS rcqt.:irr;s. mprofcs;;i

;:~~rJ !tblfto maintain Cllimll ti«ilSL~ a:rtifl~l)D, Or ~.&!ion
a:s. ~ by ~tJe rmt1 'Wd:etid ~aw. Cad~ MD.• OJ~ Pl'IS Oh.tE( f;fUILtal Of'ticcr. ~
C3tllb:Ii&held ~rtt.,.wida o;OOt:n'li.aling p:rooedURs illi .- .,,.e;jfiqd'luu fdl!d dotuma'!llltio:n of

prof~.Dd. sWf ~Cf4~.

'Tho PfiS Cml1m!ialms Prosmnt oomplc:tes prim:try !lOUtOe verifi:cariou of each J1Illcti.tioncr'!l
medical edue!OOD, ~ DEA c::milil!l~. ~tloc bis:tor)·. nod liabilit)· :im:m:n~

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hor;m:nmcnt Contnct Noll. - - - - - - t'tlR~.- Omirwd - ·. 00032•1

e;)Vel.'ag'C. H~ care~ ;ta:"r5 r:-~L'IIiW~ e'\'1:!:)'

tfm:t }'Qrs to Cilstire ~

qUiilifi.~o:ns ste ~ md the :Pft\-'il~ !lll:t'iaJrled. tct the l!a..'th care: ~itloner are

lb.; URl!i.C Htallh Provider~ Sr.a.OOar& were:: ~asb.P::d 1o ~-u ahtii
~:l pN"o'iJCill! health eve nrtwd-..s ~Jlvtl' iliri ~ptjal¢
~iiah, qr,urJj&miollS .md! tiecmntrc. URAC Hesllb Provid~ Q-et~llt&alilig ~on
a<rlll'eS ibid a~ h!J.S veriJied 01~ cducrioo,. tmmin.J:r,.lin.bility~rd, and 1ll"B.Ciiec


bi$01)' uf~IJ': .M~vWm;_ "''hi!r n~Oll ~.FilS Ciibrl;r; tbat 1!!c mcdl:w prof~looal!l
J:m::rridm~ ~ I~ ~ ~~ mr:.a ·lfil.c ~ stliD'~ :!~~it by ()RA~ liD fn.dcpcnlkn. u.nd
:OO.i1profu. ~~00.


1.1.4 Mminitilnllive ltmdership f;RFPJ;':II-7~



Ad rom~ IGrader>...l!J.p Ui31 ~s lxJI.I'r ooet ;300(UIIabirny aru1 reepms~ m

Iii illlill01l~S :iitff



PH'S 'W:In ooll'li.n,w!: to !JflllY 111 pro.t~ctive til~! ~~~g a. mechanism fix
amgt)4r~g Ol'lmJr~!mirmtioc. [le{'yro · hea!UI st.Uf and Lhr: AaiQ 4.1~ti01)!]. prn~ ~
epp..~ Is 1~.~1:'e!tt ].1.) oor ~~ phllo~.:r :ud (br, ~'tCIIJ wby 'PHS baa co:DSiis'.m1ly
d:em.Imstratcd va.too llhr~~ ~of ~(lrrn ~·-~fur ~tO!rt 30 j"Cim. Bill \\'iJ.Isoo
and Dr. OJ:!' mcd at ~t mcmthly •wiilh tbe. ACS!O fo n:ni.n optl'lllioos. CoLIIbimJth-dy. tM!y
oonti.ooc)Qaliy loot fur ways :to imptct'Y~ O(ICI21iona! et!Eciltuey.


lfl ~PBS fur thi:!3 ~ .A:Iamtcd3. (;'.wnJy will baJctit :froo;a l!j mnll!lg.e1nmt tcm1 d:W
11 'bil!lh l.ii!hlY ~CIIlCIXIo UDd dim.cally skillc.d.. FoHowinij o !h~ e:'ill~ k:lm the ACSO
will.v.~ .,iJb '!b nCM'~



DiiiiWibo.n. Hcala:l SaviCC!I ~


~ ·OJT• .MID, Ou-Si~OOlll.Mcdic11l :Diicaoc


Lind•l&uoiL, RN.!< Dtooetot ofNtm:ir!g


LmMt! G~Jbut. A,s:!i.l!t.~"mt ~ se,rv;CI!!!5' qtJ (~ih


.Ms.Jnagcmeru s~~

Sb~111 Gaber> L

Comtm:lt!.ir:..!b1, ni~ ~


l.m~ l'(lf¥'0, t..VN, C,_h:k"llliy lmpm.vemmt Coo:l:lTI:iniii:Jr

.Admliol&l1 i'Dfu:rmll'lioo oo re.giaoall amd. CGI'{iOfB.'le key pm;ocmel. M wdl. iJ.S Pl'3lmli!l\ bas 'liu:f!l
om~ in Sedloo. :B - Key Pcnonne1 - Q:lnllilatlou & ~rm..

PN:It~u~rneot ColJClr•act N o . - - - - - - M.aste:r Coni'r.P~t No- 90031-4


Whllc fuc CBU cal~IK' la l~cd ~i , ~em.m CJ! 6ofie5 uv ~ each ~'t8r~ ~cb.
as awsc li91cd bdOw;


NlmriiJ.R:~mt Skills
[nfilcOOn Comrol

Aho'\'EI anrl beyood the moathly 'CEU Progmm, PHS provid~::S .MmiltrThlll fLilltlli•s fur ~~ 5Wf
memha' to~ and iXImj)tetc.CEU prograDl.'! of'llllcirtCJw:i«<, In ~ltMl,. J}J'. Ou will
pr:riOOiEallf .h p~"CSCmt!.1iiOCls oa ~fie ~adth capioo M ~ 'f*ifit ~ ~ 1u llhc.faclli.>lY
(ie. WOIJ.OCJ cat'C).

l1.'6 Amlull Rl,!plrt fbr ~mplllmee (RFP 1"9- 1)
An ;;a~~ W.CI;uirty :nrl AC$0 Of mmpb:lt:e

Uirent Gall1omla raws. regulatirn. ~~~~
P'rayRsrm ~S&t1 RJA .11111 <~ndGien~

~~ to ~ nd~~ F~ ~

BiD Wllmrl, tb~ PHS Hca1tb. Sen'icca: AdmiJU.strator. am:mly~ na SlmlU.l repo.rt for
lho Sbcriff Slmowizing the p:rior yt;ST bcatdJ c:uR: ~es ttw11'1~ du~ SIW'l'lff awue of
llpOO£Ili'ng goals and objccti\'e!l fur h d:tc:otioo. facilities. ~ lWIJ Iil.O!Jt tt.CC.1U WlfJ1l!ll TqXIlts
hn'e been iru:tlrdb1 in ~ .Attadnumts.


L1..7- 8 D~M~Crtptlw ll'lformatla.n (RFP P-;L 7.!8)
PHS)'-~~~ und~dt~ tho dascripti""" mfaamatltm mebJOOdl :in mclt.PJII•~ 1-lf..
f1HS: ~ ~ «u:t on..~~ 001~ paramfl'tta a:Jdl o.ur 20 ycm of~~ at ll•l!l
SantA 'R.lta.Jail <lii!d ~ G 'M• Et o,w Dekillion Facility.
1.11.9 c~ Mtnlll'li$ntor CRFP Pe~. M }
the R!l~pl!'li!Sl ~ thn A.SJCO. OU)d 1M lllXtdt.;!l.odmlniall'alot lh:ll 'l>lllniler
!he Gcmlllsnd!t' at !he Detentioll andl VOO'eollon5l t»\1~ lhc Od.clni~ 1WI O!JfJecUon& liJNISa~
~ ih&ll ~ ul"'ddiM'



PRS wiU ~ 10 liUder tbe ~of the AS.CO <1Dd ~~:md$ tha.E. Lh~ eoalrtd.
administrator, CUfl'CDIJ.y refcned m as the PHS ~ ~U~d JlfiS IJ!ima Sqeaot,
will be IIDiCk:r tb£ Cammaode3: of the Detcm:ion.and COli~ l>lvWon.. l'HS CDiellfiy is
'W'Ciiting wilb Lt. Drobic Jmgcm-Lewis BDd Sat. Mib Mt.~IJoY-

'l 11.10 ~ Dlrec:t<>~d F'tlysldan 4.ilf\P ~ ~
Coua2y reqUli'CS tho~~ tf!ct-c be a q~ (Da.udi Cert.ined utBI:l&rd El~f 19) ~ d pllld ~ 11~ ptlys;"d~ Spte::~q~lioo!lhfl t:e ln lb&~Gt~ • octG.I'Iet

fwnll)' ~. cr ~~ rQOm (ER) medJcinl!'. (Adjusted ptif ~~ IIIIo. 3)


Dr.l&ro1d On-, wwll 001Ui.JJur; ill fi.r8 role llB Mcclicnl Dircxlmr fur~ .o\C~'O 1iDi!l 'WiU C:)ll!Mtll.t~a.
to 'be ~blt: fbr Ol':mli. bealt.b can: dc:tivc:ay ii:>:rtho ~<1:!.5, II!J.Ite 1:1a:3 sioool001 . PHB
will emaure 1ha.l Dr. O.r:r luis CTlii'CDt llite~ ~nd. ~"' eo pl'Ovide 1!;ltViccs mt:M sti8tc of
Califomia. D.r. 0J11' is dso 1lhc PHS ~egio.o;sl M'a..liCOJl ~ 3fld ~A'ill oo.nfume to·be tmtkr
the supcrvi&i.oo of the CbiefM~I ~ Oific:;et,. Or. CW 'IC.elld.k. Dr. O.rr"v,rill. be: on-site fcm)'
(40} botmi IX" v.-oek m d on-all ~~ Will be pmvWo! 24 holm! pocrdny, sc:vcc OO)'S per
J"Moo 1fll.:llll ~ I~J;. • fu I' NQ.. ~$ • L Ofl({!ffi:uoftfl!! f'nlllowj S!IY~

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weel: as. reqnked ~ tl~~E': ;RPJ'. Dr, OP-'1 ~biliti.~ will itd~ aJ: a m~umnm. tbe


• Daily phy~cl&.l;) Ilia ~I fur 'tm inm~ r•at;mln!it.m.
-.. Sup~ <.~int¢al s~~~ rtsJd«"$1 by n1l bealtb c-..i:J"e ~~• Coordinating medi.c:a~ ~ pot~v.ided Ly ooWcl.e ~ami.Wtti, ~ bospi~a, !1.3
11!1 an-ails apeci.slty setv:1c:t:6..
+ Ccw~ .m~·~r'!:!il o.fao)' ~ ofoo~on:s diseases a::~ ~ 118 d'cvelrJp .md
implcme:nl p11ms to prcvtm :further fll'all~iom of !IUCPJ dist:i!S«< wffilin tile filclllty.
+ Rmewing ~ 1d>s wbi1c ~that a~at<: lb.llow-~ ltas been m..Wc.
+ Aril:rti11g in the oevl'Jopru.:2J.C and llilJll(:IJlUJ.teDoo. uf PoliC}' and Pro~ Mr.m,lll~­
+ .t~in2: scbw t.dcd mon:thly staff"me~
+ A~liinfl~ ~role mtbc Quality [mp:nm:mcmt. ~D O:mtro-l, wd fllil rmat.J
~isllr;ir;;:s. Cammi"~


• CQ(jdm:;r-b;,g miJDih!y stMEm-ee~.
• Cotu:hr<:ricg Mart.u.l:ity Rf!'Ji~ on 211 i.wJlnte. tl~-rths.
• h"Ovit:fulg daily ~boru:!l c;ogtatt "in. <rth~ pb}~.kina'$ p..""O'~ :stsr\-:iee:J et tlle ACSO


·• Rcvlemn,e:thc we ufi!:Uclllm)" ~i:oe!!l !ilO::h .t:S J"h·1:ir'll1l..j'" and ;iievi~:Wjug all requests fulr

IKID-:fumu:dacy drugs.
Attendlu,g ~ly s.cllul:u!$d MOO!~ A.~ C<.~tlDi\ml.ttt ~~~~

Dr:. Orr bs: 1:1'-m' 3-0 years. of medi.¢.81 pi"8.Ctioo e~tooQ, 'l r:lL years.~·liuiJ: in oo~"ll
@l~ili~ <md mtJst llf dtat in ili£1 atam of Califumia..ltth&.s so ave~ m1h~ SW;.; Qf
<..:a~•fllm1A- o:md ''i" Elligih~ mhtcma.l Mmicime .mrl MmilgY:d ezxe M'~ ~
~~~:-is ~huf..,C


iiD Sredioo H. Kq· p,l:l'llonncl.

1.. 2 Ve:ndor Qualifica1ions·~lt9$. t--11'1)
Veri~ l!fllnlfi'IUJJ'I oi-'81 iealiemt itlr.;lu~

uu• ~ nut lifni~ ls;i IJJ!; fdluwiitg.

1.2.1 Exporicm:JC rn Corro&1ionaltfw.--att:lr Care (ilfFP flll.S.
Vc:lflib muot be ~Isle)' M il OXTiiiltrJJIJ ti~ll(leld il1lt~ h.l~ or f!«N~ ~9

fr,mr.f,(l1fe1!M"'IM 9d ~~ mmitft'll ~ ~~eni.a5 fer ilrl: lec!:t. ti!M!-

{5' ~- &al~L Str\'i::e!:, lm:. (PtiS), fPe fh~ o*~~DAI ~ sen.•icl!s, was o:rglini:it.d
and ~ D~ a;. 197'8 ia t\ie S.t~te ~;~fJ)e_L;r;wru:a. 1!1 the pll!;t: almost 30 'p4ItS, iltlt
OOOlJ::cmy's!lh..-e focm: '~¢'; ~&1 tEae Jlt0-"·1._.-dbr;~ r;t£ ~lit'a;lc:!l,Ly· ~.fficlem 'bealth <:am
pro~ to j a.iisl a:od pdt«~~ ~ems al!dlil,DIWK1Je., mt(1pdlng ~ .'\CSO frnr 1ba p.ait :2(1. yc:a:rs..

:1.2.2 P~nni~J

Lleen~ ;,md Ptofc:~i'or'tgt


(An! ~· t }

Bldder~ lflil!.l:!;t ~(!ill

petmltt!, r~ and pMfa:JaiOrt8! -cl~ r~{ Ill
!'4"~ ~ty r.or:r~~t.-e me.:scal ha:!r.tli 5tlMce!l. as ~te(l U!lil€1' lfiS. RfP.

rHS ..,.i ll eall1inue to ~s:s fin;-;emu~ llceuses lltld J=mf~ ctedeb:tt12!!: :raecessacy to
~lie qmlity ~m: medi<:al ~ m the ACID ilicllilies. PHS will oontinne to
Jll!lloi:R:. i~ ];C"Ofc:s:iio:na.l ~!3.ff l:o rnBIDmm C'llf.l'(:1)t 1[~ ami&alic'lii, Of r~n !S
rtJQu.~ by ~c 81l.d federid taw. Cui Kcld.:it.. M.D .• 1J!lc, :ms O!fefMcdicai ~ ~
~abll;bed cotpl)fi-1h~-,~de ccedcmiaiirag fuf fuc vcrifict1i.<~n and ~mmtllotioo of
PI! Kin Heeltlo ~.-.

~'16. +

riA" tiU. !"tCcm.4 + I. ~WI ctct.,~I:d senAce.~

Pfi!)U '·'

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\. _


J11U±c:sa:ion.ll staff <r.~rillfka'lions... Th.c: PH8 c-rodm.da1ingi'ro,gmm will oootin~e 'tO ~ llu.t
~~~ a~rc pm~ .PJO..,;di.og.oo-aiRe s::rvjre 81: 1hc:ACSO ha1~ (b~ ~a1!; n:lql,lll"MI
. 'fo illror:>noc: wil:hl.n thei!' field. AIIII:J~ care practitioDoCU (anplo~ wm~rmt
a.m~l.ool) rp•lm· pmvi.<kQD.-si•c ~·ices. "A-'iR mo be rt:qnir,~ b;:l oomple1r:; 1b~ ~esl~lin~

'Tht P)jS CreJem.ti~ Program m.Cm the sllimdt!rds eslilblish~ by th~ ~l;mll.] c.(J[J'J.mlfu
·&,r Qwlity A~mn~ q«:QA) anrf in 2007 ~~~ ~.zmli!d l1elillh P:mvldt!r Credmlialiog
Aca~fl! fttm URAC. <L w~ D.C.-~ ~l~h care ~edllling utgmi.zaliom
fuEil: ~~t!$ !lfill!lit:r· ~dnid:.1 fur the h~!h ~":ittlli igl~Y- rt~e UR./I.C .acacdltatio.o ~
II) ltic .r'f:IS tge<.f.~~t,;il prof~om!!:;; ~~.{5 ~ Jilil~i_c.z
O ILG (tf 0!11)' l i prosrams


- amd 1,ba UtJJ.f (l(~l hetill:lil ca,.-·1$ ~~4)1[- k) acllicwe ·llbEJicvel o{ e.ueilcnre.

1.2.3 Ciitfftflft IPm'l!ider oH~ur19dionti I He attn S~ ~ li"S- ~)
f~Q:! ibl3 ii!I GU!'nl!lt cf- racent ~ prm!Uar or~ l<saJ:1~'1JI)S; ~itl~~1 & 0-2:
~ rihiiwl~L'r:l rnmt reflecl. itlis ~~

PHS atmiDLiyprovi.dl'!;!!. Cffl..OE1!ilh~ ~.tlcal, ~Lt.:~llil.l andli!lt~ lllCifal ltca.llh care programs at .
~ JSI) y-riwa ~ j iiil &c:il,itie: r.l!ilti(~~~Jrwi!h i,a lZ smu~ [{il'(Jo\'~ ('JU,.for ~tt 133,000
lMls .aOOI mEilc:mg llS a. lJ! 1:.1.3f!emal pru'lii!Gt 'il<ith·fue ~r::ttire, pcop'le aDd II}WlnJI
Il:qUired 110 w~sfully m.alop aod :Oa.tng,B ~~ M8Ul~ acrvices fila'
r;J;).m;;tiot&B] mcilitiE&. A axnplmc list of cmmot oontrlictaj. :11.1 wdl as ~!!. D- 1 &Dtl D~2:
'lllifu ~;.lieot/ru!i! ro::ll'mCC&, are inrludc:d in.Socdoo )[- RmllRlltcs.


l.:u..P'Oiiei'~!l arut Proce~ -

~ fiJ
Pillnhm'e d'IWCIOJICld .;1nd ;tnvl~ :;:~ ~11m.:lllt ~~ in i'll dinic.;si ~ef!J: for
~~ f.JI;I'l¢e:; ~ c;I!W' ~~ ~j~. ~ ;;md ~~ fl;I n;l:m:.i~liij gc;!l(

ilm. almost 30 }'Cal~ of ;:xpa:i.mce, PHS '&as~ pt;t~licics amd pro~ ro iEpJoo1cnt 1m
~ ~t:e!Ul~N l.l.llildcl. (S'ooo S~~J L'l.S b~ Itl addi.noDt tb• J!<1oll~ts
:md ~~~tt!ii b::n'e bem IIi~ nil! t-e!lttd :l~ tlu ACSlO .m. tiM ::pa!lll lO yea.n: r.o mMt ate'
lWOik oftbt~ Santa. mta J:rO. ;and Gli!JID E. Dy,et" DetenUo:u :Fa.c:lllt)·~
.PHR hB5. dC"C.l opedl.83 jail~md M priSOOI. pol.icics sDil pmccduJes w.i& !!1nD.dards
~t f1>id:J by 1iu: AmaiCI!D Comx:ti!IIUII ~anon (ACA) mlliJ the Niltio:nllil Commi:>:rion on
C"¢~1 Re.lltb euc·(NOCHC}.. "~'hex po'licie5 m:1 ~ prov101: ~.~ Co. b
mbl~~tmi.d ~ ~~of 1~ .e:ffc;;fu;~ llildi ~ffi'd~t 1-..eellb c~ ~. 'lh=ie
p()} r;le~ h!tve- b«::l1 ~'*' 11) the ACS(Y$ olfid"l p(lr.itimil 'to~ a ~~-te~ ;pq)~ crpl]
Ploc~es M~. ll~ PJ:J.S poli-ties; ref,II!Cl a.ocnldl.tatlm~ sL'l~Mimt\ ()i)!Ol,PII31!1tt~ rliit!.~~
Rnd ~Eiial(!l&liii:i;~_Li,. iflt.tJ ;!'lw\ng is«! hy f~ ctflf>l'IS ~]i(;ICJ; &.l•roc~

E&.."h p(~ d~~ :in dcta.ilt and iu i!(>lflll.::u~·~ wli(tl apjlfQp.rU.~ bi:tw a t.dley i!. to
be: emi.ed alrt mtd by whom.
• All hcattb cam policies SDd pcoc.eduros are Ki.te-upccifie"-.
+ El:Jrh policy md proocdurc m'lilc ibca.l'dl c;.m:. ED!IDllm i!l n:vil:iii'Cd at [~ raDIUIIil)', iiWil
~ a.s il~ unrl!2' d:Jo dimltion of 'fmc l-ie<lliib Sl:fVi~ Admin.ili!mior ~mrJ Mcd;ir;:aJ
~. The tlllWI~ ~ thed~ oftbe :JDOStret:eut~Ol: ~_non lind:, lito.
m.lciJQUm, ~e sjpt,u:~ of the ~ty·s MSA r;md Medil:ll!. Ulte:cigr.



~ 11~u, ~ 1m • · R1P' f*j, ~ • ' · ~~ !llll
f>ll.;:l!o ll.!l

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r~l!d s.e..~

1'o1:ici.CII r1lB1 are oorr«;;llooa.] dt ivm !rudt a3 ll.!o!'lt m\'Otllm,g socurity i!t!l!llrs, titcl!a:~,
md'Usbics., OJ i.mJwe W4ll'kua., ci'.D rlllt CX!t.:d~lJCJ: 'A~t:h. t~lih C&'e Policies..
• '1'h.e ou::tttl] ar oomJiiflllicm o( Poll~ & l"ro~ is ~Uy .&ecesifulc oo-s.i~ cu
~Jtb ruff fur ~ a.Jtd/Ot tilktB:tl"*-


1.2..! Medical _C~re Man!!<g~lllt PKK.:;trams. c~ P!J- 101
Mlllol1 tuw~ ~ ~ l)'t;:lfl.~~ent 17()1J'tn113 'MD:Il OOI'IIP'UvAIIl tlc ~
~~6cm {ACA) Olnd (l(lii"'ITllllll!y-biw>-'Xl &18ndar44 ;;1. (:Sf'EI,
Th~ PHS oomptclle!JBivo M t tlitaf M'~i£4!aft!ld ~~»;; l![m:'lrll!td by llhe ~ on fu
· :fui!Qwifllg Jl8gt ptctYilits a pQatfu~:~ltl fut the deli"(Jj .ufhit;;!iJ!ih c:arc tita.t focuses. d,iieclJyoo the

El3li~ m001~er'. Tbi.s~ll!lr:d'.hMlth



eate i.ldi~ llil.lld~ is fullllliEld on~ pmctioos,.
a;.o[i~~ qtQ}fu..• .im];omvaol!ml principles, ollilizatioo.

1,',,'-:li r·:•

.lfft:fl:ll*l!l,\!m~t ~teG. md ~I'ZI1ioin smdnrds.
~&t kJ. r!Y$teltJ$ otfmd. to c:.xmmr:cct~ emplo-y-en by
IDEIIlaged eua ~llrio, tlu:1.PHS ~ 9Jflim1ze<L cliniooll
lmd KUDIHiliC OU1W"f1:'tf!S.

c-df ~ ~·" ti rn~

i:; PHS dokng pi" ;ticul.arl)•
r-~ <I JI =*~ I ot;_; in-;,;t::it:; f~·);:JI':



_,..,_ ·:•.7•: .•, .:;.,iol t." E.J··. :._..

I~ t:-:·

Th_o [urDUili2Xld. ~rt ISY!1~ o.~. ""'1,31 i! klly er~ t: tr tho.Me.Ji:t,&t. Mi1IP18itfl!'ltilit I1 rpgmm,
OOdrc:sa .imfcction eontrQ], q!dit)' i~~m,t:, ~¢ macUFJJit";nt. uti~ ~g01l!)eot
tm_d ~eutiJlling
-m~r:: ~t."3S, 1.ltiliked ~ tYAit' 4,000 cl.i BI.eal. and adr,inimllli~'Jl,staffat PHS


;~~'ide, C~Hw-e d:UJ.t pa1ic:n1s. rorei:vr.o fhc:most olpl!rDJ.'riatc.and effcdi·.-c:: ·~cvd of ccw. ~
Ohi-e:tMediQ;J] Offioor rmd s!Mf set medical ma~p®icy in liC.rorda:ncc "ifu
~ l!l$!!d :&tmaords of ·. .-e !IDd ovm;cc -aU aspoota ,o f the oompmy' s. dmiG!i!l t::~t"e




~.... loo. •' ~ [I((G2o4 .. ' · De"~dm ~XI~
P"~ lt(o

Page 93




l.z.e CerLNicdJLic:ertsetl 51aif f.RW P.j , "'IO}
•J erwr(~) A~lffi ~~ arTlplgy mtx:1r..U, llUT$ng, ~

~llftln4y t)llt1J oo 80<1

sld e. il. flli!tnlnlstra!Ne Pl!lSOOOtl ~n 'II"C

lo;::ensed by lhc APll"'J)rl~ o;;diidicn ;;rnttor lice:t~tlfl!t bo&d, a.a l'eq,tlt'ed hy

"J1.a 31.a1Et (A ~omia,

The PHS CrU!Cdtia!ing IP~ W'llJ roo.tinur: t(} ens•.:re 'lfi+lt lus:llth care prxtitian.t'ii'S
Jmlvidio8 oe~-!ite ~ccs !t the ACSO facililics bYe !he ~r..ti Is ~ to prnciice
wilflin (b&iJ ficld in tbc SIJII.e ofCali.fumia. All ~lllilb e;![r{! pl'ilL'tili<u:'lfJ'Si: (U!IliJI,I)yttS and
iod~.mlrol OOIJt:mm:on) who provide o!Hite ~oo.s 4 Ute ACSO fucl.Ma M U be required.
fo oomp!ote the CJ'Cid~ JllDCCSS (See ~ina U..J

T!Je Pl-fS Cr<xlm1illlin.g .P'rognun mec~ lli.a dm-..d~tb ~aMdbcd by Ullt ~ ColDIIlittcc
for QliJJity i~ (NCQA.) rmd in :2001 ·~ o.wn.rd'.erl Ho:ddt Pt·ovldu-·Cli"Cfir.nt:P.IiDg
~~tim~ fu.11g, URAC, ~ Wrt~b.i~ D.C.-basod bJ:allil ~e 1Locmfi1i111; orY.Uliz~
CbJd ~bli~~ ffamty libmdllrd"' f"r tll~ b~ .care iudn!ltry. The URAC 11tmll:iirJilioo ~tWti~
Co th~ PI1S ~iC.U pra~onal!rc ~trt~b.r~ pt~ :r:nUintl: PBS erne ofoofy 12 pv~
~ 31'Kll!ic oaly wtrl!letioc:tl. haallh ~" otpiuizaiti.on - to I}Clrleve .m,. ~ IJt• e:Kdlance..
1.2.7 ~!WltatiOtls

~ 10)
\t'ellffOr JDust mcmtarn Amarttar~ ~ ~ {AC/i) ltOCi'OOiliiticn& ~ tl
coott&:l...,l ieh l:n&'f be e~~teffld fl'4n ~A r~• llofthls RFP;


am rA

m~ ¥1'idi ilia ACSO

I l•JIS obtain.ed 'KCCH.C ~·tatioo. fur the Sm~ ru~ J.W in
HXIOomd ACA. ..:.emil.b'liou ln 1998 aud lwl ~fj;JJy l!ij!irryrincd ihee;e ~~



&if .~a~ip Acc.propfislmJsiJti The Aestl.. 'll!'iU!J ·I!IJe lletp i1f l"ll~ ~~ '9!.7 oo
AC.A. Ac~don i1t

* '·


PHS lAin rontilllle to Work wiili t:h.c: A.SCO·l'tt mftillr.uln lhis ~~o lhru~ lhe rerm
of om oorrtmci.. (See S~Lon 1!.3.1)
L2.8 ot Unders1anding (RIP Po. 10]
V-erdot ~ h:J!.rc. t:$1abl!".hetf ot ~ .:,Jallfiedl to emta&l'o a ~lim !Jf Ond~.rg [MC)ll)•
·~ !iM!1 f!QiJl41.~ wilhm ~ Ca.u\~y;
PUS cmrc:otly 1m t:,1.Bbtisbed J\_fe:moftll.duJrui!Jf :~~d~!li!iz· rN:hh
boapjtal.a wi1hin .Aimnoo!l Couaty;

"'fc,lk"jpfali& ]()tal

:.. 4bDJ~ib CoCUJAy M.t,di¢$11 Crntcr (.\CMC)
P)IS ha!i a. lou.; ~o'bn!ling 'f\\!l.;:ttk111..,l.:tp (Febmscy 1~91) with A~ wlOOb. i!K:I.u_&:s HiibJn.od
~piiRl 8R1 ~pli~ll H >2J.ilal. PBS has reamd,y •OOIIIj.lhloo ncgotiaeil)JfS .u fuc Q!T"'-lllr
atrjiD~t, wil.ll ~li fl~ll.~Dut:~ !bad b«a :tn p&tcc sin~ its. inccptil)]).1\t.r:) uwst
btpot'91it ~~!.1 hr lint fur 1.6 PHS b.lS boen able 0) ~I ~ tl;..~ U,i;
~al ~Clll The rcrob i~ that tb_c ~ ~ ~:d impBt:ati~m 0\'12; the~ of
lbc oo:Jru'a~ baa: ~o .m ~ of j 81%, wtn~h i~ well below ia:.cre.'l.'l~ experlerlced i11(be.
ststc ofCalifarcia. for thal lim.c p.IDod. Cll•r ·n.bmLY 1:0 mil_y.~ iuc~ ha~ allowed w- 10
oo::rtrcr.'.!il!Dd ~.;{pmlit8 to lbc Cotmty.
foon H


• i<fP lob. OOoaz.t + L l:!~c.1 ~ 11'0
PoJtr I l

<r.::~~ ricD.

l"ror;:nremeDt Cm~tr.act No. _ _ _ __ _ A-la !liB Contr.act

~ vlilae,o ~es~ lt~l~ System
PHS has WDlhd •A•il.b ;:t:nd i~; t:IJilttacll!d "'-'<ith V'2tllej• (~&!.~ Htalth S)'il.tllL Thr
OOh.>tmd 1:1~ Jo r9~ m ,j in 2005 l"liS 1'\I~!QI:h~ lhl3 ~ct:Jt to be!tta IJI:WI8C. ~
oom af servJc:ea: lb~nJ: w;.~vk~ ~ cl:Ju:t ~Ly. ')1m:; .~orl:at)' lxlgphal. allow~ PHS ro

Nc~c ·~(JJ:U


m:mage the bed ~llilability w:itbW the ~1'r.> Edfm:M<!dk:a• Cater
111 the wu:lbcm part af ."Uamcds C.aWJ.ty 'PHS will oorrt!mLc [O worl 'nlith Ed~ Mt:u'§~
Cmrm. An ag!iCflllltDl is cw:rendyunder r-eview tbc. moopjl:lll.

]n ndditi.;m,. PHS b&S .i dr:diooro ~meaner :SO'Vice d~l .m;l prcn.~de{'nl,:it;rm.~
defl~ent. Wh~ ptimmy gpnl

Ul to meet tbe MlCiis of 1m~;; c«n:!iiy rrad 0;) ~l.'iti~ rill
rt~atti,O~ within~ provi.<[er OOII!Illi.IIiity. Ovc:rthc ~ P.US hli~;. r~ 01.~fb ~i ·~~
amcl Jll.V'I")m I{) lld~e dR: vmiOl.Jli. stdfsmd dcp11I111HDs on !tiC.! Ci1J~bili•i~ q t' lb~; j iiU
mnfitt!Mrir:.?J .Md dt~ ro.acems ~ w ~ty imdl roi~t.oL rHs ~ tb.....-d~ ti)Q].s td
refatau.":ld ~ to I:WfhL t:h.B pmvid~ ;mi. ~pi:tab ~ it '\he wrioo!:a ~of
claims stibm.is1Dou, ~R$ mlll ~ym~t.

1.3 - S.pocltie 1
C onn.etor Requi~nts tfRFP ~- 1:0...23)
1.3.1 M.alntananqe of AcCTedit&IIOOs. ~ PtJ. 1D)
,;, ~tn:l~ tlfltl ~i•llinli!flfi.all ~fed :actret~i~nt i1ltliltiiilg ACA ~edta1iDn 'IJY~X~ghcul ~
'111' any OOC'ir2ct. .. b. OOI'I'!nlr:lor ~aJ ~t ~ AC$0 'Ailli fSiiJ etl8i1!;1&9. ~ r.Jl Ql:lll-'f1&1'1£:e
ell£tti~ in aooontu~ with /J£.A ~n:IO!n3 b 111Jli.OrDe dur.lbml of miy I:;("A"'Iract.... e. c~
sl!al ~:~ut.rnlil &11 ~i!l ColiliJfisio.t.· ~ ·IJ;I M;;Y:J oo .~~pplii::abl!! ~ilf'a~lions. ~l2iioos end
lib&iits~ duri~ '(he il'a af~ ~rU,;Jd,

with tbt:ACSO,PoB&-obtilinroNOCH:C ~f.!lion for fuc.Sa:nta RmJ&l m

I 9"90 :md N::.A rw~ti®.in 1998 and hu m £SC:3Sfull!v IIJYntn~ flllcsc ~crcdi4nti.QM:

PHS will cootimr¢ to work with tbe ACSO J:o.mnin'lnin nH ~med JlCCRXiim!iot:~S .md will
mocftficatiOM to ACA .stiiMm:da.

oont:imm to ~si&t witil.


Ql.r~-.n, rHS 1:!rni emmi.~ ~in abhliD.i!lg and m~ ACA, NCCRC 6d oth«
s~311ili::ific a~tiOJilli. Po.rQlicnf~mJU~ACA. or NCCHC ~.rJIS~
at t% so_ooesM li.Clri~eJJt ~" e. Theso lilii-C Cbl;!l si~ fli$ ~~y 1!.3:; ACA 2111d


1-Ndto ~-.:M,IM:. .,. ~ t;o.OO!m"JII +
~ L.,n;:



L ~P'Oft

a tit: f'ro:II»'M ~~


NCC HC Acc r edited FaciHHes





i\!llii'TI!: CoL'I'Ity ~

i\bd:ti3 :cum;, n
CCv!!'IY. C.!\
~ C~nf!,·. 'VA
Bcqrro C::UUntt. I'IU

W nQ1tl1 Q}IJllfY. SC
Wlv~ift)o,J~ County.

'4~rg C'cunr;. NC
p,(o lur."e (;oulty, A4
P.funi~Q:l~Jmo ,

~ Mb~· Cwnl~. t~J
Clh11~ 0.~ 111,y, !"C


CI!<UtX,. C111'1ll'1· Ft.


Chl!lh:lm ~. GA
Chl!t~ C<itxll)•. G,t,










Q]OI.Qg CWllY J~ • NJ
~LiJfurd ca.nty, NC (7'¥1/::IrcA~









JdhruDI ~mrrty . KS


KJHtt Cl::lJ'ltyr Mt



lb.!:~. t{)l




C<'AJ»J, t U

~~pQutof,' FL
Phl:tld¢1"~ ~>"'. (Piro~

P'ntt:zsnillUt\ VA


O!l.mly, 'Ill

~l COulr.t JJ
~.®n o:.ntJ. NJ


I,.Qqn ¢a.ntr• Fll.

Faatky, CO



~ COUlly. Fl.

stT_,..Ootrq, KS
~ bl~~/.FL
~ CuuntJ. MA
/aniOJ~ 00C (h._"Qe ~
V~!i (:'()IJI't.'f, FL{Tfiio~

v.~!nJm Court,. OR ·
'W.ashce ~~ W
VlrtWIQ 00C piWF~

Cq;riy, 19.


~---A_C_· _A_A~·-e-·c-~a~.d_i_te__


GcrtnH:tor&MI s'llllmlt en iilnfiiJi!l Ccfli'IJil~t; r~ ID ACSO ffl8il app'lcatoro oe~ruo.
~m and' llc.61!'18ee dlring ll hfa Qf !:hi!: cat'fr'2rt.

PHS will ooruimJe to :!llbmit an IDilDiil;e ~J10It tc) ~ ACSO (!!1. all ~cab~
cer1:ifi.catioru, accrcdits.tio.ll.S aod ~ dw:io.511!.e
life of OUl' -co
'Nh~t Is P:-ts partioCularly
we'll? "11e~r::c-:·,:jtng L;:, rac:•!lty ;.t..~:'f
PHS bas. till::~ of funvill.f!; ;II] in·~II)Ll!l! ~~
rec~...:a;!;E. for <.l::t.:IT'..dir.ct;on dc-.;u
oi ACA md NCCJIC «~. Fw e...~U~pk,
rnen~tio n support.•·
!!P"J).l-ux:.ilmtdy ~o PitS (IIIIJ>l~yee:s are Cutidlcd
- J.r:.ot:-; :·~ C•>"rl! 'S1.r-·:}·. :n.,·;e
P.C...:.• I'Uh ~ ltioe.. ., IF' NIL OOI:QZ4 + I

Po .u




Ctm:e«iocalli~aW. Profc.i8iaoais (CCHP) Addi1ioo.:illy, PHS Sl:<lff r;:e;:iweil ~"l 'NCCHC
~ l!:nJ.1 ACA a~·u:rs ru~ &VIIi11bk: 1u ~PHS~ in ~ ~~li<tn

standards. The ~mi.:!= of these r:otptri-cocd profi::ss:imu!ls md 'lbt:ir~ikntl""'·l~S'fl <tf
ac:ccp18Mc wuio::wl"C st:mWi:nf:; have CClllcri.oot<ld ~IJy I.Q ~ contimiie1g 51Jttt~s &f
o;,r ar:«edi~ mt:>:mJ. ri~oo;tllr. 110:~ ~ ofptQ~Qncls;; Wlll mtttiri'ui! 10 be
IJYailaJble tG tbs ACSQ \U~OJ.ii !J:S. ~llr;/ 1" ~e ~t'l! during :r.Nca'fdtta:t:io..G
pro~ 1hroltgboot the I:(


1..3.2 Hearth~ $(1rv~ces Program (RFP P9'.1a•
He-zifh Cam ~OCSI


~~!Jn:l •n.. Cot1lt~

d'11:111 J)f(Wi&IIM 1ilt~ l':l'l.f"'& rJ El~ •tn~ ~ l h ~


t3.2. 1/fWJtc Hc<dfh &hP~ning ffiFPP-;.16)<J ~nlng :d'lall be~ b' a'J illflalsa b)' :11 ~~ ~i~ I"Ufe.e (ftN)all lh(lc ~
tTl'~ Ol I'll) S€11118 RII:a JHiL.

PElS liccmacd ' N ~~ (RN:;) will ~~ Co pc;dbmJ ~Vm•& !!l::tt«''ILl!J!, lllpc!ll
bookir!g ~Ube S'!.JllilltiW. JmL A;s ool«.l. in ~ P'l iS: ~tlifti'll~ Y~ ~ ~Wtll I-SA <P'lU' stsfiing
wiJJ ~~ tGbe ;ru~ t.o .alktw f'(~ 2<~,ht:ug Jl~ ~ tL'!:Ca.'idna;~=.n~ wUb.
•~cd oov,::rage wb..o ~Jll: :&n~lw!t...t~. l•HS Wt"U coetJI.iltJUl; to -pll:tfCt.fnl ~~
!;~ ic B.IIJ8JlJ.'W;;t CQasi!ll.{lOt wi'lll ~oa SW'tdsds a!!.di i:tll wifu
a:pplit.~~hll;ll :sl.ifk: and local~

n is lmpQrta.nt: to :know!J. s11!.bls of an iwnBfc: .a.a.IIOO.Il! BS plssi:Me: m.or~ to·
p:o&_.:lliwlly O;i!;(ll! tbr neleds. md aYOid oo;vcm: ~ aimfltiom. 1fhc pill of1ihc r~
set'OO.ilil8 u 1n del;~rmtn~ oo the tf'!"A!~ ·a l:en p~olc, ·lflepTeS~C~JJ:C (If :my rn~.Al
0011diti!:m ~ follo-w-{'lp ~By ll'.lin~ :so, it kcomr.:5 :pl)S:silllc II)~~ proo.ct.\'e
rap{II'OLdl to Uiti [lftliSQf il !Mldi~ ~. iS wd.l ru;: w dM~'lh~;: :sp1~l of tllsti!l~ wiiliio lite
fimiliWes... lrl rtd{!id(ll'l. !b§ .!!J)J).o'"0111.:h Jms: bci!m.
prov-en to :red-ooc.eQ~I:$ ~ili!:W with lml~
bo~J stays aJ:1d Sol1Cmity 101Hk:&:; overtime
~_p::s .

'l'JJ.'=f ~.(JIDOCS!l for ~mi~o~ 1t• tbe
s~~ R:iiiJ. Jaal w:in e:c:cetrl M:Cfildl'Wklll st&t~
.....l!h a fucus. oo. Ldcnhfylllfl,fJO'I!:1l'ii-flll.y (:1)1C:g~
!:~~ Ol'il VJ.~JI as. clirwdc moedica.l eoodf~. lu.mli.t<:S wbo ~"' Cfl'l.CJ'gcn.t calC will be
~ tbr t.tff-$~ ~cy care. l:mn.!tc1: who need ro 'h<: ~by a ph,W..cian or mi:D.Itill
bi:Slili p!!'Oj~;oruit-,vi.H be rcfm-ed fur mm evahWioo. .nd ~
lJ:Itakc: SCI:~ 11£ :int~IDIU~tioo is~ by quAlitiOO. ~ ~ p:uft!:;.sioMl. oo tb."'
ACSO-Ifppre\'t;d !:larulitrd -bml..


DCi;:lme:nling ofs;.oc.ific dcmag.mplll,c I,;Jt~natloo
Cri~ {!~tiona 1hrtt would;''li:km-tt"gmt ~0.11
'Ed1!Cit:r6catioo of specific ro;,'Wmlfli:(:abk di~
'i'fo3eiiliuih 8~ •....,_.., R!'P l!o.G. ~4.., I. o-:.1'_.,.,('
~ l. l<l

""Po ~~


( '




Documrotrng si~=nm m;:zrot. m!XL.callsut'gj.~ {"o'C:Ills

ofm(JbilitJ· ~ia;n~ (If' R~.c pbym~


CcJ.llcc;:f\1D of~wo:nen's L~allh-re-la.roildam,. ~~a,tJ,

• ldeotiliQJ'bno of ~1mmt rneditmtrMI.!: &ill any bown .aUG-ei~
• ld eotdk:~1jo., bf llu'h< .a'lrooo ltlstocy aJJd tbooe .-1 ns· ofwLihlniWal
• W~>mu toowm~·c d~ ~ui mll@ing those wi1fl. ~ ~, fa&:orB fot
~ t«l. ~ :tS 'o1.'BII a'} t: _,(l,taJ.e cnrollm.r.c:l in Chromo ene CJ1nJc
;. a ;nr.-nW ,ht!:aii!L ~-ulog to 3.3!(';S'S for.
- Suicide J"clc fa.ctol'
~1)1 mr:utlil ill.o.c:ss
- ()eve]~ IIL'Id tc& diQ\ilffi~
• ~vital .s;g123 and trigger n ~Ja) {i.)f' .:rilical viJal1igns
.. DocuJIII.Yltimg a brief~eral im:pcdjoo s;ludlng .\tin a:ul orru CliVity m:nmimttl cm
• Obt.aining .il oommt for trca1m<mt
• Pm' an mplllDatioo. oo il:rmltt.e of bl)W 10 ~ nu:moai. d~ ao~:d DJes;J.llll b!:dth


S>VIh~a tb:is mfooum.~ ~ -m:;U:e Z!ri aprpropriuc ~e.-d clr..~

All medic:tl ~mill-S I,Cnrm~ will btlcorne- pan of 1bt: •
';5 ma1leaJ m:"JOrd. Mo.ibcal
l't'lOOtds tor tl:llmS.i"'":hrrnls~ (t,e~ iu:nlatc:s who .are bcinr. ~~ O;om D:lle fucllity 1D
OlOoiMJ) will b~ ~t:JNI!d by hoa.hb s-.aff'Upon (b~ imn,"Ite ~ amvul ~l the tli;)it' facility. .
App~e ~ttit:m ....,iiJ lM; tukt:t~llB llcce8S<'II}'. ~$ ~ f:nclndlJig ~ Gl..~
dc;n'iitltm, will be Lil.cltldcd iD tbe ~~~~ cdi¢1'11 ~


PHs 1x:abbeare ~ 'P-ill contim!c to~~~ during o-ur~ ~rilH
tbr mmtal ~th coculitiom at t!lo time ~f tho intak\: ~~ PII.S' in(i]~ [jiCJ'Iei.SIIillS p~
lncauiea qucs'!Miilll regudiiJ,g i.llpQ:Ii~ot h~IJ.llB a:odl'o:r ~enl for ~'11 :d~ ;tnt)
plwmal;)' thcr8py. Adi;Jitionnny, "- ~ltrl bi!OOcty BOd. piJys:icnli ~~. 'wl~;.ch ~"lllfi
,~dUn 14 &,!1 of ~miss·
ind~ a-w.e:rltal hcaJth , ~ B;~~ on ll:w .U~ of llhe
ItiCCi.~ ~ proecsli, ~l.letftf wl.l be rcf'rmd to lhe CJMM {or bttter c,\falua.clou td.

A pbysiciM. or qtnlified liDE~T..!d lwalfu ~
~liCitlal mil par(mm -Ailllheaftlt tiie3SIDCilts
fo~ (14) ~ofllll i:!Jmato.•smn.,lll.Qt the
t!Oirl.y, onli!IS$ til~ m:.m
~~ ~ <1
trl~ ut· a1M llw requim;: ctpcdjttd or c:me:rJIDt


',\fn~l:i · ~


deol n~


•..:.. ~ ;L··"~j ;'I!J ~') : ~:C ,~.:;r (! ;l f;f"~•j
.~t=.rn:: ~(,~ plsc9d ·:.n tr-:.r-- ~1~· :Jr...r!
. 11f;IG "lt~:~: ~,tl(. c·o (;1 :"1 tC• :1~; Jr;: f ~tr,:jm::n .:;t GIE'nn C·\·u· .lfli·.·

·· .:!. l-:'i";l:~TJ (~~';."!_'j( S!..rL·~<· 2~'~)~.

Whal th.e i:lltial hcaJ.jj a~~~~ tl'le.l the lmtlal:il h::.s oo.e OO":morc: o-f (hi!" 1\hovl:t .PHS mey OCilldtn;;:t n Ml lte. llh ~,.,.flt SOODC:2:. dcpmding on the ~lh nood
of lfbe imnntc.


PHS will 1!01!.~ 1b~:~ $'!!Jge or toli:lp'~£e .cntdication W'ilbil1 ~hi: llf'Jli;Opnll!ely ~b%:4
time Hmit unl~ Jl i:$ de&nM oot t»ed:iea.lly ituii.cated by the Pi-!S ~cbn ttaff' or "OOt
eqn~t!l11 'Wlrt.h "l...lmilatd CJ.OOjet] ;wacticc dta diliRt"Jlt ~ .~tru IlL~ and d.ocwnmtl:rl to
(.;(;>nbd u~·$ tte8tiilg pbysici.m OJ' pha:rmoq PJ'O-'Io'i~~.
p.._.,HcillhS.nW..,In:! • RFP t:i:I. OXI3:U + I ~~{1)1e4'1ia~~

E'age 98

All Jmi'1J!Ie8 ~itl l.~e~ :p;~ fur .s}miJium.:.; o f~ve pulmOOi!t)l''L"EE Ill.llLGB.k~. ~q:o''
f>PD !kit\ t~Llng; owill ~:<:uc fur !Ill inm~ e!e.!fJf L~ wid! prku f)!ltirlve PPDs:. lrtmot~
i.dcm1il'ioo u po.mihl.a .alll!lll'~, includill.s. HIV ~ 'WIIh AIDS. wjH .iJa"Ye a meca:mg CX£t.
A p;¢e1i! i4tmtiJi~ J~ l 'B
o!Ie:ed ~ed. Pt1ien~ ~t;b su:>pc;;~ or
ronfi.rmerl. a.OOve TB wm b-> p!;~ ti•1scliuoo uS::..og n~"e ~rcs!UF.l' ,.,~ulils.oon tm.d
receive approJ!rlal.e mt;dieatillli 1br die *aiD ofTB id~i.fiOO..


{ ·



iD fue~an i.w:ostc tcfuscs ~.coo,pumellither~tu~d:/orC~:;)
ret~ ~ ~ftet 'btiU•! ~ 6£118 impo;rtatlce ~o ·!he i:nrrulec's ~lh l"teeri!;, (JilS
m~ ~ will appc-optlate!lydorumcu1 rucll ~. In :;!!db
C\'!!(11., PBS w:il11ake
.stt:vl.l JIR)<jically awrepriaoo mr 111e heal~ of~ indiJvidlnal:inml!tc',. ~ i:I:Jm;.tfri :!A.'Id S'la.ft




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Page 101

& i 'lh.UI



UEill. WIIUJ .SU L ;.;, -

- --

- - - - ••i.ii.U.~o '1..- !.Ui i(l i.i'-L I '" L)'. (!:Wi.l.:i~'4



RI'I'}[Q. ~ • l ~otn~~

Page 103



f>tipn tt~~. I~ + ~i"Nc.~ • l .~~¢f U• I\~~


Page 104

r.s.z.z Foal"teee) (14) D~ Heattll Ap~rsuJ fRFPPf!- 11)
TI1i:s w"iiilt!l n'llzsl: ~ psn~r.l ill order~ Jm::e( lhe ACA slirmlt!J'cb. llii5. i~ .&ii tliilmit"JaUoo (t'falo()l and
~cals;} at dlll)ll"'iile& ~ I~ t/1(1 ~tl'$ 011~~y mt..d bolt oo~ v.Chin til!' lh-L 14 da~'S of
lh(-..r kr..PII:X'n!Jtn lt• tf"<fer to be ~.'1 oompllafloe Ylltlh 100 A!::A ru~ .


PHS wm contioo.e to mwl:ue!.. h.ealth l!.j)Jlfai:s:IJS a.cemcling to ~atioD stan.r1w;., H~th
·IPJirai.s.?J.s wiiJ be ooc:np!ek'd by fl regtlkc-cd ll1C3Ie (RN). mid-level prncti.tiooa" oo pJJy&;,i m
fur a!t:b .inmate, wilhln j 4 d~~ a.fkL' amVBl. ~ tbc !iroo.i fo:r Ill h.ea..'lh ~~ i;o:;
Thcb.cs.lllb ~:-sisal ib1w will be fi ;:;d wthe inma::c's ~ ~-


The li!l• ~ ~~wiD llh.e;

• Jlc:vio-w of 1iHHeoci\'ilig 3Cfecning.


('.(rrrqji:M ~· mJ.d p~ml ~n.
~gof '"-iml aiglD. h:u:.Pgbt ;mil. 'M!'ipl.
Mo£rtta! bt.rilih e·~f;.llltioo.

+ Do::nl:al. ~cklg
.. Vts:iQn 1100 ~18. ~n{FI~
• labo:ml:or)• teat, i!i.;1w:IJJJ& VDRL illid ctthstr dl~c t~ liS clinlcally mliice!td.
• R~w of 1tie: ~ of lttc ltt-..ilih appr.ti~ by a phyaicia:u.
,;, Jm'lin!ioo of tb~, ~ tq~proprl;Jft:..

\Vheu ~- ~1111 ofioo beaJIIh apprnlsal iMi.cste tlut die: inm'.i~~:~ lluth~ ~~lnfll:i.;ro

;tn l!(.r ~em. t:ru: :iinmnle 'l'lill b& Rtl"emd fur CMe. 1k:".sp:Qfi(. timJ.1-ro1iiho foUo.w~·
£ · lil#lion ·.Ni:U bo baaed OJJ !he il:J..mme':s ~ A 5111Dpl.., Ii~ & Pb)'t'i;;,all ft.l.l'in L$
1nc:Ctned as 2111 ,.\:ttll!duneot~



f.J.U Siei: Call ptR> .f\T- u )
IM'Iata5i :allEiJI be- a!lc:M.i!od ~to~ l'io!!aJih C;!itl ti etvl i)&S at a r1imfCS.. ru a ~u ill'.lGf"~
RN!-arnf r>h)'!Sieiwl !tc.k c:!ll shlll bl!l held L'klndll.f ~ f<riday .Iff baU Otllanooti s;;d CCHTediOOS
f&d.l i ~ .•.

An 11iJt~t oo:mpDnal.{ of MY co=r~mul 'b1:Uhn care· Gl:li'fcry 3)-sten:t is: fh e. sl& caJ!I
p~ fH5 1w a. system in pla.ce ;1m Qlllbk:s. !ilL~a~,. iDC\QI~ lW: in .se~flil, f.O
IUJI:lt41 nOll~p~ mroic.ft!, dmtil or mcotnll hot--nth a«Vi~ ll~· $1!b:rnidm.g !) Wit~
~~ .f.nmJI!iels rnoc:i"P'!': .inslrol;liiom. on how to~ ffx: ~ ~ ~ ~K l!b:<!
b:ritake. pmct18r. (Secticm .U .l.l).
ACSO iDma:l.c:J wi)] ~~u~ijlto ~ llOtHin~llt heaitb can:~ by ~t~ a
ooofi:dcmw wrim:m •flfrlocal ~ filroL H.G!LL'Ih e&re pctri()OIId ooll~t and. r:ri.fJge the
~.~:tho rll:l!tpl)Btti-m (Leo, "inmate to be ~ tJ> mDdic:il" oa- ~led
fur~ :rid~: C3Jt• m "rcftncl11) cklltai dep&Itmcmj. lnmatea are 1hco &e~~ fw lH-~lh
~a~ lb!lBoo on 11M ~1iom do~ ~n th-e si.:k c..ill f!::iil~. Si¢k ~
~es will b~: pro\'i.dt:d 81 'Silfiiciect levels to !!liow =1 !imcly ~Oil.&: wi:m:JAL~ ~tos.
lttm&t~ ~min.{': .111Ii.gila" L
e..-el me refi:n:l:d Lo 11K ap~~; pa~cim or
P1 tiitlotltr'-r in nw.ii~;~. dlmtul.oc meoml. ha1illb. A .smxpl~:~ I'illS Mcdi'lll~ R~q111.dit Pqr m il'!
Lndudoo m&t. .ltibld.JJJJ.Cl(~.

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At a :minimum.·Dl.lnc's 1md phyacim' a aid:: aill will be bllld Ma~ay timnlglL Friday • t.ofu ood Glcon E. D;r.:r D~on F:tcilit.)·. Het~lth ~e pe_rwllE!el will b-e i1Vrri~Wo
1ArJ tD ~'1. ~ny inroo.te:':s ~wth e:are ~.
St<lt call wilJ bill b!"M in ill!~ ctinx: ~ j).I1J'Vidl:d in~ inmttre- ~~e.~- PUS will ..,.tftk
irt cec~e&;1 w•ill tfi~S ~'l.cso to providlc l!lddifu:ma.l mk <1.:11.11 bt.m~ i:IT reql)jJ!l(l. nr:. 1~1:<)-.J.~wg
c]tart !il~~e!S


f>iiS• 15f~l- ;:;_ proJ;J.;ss:-


"I ••t r·

.. -·· .: . : .,.


p...., ...




/ ·





?..~·.-··· ·-· .•

~ --+ -....

- ~,






:..t.'!IA.. U.t'."l




PHS ....-il:l ff>Jlow t.lJm .:.i.Z. <Co1tl ~ dmin.«i by ~tatmn :;tmdnros, wm~bmcfu.des dJ.c.


ScheduJed. !l[ct tC8ll ~rvlci:21'~o!.U \£~ fi•.~ days iJtr. waak_ In C~:~~Mplilli!.ICe with the
RFP. sick call wilib the ru~~sire plrys-le,laJ!I 'A•IU b£ 1\Jel.d. 'lh~da.:FS per ~w
~to em~K:Y gfc.k cahl ~ zy_•;~ffis ~ IU 00.4\'MI.Mlle !limffl (fays l!(l;l'

Tf 1m .iamnWa ~ooy statue p«dudat attcoci:Ute:e at 'Sick. call, 1111'111~ will be made
tl.) provi.;l~ sick call 8<:f'l.'iea: at ibr: pl'aoc. ofinmaW'B ~m'l
• Sict c;;lll '¢linir;:51 lu:ld by pb;ym.ciillliS. IIUIBC practitioncis, ph;.uctm .us:Wtact:s,. den~
nur~ m mm:ill health cJ:inicilms
• DoCU:i~On t:Jf~ !!'t'llk r;;t~l.l rtqrn.cGt
• ~ d!!Sm~ by W1it;b!c. politie::o .and1'00t~ ~~e oo tba ~t


~ HI!fJ,.lbs.n.'*..hc:. ·~~~.~

+ L IXa:l~llllhl~~

~1 . 1)

.. A.ll..,'Cf'lx11 "'-"'ldlf•r writtco roctUem &re t-o:::cived dilly Mooda)' 1tiJl:'Jgh Fri-day by hQ!Jt.h
care pro~i<rnals ;mil 1riaged wi.Cbin 2.4-bow:s
• A wtit1ec r~ o:r log will be .kept o:f'mit3 to 8p:x:ial Ha~ng Units


Si{:k can will be .dledull)(.l with ioiJm ftool ~ CotriX:ItiOfla) Fscility A.dminiati.atOfS, Clfpmin
Ben W~ or CapttJn U'Q Rostl_b. ~as to DDt c:on.ffict "\lith ochei institmioos.lacti~
ud o be oomyd!... ·a.tl1 1m im;t;~tions ovaall opelllti&g ~c.
VI J$ hl.1" de~lop:xl Nllln.iu;J.: I V'311u.liJionTgo&; ~T') 00 ~ I.18Cd iD. Si~ C .aod o(bezalto:ic-,}. ~. The PHS l\"ursing Bvala;rtion TfJ()ll(Nlrr) ~the lT&IIIt'l!! impJi~ lull; a of
~~mne tl ]n!~t ufety .llll!t. Eacb Nm' Jg im '101)\ w'l-..idw <!Zl1 "be 11,'1~ :ij) Iii
~ofw.t~. tt
ca11 'bt:l u~l lu .muU:c: a. decision repm~!!i 11u: uee:l Ot~J fu::; Ji: em , rt ~&ii ~e ~
Ci)Qf fu1: e:oUeamp: 000: oommumf'mllls l:nfuroW~mL V. .._ i:l:i, LW (f'by$iQa~. 1•A Ot NP) wb!t
<:an saale flcibt!r ~cn, ~ecJstoos. The .r:mT riln al!!U '00 uri)ip,;d Q l!l l
!iii ·• [S)C• ~
oricutariern Of' 1ra.imnp,. PHS will boc mmg thGJ:~ 'lh t!u:.oll.llllng, ~of p:taer.~
Sample NETSy tadudin ~ tbe. Sick Call NET, h.M•e bct:D lbcln~ jfi tltB AU:ad!ia:iuts.

1..3.3 Hours of CoYsra• (RFPptp.. t:f-12) Twe~u (24J Hour Phy.sician Semoot; f'tFP~ 111
1'1fi113nt;r- feu (24)1 1Elur~_,'!'11da.J16.eNicea atal toe &'t8~e OMall all buUil De".en!on and c.arecuooa
f<i01i5et. 1M an~ ph~Jotom Wll 'l'lOI'09' ID 111111 laeill.')' lrleeded.

PHS will~ to provide 24-ti.Ollfw-t~U Jlb)"!Skiflli ~ .m Smcn Ritll ~~~ qleno
E. Dyer D~ Pac:ility. The C'lu-C<lfLph~rum .,;u tm!lfi__no~;> ro ~~ Lo the f..ilitie:s a.s
ol!:cded. Omu ifl.ltl Dr. 0Ir, the fullowing pbyskiltlls ;m, ~IJy 'P'I'O"idiRg ~ ems for

PHS mllhe 11:~0 f."'~ilitie:s:

• (


• W.lbon, MD
... J~ ~buro • .MD
• K.ri:fhryu M:alrn:to~:, iMD
• Jfci Ch.c:l'l, MD

1..3'.-3..2 OnrSite Physician SatVi~ (RF?f'rl. 'ft}
c ~ rot OM'te P'l~ !"~ ~ .Sorrlili ~ ,liJ 'fllllndl.loocsht (0) hl;lur:o;
tU~t!h dtly, PJ.(lnlfS:y ~h Hi~•. mu:l raJOO. in tho rCPHU 0111 Sstl~ at ~rndny... ~ GleArJ E. ~
~~*"dUDe. . l (8) ln 1ns ~ d~, iMcofild<l)· Qvooglb ~8'1 A Pll'IB~ '1'110 be on-call anc:li
>W41ilatoie Z+flalit!l 81 day. ( pnr liti;lef'l®"''' Nn. 2}

NJ jB :ltOftld .im our smftiog P1m io. &cti.o:n L..~, mittimt'fii) (m.-tiitt: «<~ fur$~ 1'Ut:a.
Jl\'it wiD incllJde 5sht ~il) b:llilrs eacls day, Monday througb F.tirlay m:I w.mdJ .itJ. &.! O:PHU 4W
Strt.t!iday o: Sunday. M1mmum ~e ~·.rc::l\gC for Glam E. ])yet D endoa Facil1..')' will
1nduCI.e cighe (8J t.o1.r.. ~IL':b o. ~.. ['.1ooilil)' thnl~ Friday. A pb)'.iici.m will ooofu:r~ to be oo(,:;dl «Jld a.v.nil.ahlu 24-]IC)Ilftj :'li dfLy ,
The ;number ofilrma.t~ !kXn by Zl physid La!i in~~ ~ring 1b: p~ oootm~ mn mid
~~'il :tre: ~tile cCrJ:l1Cdlo.ual. ~$ wi1h ~ 1'1'1C:ld1t:ill ~. 1'hc c:u51ody ~ is
t!l.e "h.s!.l!.h cttte. "safety nllt" fur mm1~· of !!lese wd1vldlt3l.o;J ~'PHS \)h:;'Si - n,; ~ fun~
.l.n.~.!l.f.y QOI&<pi~ needs in iru:c:::a.;ingly gn~a.t!t rrur~~
f'ttsw He:llft. .g.._ 1..,_ • f.5-"'P N9. ~l((.l7-1 + I
~ !.'.!4

Page 107

~ Qf the




t 013/(JYN PhyslcJan S91'Vfces (RFP Pg. 11J
OO'G'VN ~ll. , be or1 rslm fwJr w~e (3} to~) (6ll'w:J.A Pi"~ ~lh t~nly OC... (24~ lloor
00-'G~J s~ J....nbhh; , Supnorl ~ shdl indJift!J a ~=Cersal 00«1!1~ "lUrtie p";Jd;JII~ ; md
ITltMI~ I <I!Rllr.~tll .

PHS' OB~GYNNmse Practitioner, Lilym Kay. v.i.ll bot:: 00:< ~ lbr lbtt.1 hou::tit JICt Vleck, with
24 houroo.-<all OBI'GYN SlelVi.ocs &\'B.ilflbee. lD lldmti.on lo the O:atOY:tfNnt!St: Pta.otmooa.·,
.PHS' sttifin.g. p1sm mclndes. aPcrinlft,\1. CoordiD "OT, ~cri..~ Edu.eztm, RN Hlli1. Medical
A~ist~11"11. Plet.3C refer to Qlll" stMfiag p]Wlul SediiM l.5..4 fo:t det:U.led iiftfocmatioo oc the
numb~ ofFTE.s to lb¢ prnvidbd by .duft.
'-3.3-.Al Pky.srdsn 'Staffll!rJ fRF.i' Pg. 1~
ConlmtiiiH" sld. lx! ~c n:ptlill{p &ve (5) l!&y flCIJ ~ OfHit9 p!YJ$k$;In ~ ~ wcll o~S~~
pro.dsicn fu 1:\~·..fl!tr (24) .na.u •ph)'~]ci:m ~ telepj'Qn9 a·ISI&Il!Dty.

.PHS 'O!.ill pi"O\-id<': fivo-day pet" wc~:<l: on-siCc physi~ W\~ asx12~:00ar phy3ician
t.elq.lh,.-m... &vmh;.bility. DC8l, Nn-4Jmc eq~ leots (F"r&) are shown i.o our slllffu:tg p]
in S«.wm 1.5.4- Our .s:Ut__ffir.g. plru:J mewde$ .a relief f;.c1ar far pnlC4i~.
1.3.~ Specialty CHnfcs (RFP I'V- ffooU)
The~ ~ltyd'.li~ r;Y\311 be ptcwh.IOd

rur u-..

Strri:OI fO.e;l J;alt 1. OfMmlliry, 34 IKJuc; pamordb 2. Oflhopedti, 4 ITDuts per wt!l!tl. 3. ftly:J~ Thf!fapy, 21Tcum per 1QCl; 4. Ob~ 3 ha.Jti!i
per week 5. AIDSi\ciiV, 1.8 ~per 1n011tfl, (Or?JI ~ del€1.ed IJt(lf Md.M!h,YTl N~ 3)


PHS !trivell m1lliiXimizi:-bciJ1th scmo::~ oo",;: niu:m a'~~r ~ptluc~ On-me &e(\iocs
~ ~ n.eed fur~tion mKI offiCES' brne.

~ ~BrV ~ m.dudi_na "'"J!t:.'L-io'!IIC}

::tJld cl®llic cam clinim, are ideally suited for lbe

~~ cnvi..TC~ inm
a:Jd bea:'t!l ~~em inimrtl) 1!1 c-ilBtomized
t.l.udmcut pl;jiq witin a <."Wtl'T'OIJI:{l tc~Yirottwelll ~an oogcing cd®Dtioa._al ~
Oat~ bt-more clear1y dt:DIOiiSlftltod in ~ e:nviromn~ ¥1-IS wiD connnu~ fb ·
provide the appt:Opriate range of L'OOOicaJ !!p()Cialty lind ;;(lrDQ (:.~~«!
li~ rtquittd ~ utOOI.
the haillb ~needs of tlm ACSO ~m: popt lliltinai.

PHS will OOIItirrue m conduct the wll'~ ~itl1r.y dinb w-<$0 t at Santa Rita J&l oo a
!I.Dd wtll ~to !J!rvvide tlblcs •o '!l'ileU or ~ RJIIl tcqillirCilllcnts:



OtthQ;Pedt,c..~ - 4


Jor:itnn~J&J•IfifV- 16 biluu ~ I!OO!Ith

lim• :J'I t'!r weel

+ O,V!fu.!Zt,i!lry ~ J-4 ~ ret truu:atlt
• Ob&cttlt:a - 3 hOUJ;; W'l!ldc:

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.OiilJ~~ - IJS tl~'

l'b.)l$f..::.<t~ ~-2 haw:s pcr"''Ctt
• Ttibt~lg~ - 4'.1 boUI:S :per rn.oruh (m·alnatioolclinic)
• A!dtm~ - 8' holmi J!~ .molllb
• Diahdt:s: - S bom:l; p~:r month
• CardiolugylH:yp~sioo- 4 bmlts. pc:r mo.idh
.., S~ -4 ~~month


PHS will coniliiUil tQ wr,nk dili.em1hr to maximize ~-~.-si1ablll1)' of w~W. ~ecislty ctiruc.!
tmd:-will OJDUll.I,ID ~ 01ah z.c;fci.T<Il iillaa.g«ll~ wifh -SiJ!tdaliS1:3 .fut d-1 ~em -of tho.::e
ia:Jiv.:tr.s v.'i:fu h:eallh c:m:: r.robl'~,, whil:h ~;,· ~-li.'II!Od ~m-J. th.; ptift..ary ~c .i¢11o1¢e9
providm on-site. A:P{lrm.'AI Qf re~l:t"m]~ fqr Ot!JI:$!Hk Cllm!t;"filiaJiou o~ irlpa1i~ eare will be
t~!.!bj>td 10 PHS' •Jiil.i:a:.IDrl ~..':lew~· wb&cb Mn be eompi.Ei'.Ed witbill S¢Val b"ilaim;u
~ oftbc orocring Jibj'!lidai 11$11!q11C!ll All 5fl£dt1lis:ts wit] be Bolmi Ccriiiro or (".:{igWk in
l:h!i:ir ~e~ti...e !ipCcinl.ty. AD C'J11tsiil!i!: refcmtl.s w.i.ll be coordinated "'itb dJe AC.SO fur 5J.iWri.t)o

J'HS wUI ~lyevalootelhc:nec:d :fur~addili!mall;"!lini~ on-~iiB, fl!) jusli(iGd
b'Jiliz: clfu~ cat WtJ.Ii:losd
avUsbility ~Y t;llinj~;S will iiJe hald OD-3irte
when a. :5.\lffl.;:t~r IJltmba- of specialty refm-ab. cxiSJ: (~g, s- ~~ pa: ~I!Lty witli!J, :;o
&ys.) u 1d ilif:I,~MJ' cqi11ipmC111t am be Ierui00ilb1y made;. i,;~o'Dil~~.


Chrnll'llc: ·Ca1r0
PHS <!laDbu at-c!Wve ~e i11 i:Ptpl!!m151tJo~?; and mana3iJI;J, cf!Gctin Cloonie 04lc.
Cli.uiCB (CCq. ·~ it1clude, OOt are 1:104: ]ucitOO.IO: D~ ~on, .Astl:ann. Disllrdcrs, HJV dis&asl!, Hqiatiili C illd ~CfCU!lBsi~ JII1Jlates wifu ,cmootic;. i~
;bii.}' ~ identified. duJ:img WC imakc. proce&&, side llal!J QT-Dibcr SUI'fciilmK:e ~0~.
Lttn.:!iao.; ~ a cbmnic oc:mdltio.Ji11r oilier itea!lt. ea.ore neoo will COD.func to lx!
nxmi:to:red u;1d ~ on a rootiac ~at &eh::dmoo clinics.



Pr:iruJuy carl!! :Jn.'QIIilim "will estabiiab indjY.iiluafi2.oi bl~ plBm8 fur ~in~ Wiiib..a.
dumle; Ut:n~s (l<r .sp« lmnBtc:s will. be monitooxil -imd ~Wlbl:ld! in ~itrlc:q W:Jil:t
dl.e ~'bllitu::d ~em plm 1'hc :pilrposc ofttu~ CCC~ i:; to ~m.o:mt:~ CW!t LhB
imnaltts wllli:ll:ioJl :is beUJg.~n~r !ld~ ml:l iJ "DC;Il ~~ 11h.e ccc win
:also btl US(J;l)l to l'-J01o'i4.e in~ t:d\.1~ i'H$ wil l aQMi~b ~ p!IU'..!"" tlu.t mruro
~ a.1!"0lDilllilto:red AOd evcluatect by~ q~ iiw:;h cat>! ~f$s!ll.ocal, kllo .aro:ndimcc

.....-ifu ~"bcalfu care.!.'~ .aoo. i.';:,ii:;tbh~ ACr-:o g'llll~nes.

Wht!n m :iJimuk:':s hailt:h ooflditioo :reqcin:a ~ccs kyond the ~e of scrviit;C3 ilvnill:.'bl.e lit
thlil ·:n~N!tio.o. the Uti1iullicm. Management (UM) pl'OOC5S mlli be initiaLed.. PHS~~~·
tllC ll.'l<'mi!.ahilit)• ofh~th ~ 3)1~ to m¢C1: ~:::.oer:.Js -of"cbe :imJ:Ia1¢ populnti~t~P :mdl.:;lja,kJ
t:n.Ske ~ i)J the: lilltll:iporta1ion wd CIIJC of~ ~:the ;.J~:n11h ('~ P:rmriikr or
mod:J.er1D11hnlly a~Ceep~ m.cdicd ~
· ·~ « ~'!l.ty ~. The: :rote li.f'•.d loot~,Q~ r.Yf
such f&cilitics, atld ch~ -i!OIJ lim~ ,~f ~~Will n!!"'~ tr.: iliV1!!~1 irtl~ll!tM, 1ildst
fmri:lylfr.iood& or clltn:li;S (for s~u ·t:.; P'IJ.Ipo~.


,.,..,., ~ ~t411: 1 I~ • lllllf'


:OC;;c:Qt ~ l
i'II'Jl' 1.2-5



t:..:r:~n a l u.. ~




P'lw.n~ ~- b!:;. 4- ~p l'b

mm.z4 + I ~(f'flef'~ Sl.w~
F~ W

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~~llil!iii'Ao::lllit, ~a::. • IR:-7Jto. Q0032-C • P. ~dl
P~ Ut

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~~· I.D~mutht r~~~
IJI'9* I :N

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Prorun:ment Contnd o.. ------ Mute~· ~ ',1)1, [ra~t .Nc,. 2!!m:.M

f .3-A Fooct Ser~i~ (IU't' l'g.. 121
SP«lBI ~. Con'aroom ~ooJ a~e t> lh9 metS est(!~ .if".;::ndmds :ltlllh~ et Tl'.e 15 & clbO
1 2.~


PHS wm ~lnme tu lldh.ere 1!1 ltl8 ml!l!,cal ruewry ~ooilim:d in TLtle 15, S,.;t1Q11
l24!it PHS wall ~•.,bnil£1 te work c-blliy on a daily Lw "With lhc CourAy's food 5ti1VIw
p:rovirlct, Afw:tuuk. \Yj!h a f'lulity ll\ · .stze 1>fthoc ACSO,Ii:ere m-e <m «1rn..rd.iotlry numt!L'I" of
iiul\!!CS Wtlh ~L¢ nl'»:l ~ ilptoCW di.o-I!Jl!:)jj who .llevc food llll~ :P~T.S wlll dm!iou.!o
til WG.rl. c:ff"'di"cly kl m1BiUI'O llW 1li£; immatc' s diet~ .n.ecdi ~met I:QJlllJ.$t «<AL wi1h 'tlltU'
mtdica.l di~,

J.3.5 Health Screr:niPQ I.RfP r~. 12J
~ Wcriu:n;

Ooofraclor ntGI pfl>'Mo tu'l'lWl :JJ;r~2JQ. iD:lllllttg iSp.jlit\Di~ lnb WOfik, ~ .rniJl~
ood •alan .Lmd ~ 1111""1~ wo"'rq ~ll ~I:D:I.

AI..~ PHS. will oontimJc: ro provide bc41ith ~ iD;J~i;ng !pp!up:riate 'l.ab wad:
tT..r i.nJM...-e rood ....~and otlr<r il::imit_t~ "RtTkrn.

1.3.6 Con.suffin.g Medical Specialties IRA" Pg.. U)


1i!H mak.o :lillaiiRI!~ ~

sj>edal ~ oq!iprneat{ie., ~

~ b< 81' ~tlng n~c;l spca•·~tl ~~

d!cn, lm!CI!tl,. ~. ote.).

PHS wliJ ~~ to m.Rk.e illtl~J; ;me) p\L~ fbt fiU ~ mcd:ica1 specjal.ty
:;.;:tvi~ i!Dd ~pclciJI.l medit;;,lii!Jet•liipro!U hl1 UJr, ~ey C1irucs are provided by Lo
bwpi.U!t&wlxmtbt1mo~1o ~:t>'Pif'Wi41 c~-6i~. WsQWlf:l'a{:tamil.rsre~y~~e

for tbil ll'boo..'6mml:icnlld su-vh:as oc diM'c~ wbon

~J 11r< iDI:lif'~led.

1.3.7 ~Fiqt &Niecs CRJP'Piil '1-3•
CmQ:DeillC'J SoaMoas.: Clll'l1rac1Dc' aha be~


m!IJII!l.CrL~;y ~~ ~:~~ooMtdaHlii~ ~

on'-ene, l'dldl'l!l ~)f'l1 rl toot euth :!h'fKMII. lll\l8 ~~I l!ld•tdA. b¢1 m~ and doni&1L


PflS h ..:x.~tl.W ~vi ding hmr'l~ rl2lpl}Jise !Ia the populmicn in. rm
~ !d:'llAMion .00. will CO!Diiuuu to pw.,.ldB ~ serucca aJ thte .ACSQ. Thi.1
mcludes OlJ..siu! ~l)~se.. tnm!lporia.tiM, 8Dd acme~ PHS rmnm1anrb m~..J
s.gJmS that ~rtatloo by :mto1110bile, as waD 83 tbG cost of :Fin: D~l;:i'lt JIM"mtl.4r;:
~will 00111ilme to ~the rl?8p00Slbillty of lhe ACSO.
PHS will pN\'id~ emergency medical aad -cue by • plnysi<:Ji:uJ l:we;uty...'&lw (~) boun a
dJy, ~~~ (7) days :pc:: week. PHS V1ill OO'tltiJmC to IW~ fur~ methe&
t:Ttln.•pG~JV~tion in co~on wifh ~n Med~ Jt~e· (AM.R).
rliSwi1) ,

~tQ p.t'tlvfdeotl"':i.


~1~. ;g: wen a-s Yisil•~ u~ (;Qritt;t~ when ~-~J'


d :i!. app!'O~r.:.. Thc:sc

~ Wl11indud.e, bl11: cot n~~<arily be ~imtittld Lu, ~aid, ~ent, st~ioo. llllil
the. cootdiau!.fum of ~Clct1iiM f'CI!' ~e who 'beoome ill o:r mjumll tbc fll.eili~.
PHS 8 not rmpoo!rll!le foc com asitleiot.od 1f'oidJ. tr&DSJMHt11lion and. robso:(~ ~ pm'~d(:>IJ
m-1m off~ti:: location Lo uOJ}-im:ru!ta..


l'manH«u-.&r.-.., 1-.:. + • L()of,u'u

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1.3..8 Outp atient Csre CRFP PgL Hl
Beds Jiw:!lliil3e for usi! il~ lt'K>,.se <!rllltl! :irirll.IJJe (25} bem In l.wiWy (20) rootll!'.i lll~<J"Tiil Rl.."ll

:PEtS will ~c- ~o 'O'Ili.Ximiz~ ~~of 1.h.c beds nvnila~ i:n llu! OPitU, wWclJ imdud~ 2.5
ben& mw ~ .nt SI1Fl1o1; ruca. Jm B;y etfCII!ti\lely 1rti1izma; th Cri!.tp.'!.'liU!tHott3ittg II.Jnic.
(Q'PI{U}. PHS DOI3 in~ its ~t:y to pm'llide. ~ !teatma:Jloo.sim, Ebmdry
~ tt!ro: ~ ~rJ offioer~ ~~«"~ Wllh IJff•raLc est<.

f0 1Pa111111e r~l'{'lpiJshment:
.rtu::4i"'*~ ~ 'l'llhG lQin~

;ro(l6., [1'6$ :niided rG.ilb&it W.iis~ MD 1:G EJI'l!
r:,rteru;j'll'(! q,~tiiltil.l ~J!IJCB iiDd. p:ro~<id~ on::r:¥1gl'U in.

<!lh"C Offl1U,

Phj!lici:m on-call 24 :001JllS per day.
~icia£1 Ql1-site cigbt hom!! pc:r dsy, 40 lH)UD: :tt«~ Mummy tim:mib FtitJ.'tYOn-site ~oo mthe OPHU by a regi~ nurr.e oo 11.~ 'bi!Sis.
TWCilly-fourhou".d' ~ scrvfues.



Sepui!!tr: in.d[~3Jill!ld ~lc1c ~cd fur ~t:h i


l.3J• Suicide P-mverrttion PFQQnml l,1m"' f'o&\ njr
BHCS ~ ne ~ ~ lrn m. p~• rP"t:Mfti.g s ~~ tu d'lalr 1M Pfl)!!MJ1'ts ~s;;. T.hc
ACSO, !tie~ COt!IJ"..!I:tm. :~rt.d Brr.cs ~ Ill cd l~l'8'oon roPf(tllde ~~119 ~\$~
. ~-They RnWrll' i!'::;~ ~~·~ $Uilme ~rJJ.on, am rtft 9 re&UhJUrm o111f{ll:il001'1$o In
acoo!llbJicc •Ni'.hr applk'm!HQ A£.A ~nd;t rd!;;. :K&M!M!t, ~ Slii:.ide Preven~Jcn ~ lii:11!8UI~
~~ ltyltilc rntld1C<11 Voc'ltroott!C'.
PHS ..,.ill COIDJ:imJ.e to wm:k .i!i.panncrnup witm. 1lle Al~~mo.iit Coumy .Bd:v!.,'im:ill :t~ OJ~U
Scrv.i~~ (BHCS) to Jlt"l Ide (III'C!crcming aodl crisis irltcrYm1ioo ~tu~ ro fu<~ S..ialdi~


~triA. ...

n~irlmelil1" A 8"tliQ_i(f;; p..,.;Wd;itut .Swilf'W.ji$ tt'liDj)'I'M:ed bt

~(14! 1mdi iBi1l Wabon., liSA..f.m'-Xntcd the ~ .a:t ·lbe

2lOOS ~OC)I'C ~

Slti.dth f"!lml.iori propt~~ are ctitieai ~tlmt of .ao oolmetiDli&.lll s.~«131.
'The PBS: 9uidd~ ih~a~Jion ~· fs based on ~oil stm~ Mli il:Jclqd~ ~
fullow!Dg clancmts:
.. TrmiiDg






.Asfcssm~ &:

• &o'lllootiOD
• M(lmHn:illg


* N<TI::iit~
+ J.J:V(Irt.wa,




Cnl)e;d c~.~..idoot debtlefiB,g

A .;upy onma .PHS P'o[icy/Procedure lbsJ: ir1Cbld:.:s4clailz an c:r.ctl o1·~ .11b.,ve ~<:.el!l has
bx:n:iruiudcd mthe. Arw::!uneoti. PHS will colltimle to 'llfl!Jrk::'.'l'i.fu Bft(:j t(> t:~r!tllN.: oor
p;:tlif!ic:; ilr(l OOllllialent wirh lilcil"B.


Ad&.tiollolly. PHS .nOO BHCS. U.oe .tevclo:pc:d a (::.omprdl~i1r"" Suit«<e l'M~tmtio~ Traini.n.g
PfQ~ frrr ~ Offioer:3. Tb~ g;oaJ of the lni · ;.e.pros:r,.m; il proW:! a COO"cctionaJ
ortl~ wilh~ about:·



rN41..~~ fu~t.orn. of suicidal btOOvmi
J.rllmi.Ei~ ~;rr~rW: ~ peri~
Jd.::n.ti.£i~ a£ ;i~(lll.IIJ ti~k fit~ and .:lhm~
~ ofsljDt <rnd !ol;,m~ of!:lUcUJ~ bd!a'ii':IM
M~ of aJ'J ~....~ Sui~jt\e.l"llffvenbO;Jli J"t opn

Po.Jjcies IIUd !l•t.'C!

for ~'>'f.!!.l0l~8 ll} ~ddc attempm

A «<.PY ofPHS, Bukide ~tii.o'B Pa:d Sbm for Col'l'c«i~ 'Oj['te:en~ \$ Dlw 1t'lt llllfed
in :tit!} :ttal:lunm.ts.

L3..10 De111al Se~:~o<CRFPJ'ii...,.)
Coitltr~ tni.IU ~o r:.mi'JI'Qilroy.. rnodc.all)' J1c:oo$~;wy illld m:rto~~~ Mri181 Ml'rioea,
.-rdllfilg btJ1 l!o'! rn,t;.:w:t tQ ,~Et<'.tlootl. Pet~ S'Wioe:;: ~all tc ~ceil~ tea!!<1 rNa !15)&ys per
~fw".;;aJ;~ fmy(~l~atSa!E FiJ'.a.(la!!. (AdJl.I!Jtod per ~~:;r NQ>.l)

l"HS "iriii. OOJHinuc to provlrlt!'! l?illl~cy. ~ Emd nl.lD-'l!'liN!IwnC}' ~IDi.l!&l
··«Vioe. inclod.i:mg bnr ~ llmiro:i mextmctiOOI!I. As~ slk:Jwn in om-s131ftingplu-. io S~dioo
ll:3'..4, Pml will oo:din.'lle !:0 pt'O'':id'e 1ht t(X[IIirod dental ~MQCS .
l'llS will CJlMimtc o provir:t::: forty (4(1) liDUrB. of !1lcnt-iil ~ .rt :&...-.u'IU!:a lll'il, M ll'aplirsd.
[1~1;!1 .¢ilre ~ tteatmoot will. ro'frlmu_e to be :provld~lj ·rmtb the ~lil)n, l)f a Deoli:it
hc~Y.!!'~ lb tbc- St.a:tc of CoJi.tixiJi3.. DJ• .Jw~ ~ ~ ~t, 1illt!l will oonmme
tt.r ~ iJlo Jbl._l:i.J:no ~igna."«<. dc.m.U& fur Smil rutn.Jilil Onty ti®IOJI~
pro~iA~!Yils wil1 provilk: tllmtn.f.lrm'llmmt& A r:ikJmll I«<!rd will bc;i ~;U,rrU!ltted as~ ofcbc
dlfrute•s Mdth reco:r:d,.



The Dmta! ht~ - Will hrdui~
~ ~J1!!; witl!in 14 d.tys ofblxll:cl.tJg 1,;y a 1!31htot. bJ:la.llh p1ob&ioon!..
'frca'lmorir, io~:IElri1.1J.S Iilli~ alld ~QCS, .(it'(lvliltd ~on indicM:iom;.
• P.rer~ of dtull tHs.eiase: aodl ON!l bygicoe ~.
• Re-fmd 11'0 a det"Jt!l spociaBg~ if ISOOtlrd
+ frov58jon fur ~cy care.
+ froolixi.IJil of all dartal proslhclica 4Dd lab ami.oca.
• P'ro'li:iiall o f maxillo:facilll ~dQ' 8CtVi~ whenlrufi1'llmld.



Ota.l Sm:ser1 will ~ proYi.;Led n.t om ACSO qp:prqm qfR:;itf! 'ocatJCID 01!1 o~ary.


, ~. ,...,

'I' """'"t~

!:OJ:IZ-4 " I ~$1;ftd ... l'~ !!ii::McD
P* U'l

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L3_11 Spe&ial N!!~d's of Pliegnant & Pos~rtum Women (m'P ~ tl)
Prt~>.~~ iilxi1 bel r~ IJJ ~ fill .. e ~ nallds d ~l'l.ilrJ al'ltl ~ 'A'OOM!Il•.
PliS wirl o;K'Itiooc ro ~C(),9p1Zf! the~,~ nl!~ of '7o'OIIlal mid tw •m ~ablNwd ]ll\)8,:1 tn
:..'pca:;jiia;. 1.0 l1l . ~~ n1 i1be Aa:.Q.

f!!ll Parlne'mJ1rp Aro.ornp.lishmMt O;pfold T~t Pc~i.un wM acc.J~edltcd

(."CffC i.r.J 2.0.05 Md 11t tbtl[ dl:ue lt'fli <mill of o!~Jy tlbJ~ In Uu:~ lJiilt.ed Stat€!i.

PHS' is: ~siglled to address lhe ncojs ofp~ &ilil pt)Stllat"'llm WOlllcn, sod. wil1
oonrlJJUC tD .J:!!'M'b!l_c the fl)lJowin~ acmoea:
,. 5~ and te3t:in8 fM p«Vllllll17)' m~he tin;le Qfbootillg th.:. ~
+ CoJI.tionatioD of tile C'IIItal.d)' \Ill~ I'~ Jl'en:ta1e l'n!ttoools fur 1.19) by ~di ;md
hcal.dJ. rorc sWf
• RcRIIill m;I coo:rdioirtion ..,,'i.tll ~ eot:rmJ:.~ty based mctbi!IOOac ~ p:rogllll11
~ri1mtied in lbe ~ mel (t{Jl~(po!rtp<lrtllm clieJJ.":.$
+ .P~l ed'IJcatia.r:~ and C()Ull:lt:Ms
-. Esiftb(ir.hment r>f w:riitS~. 8~ 10 ~ the ~~w· :wa...I.JW[ry of tho fiQ)] mug.c
of rou1me ~ m.er8Jlf!cy obf:te1rical ~CC3 mdlllllillg miu]flg-.tW;:Ji\ uflba&lJ rJsL

Make c&W...~ tiff~ EO C(ti!JfC dcli\'Cl'ia oa:m

th~ ~1 ~ll11Lcy ~-

• l'rovide e.]j~ ami CCHC e.oooroditcd O!pio:id Trta!Jotrt.l Prograw for p1egnaot

A.PctH!atal Coordina!DC" to~~

p.llo"t p:ttfllm cme wiilh ~.rommllllity



frovid.\1: adc&if!SIUlled oo--sitc clioic. .fur 0bs".d.l r.::s·s! the &!ntn. Rit.l I<1il.

mthJd.r:s ilie peG'SbJJJi~ -reqllirc::d to moot Cbe· ~n· net;llh t;mrlUm~ .ahow or
ll'lt smd po!ltpnrii.Pn, wnq~ea M .sht:rwn 111. ~L.11oa 1.:5..4, PHS wTU a'mthmo o ~ble
~ ~· ~fftn ndmbu~;h;ll' lbu FemaLe SpocW 'cals:l'ror.r'.m.'l:- Th~ 1€111~ YltS
b lh~ prof:;5Siooa Will cCmr..llii'UB w wml:. with this pro,;

l"HS~ .mrllimg plrm

• Lil.)'lla ~y, ~tOr vf WMtw "s Hesl.dJ. (I. 0 Ff.IE)
• JWJc IiMmt!:)'t-7, J~-maud ~ (.3 FT.B)
• Mary L.oo Ellis, Rl: , t'cri-mr.aJ Educator (.2. FT£)
• Lawba POOrc.e, MD, 09/GYN Phys:i . (.l3 IT.C)

Linda Powdl, PJIS Qo
A15U.fl1Mc Cowdinilto,l", 'ffi sl5D oon.tinuc fD addrcs:s womco.•3
hcalth me PHS CQ1 ~ ~.r-=J1lailly r.:;;tnCC~r Bt.;fccming and pre- non PQS'- Itlt<t1
('~1£'C. TbcCQ pro~ u!le31-t~..OIS J.Wt&.a!DrS~Ralthy~le lO!Ot-.ueees~

13.12 f at11IIY Pl taPIIlhl Q Services ~
Cvnlr~ ~be ~JIQI"'!!Ibll) rer pro~~"'!.~

li'llo o~

family plilctrdn.g ~!: pu~nt ~ Pe~ CCI&! SedO'ilt

340;!, 4D:23..5 .ill'ld ~ ap:.;:kd:ll~ J'al.t.·.s...

PHS ~ill

COlll'iDI;le I~ he ~;ible futr pm.vidtng filmily plcnning. serviOI:S ~t C.' l
~ Ho:c'f~ ~. rw;:.

• f!.FP ~.&.:, «»'.i'N • l
P~t l.ll

Pagt. 116

!W~.,. alrtBR~ Se11.QI


~ S!X;tiow: '341.19, 4(1.13 .5 artd othc:' app[ieable Julie Hmoe.'~, P~-ri-n:lial Co~
t¥'ill oOOn.tic.~M:" to wor~ •with ~clJ prcgnsut :iDr.aBk R:l.a"live to fBDtily 1J[illill~ SIS1~CE$.


1.3.13 Female lnmal.¢~ Rr-gh~ P lat:J (Rfl' ~ 1.4)
Gmlraalor is .requ~ b~ Chi!: roq~ Of l.ltc R~~rl7ie Pri'r.Y:7j" PD: {Jllo. 1, XlD3.), 811 ~~
8!;; ail rig.ll+ ~~rod l!lld9r ~

PHS' W<rm.et1's H~ Program wmcoi!Ji.-aut ro f'llC(:t dLc: rr-~~ oftll.e: C:-1 t( umull
R.t:p,rodl.lttillrrfrivacy .A£t aodl provirk fur db 1bs.Gtlllcr applfuabk rig,bAs n:qu.ire(l ~d•!l law1.3.14 Pro9dt@$is{Gb$S<!S CRW l'!g.


CCh!r.Jdor !lhoil pnn'ldo afld 11\a}:G~ pa)Wict;l'! forml!":dhllly required rr~i£;;1] aod ~ r ial pruttU ~ Snd

Pl-IS will ooll.1i:u.uo tCJoptovid.e and tlt€1ki:._pe}1!1.Ult for medk:dL'y'f':XJ.Wn;d meod"~ m~~

l'fUh"IIEsi.s IDJ.I.I eyt:gltssGB. l..a:w.roJJcs OriiJ.apadi:<: will ooot:inue ~u pmvidl.'! !.!l1 (l[{hotir:: ~d
~lfM:tic ~Vlllulllioo. a.n.d:
fu.r (he ACID.

d::'llice&.. Eye 'C are ,.m oo:nt:i.ouoll to p~l.a \'l~lll

• ~J;:l

1.~1;5, llfosphal CaT-e (Rfll' rtg.. 14l
Ctfrlracta- a:;l:lal btl :ll:!!iplJI!:II!I fnr raakir.g ot~l~ and ~'G'JUI!i!i!J& fut al kl-{lallon18mll ootPBtietrl fr,\);JIIT:~n t fclk1v.i119 bi;)Qt;il'lg ••,

ltltt:Jiii?.Jl o~~r ~ of prov!d'"mg

sc:rvines PI-I S hils r,orofuxi to minimi~ il~ apo:n!IC!I

a!$:1cAI.'OO wi.l:b til:<: es.callttiml ofh<:ahiiiWire oom. Siiwc 1991. PHS hilS b.r.r;:"t'l oililtlo W.l:«~
costs -~~led th~trogb \Pi JCIMi.ooshqJ. wi1b Al;a:~ .C.e:u:1a.ty McdiRa'li 'C mtu (A<llfiC).
1.lJ.0 u:ot;gOii:alir:ms :thtrl M..-e ~}' ~ CO'lDJlht;ed. W"e~~"e ~lilaJI lO t:bntittMOilt'
putn~ip w.1!1.r ~ h~~.

PHS, thrr:rug~l a. OXJI.di ~trl e:frl:n1 <tf ibt ~sitlll ~edh31 1Jin::ct(Jr, Pf- HI!rolri OJr. oon~
ro mtutc: prog.tli!IlS W1r:bio the: b~i_tals WOOQtt!ilcam i!&'O Z;iid i!Wn~ oonfumity-of
r.fa."'~' hoop:ical 'OCt'oivrks lna:w wmkal f.D ~ ooS'I!i- by bJCt"l'81in.g ~ tl) 001Uf.1m!!ft~
~ ~ wcdtfuree oosiB and new ~t~- In 2.(1()5. PHS able to mlQ(lti~
00:11:~ wi1lb. V:lllcy Can Bta)tb Sy5,1tm tto ron'.mlthc irntuJ:t of their~ in~:~¢1.<. J\~ elemmt this C«tmptisi:Iment ~& fuc porn~~ bil<l with ~ hm;pital
This etlr¢prreo~ mrtis~o:IU. i111nwed All iiQ lbtsh ~ ~ l!oJI.d ~ o!~ dJe ho~s
phyBI:da:n!': C~n tit_c. e~~l.iW:S o-f'lbej.!J1


PHS' 'J.lT~ wJJI ~:otkrrr; w bt;: :iHUCila:-ed r~} ~ ~ Ofi-.SSb:: as ~ inftlllJ!Nrtlrre of

1M fae:iH!lit!i allow_ 'I'hb Orr-:s.;u t-.:l;£dtcal ~. ~ld. Orr.. MD.,. t•-l'ay& a o::cfficsl. role in
ll'ri"""J~ ~ . I •;;. •!WNt>-';o;!:I<Z<I• l ~l.,...iiJIJhloiP~~

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~£opriatclJ ~~g .fl~ta 'llfiiJwt.tioo wjlhtnJt ~.lglpr'()Rr~g, ~Labtll.ty of}f f.tlict.$$il:rJ'
~ to Uurra.J:(;S. Dr. Otrwill Rl'vlt.w all iomm ~ In tbu~ital and all :n;qllll5t.s


:fu o1f-s'te care~ lb.& illtilia:atioo ~· p-acil$1.. PHS~ be t&JF(Ic~Me tot moiling
arnm.,~ and pa.ymillll:3 fur :all ift.p&.I:IQlll ;:md oot-.p.B'Il.oaD.I! tura1mJ!mt fuU~'IIoiog boolcims.
PiEIS will oomt:im:Jc to work witf! AOMC :at ~an:il HIIS{ili8l f«tll£ provi3t(lfl of acuoo
mcdio;+~L s.::.rri.;.cs: fur ilm:rntes.. I!mc:;rge:n.ey u)QiiL taoo fur San.:a ltil:aJaH l.m:aates will-oootin.l.Je
to he ~vid~ ily V.a~·.C~'t M~ S~ Er:rtcrgerJcy room -cart. fOf'{ilaMJ R U~'ef
~tl,tla l'~ity imm~ "\l.i ll oominue to. oo providOO by ACMC Hig[ Hoopitat AeuLe
mmJ~l healfu ~ fuJ m!itr::3. is provided iby BHICS dlroll.fl]:J ao o.r.s:id::: savi.or:a:pro\ridcr.
PHS wiil oon_tim_l{! to .,..,llk in ~ wilb fue mmll:rl b_~ sc::rvia:s JIIDVidcr to



lf!!ll Ra i11:nee>lili p .Ai.cDmpils hment: f.Jr.•l'ltLL!!fil-ll~t;~: .ifi!! ~ ~ O.ii !i d2D}' I;QU; tJJ
.ntoollfor lldD:zat:ID:n 8l:liJ :flgp.tlii .m.te illr'ltfliLe "~flej. ~iDa' $ii'¥iji~ in
tiu111. !ilt.'CW'i~ ad: Jli;splbl (0~.

\\'hm ow ide lw-spi:tAlizatioB ~ ~cd. PHS will ·wnrdluate wilh ACSO ~IZI'ity s!Mfw
~_em_g !nnsporluti0n IIDi <COll~ooaJ <lffioor oo'~ge. l'hrougb om dltzall1o11.
MJIB..g.:lll~llt (UM) rogt11m. PHS vr:in co:otim.JB to be I"Cl!PJillSiiWo fer ~~proo,'ak, Cll!.'El ~£.e.r; plnnning. PmlliBB Citll!li!!hcd ap:ro~ for ~'ieow l!lld Bll&l;ysls
of~~ ofoff~mte-~ including:suhs~nltym:rd ~t ~·

P!fs• UM Prop11 indwleo.; ~-p b.c:>.sJ»~. ~ urpii 00spi1.11
oott:ificatioo_. C«~~t rev;il:l'W', ~fl~vt:! 4n1;U. ~b.~ p1!ZII)Sl~ t~nd. p-rior
:!Wl»ri22:6on of targeted pro~ (e.g., MRJ M d C4.! :>~)- }tftS' EJM Prn
~ QfiHI: 1tie u..~ ,o f uLIL.iild.e :~~~a¥Jee liillii ~ ~.d.a-re (medi¢t!Uy indt~J} m1
lhHt the length of s:s:y {ifappUcablf:) b nti.ither 1~ rnJt •~ 1iWJ ~JiCil.lly irnfi(:;:l~
PHS~ phys'ic!&llll wt1h tho bowk'd&lfi ill! d. ftki11 tl) dS~ ~!d. kGt1. n~ ~i<:al
· oo;n.Iitim:JB. wiftlln tt!Jc contiuc..:~ of t:lwl roaGCtloual ~~ ~ ctiH.z:atioa .tJll
dia.g:p.o~ ~ aDd ootpa.lj~ :refCia:ls is lhE: ~lhllityoJ 11M! pri:ma,;yc-..snrpll~ML
m1..m- fue ~ of1bc: R~ MOOJca) Dimctm:. When ilWlV'ii:XlS:ibal ·havB beeti ~liM)Wil
lo p.rod!u~ the s:am::m bcmcc outcDIDJ:S w1tcin ~ oo.-s.i!c. or 2!e cru~!Hied Lil bt
inuwropliirte, ~or' d.cctive arc mqm;sml rev.i:e\'1· by dle R.MD is:~
pciw~ w.Jtb.rmuti001. 1'bi8 .revi~ process B~ &Y. alii appm.(lfisle ~ lifi!:revi~IOO
~ 11J111r:ovedl ~' ¢'~ w ~~~e 1hat oor Jmti.~ ~..-e lil.c qnalliy efficlcn.1 be3lth cau;

m a.. ~ym::naer


ii.'HS ~ l l'fkrqud., A~r11-itJJ1irily ~lild .;;:J.injt;;<d m~ Sor.l'1 tQ ~ .md doam~rmd
~iedical. :n<!«~l.y fur ~Ql~ ~Mil ooo-a.y :;ur~a;. 'l1:Jis fu tliie qj):a:ia 5ct
tbCJ.t is 1JSOO b~· cla'll:tnl:. well~ hidtb GU'el ~in the almliiJ~ mcm~
ImpotWitly, PHS ~ 1110t pt~ -it.g. ph:y!tlcla:ls; w:lth my ~ or bc.mll!l ·o r fi~DUdal
iDGJ:Dtive re1am:i w the lm~ of s!?J'IIices ~ medical ~sot :provlt1e.d.


Oui oo:u:nnirmmt 1s to pro'i'ide '"the riYJt ·~ at 1tte Qg!u: ~ace, atthe .rigb,t mWt!.''li>JU
cl.emooslr.ltcs ......Ju~: far cl.~ while emuring "'best cllilie<il.ID.rtc:ome ~ f<,t (lf1~~
Wllllli!T c:rur rn:ul,, pl ~·llJO\"l.el

?rD1 l'tSllhSeMon.

m ..,. RFP NcL IIIQ2i24 -+


!Page 118

I. ~1nal'tl».i'n:emml &!1...---'S

1.1i.e OOmp~~te l'llS 'Otilhsno

M!{llagc:.JJX.Ilt l'TCJg.t"llm Sam mary hail

betm iw..'iudodi ia the



1..3.16.1 Pn:Jvl$/:ort Qf P/li1rm;Icy Sc!vk~ {P.I'f' :P'ol ~~)
eo~ ~~l ~ dll) !li;J11tyro ~ct

r OJ ~de II!~ ~a'\lia:~-

PHS. rootinuing tn l.lrll1Y.e l\hur C'tlfiltdil~iiall i'baflll3ey Sfl"'"'~ (Max1.1;r Cl"S) "Will lit!
T~OO~J.We. fur stormg, OO.OJJ'Ciffin&. documau:ing,. d-Epr:mimg; 0~"1JuclOJ5. ;'!lU] i.r.:lmi&ifdetiJiB
.1!1.1 prescribed (lrog;. 'lbra~ lite PHS~~ 'D,I]th Mloo'rf CPS., pll!rc:H~ m.
~m t.o e- in the fuefrom ofmncr·,..mvc tcdw.ofo~ RJ[\~ for p:~ senie>:3.
Many of lhese i:pnov.;,tOOiui uc now collSir.k.rcd to b~ -~ relt~~~~ ln the oow~lt!l
phm:ma.c-y ~11t1•fl$1£'[, :f!lu.or CPS [5. W ll ll!iilled ttl C'JJ.Iltim1io,E ;fls lfle; i.'llty l.cada by
:introifu.cla·•a ~w ~hm.oloR, !!i!d·i~ ~ q~ ~ fJi:'OVi~ our ,cli~ wi.lh
1ilr:rmosr ~~W JIIV~
o~~.rwte H:~Bto 111•

to Ml!y 2001, PHS !rold its ~ldlary, Secure l"llfm~Bcy Plm, k'l l!Jint~r Natiootl ril •·• r~JJ•LQY
8-=M~;:.~:Z Corporation of Allwillo, TX. PHS ba ez~mred iotD a lcrJJig...::-.::nn ~trn!rl wi!h M'a.JM
CPS a:. be oor stmtegic (I~ l'l!l we OOI!l tbme m p.rovfde jo:iru! mcdOOal .am11l phml'li!C)'

man&~mt ~ fD our di::n.ts. Maxar CPS iwl "booom:o ~ cru:II!Ove pi'IJVi.tb of
11~0! ~ ;_~b~ .ruppli-cs and medj~ s:ippli~ m PHS{lu!ir11~ ~

Ma:m:r a ~ll!d io. 1!T.Ui as: BJ smite d.trP~"niuv.on ph.1m:i.ilcy ~ot.::~~ {.. _ /lj1J!ffilla. Tti::as. Its
nnm.e dat~ed !ltiJJlll O!.~JR~ o[ ils fmmdcru, Ilo11,1Md Guy ~.:Jtl ;itu1 Sam-ad Qmo_ M&ficld.
M.u'i 011rsold th~·~·m l ~· to:Roy r ool bi 1966 J'olUfltH~, R.Jlh.;~
0'-Je pilrum&cy. Under H~ l~p, tile ~J.dii!Vek>p(:(3 Ui1D m ~"l.oyt»-i!m'eo, ·
~oml. plw'macy a:;,d l:teal!l.hc:.aJie ~ea ~~ol.alimD 'Wi~h *l'fX'Ox:lmskly 3-00 ·CDJpl.o)'eeS.
}!.Y.lWf :iB. tloo- oldsst oorlti:IWJ).ll!: plu~r11ooy opes-.r.l~J•1o tlle 2 fi.ootllll)' TOIUS P~Le, ODdl
ooe of 1.1& oldest rn Tex-3$, r..~ ool.pOH!:e offire Is 1CJL~ in AfMiillo, T~as '!lo'iili.
reaioonJ offices. inN~ Yat, Maryl~JW., C'cl•)j 1100, Wdti.ngtoo, South Carolina, Colifumin.
TEJ~~neSScc .nod Sooih r.~

By ti]e ~~ 1960s,. Ma:ror-becaJne the k:adiag provilhr 1Jfl(lm.g-tam .;are p~' se;vl,~ in
tin~ P'fGmmdlr: regi~ of Texas llDdl \'i1U moo111g tb.cfi.rat Tck&S ~c:B 1Q p«w.ide UJlil iiMe
~e. Tho Cl!."d.u.'licm of~ cure led Maxm: :iinto nt:v.r rmd dr:.,.·d:~ irrt!lt8 o:t
OU:~>tgt phm:macy 3CO!icea,. inOOJ.clin.g mnma.gerl G[j{'! phnml..i'tq•op«>~~li~. -=~~
pltutc:9cy b•lt lllllllllgl:mmt, llllciillmy OO'D.efit ~t WJd ~...Cidty mj edablts

Jhe.-coie illiJsiJie:s.5. tlh!L~ !h_il!- l:(ll)'lllilSoe ~>l)fi ~e~ r.J.tifml!l::}' s:od bcalfbcarc
:s:cr'lo'ice.s: deliwry ~,... ~no::
• Onrr~OJ:W .Pl:i&;y ~ (Mnor CPS.)
• ~ iM£Utlflgw.:ttnl 8tr'~
• ~t:!i and ),.fai.l ~Proscription :Senrkcs
.. $:J=«i]Uey lojectz.ble.Mcdkalfull:!l

Page 119


.. .HOtoe lofil3'i'On lb~liiPY St!Nk~



• barmacy Coxu,, rltiot Strr~ct$

.. Pbnrmacy Milllil~l SCf\11!:11$
The MinOr CPS i!.e~~G ,~ bi,shly dtilicaJ.ed, vrofe~swrmlly ~ and r.~~toed. im
m.MJoging. o:llliJl~ pbannM;y and 1-~ cpe.c~~ '"tnl~rllnJ!: tOO lie reqw:red hy

rorrcc.Qoonl "J~tim).'l.
M.&xor lliJ.~Incil ~be ui!Lly chall~ ~ oon'O!:hetllal. bc;ll.Ch i:~ ~.a.tiom lOOny.
M:a~or'~ •~ t:it~kta
'C extensive -e~~ wrlh a 'mi.e1y of i.Q<al, sl::l!lt4! w:.d f(ll]~t1
jm:i!:ldicii!NJs. M~ uf oor teim bn.\'0 W lu.nt»oo ~:anoe: and llll'•'e heJrl
:ll meJty of u.ceutive positions. ir.c]udmg:

• Chai.Tman.i"\r110e CbailbJno. Th;<~ ~W.C Ba&lid of Cr:im.i.nal J~
• Cbailmao.t'Vicc CbainnBD, T~ $~ flaard of.Pbm:m;u:y
.. E:&.c:cutive Director. 'Tl:;rn.e';sec: Std.(: !&ud ofP'h8fm;Jcy
.. ~rom Ex«::n~ Di~ ofT~ 0c.pamnr;ot, Qf~ JIDii~ (T.ocJ}
• MocHcaJ Di~ nfTto:XllS ~ of~l'l!l~ tkal:h S1:£'1.ia:l I)ivisiiJtl
• Ex"'DtiYi:: Dired:or Stal.t: o{ Com::ctiooml 11;1.1Wgoi Bea]tb CiR ComJmtr,ce
• Co.rpq:rnt:c ~~Jicr Olffleror, (Thc.OEO G:mnp..;J1Jfiv::.te~_ptwidt:.T witlJ 45,.000

• Oi.mdm. of .f'liltm.Ja.ey

S~ Uni"~fy

of Te:tM M~l ~fUtlc:h c.orm.tio:naJ

Mana~! lleaMI. Cue


mem~ lutvc ~ tnn,..'l~~ amd apcmoce ...ilh
.rooogni:m:d C.O!im;tion_d_ htiH.ftf-L •L:iU'C stM!.dfmk. iDclutthJg dto:sc: Of lhe "Nll:1ioil
Co~o w Ctt..c:~rn11 ·fl..W~ (NCCHC) !lDii 111o .Anlctic:an c~~ual
~ciaaon {ACA). Thi::o ~ ~ 001 ont)t tn rD.J ~of t:be ~:ildaah
md tb_c .aooro.iitlltirm pToCllllll tram the vi..-wpoint of .m ~ty bring 3Uditcd, but. alsu tiorn
~:eam. mc:rubcr c:xp~~ ~ nudllocs .fm the ac:aeditin.e; "J:M)]ll!S. A lltCDlbu of th"C) M~-(llttetw
&:avm em the 200~ CCHC l"ftsoo!Ja:ll 84!1Dd'mds R,rn,w11 C~ ;md MU.or tarn
mcmbeu bave de1<t:lop~ ull."i.(IC!}ly RQ~gniz.;eil Co~JB Quality Im~t:ttt (CQI)
~ inpmll'l~ owd aettio,g;;.

Ma:tQI" cPS aud lt.faxor tx:mn

Mmxor CPS rouliaety oonm wilb a. SCDI~(; bJfl)unatioB. s~ S~g Commitmc
(.51.'\SC} CiQiin(JI.I!led of b.cthhcaro pm~-QlXJl[JU ~ vl.IioU$ dlnf(:ll) SICaB
p~l:i()[tS Ql' Opi:"Fdti.ofl!l lc!idemrip·, 'Ili.i3 crmmi;;"Ut:e haa. ~ to :p;i.orll.bx:i i~ tn
&.GJ.~logy dlal. Slle direcU)r 1o ~mbam:ing paacnt safety, ~S. dbticaJ cpility, .l'lllo:i
Op!T~ cflici~

Pharmacy Sr.n~ fw $anl!zi Rial Jatl
M~ooswm eontin.u~rol;Ae Ol'dcrod. stored. mel
• •Slerol b)' II.D ~efull~
plmmacy locat.od within r.bc. Mo.'! [a).~ Clinic .n ~ Ri~ 1ail. Me&ca.doos ~we ~·.:d
Oil i1 w:m dos~ b11Si.5. (SI$~ $ I! t HuG L3.l<f.l belovr .) (I' I.cue iDCJte mooicn~m :u-e di:JIItilmt.N 00
,. :flCl nt1 ~ M Gl!!:n!i E.. ~cr Der.t'Dtion FM:Jtil,-.)
}.~·L11)T Cl'S~ lm

oot'l.ftmcti4lo wi.tb Pir:k.row~ ~LEn.).. i!l t1lmmtly lkvclo,,iilg. rm 'H~ctronlc

Pdtz:rt Huii'Jo"!l«', h;, •

~l'f"ll!Q, ~:p.lj •

Page 120

I. llt;;uC!Im Gf· ~ Frc[lloollld ~

Mt'tlkn!licm Admini$4-a.tfr.m ~cord ( iy!;bmJ, 1rhleh will iDcl.w!e blrrt'.ode ~n.nimg
of~ i..-umtt~'.!o [0 11J1d ear1n m.ed.itnlfion :rl: the :t:l&llt tirrnf!. Be{:a"l!Se itio!rt:mtl)'·OOQ.JDlc;'l~
~::~:thn ~mht!~, lb.-e E~\ll will p~~pcr MAll!:. tfms. :sowiPii
va!WNe ~~~.08 at:~CI iltliDiu:l::>~ve tiro&.


T~ E-MAR win .f;i' 'lll di~ J,.C$0 O!Ki. ~ab:ilit}' to :£.GOtflll::: n'lmlCrOI.JSI I~jXII"CS .md ~!"l"ciai~·
tmti '(: :mo:n.itorimg rou!!&, inctudiu,g; tratlcl118 rompliaooe UJd Dro<:o Iplinoce,. tir:JJel~ of

adminiEtml:ioll, ebns_cd, ~~-d. <It ~~~ Otdcra, pat:imt refosllls .md bold me::lications .
.M~ ~-PJIII.c5

Mnor CPS :i.tB own Mroi.c:al, Sw-gical aodl Dcnti.l .mppty di~1. thlil: bM boon
~ foi ~onnl beilJth care.. Throog.b. 11ti.s ~oo. M~()r" Cts ~~Ll provide- lhc:
ACSO w.itb "the mOBI. ~·ompr~.emh·~ in~ ofmem.i..r.l. phz.:rmaoo.J~C:;I!!J a~~d dlcn1al suppli¢8
iin the- mntioo.. Ou:r S\"l)""iJI1i~ 1us. ~D io tb.o medi;CD1 ~)' h"LDit*S fo:t· O'iiM' SO ~ aDd :slix.ifl3
oV'I::Ir" ~ wllion 11nui'JuJ;U ~!) dwus.m&. <Or ~Ofi::;fied ~ eacl:J. JUI'. we undr:::n;tma
-wbiiiL ~ ~~ U) .k~ (I ~tt!D.f.. f;~"'s mec', 1Ut'gleeJ amd OOliliiiissllly ne:lld:s:
ecr;'f!:I"Ui Our :st;)prlYer \i.'l.$ uVI!r 901000 Ji:4"fi'Hl ~~ tlt:oe.l:". iu ~ :five difft:rnrt dllib".iblrtWn



A!Jddtioosl ~of our l.rfedieel, ~ 2l1il Dt:tttta! SU?M dlvtsi.oo inA:]Qde.;

• Dcclka'!ed. sales rcpresartli1i¥I;s to,!WN.icc the ACSO DOOIJ'Ulii:
+ RuU li:ne ofb:nimd name~ c:q;aiva.~Cirt"p.rivritc 1nbcl. ikmlis
• 1 ~ :2.-00y scrnr:c
• w~ ~ 90,.000 \tc:m.s we fin ~O:ll ;Sbi.p v.rith!:!! 99-~ Jtmlledi;sm Mfillml~ :tBtc.
• Op~ lit~~ w lMdicnl. ~lti¢al m ~ ·tmldo.cts from. OJM: oonvmi.w




Tb.Q gafd 6 W m~ the t!IA of O~:nE ~i.!:.JJI.!liti!: ~ :mt.o~~ ({l:tGmlllilcd B!ld ?.'011)"-fi:CC ~
pct~~k t<;J ~a dU$.:fulpJ:II,il(!. 00r ~'pply cli~iw o~~

•· A D(idkaftd Silles 1.'<C'.llm- P.Ct lbru.e timss wl»tn sir.s pf:l:SIOlm(;l bave .a q~.:Jcs1ioo. ~~ lu~'le
aspooralmaV3llall e. to ~e}'Wfron:1 7:30fml o Spmcr.
• Yu. O~er.icag - Ma.xa:r
~ fiax. OOimng :m~ will.JliDliid-co a rostomim:l !«:< wv-::r
s~ with }'"0~ tl&§~ wlw11c. items m,' !fbr qu:irl: !lcla..~ and quj~ ~.
+ Web Or&rlug -11u:: mas:i CII'IDVU"liotnl: 11t'a}' m mop is lo ~ mtl accr.lre ~~ ~
via the ~t. No n~ ItO fill om ~ <m1t1: fonDs; mn]l'l'' lo.e. tn, !S>lll~ "J~
iJ.lfl)dor:ts l!.lld y<~ur oJd~ ia oo ita way. Ou:r web OI"Ikr $)~ "'rem~er.f'" ACSO'
¢nh:rii!1R ttmd!1 so you d;:m' ; bav,.,. ro a~ !h!::: .HyS!m fur yotlf m@. Jl'(llln1at L'tcm:3._It
'lr'YI:in itfiOWi!l }'OC. til •Ci'Catc o. firvorit~ fulda 1b:r i~r.:m;161h.."1-t. j'IJ~ illr.'l"t wani t:fJ mder C'rel)'
llmt;,. "twl!l: W!tmt to~~)' whm ~~ y.


Maxor CPS."Urld~r;h; flw imJJOrtml~ CJf CJ!lt co~t.!:i.mmtl".t aoll will1.Eo additi0li1.1.1. st'!::P& to
- ~ ouuuppli&r ~, dJ,.e ~ deliL~ rc snack to ml!l!t the noods ·~fl:hc ACSO.

lihu*··flP J'b~.rm.aclts.
.PUS. utili.zing Ma.-.:ci:r CPS. will ilemi.~ to "I,.OOVidc c:mcr~· presorip!OOa dclfvecy ll:im'll£h
the 2417 on-calli ~>cea pi'OWicd by llhc on-sit~ p~ at the S~ Ritn 1llil. 1be r•HS



mcxlica! p~cl ar '!h:; G!eam E. Dyer Th:4wtion P~ili1y1 m a:d'dltion. to tb:: on-iile p~cy
:n S!Urta Rita .Jail, will nt:i.lil;e the ful!owing ¢ummndts f"ut em~.uey p«;Saipl)orul M

Walgnfns # 1625
5055 Tdegrapb AYcooe

We"tm'&' Stnei Phar·JilJICl'

Oatlmld. CA 94609

Alrur11:di", CA 9450 I

1553 Wcbs:ter ~

· U.1tLZ On..Site Pharmcrcy (RR" ~- 1t1'
Cuuiraimr ~lWIIutve ;a Qliilirtec.J, l~1!1til by
le!!aOOII~ fa lhe-~1~ of p~ l:::;~:mb<li(S.,
di ~

l:rJ li:I;m=<~t:JI


9 S~ of CiJJI'o!rn;J an-~ Jlhtll111'18L)I lhill BliSJI ba
IDflfMIIQ. ~liC!Imt;, and ZJ mini~licm, <lri:l'fiM y

.I Of .SO ~illlmet:aJ1k:ali_

.PHS. ~~Di Mix« CPS, will DllrntinW"!; to h,.VI) 41
ofOa.lifwni11 ,mi.~, tm-~-1~
N;y·~tWil.l OOcJin\l()to proviclc~a:.y
:sm~s in fu lJlllllD1rr in wllitf' iliey oms C"lrt'q!t]y
provided. PHS wUI he ~~ible.fw tM urdu:itJ&
pts~ diSpensing. ~en aod stru~~ of

q;uali1ir:d, S.l


all pbami30£1Utlca!J: ar ft..e ACSQ. Dim1ndO!l of
modlcstioo (daily !Md paSi) will be pafm:med by
JiCC!l3Cid. medica.l p12110011d daily. To con fum plS2:
prcoor.i!. tion hi&cq'. PBS iDta!.<c D1l.fSC:S v.ill ~I;)
1o oonduei c:o-~ cta;lyto plwncaeir.s, clinics ;."lill
h~itafs io. the oommtmity.
};~cal ~e.1a: Gle~m 1&. Dyu'Di!tentl'.oll Fadlle,y 'f;lil] (l(,'ittiffile :to~~~~ to
:t.tla.o:t CI•.s.• P.llarmaey lnt.ormaHon ~ ·(PIN)_ As '(III'OV•dilw& thi!t laclll1y ,..iJ:h
a !!D~ior tool to tmn.!lirnit. iinmo!te lllfdicsUoo ardm nnd .,':i!7ill' ord·tot~~. ~~ &tn.bBBC
]Iro"iJdcs Ute U!l:flt\i'ia-. the abitil)' to l'C'ricw potic:nt:medk.Jrtio:n hlstu;y, 'lli0W }WienJ
]lf'O''IiJes,.~ ou-llne. rcpodsi. llOd :more. Web~ .!.J;o bY-e lh& bct!ltti~ cf !lOOnS
~oa ~·b dmiug the c:nt:J}''l'® «a. For ~t; ~ fam1U1my inoiics.!J:Xr, Mfii1L.
too-sooa,. ~ p~ all~ and prnvi1li.Dg.enli.aru:ed. orda: mBJl~l redlime to dimts.. 1'his ~'Stci:n will d:Lcr;t :fw <m, ~ caehilimc. a. mcdicatioo is Ol'dc:rOO
ard idc:OO[y:potcmtial problc:m.s. Wbm po:co1ial P!V' .arc: ld~ ibc ',Vin
J:'ln'i.ew ca!i cont.w the Oll-sitD M~ Oiredor cw d~ ro di~ the poten1inl ~<UJ
nnd to n.S.~ io itle <1~1~ ot m a.l-~1!1 trtalmml: pl911.. On--Site Pharmcrci:st {r(FPI'fl. i3J
CUftrad:fi' 8t'2ll f!l'lrr:&I!Vl OlHIIte tPham19dst tYl1Q is. duly I~ 1r1 !!lei S"..ut.~ d Clfllfmia S1Ld I~
~~ atpetfenoe•.•

I'Hs Wll1 OOillJQlli:i oo flli'O'Ii l..!!t: ao oo.-slte phllt'm!ci~ woo is li.oomcd in fue 'Swt~ of~!'Cir'Qia
Mil luis .oot~«llm.Lal ~U:t.ce. Marty Cb ~~~ D.Ph. will ~q~ tD bs the ~[ of
PIV~rmucy for the ACSO, r;i{ilb lhrr:c odditioml pb~tfllU'.-:i,;ll; lllDiitt bim. 1ltale fo'llt }!luumaci.BIB.
work roUeetivdy to a1BW'C;' 'lilro~ Frldny 7;00 a.m. to ~:00 pm eo~ sJ '\''cll as
a:ili:r boors aod. oo w~ on 001. :2(1'7 wv~. Jn ar,tdidoi'l tl tb; four phmua.aisiB, PHS
~lt111tl'h S.~.~ •

Ri'PI'b.QXll:2:4 • I . ~Df
P. Lt;'

Page l 22


.PHS: is t(J~tly QIX!Incting with Pt'IC.stt:IIJ'tJ a Cu"tifi~ Sl ,JR ll V91dk)r ~~~ Alume.l!b Co•IIlllf.Y.
fu1 the JXjCka~ of'~iCi'tiom. 'Jibe romp-lctoo 11JXI. ~il£t~ SLI:8 Wi1itlar foft'lll fur Proocrip1
b.a..s been l1.1clt!dec:J in ~OD N wit F.



U, 16.4 PhiWnaey & Ther~cs Ccmmittee ~ ~- -rt!J
Cnnl'J'il~.m:--QhSI!,. in &:h:iiit:n, ~b!:lh
m-~ t b'
ot ~~~ ()(lll'!c!lti liee.



ph~ r::~m· illae 1b revJelrJ

A pha~ <f!J1it lilz;ru~e:l


lti'i'$1ltory srnl ~$
a ml!fUI.lcr

lh!! :Sjlilll! of CillilOm~ a!'tal oo

M'Srly 'C hew. ~the Ma.xo.r•Cf'S ciini.w ~ >mig.DOd Co the li..CS.O, willl wwtio&M;
to s~ O!.:t a m,I!;Tr.i)ea 4>f th-e: fbar.mlley anri Th~css (P&'O O;Jmmiftee.
'bb a.cbtitlac Iii) Jl'i;fl1ir;;dpntioo. m1bc: ACSO'a f'&T Cmmmifu:t:. MMot
b'lo~ ;adlled Wfll:uc to1hcopeta11oo b~~dio.g inftmlliltion .fi:om 01.11 O'yql~cr&."l" ~~tlsttcan. 'be
dimil:ratl!d Oil. a: l:'!!.(lllihl)' ba.s:iti.

The Mam:rCPS ;m~lll}' temn of(lm\.:;i.nna ~~ ~ mQTJIJ.,Ly ~ P&T
Colllmirtoo mes~jps_ Eo ~lllJ!'! ~ru~ 1:;0111plii\J:lt,ia :i-ttdl ~taJl.ty impm1.1emoot within
p~ !Itl~til)•ll.. T1~ c.}i'J.ID'Illte..; a'tl!~ l.Q !Jl((Jdlllt!S , es~i!lbcd bl' the Amcic;,m
Sodcty ofHc.ilib Sygq l'barrmcl:~;!.':! ;u~nl I&e. A~y ofM~~ Co.u.e F'.ha:rmacy. lms
d_ivw:.;~:~ iil1l.d CiC!Oip:fCkiJ.3iVc muldJh'scl:pli~ ~ctllfiewill (:Ol!.Umlc •o SID'C •s il
re$tlUTOe {1]1 lhc ACSO;


Cg.IIIJilittN <:bab
OCefM~ Officl:-r


Maoage!', Cl ' ' C'l3 Sr:cvioell
Corporaie M~ · H~tb Dirt:ctoo
Clit.lli:al t"bfn1l\it~
!Pllaiwacy Cnji~Jmb!i .Qrmptimm, Officer
Cmporatc k~ C'l;n.Jm~e-1
MOOII:ll.t:Lm. ·afi!'ty Sa~~ Me~
M~. Phill:macy ()pera'bo~

Dire¢or Opcro.tioos

Cmtorm!r 8c:r'livr; S.upr:rviroi

Dm g ~ tfim•••tdi)D .fn.'\'m


Page 123


( "

fbis_ ~_m 4)f dnJi::tiii!IS I~Jii&wB f:hc fullowtng OJ:. a IIMil:LbJ.y b3$iS.:

,fm Br..l.ll.'d .DJd ~;e;c.Mt!d,i~n AppmV11iiL Reriewof ni!W'bm;odla;,:;tpe..rW
mcdSC3fietcs ~~om;· to ~)' ~t WJth I\IW ~s eclsinJl. rh,e ro:~rltelp~.
By, lJ1'11ehlll!lll£!1'!l are adn.o.!1iid t.l]llMiV;mee ilfl±e roUOO! o( 'fle'Wrne;li(!fl~.
For example, geJI&ili twltx!it:a.1km..<: often lla\'e 111d p!Y.A! m mbstiimtially mfu~
~c.n.ditnres; tlli?J'~ rap cl.liCI:lou would btl ~L romnlbty ~d ~~
5"idclme d~lS. ate 1lila.ll~:- btlstd Olli Iiiia. imfunrt:lliod.

·• New M~ia!;ful.!l Iru:l~m1 • .8is .mr;d~ ~ i!IT!PfO'o""to.:!. for ~1i.o.!!!iil ill!licaJiOJI3. i;

:m [mpco~1,1.~ ~ tmt d!!m~ iln ~T,;i\lmtg IrnlY lli;QJ[,


guidclif.IA'I lrnl.)' rx:-~7.~r .s ~~of~~ i.oll'mn~don.



M~i."A4i~m W~ lmled by the Food ndl Drug AdmiJdsml~ • .AlatE i'Bsu:£:d
li)' tm foor.J: .and Drug Ardministni.OO.D BJC ai:~ 1D ~ 1he dcfu'CIJ' of safe ·
m~~ p;r~ilc~ ro oor M~
tho IDA i~ a ~.mting reg.mii:Og


lhG u !A!! cn~.WV med.wiltigo V:irac-eptmpregu;mt~ 11!!il.pemc"Jigpaa;!DB.
U~atutl.t~g. lhl::. wnming by 'the p«Widm i!ll (11'Ji;jQ11 i() p~m• ~. PMiem s~
mmnos :r:-egnntb1g die V~ w:wbg wr~S J)tl)'l!'t~eti ltl1 aU 111'!toi11i:.i!!!l nod providm.
+ Ml;!dtati.lm Sbo~ and Product Rccalla. lin an .dforl: to IWOid mo:ii.eatioo de:}!,ys.

®eo LO mo;litmtioJI ~biliE)o, Mil':wr CFS JO'lrtin~ ~'lir:II'B medica.ti.o:os that are W.
. !d!O:It ~)'. lf' AI m~lioo, i3 or v.ili ~ \~~ ~ ~l.i.I:Ii.c:JJ TCC.O'lllillalliatiomi i~
.mad.c {Dr &llt!IJWivts. ,Pr~Xb.11,.1 ~Eb.1 ru-e :also ltlutioely ~~~c;a oo cm;uc panad


a.J.led~001 :&non: D.IBJi(:Uiug ad Ad.mitdstntiJ)D. 0!1 a iba!tis, ttl~
i!l;ft~ tl!;; ;q:t;11lted (J.Illry 1b_:,:: Mccli.csiioo. San:ty ~A. l'rti\lii.IJs: fiG anaJ.yz:UI
at~•' an ~~t is llllilllk .n'bcJIJI: tbcTOOC: ~ E.dtlca.tioo of du:: mor ~to
Uw 11~ ~am .md ~ illCpllt in p]D.O::! to 4V'Oid n:ammoo Dfthe ~
uti.ooa.l ·~S' fip«mlin1 CI'IW$ ~
~ed. socii as "ilh ~y spelled
mooc:U,~~$ that m.ty i:Je nxhH.J•~I!d w~ c«lm ~ ~. ~un(jm me
J!IDadivel:;o ~ 'b;io p:ev~ '~Re(;e <m"O:rS ~ ae~.&- r~ ~!~ js our~



one a:lOCCffl, ~J we ha~ ~ t.1.u4 r;lo::~ ' :·l.Rtri~ ~ ~ m~ ~n: !IDCm'JI.
DfJKCVmrillg,~ ~~;~~_!!ism oftmVt ~ sll ~I.I'Ytli.f whmpo5:Iilll.c.

~il=l!~l.t:'l:lmt G'!lidcliae3 m .l>!mlloPJl!.mL R.OO!.riog 'P'm'iabilliy .aa a mcal1!l of dGU~s
~· ~is. !'Jl pri!cti« ~o.w.d by tile ~\; ofMcdi.cmc (tOM). Tmrtrnmt.
p d - ~ j)I"O'Iidt~ II lictnll;l:l~ ~LLCm'lC.I of~·l!llU ~trrtro by cliJlic.n.llitml.'lllre aiJd 8re
a Diieaiiij (J(~Yidio.i!: ~!111l'i.a. i!! ~~. ~wi:;~:~ .!. Ould:elinr:5 m:

.ro!ltilacly dtv15'Japec! cmd moo.ifitld :IS'UISW ~ beco~ a,•a5)a:b'te.

II!Jml.ftll!lli!m Mlmagcmmt Io <Kiditi:an to ilie cl.mi.l;'.<l]. :infumJ.aar;m ~~· to ~1fm.'l.
tltll~)OD maon:gemr:m dmrn; n.~ ~ imp:K1mt to cmswe 'fisG.1l. bu.«. th a monlhly
~ th.l.5 rollowiRij~ is, :n:0~ed.
- 'fruldB 1)l dis~ :ID 'ill::i.oos Qtakli
- Cod~ i.lilli:fl1:ivc c»mpliim«:
ll'fbion Html-. ~I= "' 11m1' toln. ~· • 1. ~l)a ,; .aj t:.,. ~~


Psge 124

M4xor CPS ~ill c.on.ti.Jrut. to follow the ACSO's n'ict~L ilfli~COI far tba !liJ£ P'&T Commit~«
m~es. i'Brticipaicm in the ~·,..Iopm~ of Jl<lliQ!!S .an:! ]'A1)o?t1nroi Jlatainmg to
p~ mxl ilicir lliilizaoon will be pr;,.,'idr;d ISS ~h:a1. M:~es 8l!id. ¥:ti&n pl;uu;
?li.ll be ~lopo;i for tbe3o i1S ro}Ui:r<d.


l.3.1&.5 PsycluJtroplc Medlcstlon 4ffFP Pg. 15J
Ph;srmacy ~lUll ! ~ iWI ccf~I::Jor.Jtion.v#.h or
llOfl4r:acileiJ ~~ prcw'dc~ wf'el1
oo:bring. d~ng-, t;l ll2"t!JAill1 ~h:.wi1g oi;M;lum_enb ~100 ~~7c ITKlCJctiiG fc;r ;;illnrna!K in
IU:SiJ -1!00 t:"m&Gt"1ll1$ FE~~Irt~ii:t$.

PHS.'tYill oollt:inue., aa ~!JJ::/Jmotl!a ~(JllnlyBclt.avitJfll l
HeA_11h Care Services (BHCS) 8Dd'/ orthcir o:m~:rnr.t¢d ,~;c.e; ~fJ' wbm «d~
dispcwing, bil.ling lilld rcv:i~ doomomts of~ J1SYct/l)1rtJPlc:. medicioo>: fur aJJ i.nms.b:s ·
~ ,ACSO fucilitie:s... PHS will rootioue 1o llo"«k: With tbo 5ti.CS mtany fbmmlery is:;~
L3.1S.G HJV lledicstion_ (RFP PQ. ts)
CCutlly $1'Jall lx! ~410f1~iie fU- pnMd"ii allllf.gclt! HIV ~ ~'b&tYMI b)' ihD AI)S Dru~
~~ ~ ID ~~l{n 1111Tl(!b:$ .-, ~~


PHS will oontmu_c (o ~ tapOBsible forpmvi.Oin:g .al.1 d it'"l# t{l\l' tu~n ~lished b1
fblo' AIDS Drup, Assistimoe Progrmn 1o cligiO:.e ~ • ~ec wilh Califmnia


. R.educiion iD Solid Wssfu Genernti'on ·( MP P!11ffl
Pharmacy~~ ~ Jl'] l ~ 1t'cl Gala~ cornpo~d14fw G~;:lle.

Pilm w utfl

a. ~Y~

Mletll~ !'ill CUI" ~r«t teu~~ed l'eR!IIing in Ill ~uli in :001".:3 ~ !JE"l~.)an.


I>JI5 'lil i!l QJ..liiz.: pi]J. ~ tbnt OiUl !:» toml'OOtiJCI ()T ytUtl:iJ II ~ ~1 p:ill c:q~s ~~

rii:li.ilti_DB in mi!!dion m:-iOiili ~ .Sf.'T..I:Ir.lnu •

1.3.17 AIDS FP IPg. 15)
C:OI'TI.rac1of shaft ~ With. !he .-.1 ~ COJJrty AlOS fllBk Foroi ~ W!lill~ v.illJ J\IDS
~ in t"Je Dl!'detmn :lind Conet1ku'f5 ~giiliO!I. AlDSJHJ:'i181111ng sN:J ~ pm'lidieq 01.5 tl~y
[Jrld ic:i1e«L

PitS 'l!ooiU ~to wo:rll: r~ wftll die AJIJT1lCIID CM.Int)' AIDS T83l: Fol'CC in the .
pi'(}Vl::i(lo of AI.DS eduQtti:on ic fue ()~tian l'lnd (..~ItS F~ A1DSJH1V t~
W.. ~ a;mtinlJl: tl) be ~cd as i!!~liY i.Dr.ti~ w.•~D C1!m:ill eomm.Wlieystlmda.rds OT
UJIOc Jnm, Cis Or ACSO 1.-mfrs ~c:sl, pt~mr to )AhOJ aDd 1-t.ealllh and SafetyC~ All
ti:&~ will be don." in~ wiOl ~ l;aw.; Plts • 1~ with the ACSO, the of imna1:cs t~;d foc RIV ~ dtt: ~of
mv pcsittve I1!!l rom.uiLteS ro ~ The~ ~ . .11 bl;eb-rlsk J1)puiadon
for HJV. 'The CDC r:.stilnftt~ thai •1% of the iocarocm."ed po~ il'i H)V p:~Sitl\lc,
ho¥,qw~ it is our bclic:f tlw. d:tis is s:igmifi.c.Wiy higlte:r mt002D in~~ iu Aftawei!!.
Cou;;ity. From ;U medics.! ~~:. tbr: aese&...CJJll!ot, d:ill{lllOsi!l iUJd ~ of.M mv
potibve jorontc is ~ i'HS ill OOJI111lil.ied ~ O)l)tiroaed ~f!aliLy Cat'C and sct\•ic::ea
provtdr.t;l by ( ll


-<Ute pbyafcill_ns.

l ..
I' .man t1...Jl ~ ~ • Jifl'

• l [)(sl!i'\ " ~ Stir><~
,._ l t:Z

Page 125


Propo~t!d 1-fiV Progmrn:
ln l 998 th: Al~ed+ Cc:nmty l3qlll"d o! S~ OOclared dlit ttm-e ~n!. 11. mto of
~Y ill the Afriem ~..~ popui.J:Lion c.ausa:J by AIDS. ~g I! u~LOO\ltJty io
til<: Il.3UDn 11:i !¥lr:f~ the di~pn1pl'ler1il.'l~ impact em theA.IIican Americm eootmnn:ity.
s.ignifiQ1111 m:iCII:$ b~ b~n i]J111!£ It> JnO\ftil.e se:rv.iccs to rill. those nit~ by »JWAIDS
since Cm!: time. A ~OOtol cf' tJ:x~ ui o.:>.:d th:!t .bas .faikO ~ ~m;~ &om l}, Sf:'LCtal
w;lv~ec~ i11 mD"4! is ilie To ad.dicss ~ signi.fic~~ t(:IIJIIII'rln:~' lwa1th ism'\
PfiS h1 ~rti]:!Q,b:J& the. fl!"..abllslurloot l)f atl JUVJAIDS Ol~f.t~m!i!'Co1Dmualfy lotnfaco
:Pr-ouam (tll(.1J'). 'Tth!l I"togram v.iD ~ ccottnd a' Sw:r1n Rtt;l Jrq• aD!l 'wiU be: I.IZl.lkr &he
· ~lnlolltl~llw d~(ltt ()/ lbJ old Orr, MD>, .PHS M~J :Oi111ct.Ciu•.

ne g..od of die BOil" ism im~Jro~ ~ t)vuta11l•~ end ~ily of li.f~ fur~tb'
mcam~ed iDdh~s TCSidin& in Al!:mt:da ~ iii!d tto achieve- Jl sem;n.l~ fr-f:nRitiQL'l to
oom¢ • BJV/.AJt>S ~upon ra!G!:ic l'rooll cu


lndividuala 'IIJi.;h HIVfAIDS wbo ~ mQJU"C~ lm a:o AC&J fa.ciJir.y~ill be idlcmtlf"Oeil t!arly.
A PHS HIV/AIDS Case ~fun.a~ M""U W'OTk WLtb eaclllrulividna! to midi. (h!'! emil <)fili
~css tr1mBi.ti.mJ to oommtm:it)' HiW AII)S. 1~~ upotuclease from~.


PBS ia pl~ ro blMI ~um tbt:. ''r'Vi~ of pb}sk:i~~.~ta ~m.t:ed m~·d ~:x:ul.od to the
~oflUVlAIDS... Th~ pbylliciaD! ....ill WOI'"k eloocly '11;10 tile .u us L"roj ut oftli
EQ~ BA)•., til e- old$ an d 'a~hervioe ~UoD to A.laJru.QA ' l)l int1' tlui pro~es
!4~ !orpei)p1CJ Wilb BIV. While mueh of tht: post ID.~ou ~.arc 1J be f'l'aJCY\linatoo
by AIDS "f"rojedl ilflhe E'..a>t Bay, .individuals V,ill bt:: ~~ ro a myrbd ofHIV/AIOO
~w--e~ ihrnllgltol!I. oot.mty, i:ncludiQg pro,p.;ri~~Iis 41: Flifmug_t Htr.rkk h<ltp11.:k.
A di.sp""'Cipmil.l~.c alme of(bo9C wirtlll J:II\o~}AIIOS i-5 ~by ctbAic\~ ns ~,t::l1
il31f.OSIC ~ arc.bonlel~ As . i~l part of'!he DIP, ·:PHS will pro'iio!-c •owmg f,_li ap
lu m to~ dlrou&b its oollobcrm~:km with AIDS "Project Em Bay. HIJ!IBiiJi provi~~~
will ibc: ~ boasic.g in dul su~mc~ ~.e:, a:ru:lllic 5killii t:OI.I.II5dinB will
Wo be pro\ickd, Upoo f(lcasc (II'Om fuq,~.;oa, E'HS will mili MDDJelllal.tJI to
msllUl .imlhtJdm.b An mmii)MJI'ttXl ro the ~atcd ~I': fkil.hy.

1l is hoped the HCIP wi11 i~ a,; Z1 mgclt![J~.-'trJOO iJtf.egl;'md J;ride;ID~ of~
:W\1/A.lD§ C'..l'ire V.'it'h, ct'll:ni!()\JJlL!\1 C+!t~ :resultin& in Jxalthitrindivid~..tls md ;m !ieal(hltlt

Pmorl Hecih ~ 1-r- • RTl' ~~'I ~ I .~~ rl too~ &eft'Ge"J

Page 126

1.3...18- AnciUary Setvi.-ce:&! ~lmP Pgt tGJ


~ ~ be ~ai&e 1m~.~ 3M oliWI' IJ'\'Idl18J)' ~ .a!l 'mi!Jufmrl.. Amlll:lr)'
~ OO'Jlll 00 l'l'l!dilmad ofl'-!111~ bul. Jii!lfi!~ I(JfHii!L.


PHs• hWtb ~ prtlfJ:Um r.v.itll tOOillinu~ kl pll.Mdt:l
o~'te d~ i.e!)i:iag to !nJIIJlOO Lh.c:
levcl o-fcamprovi.;kd w ~ PH'S ~ lhltrul!!pJIIi.~l:Jlo ti~~lf(;qooarmrim'Will
be met. IP"HS J;fltl 001atill.o LJ.) 00 .MlpiUrmbk 1b oo!it of ()n-si!.e ;!:ft(! "'ff-aitc:
labM~ X'12iy ~~ o:lihm di..z,sno~ :;ervi.ce:c; ~:reqmm! a.ud icdlc&ed A wcittm list ohll
~iiicr~ will be ~'Wsn to fue,~~cso pcicrr to llbrrl of a;nt'lmct.


ltl1 BrMeph'i'p; 01n~e.t b~ 1'$ a:ad ~ D19o~ 111~s compktotl iQ
:zoos illlowbi.g oa.-aitt: iiJif:ll.l'Miliid ~~~l':i!!J at Smllt llib!i Jraa anri rtdnelng t l
ll..lml.bcr of
;n . ft1m om.

A1l ~ ~C ([Jut tiffortt.o mmllgc OOGts. .PHS 11m ckvdopoi) 11 ~i<lm ~S~ WJ:(oft;'t!Jlhry
tiW. ~ ~OD of I!tCOOS&ili)' I<Jb '\\'0.-t: nt the mcs1 OJS!I cilix:ti~ prlei:z~S, l,li~£' o
:PHS, tlii:!: 1a'Q f~ lYil.1. ~ W&!lrol bb oo:st!i wlill.e ~via.s; {l-.~1 wti&OO -ewe. W e
wiiJJ CO!l.di!!Ct ~ di;,ga~ t'l:*- 'Within the ACSO &ici.kj_tie; to the! l'tl!.llu.l pwslbk, gj_vcu
1he lll'ililabilit)' of ~:~quipm.eut. W e •.rill tlDTJlmt~e tO ~a T~abCor,p fm-~ ~ 1bat
~m roasa.nahly ba ;;erfo:nn&d of>l1aslre. Vll~etl w:it~go.lllsi'.le la~OC'81:or}' ~cca, om O'JI-~
~care staff 'Ill.•ill dtaw all ~lllil:fJS aru:l ~Pfll'le m
lt!!m fM: 11Ulsport w lbc-Rp~ttc
1~, .All spccin:J~ will be rollec:t:erl iEJ aocmiini!o! with ~~ed ~oo!l:ary ~.
'Theywiil ~ protJ~ hbcl<:d a:nd stored. {ld'?f ltD 'bM!,g ~aut fur pro~i:ng.

Page 127

A JJb}'JOcia.o will review all lAbQnii:Qc:y remits
to ar.sess tile iblbw-up oarc il:.'di~:P.Je(i :1:1d to.
~em frx dis~::s be~ 1h~; c:J C23
oo~ 1100 lntlJrl.b:h-;v ~It$, l,"b!!
~cimt oo-call will 00 l!lot:ilil:d 'n•nt•~Y
of.0. STAT~ PHS bis$ provid'od a
modem priDter &n 'J'Qintms lzb rtBUlts: of
rontine aJ ST/l.T ~m~ All rt!JI.Jt:b.e x-nrva

w · 1~~: fl(t]"ir;it;cl un <;t.-ltt: Wttvugh the oo-!iite X •
ray sn-11¢. X--til}' W•ll t)e ~ead by a Board ·
Cvrtilii:d CV"~i8i.Llt: radlo]~;;gigt: and &akcn. by -11
res~ tn::fuiiciWJ.. R.t:s-uJts will bC :rr:pc:llt'ied
tb LX mstihlliM v.-.iaW 2A·h<ru:ni. EKG ~t:l0l13 will-.l.~~& be prc.•vitllld 1,11bo&.te. W1dlc
!!KG can be pafmmed at 1he Gl12:n E . D~ O~:~:tut.oo Fm.ty, . :~ M 1 ~lti:wc tD be
tt'~ (0 th~: Sa!:l£a.llim Jilil for rl!AJ~olog:u.:. tWm.f. I'HS willl10 ~ijiltllhle fOt' :all
tclatul~:ifpplies .nod~·

t3.19 Trralrting & E.diLICation ~.P PQ. 1fl

~for an'1:1~9 ~ll':ir'iii"'Q ~ a13- ~forb)' w o( acaec:!~ sl'.ilmi~


PHS will ~c ,., li!FISII:'tl fbd its pro~D.B] ,~ u~J:!e ACSO arc :oot ooly
CJIMcnlioJ~ bn• bn9'~ ~ tt) C11m6 rnl1Bg EdBJVII~ :Vmil!l (Cim) to continually updat~
lbcix stills mil kJJJ·,..IeEIF :Q!Ll met.t c'"mnmi~pmc; reqdtanc!JtB. Sec s:tctfoo LU b
.ini~ioo 0'.!] tale rrts Qroili1111ng 'f4'~oatioo prcBI'fnl"tafJTnbthtl!l: ad P~ DevdG£Mbi!ll1.


.PUS win oOOlll..iau~ 1.& C!;ll')plo}• anllrnbe;r nf .o:;lmm~il ~ lo te<teb r.D ~;P!~yeM ln.E1oo
~and ifuplallmtm:i.on. <Of e¢•••frte!le:~. ve .in«:JYi~:C msmrn:a p~. 11&,;
IDia:iDg includes c:moUmmt - QJ'lltim.tliD8 ildnc:Ooo progeim~, \~a ~i:mm,0111g I:Qola and
~rillg J:mgmmS. ACSO mrp~ IXIS:itilmc fo illrrc 1brt QllJJ<IIIl,llm'l::f' oo bu ioclJJicd
m a11 appropriate roua~tioonJ otrmaJPAll~ (!8CC pcml!Wel witiJ ·~w. ~ wrinw plan
o.'i~tmioo aodl Qtaff dmrBIDpmcu.b'
tJ:aining appropri~le m (XJ~ri~ flllrl srope cf praeticl:. U.i-~ !Pl~ outliDc:s dle ftccpLalcy of

r;cm;i:J.Wog tmiJiimc fur ~eli~~
OrimmdotJ. of .N1:W Pc:noonel

1\tl oe.-N ~1tnaJ ~t0 ro die '"N~ Hi~, ACSO ~ p:rogrom. In Mdi/tic.m.
evecy yetu;. all r'l-JS Nffwill s.u:::nd eitlht {!t) bQ'Las: of~ r:d~~ti.o.11 ~n(l u. me
oorrec:monai ~liS
E. ·ery MWiy Iliad IIIJlSC ~1m ~p.tOpr'o.l!Ui pen-od oHime 'lllth 11. d«tiilO~ ~
TL"li:'SIC. 11\e :JI'CSOOl'CC B'lll"8e ia.IID ~~ tr.®OO ~lmi!J ~ who bas thill
r<:sp01!11Bihil.ity :fur ~ th.~: n~ Qnpl_oyt.e iii all OOI'I'C¢'!ioJAI m~liG.'11 opetz!i.CMI.Il.
PHS' Healtb Scsviocs ~~lll".d~ will filcilital!~ o:n-liil.e ~kai.Jiiug oow:ring ilie rnl.C& md
~c:s tor~


wth Dm"Sing tmm fh., time oie:ntly, lhrm:p trrmsfcr amd

in ~ltitioo to ;

,;lg«<'!tll4 of {I :sa(t~ &nd llcalthy e.nvinmmrot

Page 128

.- Piimuy {;i1Tl: xsvioos
S_¢cial.oeods mid services
• 11e.oJtll. ~



&tlib •-:trre 1Jrole;simals 'lvitlalail 1~ tlu: i..mpor1• ce of p~eserv ug Hili :promoti:ng the

))t:.U'tb ,)f(be. in~ individ•llll wbilt ~·Diki:na wiiftul!l [r~ fullowjmg pnmmetc:'rsl i~em
h t tb~o: L~t1llll: eovD:omnmr.:
• Sct;Urity ;!: tM ptin;.ucy- .!J,Qal. of tho
• .ln.mates ~.Illy lbll\IB haillhtlited uu:ess to medical cam '.\!b:ih:. in fue o:JlllllW!l'll}· ~·ftcri
litre m 11£1 u-tXJ..1!t:r11l• eA1.lli tril S'tll".lltca CtiiJ!Otll!.nfti~
rlccJit:Aiiorn ~
PHS will cominue to provide Wlittcu pcili~ lllfJ.d proi:Cdw:c l:M.: ~ n.ursiJig !~tUT" wlto
•ulm~ mcd..Fca1iioa. ro have :appropli.m tminiog. Nl•lllillsi1nff will t;ttel•re train.C~~ from
t:h~ ~ E:ll.liV ~C oim1m of sccnrity. nJY-..01 bility t<rr ~g mi!di.Wicais.
in~ ~1)' mliDD.Ct: aoo:ontilll]. to pb)'Sicirm 11.r&ts, 1100 m:mt:IW.g di£ &dwin.istration of
mW:! iD ., milliill:l" !md on ~ fu11D 3i'J.XU1~ by tbet ~If• ~1h<"Jrity.

l a.&rvice ll..a.rlng
PHS' fu-SGI:vire ·rtlmlmg f!Tou= l'or aur.ti'JS w:~d cljclciaos al!~ fo1 flexfoilit,· in
~g. p~~~ ~1 M l<J>W!i!

,. Allcas'l rnn{HI") ~lot:$ w•l£ lH: 1>1Ifl:fed plm.any trullin,groqwooby~it12:
• Tbc & will bav.e sn i.:n-scrvice C>dDe81ion plsn fo.r1hr; <C.Dl-enlkr~
• All in~ ~oo. "Will be OOaJml!l!ikod inclwlillg topio ~din~ da1M mdl tim~
o~. ms1ro~or aDdl a.ttmduoe ~
+ . 1CCOOWI~'rrnm. will be docnmenl.~ tlD fui.Wn.u £mm:s.
• ·rh<e Hrith. S1lf'liooa. Adminis!J'iUor' file en e;.ch he:utb C".!:e !IIBffpcmumcl
· ~ d.moll!tmi.e~; ruicot:.tion. WJre~Jt iD. Ci'R fllltl t»J1pll!1io:•' t~t'r.'(([l.lit'ed a:mJ.IJIIl





Pb}Bical ~m~Lt
Mental ~e;n
Suicide PJC\lcali.oa and 11!.mrvtmina
DiaaBI.J:~: P1311



N'!Mrnpyiodu.diog Sm(e catifit:.alim of~ ~~bl~:~
~tir.m ~ond T~ ofChcmicnll)epcadlenr;.y


~D (.~ntrc}f


• Paliem ~r:m
• i'coliGy am1 Pro~ lt>t!vl.ew
• Othct l::taffibl&MI.d.en'l.ltl.t4 by Ute liSA Ot chc F~iJrt.y Arl!n:inimamr

f'lti!!r, H.!:t

~'~*· he. " .ilff>~ ~ • L D::!D!i:lt!nclfNI ~Dd ~

Page 129

Procnnment Co.ntrac t No,. _ _ _ _ _ _ M~EI!r 'C ()nfnd. Nu. 'YOillU




frc:u~ftl. t"4 ro;"JI<!r IBI"lin!l !:ir:;hojJ\g::; lor l'll.e!lki."JI ;tafl' co ~1'6g r~ ~
Q-~rrt el
li!l9 IJrog&!'TI f(J" rei!' "'1:/ m6d~ ~ fot ~nart , lifHJ!i!B',

The Modk-11 D~ DT. On~ tlr' dts:i~ ill be ~onsibfe fur .tnly D~.AT}' ~u'rl11g fur
tl:totrn:dical 8lrlf oo pug~~rui;:;}'. as well aa; revi-swi"g md :Fl"vi~.ini ft'Jr ~ med~l

protooobi ~\·~ [O :pmgnallt j!!!mar~

1.3..20 De~ttxiiflCIIt:ion &om tJIMII9$ & Alcoholl (lii.H!' JIG. 16J

Cor6o:u:lnr sh

~do d~tt\cll;r".ons~OI'l lmf.:i::ihymiio::c•:ru''anz'iiriCI U.ACA

~rd;l ,


0.0& oillle IWdY .m&dieal ~ fi.'om ~c. ~100 int.okc: of .@lr:ob.Cll .t~D;rifcrr r;lrl~}. is the
dll:\dopmmn o.f pllj'Bi:o!:ogi.c;91. .d~ "ii.'hkh ~y ri3 .si)JJS <i!:l.t. .SJli!pl~ <4
witlulrmvnl wb:m i.ot:.dc 'i.s ~od .a:r !rto~ Mmyimnat~ .m:t. Mmic•~ 1,111&-T ~ of or oknbol,. orwi'lb ~ '!Hi~ m~~ ,abtM, b:teti~ID&: mit;.;;.
possibility !flAt tner will C~Xpcrieooe 90mC degree ot~Wlll ·vr.e :m:~~~ms
r;.onl,jJ~eni ofPBS' bei:!Jtb ~ f~ oo c- id.elnti:lieati011. nf ~~ wilD m~Jy
e;w~ei,:~ :,f.ime:: ol)~c:e ofwifudrrvw.RI ~· pwm.s:. folJQ>Mn! 1!: 11 !:ilfiU'ituy a~' llhe PBS



md Wlia.dir~~nl ~~

1m~~ at:e ,._.,-;iJr[l.IUel1

for lbe '1.131:' of mrVm- ~~~llQ.CO M &oolu>l <rJr O'lln:f <!rug3 dnring lb::!l:'l!!. ~

am Mked. abo.uLhis {11 .bt:r o.Joobo3 11.C:ld drug use·.
&ptcifLC -~ ~s o'bt!!ined tegardiugt




T}!peof~s)med.. ·
Fnlqo:ncy mllO'imt ¢'

Ho-...-10118 lhc im:nritc has 'bcf:n usiDg.
Tim~ ofM me.

• Sido ~ cxpc:rit:oecd wliica ~ u~in 'lhr;~t.

tr-:r.s· l..rrltWe.tJ!li]J); me 'V:Jibdmwd. Progxm u.'ill ~ r~ bl:!:l\ld UH.dtr l[rctlleal ~ron..
PUS heahh ~ ~ ~ ~ b imD11te fi;n- irl,KJ:t\ :;m;ll &)'tcpWtiiS- ofwjtlJ.dw·.nl.
lmo11les' whc ~ ::Ja;rla~;o\ nm:Vor dnl.ttdlcJI~ o·r ill:'{!! ~tlem'lific;d as bcin.gat ri&k f;);f'
wi!lJdnt....-aJ Willl;l!C~ a ar.ore l!l"....deptlr m•~ Irrf~ll ~tsiJJOO. from d!ccv.a11111i-~rn
will be ru&l. ~eo c~ fy b! as beirJg 1.111 m:lld, ~a [)!:' scn":re w:iJ!hdmw'al. 1--":nnic3. will
recam ~ siSJJ$, sta~ of ~BU.~~ ~Spi!t!cll patteau, ~vomiting, anxiety,
~ roal~"'l.S, ~~We.Stlmg,. slid:i.I;!!C&.::. aod mMcl\c. mit¢ieg an 1l :ih.w .;;bmt. Ph~i.cinm
w ill be~ fa? derox:l:tlcat.eoo c..'"dcrs. mroi:J'tes! cxpml'llll:ing ar:vere 1m-~
diet~ (0'VCJ'dose) o:r ~'P'al will be lrlmafmcd ~ ~ ~yl:r!.l <rti~r:d ~te a~JC facility fur cl.~e or~
liitA; d~ lhm th.oil:an..lteooo be~ mcm;pdiU Ow lliemt)'.QJ.Oiimatt:wiJ• ~
~~i.ll;:l~ md m mdi'Yi~ ~ ~~~ est!!.blishr:d lbt- ~ plflg WiU il!acl'utlc-

moni:ID.Tbj:$ ~~' l!llilll ~clicru Jm ooo~B lih.e Mediea:J DftGclor OT tit}'Sicitll
dtsst,gpe.e wben mGnii:Qrmg, remllls .!.nl cu.t!;ldt: ~bllihed p~. ' plan m&y
d9o include. ~l pl~ootlcal thsl'apy; as:!Ed..

P'rbm H..W.>::-. • IV'P il':a. ~ • l ~ >lf !M~ 5-!M:les

M~•d.c~:~_e M_::d.l:ltcwm
lnm·~ witb nkaool and ather dtug problanG IMY bci. ~ed iJJ ~mwdty :me1hmloo.Jx: programs. The usc of m.ct1tal;lon4: r~~ addtirulal'ljl, b)' locnl,


~~~tdiQli fed(Sill .Mherri.ties..

r~)~ .am ~M

for p~)' F~~ bmt,~ have a IMih.a.dane ()I" opidt:
~Win hc:t m::im1nincd on m.c1bnlblio. f~:~~: ~ m~m of i.heir 11~"C~)' to~
W'iSib~ mtiGJctit.m o:f):rmmnmre li1b0r nodlw ~liHU 't(1 abe. fdna. d\.e kt wUbdrnwill Th.ey
will bt NfUm!d 1o a.n OW'-''Yl'-1 spec:i.!lut ~t:~lf."u-r a:fliualtd hfi5.)1ctaL Jf~y ~~·~IS~
tl»y will IJ,:, refllrl'ed f.Qr fullo'"'' op.

I&J Pilfbil9rsh1p Accomplishment

t~ 'OplloMI 'fieawmt ~r.:~.m 'Ilia!! acdtdit('d
((b0 oro 1 tiiLI'Cit in Ule lJartr.d S~tc

NC.CRC in 2005 and at tbt tlliJC was

I~ R:tJ.~"~e&Ung;mdliadMle ~cc,.. · be l'¢1l~rtle.llll ~:igt:1 a. ""Coo!mJ. ior
T~~ fum.t ·n.c-oomcm: will ~ot:: th; ihey ~m ·~ b~ i.J1 a ~t.ait.rtctmce progrmn I10fJ
n:;t~ ihr: rim 1IDd bendi.ts.


lb. sh3t .as~re ~ lllr.lngemen!s Dl'l!!l m~Md v.hfli'eb-/ p:~j!RI'll 'A'QI"TT:m wlh h~
Uf dlLtg li'!peml-~ncy lR eW}J~ CJB<~ b:,r r~~..ed rnns illltf.OO:-aiSfV and rctrnvd Witlii
ftlt:l' (4) ~'ours. lor hg-. ris.~ ~~ lilduatlan.,.

PHS' will ooot:iooc to strive: to make ammgcmcnt.s wh:cr:: p~ ·womm ...rifh blafOOcs of
r1ru:s d~r are evalua ed. on-site ~ly rmiil ~ wilhlo fom b.oors lor hip~ o~~l ~ PHS 111.i ll .goo[rljmt,c 1'!00 p.:tY ~~Delli andlliS!IflSmlrot
!>ttvl~ IJ! l)ir.~o.t opiate OOdie'lt:d. \¥\.l.DI.tiA furm~l111!klill!l (IUinlitlllflf~ programs. ~
~I!fi-DI:'tal )Jdi!J~l•tor, MIIQ' LIJ!u !IJli:f. RN, ~ ~~~ 1•~1Dl.1. opiate eddictro WOOlilJ:O fo:r
~il~;~ P!:08.PaR
1~.:21 Ttanspolfttion ~JtRI Fg. 1&~
Ccn!rac'tor 8hal be ~~ldru~ fOf ~ard P3WCi fa~ am'hl~!SlJX!RaUOfL.

PHS wiU ct~o!Jtme to be ~.PI"'RSJble fOr~ ;me! pying f« ooecsanry ambt:WJ~
~ou a00 ·t C~PWnU.e OW' wnJracl: with Amencan MOOi<:al. Response (AMR) fbt ~..ltll.tJI!I . ::rvkM. PHS ~~ and agrttS tha.t traa..o;:pom~tion by
miiDlllDbiJ~ 8.!! 'lkcll ~ tlic 00..~ Of rite ~l pammci.i'e rc;pons~. will oontioJIICI Lt'l b\: ~
.rcspon.s::ilrility of tlw ACSO. 'PHS ~'ill oouilime Lu WOlle wl1h tM ACSO to ~lop >11PiJri1Jzrialu
poli>t;i~ d pcootxlu!\:8 fO!' tm£~cy ttanaportatioll.

Jn t1uo BYC;Qt t:II'J~cy'. tim <lll~Ll¢ ~llt(bCi_ ~~wtlll,moocdi:!ldy r~od D"l IJtu:
~to e\'altt2!~ :lOd ~~ '!btl mrnllU:. lr cllni~y ~~ ti:u~ imnnte will b!: tnr.mfmnd
to o. ll!iC&Ii ~m:;y room fur ·llitlbur tN:flmmt. l'HS • oo ~· Diicdioo sJ.alf~~,l l CQOI;;cl ~
hospital to :give.q:.OrlUDd \'«ba::lyOOsetihdhe sym.}l!-omsthey~ nndpn)lrtM•tllllet
d~ils n:gudmg ilie inmate"!!: condition and medical bi!IDry. Tlna 'llfill ~i~• B gol)d
w(.T.Ek:ing ooll' l:dwac.n lhe :s:iU BJJd the local.~·
The ~to. on.te :ll.n];QJiz~ will b~ &-an~ to Alilmeda Gmmy Medical Cro~. V+J1Je.y
Care Mm:a:M HcSp'JIJil 0t: ~ H<•spit.all fM furtha 1re!tloont., if cliJiicalty: iodi~ i'J-iS"
Pltme Hedtl Se.U3e:5, 1r.a..

I!I0032• .

Page 13 1




on.od-".JJ:y medical! m£r win wort: with E1~.G .bo.sJlilBI ~-W~l per$(~L m dcmmioo if an
8Jtl~·a ~eulllry ~ IS reqlired and coortii.ooteif{)Jlll>pri&Je ~anatton. with lh:
t:orr~~~s itd;,mtb!.rJiliilu :End ~I:'J ;taft: After cn:<~tm=nl, ll~:os office:r wiD tcq~JCSl 'I'Tltten
~lJOGls !h:."ffi ~ llC&bJtg dbcror or dcnti3t .md delivi.'!I thl!' in..f·otuluW.Otl ro PHS. ~
~1.3.22 QmtJity As.&tirnnr.e/O IIer;slglrtl'Reporfing ~ Pg!t. ; ~1e•

a C:oolraclxlr'Shall ~.e~oo fully IVIh Coountr'~ Ou;!Jiry ~.::mce ~ ~!ld C"A;~.Jnt.y l';n'nlflf!l

~ (fflftlglit C<rn ILOO<l, ~~ hlWO bCII!J"I d~ i !lmi!!d 3!; ~viS«y llO ttl~ ~d r;l $UjtaMsOfli
(Bf:ad)Vti'!h regard'kl Clitl"'lnaJ)JSJtli'lll-111~ Rr•~--

Pl--)S :z.~ to c.umti:ml!!- fo roo~ fully~ 1: OJ~L:Y".s Q'I:WII.y AHD13li.C.O lllld
Cutwi)' C:imi<DAL :J . .ca Ovenigbl wmdl.llic.w. been d~guat:crl .u ad..isory to Ul~
lk!ard of~ (DB!M) with :regard tv ~lj~(;;l!l li1'1Mle8l suvk:09.,.

PHS" ~ Qua!ity :lmpr<Jv:mc:llC (CQf) ~will cou.timl(; to compfy wifb tile
ACSO's cxpc<tarioos furOJJ&DiD~ IJl!OI'Iiion-ng llrtd ~1iot:1 ofbcalth Cllll': provir'~ n
itmlat::S both oJHOd Off-site P"JS vTf!W... lhl! CQ! ['nl_gr&m 1IS tiJe medl~ lt'YT n:v:iiM'IIII:$
~sysl:-:o;t-widc tbr01.1R}J oop,nin~ ~if;w (lf dJQI. chat ~m~:a l!he bMi · for benrJ:un, · '
cmd tr.iliiDJo of~ improvcmenl3 and n'mwlllal.ilDtioos. PHS' On·sitl:l M~~
DiNero;:. nmd R~o.n.:li Mooi~1 ~. Hatald Otr, MD, will co::nWJ;Jte Che <[willty
~w. ~s -:o m:.-uns. a .node] &f ~ <md the fi-amewacl: Gf oLU
mediGil ~ I:I'I.Odel. of~ dcHw:rJ and wilJ '.1.'(1fi' M ~ure aca\ie PRS staff
~atioo wmlll C.:Q1 ~i!QJ...


PRS vroil:s .;ioocl:y'VIith ~ent~ MD:~- th~ ACSO Md.iC:I!J. ~ Mnit.,r, tQ
revi-ew qgnlity of~ on ~m Of!\"~;ngb.Mif: Spccillc:lliy, bW oot 1imit.c1i tO. d'le t~:vl..w., ,Qf atl
' ~fiCOCY ~ boopit.'lff:m~Q:M, nt'ld de3k
U.da !P'owdlJ, LVN QLWify A.s5uTon" C'O<Jnfi.ailttfr j e~ at Least ta.•o (2) iDoofb1ly
qoality-okarc revic;n. She l11..<10, ~..-a.~ oocl'ol'e. pl."'"P'i~ a blicee
b ctweca inma1c ooo:x:mB and 1lt~ ~ IJilW~oc pro~
st~ ~~ Ope.rm

n:n A.JPdiU

lD. Mey, 2007. PHS pc;fmml:d • Sirlfl MOOGsi Opcmrico Anmt llt fhc ACSO. PlfS i:s
~~Lis opent.ti,)ll:J to dt.1.t.~bow it ~:GD.Illinimize ri~ r:r1 ~d
ol.liwa!.t$ ~d ~ve performii.D('tl for iiB clim~ To ~in fbi$~. PYS ItA.~
eseabt~ s.:u, ).hdec..l Ope:ra.~ Alllrltm.
'lbu !:Ddtt iad~ revit!WB of phalmoccaati!l in'L'tUt.c:iQ', eoi:rtm'u!ll!'l,g e:dcr:atlaa., ~g.
grjB'I~ L~ scre.cmug.s. cbrouic cmc, iofo;tioo ~1. lick ~l. c:011muuoos alliy
impwvetnct:Jt, ~ff-ell:c: t:Jtilizatioo. ~~ beidlh ~ itud Mcrlial Obsr-rvMiao. Unit

T.b.e:!e ~~me: 8lJOiiJ~ tM~·~~eut•)t J•.fiS• Quality .Assumncc Progr.~m IIJld J)l.o'i' of~
wntimlin.g c:ffiJrt to :;;elf..poli.ce imdf a:ul. ~4£=-.dfy and ad~ potcnmu problems Wore th~y
<Yt~ the qaml)' of c;m,..

Po1!:lA! fleUih~......._ ,~ • t~ ¥ ....._ ~ • L DHc:JVW1ot •ho~~......noo.

~ ·~

Page 132


Cootracl No.. _ _ _ _ _ _ "'Iuter Coatrad No.~

A aa:luple SirE M~.U Opentioo Audirt, ;n; wcll i i the OOCJ:IIffdl"'9h'~ PliS cQl Ptogam
Srumu:a:ty h2ve boon it~cfuded m r.h.e Atta.<:hm211ta.
a. ~- ai: b m• ~rue.


s.nar OOJIIIact_wl1h a 11@JLT.:I UiJ1I ~ '.!~flt"mC~ In rrtD(lieal qul;lltty

8881.ftt"Jele l't!¥il!w-~.

PHS wutb. v!!lry -rU~;y with itl!!lllltb C".zn! EY3lwtian C'bnsu.IU!aili: and d'te AD.fS pnnel oo aJJ
oli-,godn8 ~!l tc~ nmtJW and rm~\'1!11 ~·· PlfS lmde;-si!J.1ds lbat die Comity. $It i~ ow.n.
upm!le. will .oc:.n~J.Ct.wlth tt.enltalUlttd p;311lJes inJD£dica'l quali.~ 4mlllr.1,t1Ct:

· ;I Pi!rtm!j§bip~ACIC,QO'IIJ)USiftmtnt~ No lruli~»' ~ ~ ... ~ ~~tititilll}' ltb~ AOJS
' l'md. Cb:r!)Qn


thfi t4!ml •o f die WIJat N!'*lt OOD.tnltf-


'.lb~ lflird partil!3 wm {:.atduct :ne.ooth:ly 1110di~ of m.cdir:m. ~ids (Qr lli'l?;;!'llilcJif of mod:icn.!
QiJJKIJi~ in onlcr 1D ~ tlJe 1imelin~s of~. ~IJri~~ of 38$es;m)COT,
b'&t!~Jefllt, type ....00 ~~of~ I.ISios ~& ~mi.qut::S lll\l.ruai.lJ &gre-ed U])C'D
by ~.i.-rtly l!l1d ihe illhird pwty rev:i~.


~~111'1!: t'IJO'~rJe tnay v.-11.1en: r~ to Cot.mty ~iilg au~ i !lenllii!IJ 1t1 Ule
l'lllel5o:::.~ ~alit)' ~06 r.t~Tewt; moJIIhol)' ~···


PHS vriU •OOlltinue ro !fiiDYide lim:cl.y w.riuoo re1pouacs to·the ACSO ~~ ~ ' ~
:idommcd m. lbe qualiry BBmi'8Dct: IIIDIIIW}' S'.!UlliDliiY- PHS wil.l pro-o'i(} timo!y wu~ED
~pomr.."lS Ngm:dicg ~in ltll)' 008C'B -wi.dl!. PHS d~


t::.. Ri!!!z.l~ r:K ~~ ~k¥1 q~ ljl~rr~n~ ~:J;w. .~~~ wei :n UG::IintMI'Idi'I.Eo:ns.tir COIJ'Cd!YC
O'l1l'fioCI, WJI ~ ~dEod t¢ ~00 Celt~ ;;~rid ~lllr;,t(d,Gr_"

PHS ~artdstlw.~ of bdi. quaill}' ru:wrancc review~ M wc:iJi OS ~tlwuJ
fur corn;etivc a.ciiOifl,. will~ :tmwi-doo $!)the ACSO and PES. PHS will coo.tiiru.e m tab
~moiled ocmccti.'Ye> ttttiora <H' adviie ~ ACS.O in~~)' :;tJII:b t:tJn:ecti'W:l a.ctioD
Sh11!dd 11ot bz tokm. PHS '1¥ill ooopmn~ wi:tb. all ~fie;;.~~ ~l!o1fol! •o aray anti all

Furtjp ITIQII:flQI1ng

~ try•,r,'8)' orJ Sf.U"'I!f~ II!) A(:.\ ~lldf!{'dl;, Q;mlr.:tt."ti!t "5.118! 'he(p lo
lh& QQCf~ll ~s. Oor!'I JJI~'!.d:l! ACA m:credilaiJI:uliiS iis.

~ply~I11131"11B1lon fet




.PHS will ~~.? d0tume.."llz.iirn11 fatt'll'l£1 ~.)n pmecss. as: :ftlitillired. PiiSIACSO
soooessfully mom \led ACA r&o::u:aedi.mtioo and PHS is rollllillilt:l:d to tile vm-J~ii:IB
impJ.em.m!a'lian etfJiOllcl.o! &00 proccrlm-es mrompliaore with these I'i.:I!ProlllSI ~J$. The
nw~ rooc:nl ACA BUI'Vey oo~rtcdl in iMsy 2007 rcmitcd in a fm;.il.ity 500J1:l of98,.7_

O¥m!Bt~t 'rhe ~1 OO'ectof, H~ ~Ad~ nlill:ill:'l:ll', Rrt(l Qlher ;:!p,..~
TCPf~€('1~'$& d ifM I'~ Pit>ofKier-ehe (e(JIIh!IJ'I)I6~ ~~~~~~ ~ of t."oe ~
.JUslile Cr\~ GmiiYti!&IL.

Thm MOOical !D~, )1~1th S~ Adml,nG! and o.lliGr appropriate PHS p:n;olliltii
,.rill regula:dy :att~'!d ~it!.tbd nLeeW-t,£;1 of~ Crimj~ Justice~ ~ 1:4:1
PAiloo~b~.tlc.. . RFI"~!Kmi2i. t D.."m11\lm<rl 'l1ei~IJCI~
P~ Ul

P4lge 133


PT.ocuremcnt Cootn.c t N o . - - - -- -


~art an is3tlll:'!; C)t 0."~ to LhaL comn:Ut1De.. PHS hn~ c:;lab!ished a 5t1'oo8. W1>ilina
relntiooship .,.;fu tha.~!, au.d will contim)r.' t l) ~~e witiJ d~ <'X'IItlrrntte~r
~ ·vcs w au l"lll£01.t:~8 basis. Hca.l1b. Scrvroes AJI iQistnrtor, Bill, lw g~ ..~
yenrly pnt:imt'f~(ICJ'l on i1 wl.d -.'IUtCI:} of opics 1.<1 ~tl~ uLQdbm. ~ c;qmmi'ltte
r.o.a~~ -of cc.arm~wdty uguuelca:, !>'Dch aa 1b.. P\lbltc Dd'ead~ Oijioe, MOMs .,_ogt'Bftl,
.fr\")baiOl! "Uepart:J:otn~. ~ .Stcviccs, EBBt 0~ Rltoov.el)' CI!O:'r>~, Mey) ·,
~ R.ealvery Ce:mer and otbGrS.. Mcc:floal Audit C<:lli'I'Uni~e jRFP ~- 18-11!1)
Q::nllfllclft' a
IAatii.Ai.O arid lill ~ Audil C<:Jwlllltlnl> to ba ~ttaiblo t'of <f~Webping.
r&can ud'ldinO :!iml ~~~:all fuli.Jr~<~ ~m :art! p.-oced.rlJG: ~$11f)' Jet' If'~ ~'00 nl' Ill)

Cilrl!l pro(! rttm....

fliS VliiJ oornim~ Ill Qc,ld ~Uu11il.} Mcdkd Aadil Com:rutr.te (MAC) maeti~ or as iju:
..,HSIACSO ~ ~rd'exs t.o it, tib.c bbd:ic.,.!. Mi!mbl Health. IWd CCJTTU:tioo!l ~4AC)
CQro,mitlee. The MAC is r~.ttsiblc for d~IQP~as, ~er:l.ltine:~L im·plem.mtin.g all
pOiicif:S l.nd ~ ot.ecss:scy fo r the Q'Pe01tlon of the :3llb c."\7e ~ifl !1. ·I!Jc ACSO.
Altlt ~ the MAC .lltCCCiDgs :arc mq•tiR!d d le.-L<~t qwutrrly by ACA WI~ NCCB4 PHS
cl1oooes ro hotd 1hl2Jl mo:ntilly fur oomm•mkatlona and qua!ity ~I ~es.
Ks:y U'm5 fur disr;w.~io:o int:!u&, ~ l!pptieabl~

• Q.:mti~ ~Wt.trr~ Cooultlttee report.
+ f'l~Jt;Jt~l uti.Jrcoitlon ret=Ort (~ applicable}





Ofti:ttde:t <..~tdCOOCJ'glicv~ re...'icw
lnfoctioll c.ou.tml .i.asuc:s
Departmm'IB:I n;>ort (d"12!l. • 5een:rlL)'.ll\lf!i•llal etc:.)

.Mcctio.g ~will OJ'D'Iiin.De t'() met~ the f!)llowing_ p«nnrmcl.:
• Bin W.il9oa.Rqr;ion~ ~lceleh S~ccs A • 'sl:t:aoor
• I'J.aroe'~ Orr. MD. ~tt.&ll Mec, Dil'\"JCOOr aorJ iR~lll ~o:Ucal Di:rcctoc
• Iin.da Hcmo:u. Di.r'el;tor of
. Ing
• Dcn.tal Scnj(;es R.~ve


P.bllmmcy Sere~ R<~ve
l~.cso ~ram.~

t.'rimiiUil Ju.~L-e >~ H~ RqJ.rr:3mtfltivo
H~a!dl Tru'~tioo Dcpartmea~ P~l

Any repor..s f'C:!I1llWlg from m~. ~gn.8 wid:~ addliioDJLl dOC1.11;1;)12:11it.~on, will be provided
to the ACSO P-roject Ofli-=r~ u req~i.nKL

1.3.24 Ran,ge•,o f Ac:cf'Bdited IKaa.ltJ:'t Ci~Jie servtoeili {RFP ~- 1a.-10)
mut~ of ~IID:ed: H
• care. S!!"~ (mEld leal. m ~ dl!:!il!il, lilEIJT!8C.Y. Jabo:mLOI)',

~;J~Qiogy) .--


A& clcmy ruJtcd tD.roug:uMJt


;pr<~~,;$111, PHS will~~ to

P~o Huilt. SW,.~ t-r. • RJV Na.. ~


...!" ;,a

Page ]34


pro.,.;dt! m£&.~ nn;!o-

~lol111fU.,.. ~ ~

dCLJt:d. pbMma.ey, ,I oorawry, rad:ioloi,P' 1\D.d otiw ~c:te;; as ~'J)eclt1£d ]1!1 ~s tiP. Serv~
will c.ontiooe: to be l?mvlded iJL ~im.aJ wtth A.r.crisdi.~im ~a., aa wcll BB ol1
ifJ~p]k.ebl~ Califo:t:nizl I:rw.~;, regulcli0ons and cl:lde!L


1..:3.25 Gri~nec: Pro.c:cdtrre ~FP ~ lt'l~
:1. Conlr.xtrr wJII'dlC#M Ul& ~rrenl I)Ofey 81"ld

[Cil.iulb1 ~ ~

~fi With l'le ~C$0 1(:11" ~ camrmml~ 0!1'11J
~ Bl'.alroornpla)frts oriOIMI lafM ~diiYJ any aspac::td hQttJh ~TEl d~:t-

~will OO!Jtllmc ~ Clttre!J[ tmlicy fm.d pro~ v.-i:I!J ~ AC!!XJ fill' the oommumanioo
!I.Dd m",rol~ o.f 1~ i'mll S'!arff a=rplllin!s a-~ itcme ~~d.i!ig MY ~ of ihft b~
i;!.l["l! dt:Jiv..-:ry eyttml.

Kk:ctroD.Ici GtiiWA1iC:e Tndcia g S~m
To ~mml !Jus ACSO gwiG'.~ C~;a~~. l'NS. W'Qidd l.'il::e eo m\'~gatc lbc
impl~tio.a cf mi::S Gnl.."&'ii)ce 'Tr:Q.Wug .)ywtcm (GIS). D~~ by PHS, the 'lr'aetiJJ&
!.l~lmlllllaws :fur thl! etlUf and.~J;a~g o.f li:un,l.te grle~. ~~ !l.l3l:lH and RS3lul00o
tw; r.:t:Ddily a'inli..lab c to tbe 1l$C' ~ llle iJlfi)Jlnatla:a is :IYI!iUain.ed ioddinitcly.


~ ~ :~~vu51~~ (Ill!( ,;hnw ~

location of 8T,I~Wat~~

listing of ;,IJ ~ing gvie'O'<VI~ iypM of gris.\',
b-y Hol!l!>i...o.c; Unit tnd r~~ 4)f ~.jtt"~- aflitmsd, ~ved «



~R l't;;id(i~ 5J*m 1'fllining
Mlhl)ll~ ~ aro typicui!y t:11IE: ~t:al!h ~&.$ .\dmiaisb'a1CD;' 11I1 A~
~ill:~ is~ fut om)'l)tle b.eodll~ &r]BVOU!Gt!! at 1£w si-tn. The lastB


./IOOJ.rt-40-50 lllilrums il!:ld. :imclurl~ a. ~ehl ~ walk.1hougb followOOI by usa Lo~in
and memimJ of a t e&t pa:tLmt. Oooe: the 1n:iru:e has d1211.ooslra:J:td pm:licimcy o.t artcrin.g !IIId.
~ gievBilCCS, training, is! CiMilll'kt:c..
b.. COtilr.lel,tlr wil ~

foiq&l rtl9 Em91"1111911c:Y G!l~ r.¢13 Proclxll.!fiJo ~ ~ 'IDf

j! rtg n;:ut, in!Tiil~,

.PHS .,.rlll oontince to fo&\1• llr Em.c!'gCI!cy OrlcvaJlDC ProcC!b'c ~! ~ti.(a}Jy ful:
p~ imnotes which ~cal.Ly f.o~ upon 'lhc ~m!dODS of'lhD Wcmara. Hcalt:a
~· J..i.J,yao ~J'. NPt D:lftetoor of Womcl!'s El~th. will p~y ~ ~:odl!Wil
~y sn&\Wl~C Sl.lbmi.fted.

P.f!son ttmlll :!lfM«:!!, ll'll!.. + RFP Nc.. IDJ:a.« •·

Page 135


11'111 Pm!J~Rl(l



c. Corrlrnc'lof .(alall dGNciCiil' o'll'ld lld iOt.v ~ alld ~ (3' d&alb\G loVtlh 001TIJ!lilin~. Pmienl
cue~~ shall be part
ttu: 11elo'1ltil ~~ 1'8pof1tr!JI"Qql.aretl1eillls.

fH"S• ~hal G'ICimplaio.t'l: !Oi tJ.ea!ing with <!lOOl'Jlf~ i,s. a~ OD'!ion ~"tattdaJ'Iia an.d in <'JCWlliJ.-w.~ wtlh .1\CSO pcti;.i~. PI IS: 1.1!1."'!1 out <:otJXl'l94CCQJ
frt)Hiafu U$ t'b fi~'A'Oit fur ~g ! proccd'nre fur ,1rtd~ :it.lfnalG romp:JaJniB.
Lia tl;s I·11~ L
, QnaiDJ ~~UJ,"8il'u Cc:umlrna10J', <Iilli e.onlinL'€ tom\~ iJu:nnte
gxi~ .M&. Penw-ell lv!s 'been \\'1111 PHS at cbc ACSO sW:l: 191,'11) and inlltis role sinr:•

L3:.28· k'~s (RFP Pgs. il!l)o.21•
~tty st.'Jff :d:! ~ · lt&tlll"t ~(4"1 ;tl;if hi pro~dtV,j

l!e&ll'l< C8114> rq~.ri ~ in hi ~ t.tod< 81:9&

J'li~ tlndcrst2Wh that &eelllity

hea!:tb. care aa-viccs in the

1.3.2'7 Leg.a l ~rvlC8SI

· tf'tAo111 rolllint~~~ to ~~cro. p;tt~)' lrealth care :stn.ffmJICOvi'~
' bl(H.;k l!laa.fu aooordD.Dill: wltb •.wi[law policies DJ pro~Uid.

(RFP ~ ~l

my ::Js~ COUity I~ rn:Jn!'.el irrr de!efoo dforllr0l"Ra.J$1;n ~ ~ ~ aclb.1
~Ill"~ bQ.n;llf c:l Abtrii!Jda Cc.tlnty. tile ():runty J;~il lt!!allh care
A~~tf or ;my ~Uta­


· CQm:y~~~ or ~ts...

Nffi Will oo1lti!me 1D _,.OOvrAy 01.:s~ri~~ CQunty lcg)d wtm5el mdd~ et pFOS>CaTiion of ~f
logal action .a~ o.r oo bl=Mlf of A.l.tulcrla. County• tb~ CO(JtJ'ty Jail Health Care S1nff,

AC50 stm or~ ollle;- Cloocl:)' ~yccs or I!~



Th.e p.rovisio11of mr:diaJ care io any~ mWD,<I1bc CQ~ mtui i iC35 in~ ·O<me::rli'omd
ar.iru:mnmt~,. ~ a:il a.divcly lltigiQUS en~~!; o.l!leb u. .&imply to ~ tbu
~tioo.widcn:'Jt mprofi.~ li.ab.ility clain:cJ :ma hi c.Jb tor~- ~ dQd(lG', ~~til or
b~11tb ~ f?C'0 "'1aer i!l cisic-froe. wben it <.'OlJ.lB to ma!pr11Ctir:e laws'l=its..
PHS ~!I U!e rowplcx :ili&IJC" . eret'lt ill 'Ole highly iitir:ioll'$ mvironntflliL ovf
O:Jfl~ bta'lllacaremaoagt'lli.CII11. Ole:b' ::o.Et:end!Ult ooot:a. (bolih ~~ Wi1 1Lu.1l~t«) and k

l")l:c:tr1ial dl~~n co diem fi:Jgili~ li04J! ta..~ l)paati~~m~. n.tS bllll ck~ a~
OUWpct1.:tl.ey in Cllhlagfn;g th<ese 0$\$ by inYUJtiltg ~tanti;tl ~~$ ro prc;Mde the

t!OC(:88tll'}' legal daims m~ ~ 1CCJ.uirlll1 in (bl$ eav_it()nm(%]1 to ~ivcl.y
aDd ~Y ~Do~~tagc
~-Our fuJI}' staffed in-hl;ll~ I~ dqira:tmeot COIISim of
two fuU-1ime atlomeys. ~r.rlisl. by J!2fnlega!!, llDd ~tt stttti


~Ofe!i!i.liiiDlllll Liability

Cbiirn l)~~ t

Prq.r lti;.Jln ~. 10;..


+lV'I" N: , ~ •


~dtl" ~! rvla::l!

I'~ !-Ni4f!o ~. l'k::. .,

flR> !'h. ~ .. L DN~;.r~;t~;nof fttii~.;Dd ~

PiiOG U4

Page 137

L3...28 Patenti1mna1£: Ttil:r .

rers o:r Relaasos.IC<;.ntir\4.!i\y of Care (5Vi? PiJ. Z1)

r; beill!=J mm._...en'ec!, ~ (4( mediGil.l or c{her ~. Mil
~ ~luori«<l7( 1'1\edietl'l ttalf and,; ~ :;urru;'!al)' ro2\Ptb311 PlooGI!~,nS f:u ~Of inflaal:£6
v. l:h ,'Wli'JXM'f~Gd Of' kntw:t\, 8!:1iv$ tubei'OIJ'knji:; rh;il be ~~j,j'l(;d llyCO"'~<;Ior In com(fun:.e -Mih
• fi!I!:Ofd! o1 an ilmat1:l. wtto


~ncy rcquilan~.

PHS modteal malt w:ill fullow A~la~oo Standlll"d:; reSJ-o~ the b:' ofl~Wth


Collfi.datilll]jty will be ~n:Ualaiu..."ll


A tr:nmfcr ~llllllll!JI)' '"'711.E!CCOaapany libe~ imnorte IIJ (pc re:otlviug facility wtJiobJ will•nai!Jd.e
boo.Lth ~ti<1os, tn,:ab;u(:!}13, .mel tdJl~,gk:; to ~the ptO'PWD ~£ ~J;I:y Q( ~


[)e~~l;IOfl:iDD ofl!luitsibilicy for tr•7d will he ~ed 0t1 mediea.l C'>'lll.natton, ndu.cJing


cl;mllt1Wl1eahl~ ~e d.o:mance


Wnllti:!a 1Il!l'lnlCtio.n •will be pr~>vidcd

ll) tta~ o:fiicm s.ti)~O !.i"On.t OMI•


'P'ffS wJlL oootillue ~ tor bit.:J!I.f.t:ro:fi.atna;!cs vnth !1'11-".Jl'dct~d or kno'wn a.cdvc
~ulo!M iu complirulr:'e Wldl :;lbtutmy ~:rus
b. ~IU Is ~ b' iu:l!lfy"f)Q Ute a;proprt;Jig p.Jb&: loiBII'I IIQOflCiM- ot r~ 11~!0

and CX)rrtmUJik-.;a. . r;!t:('>a!".e!O prior to il'lmste rei~ 'II.~ ptr.;~e.


PHS' Comimmii::ab(e D.ise.:15e O'ffitd'IJ/'" Sb:uoo Grotr.!r. LVN. Witl cx;uwn11e Co rC{XIrt ail
reportable mul ootnmtmiCOlbb: illnruscs to the h blic H "II! Pt!p-:!.dtll.d by tclcpllOnc ~ ey
i!Jx:mg 111 Confii.dcotjJ\I.M'orbidl.ty Rcpu1t form.· PHl) flil$ estsbltsbed A strong '£110'Jii.Qg
'l'l"lntionmip wi\1'1 the Alanl&la County fllbli,c flenlth OeilatUI!JI!fll (PHD) aod 'will amf!.Wt: ~
~ llli$ ~~.)', fm~ (llhsr ~Jlplicahlc p:ilbW~ ~11lb agencltr&,. ofreportnblc illll:ssc:~ md
comJilJIII! lfi;c!S1l;les

priDrto an ~c.·s rtfCII~ vib..~ ~·

. P:H.S ~j

EU-id~li.u~ ~·m~:tJ iudWM the reportiJ:tg, of r.~~y STD w\ili.:!!eVmdays of d~~ ~ the
i.oi~n (}f ~/.:ut wi'lliiD ~ dn:13 ofd:J~!Iii. Fulkw;iug impl~lD.Cilmticm of tile
gl~Nd" ll'J, 'Pl(S ... d

E;flt;litinu~ m emcl

Sahia R.itl d

ondp~ 1()~. fla.t~apllan".. iiJ1

bod! catqtoms


mnpo~ lftlll§i~at!;!f. This is 1bedi.n:rt ~t 111.~ Q:.Jllt.:btJI\fl!ll.ltl =t.d

il.lQimc lll1ication dull ~ ~ PltS at:J~ t!!e .l"nhl.ic. Ebllb ])~
~. ACSO L3 11"1 tM ;:rooas~ ol de.velnpfng 3 'IXIir~ ~ n::l~ p~. tiu~Mttitrtt'~Jn, coon:
:tt~~ re~ea~se& are c::u~y ~ llitll!f'e.rer reas&at.

H11:l'rulllilA..-:Ian, C4'>'IJJt 841p.oo'i.'ed trelcrn!C3 .IIJ;Ili currently ll3Gd. "oJ.·he:o~·cr fciSi ~;;, PHS wi~ 'lkOtk
col'la.bonulvely wilb me ACSO w:u!mlnist1itlmg a u:unp.wiOll.ll'm a~ .R!l~"\.~ ~.gru:~11.
1.3.29 S~ Ct;i~f1bg.10U3 Disease !&.\Sting 4r~rr> lpt,.. 2.1}
~must~~ 01 pbo f-at indl.Jd
IB&1ll'l) tor ¢w.r ~on ll ~<-ease~ for
'farlo.!i1> OO!'lbi~jklliS~ .



S&.a ...a ~'Nr, LV.N. C~.mmJ.unic:.Able Coo~or fur PHS~ G!e AC.:SO w.tJII
comin:re t.a wmk. wifu 01.1r CIJiillfrtalfsL'>~Vc oooagious ~ 4tmJt~ J'1Qgtll)) th SlaB bDCOI
d~'Clopcd ~vcly wi th.e .Alameda Colllll)' Mlir; Health O~f:!l! 3Dd the
.Ale:mron Comty SOOr:i1f's Office. that p!!Jvid.C$ 'IB ~ JJepll.l:itrs .B b!sfin& ~ al.l abfE

ScrW-15., loo • I4H' Nco.~~ •

Po~~Jt> I ~:5

Page 138

~li11.:ulf~ ~ ~

l'n~ll'ur~r.m.ell4 Cnntnf>t

L3..3() 1



mate CoYrt Rmrral Protocols r(RR' P'!a :111

~ roost ~'taw~ In ~illl\.tt (lfl)QQ!h.ln:z. ar·JJ ~~ l'o' ~ ~ reJemsb ~ •fl
~IT\8 {Set::tbn -4-IY11 d

re Plln:f


<'..arl o~

PHS will culilllintw to rtspood proooptly to rmy ~ nlJ ool.lrt ~

U.31 Mcdlc.ll Rcoorfh, Aud ft Coii)Sultant f.RFPPiS t"l-1;2)
Comrnmor shal coo~ \vlth ttl3 (.llrl!".i~ fOOUM •QJ,ol~.· ~ z provi:Jed

! 1t1e


PHS will ~ In witb the outW\e lll'Cdicnl reconh Kvi£w progniDil as proo;,o1(!~


1.3..32 Retopon$ibil~ for Men tal fleatfiJ Se TVic.s (J:t""Pa :nt
ld\cr t


sae>onlng 'by~. County rsl\:in bo r &II(.IO~blet.r RIY'J s~ related to~ ·

~. E~~ ~ e fur I'Tl~Atfllaslllh !i.u~io/J &r& ID ~ ~~!'!d n i til'l{l m1fl)r
~ lnU\f8

rrt<s, . ·

Af1:cl: t,bc lnllia! ro~ ~ ooodnmd ~Y 'PHS • wbY.,;_b. {.ucl.:i~ a menm1 ~1tb
BC,~;eeo to tist:S.i
ruieidc ti31c ~or, ~o roc::u.inl ill!nt!i~ !WI de'v~enmi11y,
dis.'lbiliti~ qnestioM rcgrudim,g.~t ho5p'italizutions 3a!lor ttcalnlmt f~~ll41 illoeis
am.dl pharmacy 1ll.cm_py- th~ ACSO v.ill be!! Tl!ll,.~~e for my &ewiccs remted w mmbl




PO$' ea~by~~ ~l$lNe Co:t nromal Ju:.sJih ~will haws.8J!Ocla!ized tmiai11g und'Of

degrHoi n'~ ~. l•H::; ?Jill OOIIUOC to t:em:o aan:opGb:l 10 tJw Cmm::y•a
Criutiwl1 J-lllf:iJ · ME:nl!l liculth (CJMR) S".nft;, DDd ~ o'h:.;erva.iicud 'WaiJ:tllt ch, ooop~
iD aDY <J118V.Ing lrt.atinmJ. as pr~ibcd by~,, ~l~h pmttiHO!J(d_'PHS nll1'3" wil.l
~ 14) &dmiul~ ~pic medica~ on'.i!rllll 1.11 CJMH psycbiarai;1s,
Adciitiooa1IJ. a di:Wlm hismry and pb) - ~. wb.lch O" withio 14 dil~ of
admission. im:lodes a mCillnl heru'tb. e\"ilh::ati-on. ~ Q.C t!Jc :ll.ndings of1hc :rc~
~process, .iD.I:Iu.tcs •.ml ~,(erred ID tbt! ClMB. fott\:rtbcr C\'Jti1Lltinon·ll'J nood~Xl


PKS wmtl ~e ies q1,1a~t~S r g'lb!'!tm~ wi'lll Ole Medl.a!I'Mf;n~ R~illli
~l(li~ {Ml\ITCC) tkl fNT~e the cffocti\oe ~m~~mcot of~~ witb rnerii.B'J -n~.

PHS Ia ~~ lJ) ~b;y rollarorldivdywi~ c~ in 11m paa'lisi.ocJ of mcu.'tU heAlI

Pf.- ~~~ he. • Rl'P'"-'. l"'~

• l,Oit,&:ftf
Poll1" l~

Pa_ge 13.9


IProeunmcnt Cootlrncrt iNo. ---,.....---

1.3.33 Trans]tlon FF.P~ 2:2-nJ


.a Conlr:::dol' shal ~ f"es!))MibiG let e nallirg lllt<t ~ rl(l!l~llU!J~ an!l Q f - ~'\al ~m!btllic.$
f!'!l' ~ ~;,!r~~~;n ~il'/ WI ~ frorn lill'l)'~ingC~A med~

Wrtb tbo men lion afPHS cs the he~l'~ for fuc ACSO f.clli lin, Pf(S will
go<umtce ndh.emle<~ to the~ =plan ~ilitl.t on. a aevca (1) day pee -o.oeek b!slit, tbl"ft
m Uboc M~Q!Jitinlni - tlr.~!!.ltlBJilycl.Uuup11.~G, ~a:n.d~ill'QHJrJ of cLangi.ns
health~ '.oeoorm. 11) ·til~ /I.CSO, AlSO !S.OOOrity ~ m1d PHS ~m:ployet!:i: - is
comp~tdy ~~ rmd i:IJtJ~L fu" focw rcmlli:nsoo .r.ootjnr:ritv of ~ 8CC01llltabi).ily and

;u:umrm imnl~'iF•ecJk*li•'?ll.



a eil:mO'IttiOO PHS m8.llllgemcat team mll}e WJ;$1:m ~coa! Offioo in AJ:.Jmm
C A. and o:n.~ aJ. !he Sama. Ri!a Jail woo~ eotrtinua &~> 1)rovide lsulm;hip. oootinuil)• ~
~mess to the ACSO d:m:ing lfiis ~


Botb tllf: ACSO and PHS bmefit from
(.l'!l; Ullaciooship by wri,Qg th_, 1n1Je-liml
ruoourcc:a. ~ Rqi]RW oo trll.o.s.iUCII o a nr~ vilUdoi' ~d appiyimg In em iQ fba
loqllcmCJ!UdQn ~rDPY llm d euh~ .enir:H ·,.'f; ]:ICCip08C under (be n l'!w ttm2rar::L(s.oo
sp~ pt:ma bel~·). 0\lr fQC:tL-. Wllllhoc un !u~'4!3tigatillg fuc.iJ:Dtikm rtiwn ut


.111\o"/AIDS CCJr RCJ-Wna.L'Cv:rulillllt1Jy lntcrlaee hogrnm QIOl') - PHS Is · es~i:!C~t of IIJI RIV/A(DS C11~~il.Uluty hru..rfa®
~ {HClJ"). 'l'lw Prol!;l~ wil.l be oe:nb=red m Santa ltita. Jail Md v.ifl 'be cOOL";£
tbe ~a.tivo di~ct)oo of Harald Oa; .Mli>, Pll$ Medjcal Director. A PHS
HN/AIDS C:!se M~ma,gW ·will vro:rk wltb ~ mrltvl.aml to teach~ 1J1 of o.
Sl!:!!ilk:s!! iru:J.!dnoo to ·oom.tiJJ.Dii1)• lUV/A(V..'). ~ ~ re1el!;e from ru~
I•HS plt~~ will wod: clo&r:ll;r"i.(b the AIDS ho~ ofilir;; E!sSi Bi1.y fw houiillf5,
~ 'llo'CU sa progrnms .ut F~ IJ;IU! Ifsm'k hcepf1.31s.. {Bflt Sedil001 [ .3.17)

• CataJyrtg-PHS will ""M,il.h"Eiy'With t3.e AC80 CD r:upl.OJ'I! Uu::
implan.c:nmtioo ofCI'I!al~ w _ CWJy !ON is the :lim: ~c hemtb ~ ~~
by~ hcaJih prol~t.m~~l!l. mct:ts the tl~ rcquirr:mt:mt<: of z:n
d~ 112ltb C'CQOrcl A:; &t.WI:Cil by the Insli1ut:c aiMed~ JJ del'IVClillXIPtibtiuu
ma stamfir;;ll)·~lil to elirzl.ehwg aOO a~ wbe~Y!W'f tlu.ry need it &.r!rl
provi~ /u:ti'·~ OrrecUiry ~aaticricn ~ ~ ~1::qt! ~\llll:y :!.tid
~mtity. (See edioll L3.2.l)



CIJ.l:"Ufii~:. COle T .raddng. S,m:m- PHS will wiD ~UulMabvelywiib tll.c ACSO to
Q?!t.l(e !!to pt.':SSI'bllity of implc:mer:tlioa ~ Vl!S Cbroai.t: Care Tftclio.,g System
(CCTS) modale of our Ca:l~ylfl ~tem ~ esj.'iltEallc:ally li!WIII&C cas~ dlll'-'1 O'!l
,ll'lltieats 'dh 'S.pCCific dnon:ic i~. (~ .{IW'll(lJqS '311!: to: jJimf:ify ~ ~1:$ w;tll

clrmmic ~i prolrid'e: pt:t)m rob: for the. J.'-uvW:ltr ~o ~evidcoced-bl.sed r;:.~
provide lo thwc ~1lh 8ll C:<tiDi11!1abs: measun::: tm~ l!.lld ~~
DliWlm~. (Sec ~uDn rs-"l-5)

The propo~ il:n_ple:Jner:rlJrl:il)o Ml · fOt' C3Wys:tl!l!i miiJ CCI$
S«tioo J Dnplcmerww:ioo PlaD & Schedule crf -9 propoonl.

~ included ltl

~ Heaml $tM;Ill!!, 18'~ * Afl> t.ic.. '!03324 + l ~ tif t';; ~..i<r.tCIII
i'~li I.Y1

Page l40

Pro~tiJICmrnl ConU"ad No. --

- - -- Manu Contnft (\1'\o, ~

PHS is oo1l1Jlliued to oootlm:d~~g pro,.imfl of clin:ical. mtd nrbnini.Wni:M: l~~P Lit!\
~li~ctively m!IDil,~ the h<:a.ldLaueprogmm fOr ilie ~ OJ~mt..)' SMJi_fl's: Olf:ce: rihfo~
the past 2()...~ pa.rt:n~-cfJiJ,. PHS has: aliCJCffted staff"> meet Ut!! d i.rril:ai, op~~. CWltlflet
nn" (I'MOODIIll~:Ctcqukcn~ for~ -i\t 1M s.m.n Ri~ md Gll5lo E. Dy« Deteelioo



Key tm· r 9ing rcfiooal. oo~ imd IoCill SIJPfX'fl. i'~ tbt thh cnatf2at: CM be found
~u Sectio\JJ H • Qu fifiC!!.tlou & E~Rc:nrn:.

K;y ICOfi1.racl P.rnvislons
Alfuoogft !PHS i!; the Q:Jrmnt pM"vldrsr, '!1.'15 td:l!l «:mlrzd. ~~ 3.11d oomplill1!iQe 1/ery
&motWy. Since l'lts 1!: a1wa~ !Ittl,v litgw imptm:ecoo1ractoompl.i~ B&pat of t.:h.C!11~
co~ PHS w111 d.'eva:iop JU-y Coo.~ f'To ~&m to cnsme dDt PHS i.5 OOIIIJI~~IIof
Lti OOI'im!r.;t reqWiff:ll:i ~ts. Nt_S wap (l(J(j]tiJl"Jle CCI f(IQJS 1l.ll folDlLmcnl: i:J,(OUi oontm~;roid
o"bli~ t Dthe ACSO


of ~~be im:oommcc Wle' phi~ oo Otrrio«la..tsm

rcintirmslrip -v;.'ith Almlediti C«.10ty.
i.)p!):J. C:O:BtP~;t award. Rodney. Ho.l1imall. O.OOp V~ P~ew~ :Sill WilMlll,. lt$1181.


Mfm.;;t«, .;m.d Seou King.. Chief Coomie:L. will LUt l)fl\.e:t (';~~dfil. Provl&c!ru from
dPr;t lim U:JUtrild
A Midi£ Will I;Jo ~~ ~e th.e ~· Cor:dri:td: li'l'tmslotJ.Alldit Clhoc'ldMto3S!lJ:nl. the provi~Qili!ol ~ 'bein2 m~ Mr. ~Litman aud iMr. WIJSlOn will c:oot:ilme ~ul
llH: rolr!I2.ct to ~tllk e ~· Cootntct Pro•vi3.iaiH :8lld mooitDr lhcir
IPost~ ~m,l\)le~ncnbrtion Ra~&w
PHS 'wiD clso., im. tb.oC same :(c"\'lew~ coo.W.ct a~}' ~ P(}st..Imp!em!!:nWim~~
~it~ to ll.&!l'llre tbc;: ACSO d 01; oommitment to di::]iv:-rmg .f1ld ~ ao~e for
nil ~of c oow-act.



r tt.'3·lL~ rnoc-..nfly eSm.bliabai a -post~on !iii:IN/ JT~ ll)p.rQ\ ~D:J u~
@lo'lttuacioo !md ;jl~t nfl:bc piQgmn !im.p lrm:umtmrm IIJJ.POO~ 9"0 da~·$ ,aftf:r 111e:
start·date. 11ut p~l~ ~ l)fPltS• coSiti~ ef:fotts to ~e om
ptooll&S!!S, etli$'I'II"e ~ t'HS i:; co:mpl~-s all imp:>r~ IIC·~ ;lut.d 1a ~lftml "'i!!'.i~ ~tc

ICJey Co.lrlrUt Pr~ons.,
Ill will b:!: dl!llai(Jn~t '1(1 w:Mr i:O!tlmt lba'~d' lntpJCtiiiMtatUlll 81111:'\\ey Toel Chuldlst
will be nettled. Or!t•craJbJ ooly ~ ~fPXMlOJJ ~tiv'rues M &.:c im}!LcrJemamoo ~ '"--o
llpfJlieall~ fur a ro-awatd ~~ ~ lr~ as: well stlie 00fil:jlklio11 of~.Jmlili"~{ln of
new st:r..rior:3.
A ~y~ b eaded byaB~~clo~repmu:nt:Jtivc. and ~ iJy ftl.
~Jlcd r(i~ opaation.s represmtaii\~ v.iU '!.ri!tit" 11M:: :simi ;mrJ [1;',.-o)ewf ~~L:ilt:i,
Ol'~Wilies fu:r ~ ~d cmn~ witli ~ impl•mmc._·ttion i.'.h~klli;l end \:G""f
c.on1rittt pn;l'lr.imm. 'fbe, PHS ~':s sllllltilt¢~w r.ur•ey ~Ill~ .ml bl:! !ti'imml i.nttni&1Jywilh
l 'EIS ~eni.Qr IJU!DUIJ!,elp5lt c."Jd impmvemembl ; w ()":U: tmpi1.'J11!.511'41il'!o p~ In additiorr.
w ant debri~r:•g f!J'Itl t;l~_m:;:;y r~lL'I '\rlll be ~ill'&[ mtil ibe ACSO ~~of oor
rommilnlJW to Jiti'lfliae )'(n!r ¢()llf:QI C:I ~temelll:l.l a!id ~ll(l)g ~pen CO"""~



• ll6,. ~4

f".orl n

Page 141



A s.mqllc Po:it-lmpiCln.emuti.oa. Su.,.,11:r Ch~'ldlst, ~ ~'e!L •s ~lfl Kty C'.ontra~t
Provkii)'I'K 111d Aarlif lui:; been included ilt ll!e ~{lfl ,F. lrnp ~tatlo:u l'bn & Sd u:dnJe
BB llll aaD!J'lC of ttu: an::as U;ru. •lll be cfue'.~:~!IM .aOO f'CMr:wed.
As. ~tmr.:d in~ RFr, l'Ji'S WJII <lC!IItlmc::: to be resi_XIIJ$ib1r,"l: fui- tLe fo1tow.iog ~ ~~
Cupl.l:!llliJnYI!iiiJn o f (b(! L:(ulil,-ac:.:t:

St:rratcgicloperation:~d IPbnlling.

lm'tWb•s. ~11 ~mc!Ot 30 yean~- of nxpcri~ in ~oual ~th CIIIO deJr.~. r S wlll
Cl"rllLllllli!i w 1>ff.m. llu!1 ACSO a broad nmg.r: of I'Joth _tedll'lkal and p~: rMIII!d re~narri:Rl Eit
ft.'i.~ il~ &o)}':mm:c..gic plrumfng and m::dli~ :mel ~tct'im.1~ oQOOBll~n mqlllimi At all
.L{!vtb op to secl.ot ma:Ja emem. PHS 'W'Ql!!d ue p[caJled w BBSi9 di.C! ACSO many 1ti'AOOgic.
a.od o~al plmmg aetivilica rcln.l:mg tn &-.·&~ offhc ll~llh a1te pro-gmm at any
ti1t1e m.tng cbe: oontra.C..


In ~ l'fl.S ~ tlrm - COIC delro-crob~e ISJ\'bedrlcd iD (lUI'~~ :-~li,. m!He ~mtptrdrtl11ty
in our pili:Ul.CI'ittg ~t-oaro to- c:li~ is~ read:!-· awillabilityof ~Afj' 1ft"~ tM. is
~ 11> .assi.;i clients in wp.rlrjmtttlnn-'.,18b ~~(I the:£ QJI~4leQsllQO..'ll>f thar
b.csJthcare progmn. We arc dcliRtt~ "" 11~pood w1tm caDcd ~ 10 iiiOvld~ Sl.ldlrcsources
ODd woold wdcoole that opj)O'rt1mi{)' '\1111~ tlWi ACSO 311 )OO£ :s;yst.et1'111flltX18. ~to evolve
PIIS S,.didtJ Plmd tifJ!'h~t:kms.
0no ~ Qf ]i'T'JS' ~Oil rGSOlll«a iB 1:N! Pl•s S~alty P:mcl a£Physidms. 'This

fllirtel Wit." 1.~..$ild Ll,l provide ~. w n,.ui'Uliall ad reflOJIIIDC]J;Utlom ~ 1bt
R~IIU!l Medfe2l 01.l"ElCU)t!J (RMDa) fo.T special~;)· ewe~ rcfcrm!B,. m ~ The ri!Jl~
~ ~ lo OW' ChlefMmlcal OfliiJ(!I" Lmd S~r \11ce President of·~ Atrtair.t.
Qld l<cld3C) :t.m, d liB ~ fomm ro d:~ ~ rcquirinig ~higher level!
im~ h the daily PBS lh'll1zatinn 1\o'Mlllcema Omfc:rCJ~ce 'CalL M [S ~ Urls
~ea.U car:A wcdd'a~ to~iC-'W c ' xaJ alld ~vc - ~~rr.:~
bMpitaii:zOO,!!S... It~ BS 1111. ~cl}' for tbeiDr1D ro 1~ ~ BJptsiJ!"Ifl of
PHS Wt.:mal ~ieltt clini~ st~cb ~. d!O!C an 1hc Specli!!J-.y ~l.d-


The fonnr.J.1 of~ mt ~ M

is !iiJm1ar ro a J!l1llld mllfl4h PJ'b~ticxt.


QIJIU ~mdec;; mc]lllle the R~ MOOieal ~. ~lho cw!lnmnJr::atc re~ralady with~
pb.ym~ 01) ~eoia!.iy ~'t'S- The daily~~ ~H i~ 1:1. ooocUlmrt review functiou of1bc
UM pro~~ The atl1 illif:t
ctiaos as liD infomml tJ~ J:€'/iCW proacsa: l!llld ia 1I8Cd 1o
~Mr~ !!.)'!!tW'I!:I, ~!:$ wrl ~Oae85C3 fuar: l.mpDI;I! eM 11~'1161:}' of t1fcctive and dfic~



lytt(:Cf~ ~p.pd:m

aod qccial~ r;:,-,e.

PHS'illllQ!:!I11rme to bring an unpD'"'.d .l~t1L'p1ll ofmeWc:alfctmi •
administwiYC and .sp~cia.ll}· pe:JSOim.Cl :mo11 am~~ su,ppoc1 :sy~ 1.0 lho ACSO-

Page 142


c;~f IJUJ ~BEl)·' a extensive r~Ufces art: available at a.ny time
~~ .nJ; wJJawm
I~ t1xl ACSO docms !ippra.pLiare to &9!M ')'Oil LD b~t fur !lLld ~ ~ G\0~avohm.s ~~~ oft2le inlrurte ~{;:.rno~-



> ~(l(l~
PHS. wilt wntia~~: to ~l.l<Y a .ow:niJer of stmtcgics. d~ 10 ~~~)! >JtE l!ll)plo·Yf!ti in~
d~~,m~~ mel ~oc of conq:t:~ i'n-'Se;vir;G t1::iriiiiiJ,e 'f-R'~ 1i'bis:
~·\.ills indudl;.S ra:rollmc:nt romi.nuiJJg l!du:c.&ian. proa.rillll.'>. ~ r;;r;J!lft.r(;u~g tQi)]a. aM
mooku:i:ut p:rUB)ou=. ACSO ~La;;~~ willoom:irnle. iiJJ ha'fe. the o~ til~ cioehldoo
mDl1 ~af~ edtx:aom01ml offe.tin~.



Pml will oominue ro proV;Ide ~i!UQ Jdiey ;!lid 5.1Cf~me Ibm n:quires nlli:Sin,g mdf wbo
~cr IJI1.(X)lcstJon t{t h!!'(G illJJ!IfO~ lt'ti~~&- Nul:atngsmff'ilo'ifi rooci.~ ~ trom
~ ROOlJI'Oe llllJ'3C ICgMillftg ~ uf ~tyr f!OOOU!uabllity for D~51Decijclrl:iooui
rn 1t li~ag to ph.J'Bician ~ :1100 teootdillg. the l!bfmi:ni~I)D of
me.J~ · .iJ m.:mncr aDd on a fo.rm 3flf!t1JVeli ibf die~ w~nty.

ln-.~ 1'rflinmg
PHS'ln-5~ceo ~ Progmm for lll!W.:5 and cl.inicj~ ;Jl[ooP.~ fur ~blliqo i:1.
sdn"Zd!ulling.. Prt:l~t.'II'CS ~ 11$ {l)(l(lws;
• AJ:ta&t l'«l1(10) ;iLl~~. wiU beQ~ j.l~ smytr.~l.n~Teqliimi by Lkt:lRiJlg



• 1k fil.cil.ity will bave: ~ iaM-~il:.-t: edu;;.'tlion pl:u1 fur ihc (a]Cltdar
• · Ail ~ rrll:!~Uit will l>o cJ:Qm~tud u1e1ud!Dg l:opic omli~dlltea mJil ~
o~ .Ln.muctor ao£1 aitauiaflce ro!lt®.



• · A~ 'Will be ~~OOdl oo.lrainiug foons.
• . The B~ Savicea: ~will matmafn a ti10 oo csch !Jcalth r:ge :sttif~t'IUS1
llmC i".<:mD~ olir:mlitioo. ~ traini:ng in CPR an!l 001D.J1k100n Q[I13qJJ.iretL~
Slu~ :mdl·i lwdop:DWit of a.d&~WJu.ty o~W :mOO.I.~ :ueonJ. rp tmo..
As :tneciiu:oed previously. PHS. will:llc aplloriD.g. the ~oosi~ ofint:ee•~*& Cii:latyd!'lil ru:W.
Clmink ,CnJ-e 1:\:t;:eiQng ~ {CC'IS). Clltl:lh"St ~ !lhe ~~ requir~ of
an ~leat"OOic 'health RltrJi)IlJ m; ~i:h:d b~· 1hc ln:iti~ ot~. It deilv~ popula&nmd
:st.DtiBtic.!1 lntimJ:iatlcm 1.o tllinl~ ~ !l~~ w~ver lb~y nu:d mt Wid. prov.i.dca
A~re r>Ultc:t4)ty ~eati.tJD ~~~ 10< ~.m privaey ;{Q.1jj «mllr.k:unialLty. (.&ct S«d.on
L'l.l.1) 1l1e CC1'S. er-;t~a.Uy 10~ e,.'Ser.rl:ial JiM oo ~ wiltt 11p«:!:fk cit.oo.!lic ,
ll.Ln~ I'l!l pll:tpO~ .at\7! to.: jd~!i1St}' lho.s;e p atii'Stit!: ~oi1h ~ ~ p:roviilc~
fb:r lhc provider to~ e.virlooro:J-IlftiOO ~ Jll'O'\-'hie ~ lD 1bmc: wi1ll abiWliilill lnbG~
memr.n ~~ md mtaS!.lJe OtJ!oomc::s. (See s~ct!loo 1.3.1..5)


11- IJi)~dop.fug dm;,;. D'l:iJ:Uattoo data.
.PHS, 'L.-1i.lmng Muor CPS' phmmnc-y~t p:rog6Q'I.. 'llill contiJmo;.lo faci;'tilale t:)-:JI:eDli
wid'e l{km>.CS$. koprO"i'CDlr:Dl with Ie!:iU49 tQ lhc ACSO ~~]effi ~by
ooo.tloolJ)s t» 1~det om ..~...-1 P'IJaJ:m.;ll;)' ( Thr:npe:utio:: ~eaee :m1i1 d.112 iD the A:CSO.
Ow oollw:l,qm :'tJ.II,llroo::th b p1'l)i!I;tiY-t in r-.;QJ ~ prt..~ lillmd~ ;frod a1rci't!t!tiw:s \dim

t' ra:a ~ih $~, 1rr. • I$P ~


+ 10. ~~i;n.Qitr" ~ ~


Page l43


PtliOCoflcmcnt Cautrad No. - -- - - - M ;U>tell' (;c)tJtJ' o:Jc::t No. 9<10324

cliniWiy IIJillrollllnl.e. Mi!.-.:or CPS w'l1l a;mlm'll~J to provide lhe ttirnca.l ~pu:t,. ~.

. ;aJliii)Ss mtd ~ tools ir~ o • ~ tl11!1 Jo.CSO to ulllkc the b<s1 d~ frx )'Out t~em..

.,. :&hlblisbing prof(Srinul oon~-~ wit& trdernl fadlftir-sPHS' Netw(lti: Oi:PJel•tTJ"Ieu't Dt5p£O.IImtn1, Led by J oanna GLn::i~~-, 'Vtiti!! ~!lent, will
eo~ ~D!:.&i~ KmJ ~patld the f~tm•idcr ,net'll'VIk l1'> ~ea;~L arrd ~uboi lrf forusin;g
~D ~y ~~ l'IU~. ni~ ~ati.a~ wiJJ ~ !lo!idif!l!d U~rougb eo3l: cff"edive
rortbllttl!ttat a&--esrJt~nts to t:U'.trtunJe Lo fully serve ttl~ n~ aflba ACSO, in.c:fllidin.g 24 boor
~Jervioe wiili l•oopitals., physicians, at1tbulanoc ~i~ :ltJd ol11£3 inwlwd im providinS:
care kl b iruna.'!£.S.

PHS l.w. m csfabliah.c:l. pooruve wm::k:iQp; :rr:.!Drior.iSblp -w;111fur; m!ko•ing ~~ we
will ooct!imi_o murilfze, far dLc ~ Cov.nt)· St.l.'tifrs Otli:oe ooll1rltl)t;

Prtll•id mr

AI8Jueda Ctllllll)'
[ C-e~JJCI" ~


Sp t! ci ~:~l\y




P l10(1f'

\.0 Cilt Ic n




2-i.SO A~· Ave.
eat:clcy. CA 94105




SJ0..:2I.Jd <1'"4


Oakli!Dd. CA 9"4600

All~ Bam .SUliJJllit


tAOllv C!!lmEn~-')


Alta Bam Slmm:ilt
Mcdkal Center


Cetkefe)', CA 947(15

(H~.;t CMl~")

llib1cllelter,.JQD MD

Cll!B.'r '\fktw Mtdical
t~rrtt,. fl.b'f}·l,.an




611~ SL Mery St
:t'1t:a.Saotoo, CA 9455(1
MOb:ik X.-my 12'-0 Rhu!! ~
San 'Mateo, CA 94402
A drl:ictjon
877 Ro5'Qllon.t ~l
TrGatment &. Oatbmd,C. 94610

925~7 ] ~1




~ 1 0-&34-1()65


Specialist$ !!ricdial
ill!l}}' tOJ}• J.Q_~

(illh llvitB)i


2.00Web:Jtc: ~
Suilc 1M

Oruclmd. C/1. 94fiQ7
HemQdlatys:l.s, 149'8 Somhgs:ll: A'~t:.•
St.e.. JOl
A.mb adaloJy
Daly Clty. CA 9>1<015

5 1~268-3720




,go.s. 72~3724





2410 ADDQ8.Pil Str«rt

Sa'!tt;UI}:rdi DP~




PTi'Dll 1-Jeant ~

loo. •

liS otc

~ • I. Dtsall*fl Dl1ill! Pmpm.od ::arw:a

Aol)l< I fo[

Page 144

Pl'D.CWICmcnt Contntt No. -~---- M:utu (.~ntrad. No. oooru


~ru·.-J ElespJtaJI
Mr:dkd Gnlup

Silvv'Js, R~:ulnt)' MB

(AlA Fhy.;;i ~


Orthopedic .


CA 94~8



14 U. East :} •,..; .S'IHiel

'-\1 \ 03

Va,ll-e:y, CA




OakliitJ•1, CA ~9' €Jt

:2$00 ~l:ri!l AVI!.


,. £ '1'D1uutiog ,I!D.stlng il.:wmwlib.
PHS "'ll'ill ~ ~r C(IR:~prehe.n::tlv.e ,PI;t)tiD"H wt.~.}' !llllerllc:alllllld .lumutowJic-J.!
in,.·~ are co~l!tM ~ U::ttee (3) :J:M!J1W'l. ·~ 'it!cluues ~g 300 l~ DVCl)' h:::m. Tt.i> method ~itl1Ili!8 l:bar we have all ~ rlbbtical a.M ~items


Page 145


"' Pcnoomlfttt'Uitmart~

P"HS Ms. dCDl~ th!! .11bih 'i fo m:rmt ann rrl£.ia h.ighly profcs.Rooal.and ""'T~t:n( 1i!Rff
ciurirtf, our t .rol!l'e '17.i tb tne ACSO, PHS 0 1!11; A.CSO a ro:md of~ m IJ)tlC':WlZ:
t;.~:pe¢~m 1'Jr IDiiDt~ ~L fun tumJIIMi•;ml. uf qualified profess;oonJ.s,. st,pPCX1 ;wJJ

mcilJnry p~L Alliv't•=.ab rtlS i~ DQl IIDDl~ fur 1b~n1Ding ~ oor pro_eiiJ~
M'"1J 11541Wed fu> impW nn our ~ary or~~ Wbllc w-e caonot dimir.:3Ac !JI1lli~ $1dWt~
Wmi>'P"el, 't\~ bave bllllllll wsr:J liLI~fuJ a1 ~ 9taff~.ntioo 'lld prnv1mcg 11 1/Y!Z'f l:aSJI
lew'! of Sl:::lffi:~g.


PHS fiC:ki•OL9ia~ ~c- CCCQpl-crityofreoruiliaglll.d~qu "ty~tf'in t'-'cwfs
OliYJ'rall:m!W. Til~ fo~ulltioo for c'ffi:dive rcauiliiig is to jl<l-)' 4 J;1;71J1tJetithoc offer
ecusi~e 'bc'flll"ilB •d fustctJ: a!c:&30Jt:il worl:.covitooment wb~D" ecb ~I)~ fools
0\\"ne.Bbip. We 8lso )l'ifli&:rt'ain a fuJLy atd'"od blmian ~ depar!lcmi diafc,OO wi1b tbe
-rem~ilmm:. ~QP!DCW aJJd J:cicnti.on o f nn ~Q;e:rDpl~ Wl):rkfu:n;e !IS'.i.~

I~ P!f!~J!r!hi"p A.ccalnPtr-shment:
PHS llu never bad

Du:.e to .PBS· lt1llffil.llmtnt~tlon or lUinm~
1tt tlJr ACSO.

a..~e ~-

PES at:m1:illy recrui~ p1tce!1 ftlld otieau:s approx~Ly 1,.000 ~ , ~tal health ml
support ~-lflt:L P~S oo.oducm coot:imrons n:cmi.tmcmf&t.l.fiioY. ini~vll$ lln-ciutft local,
regklrJi!.latl(.i UoilioMI .&d'Yettls:lng. PtiS• ACSO rc:cruiiiiK:n.t .dmts mil be ba..~ oct uf Lhc
Wc.rt<:tD Offiee lli Al81!1cda,·m additic.n to ~lev& suppurt tMJt of
Dr~. TN. (S s..,ct~on J..S..t7. l)


J> O nledzJg,o f.mppllfi and equipment..
PII.S. v.ril1 OIJflti:Im~: to utitiz.o MD.or (:fS jiJ:r i~Woll.kall !rui!Pllca M.nxar CPS bn&fui own
Mediml Sm:gi~ ll.l!id DcmJ.uJ :;'IIJlJlly ~th~sion tbii4 ~ ltceel rCUBtot:niz:ed f~ oor:ro;:tiruu.l ·n~
~- 'I1uo;Jgb. dri!J division, 'M;uqr; ~S "'.aLO!mli.tlnc to FcM:k the J.CSO With the mo~
~sive inverrlxny ol' m~eal. pi~ lii!Xl darrtil~ ~CSI in the- nnti!Jn. ()'pv
~it:r btti ber:n in the modle!l lll~)' hwin.ess for O<'t'lX W ~ II.IId wps <1\ltr I~
m,(lln:~ p!iUt'.hu;~ to m.l-.,uur.d!l (•f ~lled Cl.lSl:clmc:D. cscb )'elli· We ~d '"·~ •
retr~ t(l ~ .li ~ Cacllity•s. mcdlcaJ.. SUI~ md oomiiiismJ::J ~ Oi)'l't:rQIL
~ ~lii3" M8 owr 90.000 St~ in std .in O\'l!r five diffmm lli:;il::ibmlDill -n.:d1011!4
S0t Sedi~ U.l6J ft~L' ll.dditioDal imom13tioo.


cqu.ipmsat is ll.i' PHS ro!!i.cits :omlti~1111 ~Iii w bilJ w l1)l! n~~· it.cucl aDd
~lo'B."J biiil tOol' eon a;a"Vbt and warrmlks.


,. Dcv"lopiJI.c b«lt IDimutl ci plaru1 Cor- em.r:r.ge11ey ~
PTiS is oommi~ bo t;lOclimring to pm¥ide V:nmedlalt ~to l&e. OOJJ'cctiollll pofll.:lntion
;Ill 1:3J~QY tfihdtJI;IIl. fh;$ lndlll~ OC'I • !e ~' ·fr.mfpo:rtatioo :!lid Brute h~
~(:(::5. PHS '-'ill<fe i!l~'llcy lal!dJQ:l] fl!ld drotai ca:rc by a:physicillll. t'll."<:llly--fo~;T
(24) hOL~ ~ 'ltuf, ~M (7) do1y.s :Ptf week. I'HS will d.C'Io'Clop amd implmum wriltr:_o poli~
mild Jo'I"O~~~ to tadd:tt-s!l o~.t-$ ~"'Y ~oll!IC B.lldl the~~~ 'f4
iamat&.:ljuwmil~. PHS win ~e to IIIIMI.g.C f« ~crgency m~~ kal'l.o;po,tbtl:it.m m
<:~ "~ili .Amcrieut Ro:s_{)l)mc. (AMR).


1~ 6

P:ro llremcnt Conttrad No.


PHS wLII aloo oontimle m f6\Wide an-si~ em~Jel'llC)' ~r.tb:llzarion sc.rvit.C3 tJ;> th~ ACSO
C!t.lplo-y~. ~ wcJL &: visrt«:l o:nd OQD1r~qrs wb.:ll ~ srlod l't'l RPPJQj:lntde.. rhC$C
SO"v]OOI will iu.dod.c, l...n aoc o~ly ~ hW~.u,d 10, finrt Did, Oi3S~ ~and
the ooordi.r:t.aj,oa of tr&t~Bpaft~n fi>I Jh<J;;e whl) blloome ill or~ wl•il!! ) 11 :f.!~lrty.
PHS is oot ~n.Hi.ble for coots <1S.."'(:IIt~ wlth ~and :r'-1hw!uent c!JIC. provilbd
at an off- :rite loc.a.tion 1D r..on-~


:;. Establiahhlg 1'Cpo.t-1ing 1Jl~Ql'1e51PII9 w111 OMiti.ouJ: t.o rn~11 .<rltl.~tkal dat& rclatedl to 11J_; inm~ l•l.!l!lth Git'C p:rowam <~S
~. which wilt in~l,.,;te l,ll.d;I~IJG:Ji of cervice ~-;tics .md ~ flt{:a!! f1W PHS .u:ui llhl)
A.CS(l ~ wc.wld b.., ~.,1 CJJ 8\lafu:!te ~ lrvaltb (8J'C"~t!!n and l!llrielpiittr; ~D~­
PH5 will~ '\hi:: ~ M and report furmats app:row! b)· ltl~ ACSO. In ddilioil ~
moo!hl)' ~ft; that rJJe ~niU£d Lu the .Sinaf.Ji. Bill Wil~ R~ ScJ:v.ioc:g ArlmiliT~batbr,
•Mll cal!ltlaLK to Sbhmit amwaE ~ari"'l! .relafin;tr to :p;msrtsll, :U::C6Wplisbm.cml:$ itT !11!1
ACSO ~ b.etHh ~i«ss and the statt» of~nlJ1~amd activities. {See l'i~ J.A5.~
Sample~ are wcluJed in the Attae .

1.4- Dclivera:blasiRcports CRt-~• :2H.c:J

MoCiical Rcc.ordl - Sceum & Confidential tRFP Jtg. n,

t.iledll'-8! ~ aro -of 11 ~•ra (ll"'!j QOI'TfKII;l\ti;d ffi~D..E'i). Cormlettr 6IMifl ~gmo to m3j"1".dJ •
COI'"&Jal'f.611)' of lhe heo1th ~ ~ oo. 1:i. rr.qulrod b)· b'w. lnltiill ~t of Ill COO!r.d 1Lnl'lii\itliol~
reoonrs $tiSJ lbe m..metr 1.0 Co!J1tty1D BSSU~ ~~wilt! mew:aJ trecome rw.~• ~;v:.~

PHS wlU amlmw tQ fol~'v AcetOOilul.iOtJ 5-tandnrtls for~ ~ty !jlJj ~ty ot
iltu'lam's~c::ll mur~



• The amve hca]fu rooom will be mo.ictmncd s~:Wfi:o:n ttJc coofiDCilll.CID.t e;-~ ~
• AcOOS!l to die bt.:eltll.rcoord will bo in.•oc;;o~~ Wl"th stMt; on.d fccf.cioll. b.,.•,
• The 1Ztmm1Bbn¢CS will be ape<ificd. w~ oo:tn'ttt!Oiifd ~ Bhoold ~ ndvi!:!ed M mL
~·.a hc8l!lll atarua. Onl'y 1ttnl in OTm~ 111:~ Co Pft3CIVC fue h~Lth an-1 'iflfety o£
Ill inmates. visil!{n$, (lr ~ooal .s.laff is providlod.
+ P-oiicydctc:rmincll.l:.ow WU~JJL,Iio., i!-1 mJlYidtld to ClCXICCiional iD.d ~catiC)B st.sff;
vo~. illl.d to ndO.N-••-'' lht; PJ01 ca.! oeeds of tbc illmnec it 11!~ to bou!li.og.
prog,rnm pmmtliD, ~~d.~
AU bealth stldf w]IJ be explicitly inBtmcted duri~ C)fleii,Wioo. Otl. the oonlidenti.lili1;• of it)!l:W.0
• hc:al.dli'Cl00f4h. Hcakh care infC41Diltion r.bout minmlrt.(l ::d~,; ; bcdisc.looed oo1y io 1\)()Uij)\iall.ce
w.ifu IIDd whrm roquiClrtcrl by opp~ n,.,li:!D'J lmd !!l':ata !iaDGcs .arJd Iey,Ul~~
1.41..2. R~cord9 Ma intenance

Rf:P PA. 23)

R~;DJrdro ~0100¢: I!!Mi riU!Ilmr.:dle haallh rooor<le

$hF.!!IIrnc::.kntc ht~± ....m n ot

bf!. lim~ IQ..

L ofln GD.bert, DJrc«o!' (lr l le.l.'tl.llnr..n-mwtm M:an.smJentl.kRutant .f.t'SA., aDd er
~ Mill oomin~tc too"'~ ~be ~1.!}' ~OilS or ~ nwm~. An ;tCCIUIU!;:.
i!lll QP-11)-d;ID; ~ ~l i$ ~~mtiJ!J to lh:: opoct'Bfian of on ~l]v..; ~~ltll care
A oomp~ d ~te ~~~c. cC':OOTd fn:rprovcg c:olllim1it)' of ot:~ ;~_nd the q1Wity olthc
ll!:rvfQe dt::ti~ PHS I(:KX'lg.~.,lzt;J the. unpol1rtllco of OibWnfua c;~Dper:'ltiOJ1 frmn hcUfh ~

PrW> ~ ~- b: + R!'P l)l,. DUJ3:2~ •


P'age ]47


diacip!incs wbm crt8b!Liling. m.m1VIl roWTd ScY!{Culs md prn~.


The medical rcccrrlg wiJI c.ontLm all trftsia s&t forth in ~ialion !rtaiida:rC3 [or Hc:nlth

Ro,."':(llrlS, ir:n:fudillGiRJI l1(lt lliml/l.ed W!


Probkm lL:ii;.
Completed m:ei"ln& ~t.-rs:ul~ fwm;
.11~"\hh ~Jlp~;au;d !lab fmm aod flow shteta>


Record ()flmml~l:l~Zilho~


AH fhu!io~ di&gl.'lll~ ttea:mm18.


··~Ti!ie,d tili£llc:a1ions. md ChW
l.lilxJnti:OI)'~ x-tay and diagnosllc stndi~
&jgti:81Ure .sud. titl.c of o:--«:h ~~
Con&omt and refusd fuLII~.S;
Rckosc of in~ fuTIDil;
Place. date. nod Ci:m.r: ofhe~~_m.t ~mcvlllrtc-rB;
Dj~ ~es oibl)~iWi:z&liwisl:id




ofl:::..sire J""Qr:ethJVe.s>
• J'Jt:nliB "~ ~rts~ (e.g.., dlcotal, IPS}'Cb:ia.ui.c ri.IJI1 oll::u:t ~



' •

.M~Ii~ da..,.~fica1ion tJ!'amfer ~
An i~liivi~liztxl. t.rct!tmeo.t p!an, wbm
"Prost~ p:pQc"ts_

I! 81\all

[[]Jplionbk; .md

oomtro :ttma m:aliJmt,pn Of ~·;t~a"ti:!fil (21m) rnlnor and .1J rnrudrtuum of 1M~ (1 1.1'16~

r&e Will be a~ 'Pel!"~~ ilia~ CO!ttntct'l:el!m ~ tp~~t ;:1!:1 d~ii'IOO lir lh;l:l
hld~rf. r.eulnllll~ pa~· ~ 4!Jld C'mill':lltlbr"S qualltra8SI.Ir..rl'l::l:! ~ (A<l)!B100 JB
I'Q I~"·em."f

Mdencl.Jm 1'63·. 1)
PHS'~ ~> rcviGWud (ILl a quar.erly bnsia by Ch AdUilL hima.'.e Medical~
PiUJ.el. In WlJ)t:ioll\, !frill ACSO C(tlp]O}'ll a pb)"!ric:inn~ wlw :n....1ews ~ c:mer~
iro<IJD '\i:...~ and.b~~l1 foof- tJW!COpriatr.~ io ,.r!JilitiQlll fo rcga!lar lt:'r'i~• ·ot~ -~
l'\'l\Ww ·rrtec~tmS. bav~ ~td no ~~ring PHS foUI)VI-.up.

1.4.3 ProCedures Marltm (Rff p,g. 2-4)
Pl-ueadl.!l"'lS Marraai. CantrilCIDI' m'fl• be;~~~ fw Jl!S'h'.a1'1t-e ~ 1Jpd:a1edi on-r;ie ~r.Jf\8€1
11'1~ lflat tr Mta. Ure Br:IIJ~I"'!!l''$ !11 r;~~ !llantYifa ::.£. ooDnad by~ w;.A. •.

will to ~t:<tira an updl cd <m-~:ita pmc.-duro; II'IWllJal om m~ 1bl!!
y Ute ACA. m: vrclJ w; ~ requn-eru~ of

req'l.limrt.~'l of !pplitable stalldards liS ~inecl
1hB ACSO :!Sl d861!£1d in Title 15. S~ 1206-

A3 J.l'fCVlol!Sly ootcd, .PHS h ilS de"to·eloped t3 pnl mel 34 prisl'll po~r=o am!1 proculutca in
accordanoe wi.ili.s'luwlarr;q. ~ ~ br Lbs A:tlla'ie&l Coor~rmst! ll.~ation (ACA) :!lUi
Notial:l.BI ~jon 011 C~ Realth Care (NCCBC}. Ue PBU~ 300. Pmocdures
provide~ fur the mi,IJI.tgetU!li Ml.d impkm~on of .l:i~, t:C'eoivc and efficient
hcaJth r~ sr:rvioe:;,

P:iaoCri l-kiWl ~ ha. • RW r>b.:~ t

"'* us

Page 148

I. ~~ ctlhe ~ldsmtell

PHS B1ro p-ovidcs. a !!tp:m·'"'C l"lftJ:$~D Cm'it:rol M1Ut11a.l G.U-!ril.e. The PBS lnfunon 0 • em I
1\'iJinu,aJ has been ioduded in ~ Atblenatenr~


1.4.4 Monthly Sblisfieail Reports {RFPF'fl. 241
ConlmE;!Df e~h;JII prudlloe monthly ~ r~ :Ur1 lb:ca :Gifll'~ 1Uf1T•kcl w":D21 !'.hal be
pi'OI.•kted DQ. lite Coun;y ~r¥.1. /Jt:;,Sf;J 1:;~g li1e dal21 ~el. aru:l r£fJQft ~£ill~ by Uv; Caltlfy. ll
qua1,t;:.lly !<~~ o1' tlliG 1;11;4;~ ShQ,Ad ~ m :he St-J::lliff d .AI.!Wnt!da ~~~.,

P:FfS !,?,'ill comimll~ o maintain stat1Btir.A ~ ~lltld ~ w immltfl !Halfu nr-G proyam (IS
~ whid:L will mcl.~e oti.Jiz<ILi'>llJ of lr-f"Viet! ~tics aDd otho- arca.s lhn.t JIBS wd 1i!r:.
ACSO "~ "!1!'00511 be ustlful to mrl!]rurl~ U.t!i 1;,c!ltth c&c ·lirowam 8Dd mtticil)lte futm-c ~­

rl-l.s will1Jtifue1fm dllfil se'llllld ~ort 'furm~ ~voo by the ACSO.

PHS will &ulrori ~ 11 cp!<J!Otsriy .,;yru7p!m: o f !hi::~~ to 1bt Sheriff of }.l!III)CIIin Cotml:y. Ln
ad.diliM to tn.OIDthJy repo~ qllllrt8dy md a:ntl1lll. snmmari.cs]J oontilrie 1l1 be ~·Lilted.
rciBticg to pro~ co..,.•.a:td agteed upon oiljcctiVta. for ~crnil.m1lltrtd UJ~n~.."'t.>>Os
.health amri:CC~ o£ntl1b~: s~ o f pemumcl-rcl&ted .aK:tivm.cs. PHS w:il1 ~ a.n~tirrlic to
com]llel.e a OO]Dprcl!e;nslve aoollal. stati6rical report in IMXiiOn~mu;~ \\-i.Cb !IPJ'lk~ ~ds.
PHS will~ f a1 '8..-d Llte6e lq)OI1B to the J~ A~ a.s requirtd. S~:ntJll:~
"mrt1lltiml reports ar<: icicludcd in ihr:: ~ttadlnwrabl.
lAS·Monthly ~,pordng M(ic;.hardsm (RR> Fm- :U)
Co:lll'Bctt.. thall mak!! g,v ~ t=Q;11111tld d!M ,ogwallog &milM ~l ded . Data wll be liCIJ!piled ii1
ZJpt;rapri;)1o ~ ~ dclii'Wld: by the ACSO' I!Eld !Shull itlfia'JI; ~ 8 fl'!<l1lh.IVftiJ)(ll1ing m~kril

r.!c:&'IXI by1h ACSO


PHS will OOD'timail to mab 8'V81lsblc acaroed dl1tn ~ t.e.."'\li~ J! • ,[ad. A 5.a~uple of
the k::iDd\5: of rqmts PBS is apable ofp«wiiliJl¥ rollom:
t\lo:Dda2y Statiatics
S~o;zl d.~ rcfl~ ilic pwnu~ mOl\lh' .$ wm'lcload 1D3Y fnc:h!de, bu t .1101 be limited



lu1~· ~u:sts fbTVllriOII$ 5el"V\!.~.
tJJ~L(.,~ .k«1 at si!:.k qill,
ltn~ $!'!
by tho pb)'Jiejnn.
h:taati:.g ~tln by tbe. cimful


MOOLic:al CJbt:er\'.Wun U:ti't a~iol'l, p~~.~t d.aya, iivmlgr:: l~ ~:<!Wy.
Off·!fitc bot:pi:til 3dJnissW!fiS. m~rrg,mc)' room vi8i'-S rmd II1D.bWBru;.r: ~·
Modi cal s,pocld r:y cam.wltatHm. :m:k.rrala.
Jnllilce sa:ctmimgs c:oorl'notc:L
F~~-daybistru'y &d ph~'Si~ ~.
TJU,.eno:.!Stic studies.
Toul JIDd ptrc:cn~~ ,..£'lte ~l#tioo dlti{lem-ed medl.c.atioiL


Lm'I~IQ; t~~ ptOsitiv~ for '~&II 11l~~



~ 49




• Jmn11tes ~~ po:ri~~ for AJI)S 2nd HIV u1tbodies.



JI'Oll~ ~8 pQGitJ..t'J f.:tt 'J'B..
lorn~ ~;Te.tUeon for AIDS 8Dd
lnm~ [f.'t!:Uetf1(11' TB.


NUD!i:M"i.~fbt,_l~ >A'Olk:OO.

mv ao.titlo~.

lm:n~ T(Ji~tt • l.:iry.

hyrar;dimJ smff.

• Ll!l:!. ~ b)' the r.w Adminl~.
t4.6 Util i'UCE:on Reports CRW P!J!. 14-l
MCff.tlly ~cal~ oo ~ !lr;nlia!!l 't!CiiZ.dUOI 1~tie piQ\o;lr;;ief~Jln lhe p-ruj!:!ct u-sln!J
~ ~ nd KfJ6I fccm~ QPPnJ.W b)' tt.e-Courty. In toJifavuo b> JOI'h".iltr ~ . ~«ty and
o.rrcr.~al !;;0fflfiW1t!fl. BI'B!I aiQ(l be tii.JhmittQ;J ,
PHS wwU c.oabrwe ~ pru'<id.e uto:l!.thly ~~ a.'l ~u as qtmlte£h.' !l.lld ~u·~
!,1~~ t.J. lb.! Project Offiru- ~ d'atn: m !.d ~ ~ ~· Ole AO>Q.
S:~IIJ)!SS 'utilJzar.l.Qll l~ have been m~:i~Jded in dv; iUUr:.lmicub.

1.5 - 'B idder's Proposal Submission Requirements ·(IIR-~ ... ~2Bl
1.5.1 Tra~I~Sttio:r~ !Plan ~ !Pt). ~
8ioider frliJ18t P11Mde COI.R)l wilh R <r.n!llP~ .tUen l!w Lion~ as Pf;l't rJf b; ~~ Jtl!!pc«:e to
'U1i ~ RFP. 'illri\Jillnu plfal.a kif s1at.t arte~ .a~nd dZ~~ when .m1l wil be emJ{aved on a fUHime


Wiili tbc 11~0 Df PHS as l.bB'lbca:ro provi~ fw tbe ACSO 18dlitics, PiJI.S ,.;n
£1~ illlb\~!n'S!ct. ao tbe. ltealili care pls.1 ~viti~ oo a ~'ef• (7) day pc:r wt'cl> bJm. lhi!Eic
w[JI be no .,_lirifiou · dwhlgbly~OD!U)' !l.Lllll~g imptetofc~
h tfi,~~ ~at)l)rS •Q1:bc A·a30~ ACSO 3ecarit)' ~r:.(loDtl.&il.d PHS t:lllj)~<ccs • j!l
Ol'lmplclt:l.]ll!llo'oi~ will ,instead d::e focus, ~~ Ql1 ~tx.of ~ A.tXlQ1lrlt:~;htlily and
now pro~ hupl~.
P[~ mfGr to tbe ~ Scdioo U-13 for addUi.(JwU ~ oo t.nmmii.)D, ICI Tcll B.B.
.l;i!dli~D .J e lif.nlllen.w.tadoo.l'lao :md Sd!;edu.le.

1.6.2 OJ,pmutl!onal Ts.b11!' (RI'P~~
~ m~t ~da >~ ~l:Od tab~~!' Of~ 01\ 9Tid ~ r-r~ ~u be rala.wd by ltJe
().or tl'tlr ~ rCO\Ihing ~~ ~ Qta"'fiod l)e"&&"Vlc;l !o'llP lllllpOsoed !'a too o4'•01"Qtl~

PHS w demJm.gtnlcd !the: ability to r«.'J1lQ:I ~ , cta!n bfghlyprofessio!WI md a11B{!dml st3ff mr t~n.urc wi1h the ACSO. YH~ Will ~c to Ulifu.c: ·our ~~~l ill!'ld '<OO.Cioo.
Program d.cmilm in caion 1.5.17-l UJ 011 the~ -able oro~~ The
PHS/.ACSO ~~Ill Chut is Included o.o1hc ~~

Page 150

Proc:ut~uiHlt Conk'.ad o. - -- - - - -


Afameda, Cou nrty
Sb eritrs Office





HatOH~. ?m

,·· tn>~ r~r

, . He01c9t DL~ .



'liiJ' ~i\'1#


.... . .. .. ,..- .

•• ,.


'.' ~~··~i:ldhd
I .-od~~·

,a '

.' D Q ~~!I.~ ·



.. '

" '• ; ;





.. . • ••• ' 'l.: .

...._ltJ.::ol~ ~--tie. + I!U=P No 9004n • I ~ af 111M ~11:1 ~


Page 151



P:r.ocur cml"'ll1i Coofr!ld No.. - - - - -- Muter' oot.r=a:ct

1.5.3 covern;e tJfi'P Po. U)


~ I)."''PP&BIITillStrrd!f',Jtc tna mett.od~l::f!theContnldtxtu iill'~ Gf ~&-1lll~ lw;,tth c~

CU•il;ee Cl1 a ·sav~ (7) 43y (>el VH.~e< ~Sii
o~ outlined m ~ p:op~ m!fQ.t-0 that
de5t!.OO !dtvillles~earri.ed out on a t~ar be£ia. PES 3ti ~ lM.tuzy Qf~y
provM!i:Dg rrequl.rod si!I.Vi.ces for dmoJt twcnt}· (21)) ~llw: >~ i!.f Ute ACSO..

Tht eta.flin..g. r~L ~~oooo ll

1.5.4 J;illl ~dJc01l S.: M¥1.!~ Sbffin9 IP'hm (RFP P:g.. ~
~IITIIX~ a.tb!TI!t; .f.;lJ

lr.C\Jdk;."ll. .S!ni-ce-.; S'.ollfmo Pf:m. llll!.!!l ~ b8-on ~ 009li O'f [I;P.I'"IiUJ"(J ~

Yi13ll 88 bisks.

:PI-IS IM:1 de!! I~ a sla£fib,g plu. fo GliBlJI'C a~ ·ro·•mon: 41l 1bt: ~- fllia .Jail and
Gteml:l. Dyer Detm:lon F~ci!ity, in~ thr.::~l o~y OO>JI)ptywilb
apJ~lil:aJUe Dccn!dimion mo.dards of care and tho RPP. PliS w.ill ~ oo J1f1Yndc 24-bour,
sevm day prz wed: (wcludiog.holidays) cli.niOil ~~ at hoth :<H..1l~ Dlaiog oor
•mare with the ACSO. PHS hlls ~Ol!:dy stU~ tQ ~ ll~ most efficie
~d mix of peDlQDD.cl1 vrtil.e mce1mg. 1I ~fn:able ~· of can flld seiVicc lllq'".Ji.Jemtllit..<;..
1i DWSt moeat ii:Dp"~~ema PHS l1~Q. m~ t1> oor UffiDg plan m:e adollO\~



~ring, the mlCill con1m1ct ~

P.,'fS bu zt!dlid ilD ~g Phy!'a Assi:PLrt «:J
thQr.o in~ de~tt8 t.o culld dw:iD.g tbc ~ ~:S wd.l n.s w
ff(l\~ ~ pr;:cti!linner eY~.Ubh•lsLy dim'iogths ovming shift..
~in pro·tid.iQr. ~tor

• · PH.~ b.a.!; wudl$:1 ~tlivcly w~lh U&.e ACSO oo a.dl:r'"ly basis m ib:ift :i~f'l.m! l(t jlf'f).Jde
~ ·~.M~ fm- 1JiLll ACSO. lh-en1S such os ·~Awi41h= 21" IIIlA tnun{~SrS to l'ltldl {~CIIU'J.
lh.e Glmn B.. D}u J)dcitJCI-1! Fac:iJity requiD:. st.liffiq ndj"ns"lmanl:t Qn~a c!ail)' b~. 'Ibis .i3
-pattlCtJI.atty -eballl'.:lgin& in a.wiamzed ~ "bc!t f'HrS L1h~ ACSO M'IG a
aoc:oossful. md. !l'flOOid io responding to lbcse- ~e$
The propo.sod. st!ffi!lg p':.~m is in.clo.dcrJ.oo.~ folltnVin.R: p;,~,~


~be. • RJ'i"

t>...tollo.lZ4: . l ~~


Page 152

•· ~"·~ ~


Pr>DcllJH.meoil: 'Contr:act No.

Mas mer Contract No. 9001324

Mcdk.aJ Dift:ctor (0 :rite &:. 'Re-S}blial~
HSA/Rqio:oal. M~







ASA Aasilrt~tVHca:ltb lllfum:t.8tioo M~tmmt


OiJ;~I;Of of~


R~:eJil~ Y.,~J;i
~lfiiiillmi~r.: DlliCiJ,95 Cool'diDllt:o£
Quidit)' .~.e Comdtin~W;rr
P~l31 Coocdi:uabnr




Heal:ll!llllfcmlllltiotl Supt:IVI!J(Jt


Heahh ilm.ftJil:Mtioo Clctk.



Med:i J;Q'I Assistanl:




Li~ oc&t:lo.ta.l ~


Glaii\ 1t.. ll)w;r peten~ lll11toolrft1f:

Propoted,JI;[R!! 'M::.J!m,!ti.!m


RN Sl.lpCJ"riaor

l -00

!Ekalth l!nfmn:umon Cle*
Rc:giBt~ Nlmle Yoo.ttionnl Nurse

F'iflu'llittiG'\Soe>Wet-J,h'lc. ·• RFP~.~ .. ' o~..t'"'~~su-­

Page 153


1.:5.5 trnv!emeniAih>lt Ptan ~p,g . .2SJ


Prop~,IIT!u.;.t lfv;ll.iOB .;~ n pl;;tn wtil:h 1!.~ llt! ifa!'.a elam ~t:l r~ faAffll)':'llr., Q d ~ nf tl@ II)C!P"...annell,o he u:lftd ;uxl ~ b be general:OO.

PHS wiD eootiwlt; m ~cl. the -chta ruuro~Jy ~~ pe:rtzrining to tbc. bcal.tb 9CtViccs
program, in.cludius ulili.zatioo of ~te.n•iocs, s".afbg m1o.1 otblr dotia ~ezncma. PRS wil1 c:olltiliioe
~ f.o.llaw ~~ ~B and TC:oOOOmJ.c:nd~li ~ilia mypc of~ ro!IIocled to
molilior llmds ]n 100 OOlivecy o·fh~th r~ Biii Wj~llr !IJ~Illl A!lml U"atur,
wiU oon;Uwe to mflffi11Iin Bversiglrt ofliJ:- It:{Xlrtio.e ~~ ~u:l wiU be responsible fOi
rnsmin& the reports.ere submi'v.ild 1tt t.h~ AC$0 im a amcly ~u.
A.$ .u.terl ~. PHS lt::t3 de.lliguo.i ~ !lmOOas phm to GOJ~~re no:x:cas.:.I)• ~ at 1he. SJn'lll
~ JfllJ od GJeno. E. 01te\" O~l;lt'li'JM Jta.clllty, jDCIJilding_
lhe pr:noont:l ~&.II'Y ll) tlol~•JT

wlf.b kppli~e. ~lil.lltit'm ~lotl~tbrtl.~ of cam. PHS will. ro:Jl~IIUC to pm·l:idc 2.4 bOW', suv~
~Y1i'iit wez.k (in~u:liD.Bhfl!!ttbt.y~) elu11c.d covcmgeaiooO facilities. l>Yrmg(JIJJ'1t:ttu~wlth
tbs ACSO, :PtfS lDs ~~l~>~ly llb i Yael. 1> mrdntain thcEI.O$t lo'fficiQJJ. tt.Ooc.abon. c1.h:u~ of
pt.:u:OLutcl, .lml"' ~g illlii)JJ)liJ..ablc sr.audmia of CR&C QCi ~ The PHS
ACS.O Mcrliea Setviec:9 S~ Pian bas been ~ . :$editm ll.4 above.

!Far a .fist ofrcpor.s to be generated. p)eost: re."'« to S~jc)il tA
refur to Smion 15.:1.5 ~tion 'l'rmdJ..



Poor .v.fditio!Nl in.fulma!ion -Qn tbe fmplc:m5l(alifon Plm, pl'.c.l3& refer to Section J lmpJ.;:IIl!mta11to.n l'lan and Sched~e..

LS.Si ACA Accreditation MainCenilncc ~ Pg. 25)
IPropoi!.&l mtJ:M ttat.e U•eolBkMui"e pfllll tor 9~ ;nrli»SS~~ 111'1 ACsO
'IICtteiJi l;ft)n bV fi•e /JC.IL
A$ ~~ty a~ fHS "~JI ~inae1o !.we~ GUO :maolloa,cmeat !PJOfPlW 'fihieh
CJIDillY Wim.t ~ Alll.elic;::sn c·lll:!«llOn J.\~}netation (.ACA) :mdl community-baSe ~m~Wf;mk
uf ~t!. Pli.S w(IS in'VQlved rn dl/! Qdst~ 1~a ACA ~of Ole ACSO f4t'ili1t~ lm.d
~ ~)' DlW'Wfi~ nulS ii.OcttJJi.WJOfl &1~ wfih fuc.I!H!U 1'CXia1.C ~~(11'1 ~il

Pl.aas8 6li'JG. the paev.i~ Scdi~u 13.1 fat dctai!s oo. PBS ~100{1:0 t1r!1l .a &!!11: 6facc.udi:ed
cotrectiDcal BM:illtie!! lin whidli'HS p:rcvidcs ~ ~.

'11.5.7 Aubt;m;~b;tdJEI9~nk: 1\tedie.aJ Reco-rds Co11&c1ion Sy&."tcm IRI'P 119 ~"Jt
Pmpcs;ll ~~ tek11Jcrocu11TQ1Uy I!A!l ;.x1 ;;w~mn;d.Mreii!Ciro'Tiic nnxfJ!SJ ~oJs. cd~n stymem

~ ftr II'(M ll'ldl ~~(If


rw.nJs. E!idl!i!f IDI.l!n ~00)1! &. oj&Jal ~ ~l)oo


t1?4~~tem ...

PHS: h:n:r·OOL"'MI}•CnY.ifBd md impfcma-.tcd £atal)':St!¥, t:bc fim. ~nit ~ •crotd
dcsi.gned by~al ~ profwom!i. au~iil!!i IJlM$ IIJI!I fumdioll311'«1.Liitw~.ili.Jds ,o f
an clcctronie heaJth .ttt:Oid a& dccail.<d bt tbe .b;t.ittJte of M.edlcioe. Uirl wi;ll provjdc the
Ccowrty and ACBO witb a kl!diq:-~ ~1t:amlil,lell t.(moo~ll'IAI. m~ r{:ooro m.l)()c] 11.t uo
addltllo!W cMt. (See CortlnD 1.3.l.l)

~~ ~. loo. • RI=P,..

fJ)O:nA + l.o-¢imllf'~~ ~


Page 154

Pro£11fi!llll!n1 Con_trad No. - - - -- - Mal'lte<.r Cootrad No. ~


~lt~~~mp~~V ~'iP~~til~ .·i ~it; . ~~··i,.* ~~ .v ~~t~:?@~\t~ r~,.-~~lit9Flf~~i?F~·
:1\iU ~1-H~n¥ ~·ui~~~~ i~.U~p-!ir~~"·"!>; 1!?.u i~ ~"''?·~~i~'Y .;iff.h_:ei1~~X~o~~~~u· ~d:· ·: ·:.
p t QCI.'durd •• \ t~~Li'frtlt!£~·c-c.slllu.!t(!lt \l~l!IIKctlr mt'4tiLtburauuJt ~>ttb Lb~ .1.t'..S0 t {l i D5Jtr9

.'rr~. bo:;,n-£'tlr.s.;..

, ~'


_.: .•·. ..



· .·



W'blkl :ibc ~ope ofdinleal -tE!lt- provirltd b)' 1•as Ia ea:nnplex, our ~bjcctiv;cs .in dosign.illg
(~ya ~

....~simple. ,, woo!d provitk!~

.. A~~ IX) ~w ·the .J.X!illt of dcciaLon-~

'&.·db Nllli~-e:· imfu~tion;
Ak:rtl1. ...."'\d ~'f-U~J .md .scrvix;:lr-.5\


+- Iir(ltctllOr.\ f~ tm; ~ bcolth it:dmmidi.oo. oJ O il[ ~mliS;
• H'lgb stt'\'i{)Q. av.Wabilrty;
+ P¢1Sf"ble to imp~

'lACI.I...m tN is web--based to allow e.a'l-)' a~s m !he im'a r:mation fulm viitua11y .my de5l"top «
"'~~tir;)n rulld it. is ~ 1iom a ~c:core. 1'1ZillCttc oom.put:illg OOJilym be ..ruwa~.,.. lt
dd~..-m; p!Jpw..mon :nnd stmimoai illlfOOimatiol!l. to c.lini.ciB:B8 ~~~ 8~ wbeneV"• iby
fiOOd it 3ild ~.d~ Ac:Uve Dn~ rNthcm.t:i.'c..atio.n m:vi:oe:;i tl) e~ ptiv~ lUld

Cam!~ '!iN !w ~ d~EmQ!J i1T' tlre lmiq•"~¢1:11.8 t~fe~ti•»t.a1 t•i!i3Jiltiai1l. 1hisis
rdl=tcd in. the &f.8E'IJ:)(<L dcA t#lm~m~ it ~thm ll'i:om ;XII ~ea~ ~ f utd.illio:nally.
C'lmpoiiCIII8 ofo!!lioMI _b'(ljtfmlmr...t fmm.I!Dlldieal !!pria£1}1 ~J'I.MJISI 8llid aoci:ctitS arc
I!DU1Kddr.x1 ill. the fi~Oii at!.d ~as "'aJett.&'"md ~ 1o ~the ~-em
srtfety f::li'lo'irolliii.CIJt


)'St'~ Wl!.a: introduoed ey PHS at nm IslBnd in t-.~· Yo:rt City.
It ~Y h,s '9()0 asas ~has captured dtl.ta from ~' ~ ·r:..l:IIIIIil!mons. P'H'S i5 in
the ptaja-t. pltl.llnrna.,phfti!C fur im~ of the sys;cm. for tbe v~rmont D~.oot of
Corm:li.oas: and.!lll: j~ 1.1ites iD Flcwida ~-(;.o.l.mty. S Lucie-Cmc.t;y}. ~· J~y (lti•tkon
Coody), ~ad.ll.1-~ (~County} mm Y"Irt;iniu. (tui'iDgtoo.QtWl;y).

"rbr: &.st. ~n-ofO!:

1L5..8.Compliance ·w itll California Coda of ReDUiations.; Tllf:la 15·, Arlicle1 1 ~ ~
~ IMI8t iif8!e. ilfll:· Bi(kle"s jplilns fir id't'ieYlilg ;tu-.:1 ~k!g ftli ·(Xifi'l,plliltt£B With Ci:iifomlilt
Onde cl ~la'i!lru!. Trlia- 16, ~ 111, t.•~.m ~. ax! anaptitia.'mle S&!te and ~ ~-

PH'S will tl~DmW~ibJIIi.all Ti& 1~ ~ ~U"~:"mct. Cl)lD.plimlcc wi1h ~ ~!l is
d~ on~ Mnll411 bnsll; by the AlmiJedi!' Cmllrly Jl'n'bm ~lc:h '0~-

liJ il!!l'!lne::l:$hip Accomp ns'hment: fu lbC I'M~- fvu ~fLTJ, ~~AI~. C'olmjy

l'1lblle-lllle;-dth Dq~ill'i'immt run-ey r e.pootj: WH1! ~.-:ompltmt•nbuj• Dl medkall Sft'Vi~
Boil •ot~d uo !{ipmeani: d~Jmiencitt

In «'ll<ind ~o'l:l)' y.rm of tbs m·mty (20} ~ PHSJACSO ~. ~ Pllblic. 'RcaGd:l.
an. Titk: 15 roqoi.rc:mcm.s have bcm mL1..

])e;J~ ba!. OOIJclod--....d

F"'1Hn -

~-"'' • Rl'P NO. o91J~ • L Do!Mail"bldtle ~ ~
~;,~ l..n




Prn~;u~u~ l

Co11lnri No. - -- - - - 1\'la§.ter Contn.11t No. 156



l.5..9 t.1iM!Iic;tll Aucflt Commfflse ~~FP 1'&- .25f
~ nr.;:t lra:llaa~ooe ~ ~ tt; bi!l usbrl f111ID!.If!U'.,"h:J md inSiltlii!lii'ig il ~"leaa m.Jdn.
cOIUtmld~ kJ.
fl31SjX)Otl'Jie< lor d~pi~. rcr.r:a:nmr.ndlng ~ inpl~ng Iii iulure- poic.iet: o'5:'1d
~n~rttbc' IIE~alioo.gli~

oore~ .

& iJ«"'i.o!.61.Y !)])~~PHS will oo:ttinue tQ t:told moil~ Medical Aodit Committee (.MAC)
JEJJ:etin~- '!'be MAC 1:~; ~lefor developing. ~JDliJCil.liling md imp~; WI
pooliQ~:S ruH1: ~ n~~ for 1f:Jo Of)r:t::tt:irn ,of~ beal.fu cme progmm <It 1fiu• ACSO.
"PI~ r:di:r to tin:: p:rl!11-iutl,l; Seefian )'.3_l:J. fui o....tditioonl ~
II.S.1'i) Repl'oriu~liw Ptiva&y b t ~ ~ 2!1)
Bi:JL.Itll''c! IPfOI!I:IlMII ~ lll'ICIU!fe C<onl~Bdor"s pW1 fe. m~.-~ lbl req:Jiii!!Jfl •19 rt 11te ~
Prrr..:y Ju:t 4J'a11, 1. 200.1)j • 'tlr1jJ aos .:~n rtg'l't~ reqliftd t~rtde!!rl~.

Pll',S b~ devcll)prxl a.~p•tx.H3e Wi'Jmm.'s I£~ Prc,emm ntSIUIIi.l Rilil h .il whi~;ll is b~lild lby
A Ntmie 1Prn~ti-ottc1 who !M:vllf! il.."' b Oi.roctw of WO!IIll!al's ~th. The Di;U;Lor l!ntllft:s
C<1111-pli't!:D.ce \'Iii! all ~ af ilhe Rqmwhldr.\'! ~'nva::y tl.Dt..

me; ~ JI"'txJ ~have dcv~ a :mOOel. WCJinfin•sr; Ht'Silit! Pro~t1 at Stilla. il:l.t.a This
program, lll);(v~ g

~ m~l

ro ofurr OOI!'CCtlonal :f!clli.tit&.

Rtporlilllg ot Communl~ile Dlsc:m$eS [IIJP p,g, ~





P.n;~p~ l1liJi5lj d~l tnJw ;!pn~;Un pd;ilic heilltl.a:gend.l'_..ll "i'/111
~ rr;poltR!:Ma llllli!S!&~ and
OQmmurtC&l:l'~ 4i~ jpri(;r IQI ro:i;:t."UII) 'Atloro ~l:fa. ~am lll lnduU'c Col~~ IPbl
b 1;1~ QC.'fllim.itr 411' m~ ~Y I1JI(tlfllrlffltt.W I'IJIIJlH)I).

PHS, utll~g S!Laroo G~r, LV , ·Coldim:mk~thlt!! Dima.s!c Coordiu..Jor., will OO,;Jtimooro
mpmt all ~i;t'lblc m d oommiiJJljcabJ~ iDII.0SSes k!J 'fuo !Ptiblic lk31'1b D£prutm~ by

tclcphone ~td by~ a Confid'Cill:ial Mmb idity R.epnrt foo:m. PHS 1w l?.;!tabllil:Jro a s'!roog
~'~i~Ring rcla4!4)uslrip ~ tlJ.C Santo. Rim. PuNic Ilca1Lh Dq.mtmcn.t (PHD) and will oomtiDuc:
w Dolif)' lil"tl$ ~.,.t.;~Xo7• iliUI olhcr IIJlP}iJ:Uble pliDllc he!1ili a,get:Jclta~ obcporta~ illncasci! aod
tiODIIIlmli~.Jie. di~es priQI" to .minmate's .rcl.~ wherepo:::siiMe.. Pli8 has~
eui~ .wich jn.clodlo'd ltle ~t of ~W~JJY STD lfilhae'lftl. dB}'8 of di"gg)!J~Sis amd dlc
• • ·!ttiou of~~ "~tlt1111 ~ ~~ o.fdffi:gm_osis. Ptl<IIo~ imJlL~o.n ,ofthe
f!Yiiklinc:s,. PHS alld Si~.~iiJi 100% ~plianr;:c: in bo1h l:ii!CiYriC:S .md
- 'DC •o cx_cd rn fl.~~ Cr.11J.~r;y. 1'1his. i5R!.flr:Qi'J'O
Hlr,) d~ of ~liu.m rulti1J
~~ 1ha.t ~ ~ t'liS md b li'(lb1it: .thn'JJh ~tllitlmmt.


~r RceleQ;ll!l

M"a:l.Qf' Cl!'.S will ooniiout" to offer !be ACSO alii :im'Jova.liveJappmat::b tQo f3cill:~ eon!itmityo~cuc WJ'tb (n MIPfiJT' RBIMS6 Prnggm,. ta:l.lcmld fC~t" SI)Qt'! ~t~ mt HI"/,
IEii'{)&1litiR S. H~!!Ji.ti3 C md p~mcdi1:~ Th~ Wid~ p!Ifgram ottlcn _0 days of
llcl~l mool.ciition p;1St disc~. We 'IOO!k diiigcml~ ~1!1 fdm1ffied pc~SM~oci 111: the
i:rrstimtimi. tiJ) ~tl tbe ~ lllld provid.e co.mtimrlty-of-cam !ll!:roogh ease nti!'
Scr\'icci: [ ki amll dmlng tbe 1~'sli.rst 30 d:ll}"i! of~


Mm:ar It~ !KJI.Illt'fi~ our ~ r::nt to improving Ute: bcal1h mnus of ;:.'0\li iDG31II!lCtllt:d
popn[milliL For tlu!l mi~;~~ bl;iirlll!: ld~ the 30-d3y 51JIIPl.y of~lect mt"dicatiom ~s iln
imporllo'\n.1 IXllltpOii\U adii~,fuK On-(toq m.ed!itumto WJJliP!.'inn~ ]lfD.St-~bCil!llt


Page 1:57

MJix.Dr R~ \IIlli o;~::stitnJS to b :o.: ofl'uai to theACSO :l!t o.o n.c:Jdiuurud dliai'ge.
MaclU~ .Jre ~ied tflroogh p~·~ltips with lu:y phao:rut:~ v~on;. 'Tbrooeh tiJis
put:Iiersh.ip w~:~ i'!i'J able to offel mmy f.)f the:3c medu:st.ion.a free oi t:b~c. 'fhi'~~; program .h.&l
OCHJSi9:«Uy ~n ~in llc.bi8Ying an i.nd.n~dJJal:s O(ITJTJ)Liaxa Vli:th ~ rn.«licarioo
Rgimm. We wmk cluscly .....;HJ o'Ot phtim~& part:11en co ~c thlrt m~:dk:i:itlom
Qff~ ~)'with Cb!.:: mQI':l t ur.-.ettt '"best ~ices.n
1.5. 12 Patient Comphllnts ~ " J'S-15)
P'rtr.,Ki881 rn~ (lci!!JI1h::! policiue if'Jtl ~rw 1'61)(1; mlrh''I!CI tJyttoCtJnl 3:tor lfll ~ 1"3 wi'l1
~lf3rtl$ P i(Uit CQmp(:ii11lt :&hs1 bi! p;rt fJf U19 ha;lttl i!l!'t\!'caS rep~ r~t ar.~en'li.

As _lll'ev!trwly ~. p}IS. wffi ro:l1im!t) 11:» a.m~mt poUcy and pro~ w.tb fue ...l\CSO ftlr
~ «latl!.m1icatio.D ond r~uh.llio.n of~ and stuft ~.8ints or n!.lu.rr ~l~:ms ~S any
o~Upoot;e~h <:.F8 delivery s.~

Please aa: fua pn7\'il'ltl!l Seclio~t 13 .25 ,Gt-i
grie\~ m;J ..osuplii.iD'I.);Ir~:O.

M ce t"iroc~ fCli

jttfu:lmlltion on~

11.5.13,Medl&al Re:flll1'8!~ [RIFP l'iiJ. :e,
~'!0 ptOposaillh.lst rn.;Ju~ j:J:ooac!Ut'e:i tmdi ~ •u ;;dd:•ee~~ mo:f~ rer~Shile 1JQn ~
~ (Sectkin ·1011
lh9 ~n.;l, C'«Ju)..


l'1IS will~ 10 l)ld.e JcJcmll ~~tr. with spC<llali ~t fur tbc trea!metrl 4r(' ll110!lCiru.'!W::s wilhil~th tiD"e probl~, wlriclJ. mny ~·tnll beyond fi11!1 primary cue ·¥.tl'i'l):.$
,;ite. Approval of~s forouW& r::ommmtionl!C)d"in]lllti.CIIll~ will bc-

su&j:n: t.o rNs • tmlizalioo n:Vi~ ~. ~Cltl v.ill be: IOlOiili;NCtcd "''ithio ~ ~csa
days: (T(ij~ I,JI'dllring physiliiui·s ffillldll All ~"\;lilis1s \lin be Board certiti~ or 4iligihk m
l:hcir ~ '£specialty. All ~ ~1s will be (lr".rrdin:UOO.!hACSO fO'l:' soonrity

A$ pcevi-cn&y stated, w· en 01l1Sidewpibillzation is Ri}u.b'M., 1-BS l¥ill (lltnd!JIIIl:e wi1h
/.OlO ~ty siBfJ in .1rttugiog~atioo and to~ of6;;.c1; L"Ut/0:8~ 1brongh
nw (Jt.JJiet::atloo ~meat (UM) ~r.un,. PHS will oonti&liC io be ~blc for
i«liHVvab.. ca3C IIliiilil.~"tll! and disehar~ pl:mnin-g.. PHS ba9 ~1i!lh.ed a~ fur
rtvlew .aiid analy.ris ofoufiliza.tion-nf ofF..&to rclw-W, tBcludiog .w~ahy B!.ld illpl_!.Ci~

T•RS' UM F~ u'iclurlc;;. no_n.11f&!:U1 ~tit~ ~Cilloo., urgent hn~iW
Ol!:ftW~oo. ooir~;nrrt:f!i re'l'iew, pffl~\'t: dCSJial, r:li~ ph:rt.fllilg and pril'li

&ll.tloo:riz.rion of~c:d ~ (e.,g., }I.Otl and CAT 91'~).
~DStrutl:$ tlut dle use of (llll.~de sen-ice h)ll been 11!9Iopr\ru~

r•HS' UM. Prot;r.u)J
(maiil:ally iOOicai:oo) a:M
that me lr::n~ 6f .sta.y (if npp1lc:.aW~) is oo-1:her loogc:r nor~ Om! mcdi.~]y indl<:&1oi
PHS~ J~)'lllcianB with (}W. b»wledf!o 1d $iill Co ciU,aPOw a:-~d ~ tJJZJlY mod.icaJ
OOili5tioJE~ 'iPI.Jhdn the oon..ful~ l)ffue <eo:rr«fi.oo:d sr::tti11g. ILJll»<JPm t::ll'til ~I)(
IIi~; l)ll'.;tYkcs ODd outpatUml refCII'Itl$ i::'; the tt"3fiOT1.:;to.;lity cfth(: p • ;uy eaft ph~icim
w.d~ L1:ie ~on oftbe b,giooru Ma.1d Dir~r (Jt.MD). \VIxn !'JI'.r\'l.oe& thm bll\·~
been *'oWII to{ll'Odo~ thl! !!Eline Nibe!rta our.come:5 wb~;n lbttuagcd (JDo:site or · oo!Uiidemi

Pntt.. lrt'~ !:IJIMCCII, Ina. + ~ hiQ. ~ •


Page 15S


C!Ho"Jr;t~ a'11ltl ~ ~



t..• be ~.pjnpriale_ Lmll~ cr rDIB.lly ~VB are wqoflStcd. t'l;loi~· b7 (h;: .RMD Ui
t~XJuirro prior to .mcJw£'i'ution. This Ie'llew pilJ(li!SS aBS"mS t11m i!U ~ ~.!I'Ai i!tll
]j1,.-vR··Ni$d mtd ~q~pmv~ boy 111 plryaicfan 1D BBstJTC lflai oor pDticmt:s mlcio'l! llht:l ~flili~
Leallh cz:n! iin "' ~y mmm.e:r
JIBS. us~ ~~~fil. o. ~ Wn;r;n.j difr:rlJ! sr:t;, rq ,e~w md dcx:u:oorJ.t
medic.all ~~.1 frx r.a!iimo.(U~ ~~ rmd oo~y s•fJ't!!ries. This i.: tllfl cti'tfda. ~
tht iB ~l t.y ~Urr;; wdl-m~ hedQJ ~ 5ystcrm iu !ib.P:ll C(lliiiJI~al ~·ati:t:.'t.
Impo:rwu!ly, l'f(:S ~ ot J1roviL1v its ~cims vritb 1i.D}' ti:rtm of\K.::Q~ Q.f :fioa;Deisl
inc:clll~VC: fdau:d .u ILe lli'W.I m mcdiG!!L ln:&:Joe-1'1'1: prov.lclt.d..
O...:r co:n:IIIIitm£nt is to provide "'tim riglLI: ~ olt die r:lght pb.oo, a1. the ri~ time..., 'PH&
~momtratcs valnc far cliarts -wildie al!ruriD,S "'best clilii.~ ootoome ~ for o:ffi:od;m
'\.JD.&r oor ~ Ml'iC modcl.
'fh;e, _p~. Utliii:atifm 1\\lsl:a~.mot Pro~m S"ntm:lf!l'}' Mis be!m iocll,lllQd j"' the
A.ffacli mc:a~-

1..5.14 C·o ntagiOU$ b~~EJI Te~tin.g CRFP!Pg..3G)
E!lc!W$ proJ)I):33J mli!t.i1'ldi!.LOO ~piOili ~ l.l!efl 1~ p!:;oeecfuileA fOf imn!i!Ba. -on a
'll:llloo6. c:oi"iia;ioos. ~. ~ otlta ~


C8H-~ boi:SI&,

PHS~ ·Commaniuilllr: mseMe Ca.nniJn1o:r., S'hllf·ll!11 Gr·r;Jil;cr~ LVN~ wqri.,s dersdywffii the
Alam.eda Coot)ty l'\obijc 'Het!Jth :Dep;~ to~ lktt t&ero ~~ ~ ~Ja! appf'OSdl.
(D Q)~ l:b"1ifig afld ·JbqiJW~

11.:5.U I!Jtill~tlc:m ftt~flds ,(RrlP4 ~
Prop~';t'a mu~ *'tr,ble m~~ em~ U'le ~1i'&e101' i~ to lllfltil rfl ilrlplemeiyliW:J Iii$~ fW

~end ~Q ~ In ~~~ car.a ~ti'o!L ~
shaii!J'oP.~Ide Btl !leaded &~'lk:a'i da:ta
.uTd ~at.icft 10 ~. ftn.j'll'rr.:'iMt ai~ ~u;n:, lr.oMI!h CiY'i!i l!rer'Jdtt..
~ pruvi((u:;ly ~PHS m:1l ~oo tm.~ dl!o dim!. (!Wrmd)' pmitr.d ~ ~ fbB

bcrttib 9t:t'I.>IOtl$ ~ i!Nl·wdimJ ~on of~ s~ffing~ <JihKd:da 11'!'1~
fHS will <X~cll:inoe ID to!bv ~itnticm ~ nt~d recommend.-uiiJ.JJ.'l ~B lb 1.)ipB
ofdara rollf!'dl!:fl. ID fi11liiltar.r biefid.q ~ tbe deli~ of ~ltb ~ lllm Wil!llld'l, Hmlr;b Smriccs
.Admi.nU1raloo~ will a:untrnue K•l~• ~elt!. t}f'Jllw tepQrflina ;1)1(!!~ at:id lA'ffi be
miJIOOlll1Me fur cn:m:itlg ~ NqUJ.!.'Gd li'$J~ ~1\!' SI!i\bliiUil4! ro 0JB At:sO ~fll8 timcl.ylllli!IDr.c.
~.PBSinfol'm:Ut"OQ T~~ ~h~~lti!Jii:icyof~pl~g 800
mzintaining S4rtc -of the
1lamw~ 3fid &:>.ftw&ri<l: m.Jutiolls ~cd to ~PBS ba.mJ.cs3
c&J.II11t!mr::ntsl WDe1b_Cii' mmrmsti.o~:~ sy&tt:m!i 8fC wrct-ma~~y dDV~ .or llecw:ed :filvm n. rtb:ird.
~, ~eli~ tht:a:: B)'8ttma to mmmmiti:es cao be ([lli'lc OOOIJllr:L PHS ~y QRI$
iili~ fti:JO·r..T~;i':li otfuc "'.BI'CiiitWood D.irtz Cciiteir"' fo bost erl dcli'!a"iDkmnlly~lo~l i!i!I!!.L
it.!bid ~j' i\li'Ph...uiom o~~ m ~"Wide Dreil.llll'fwolk CD 0'1'1:1' 180 PUS O,lK!R~
ai~ arlJd., ~ ii\.:;tud~ dJo.aciD .Al&mcda O:mmy,



.A8 clmi.e81 prog,lllfil ~ P1JS. :IPs ~~ed. !ll,~c»;J d.'itfl.~J;,.')~~ ca:r-:t!rilities ro ~
in the ~JUldJ.,g >9f !.be c11nl~1 O(!l)t;tiliCJI)$ wldr:fn ¢'ll'e !i vim;:s rise t;> ofl' $itli maj~
.c"XP"~ Th~ !JOJ1'bl&tlWG~1 d...<ii&. ~01~ mc\hii:l'GS ta,btg 4k:twlll~L ·fin:tw 1bc Ag£:DC.}' fur

Page 159

HC$.!.!lhc~ Research

aDd Q u;l)ily (AHRQ) ~ a.ll.&ws dtiil di;lwn apability ~, bcOO and

~~on~ the disease C-OlilflricniS ~jbl~ L11r out:Ydc ~ By ntilrong tiblcs oJJt.Unod
lh:m Iilli!! Agcacy for Heallh~0 H..esc:ard:J. iUid. Qool:ity, ~11g ht.& gaiJ:led •n~S}It into th¢
r..Unictl cfassifi£n.tions n::spi;a,t.ible fo.r c;:Q$b rt8ulting fmm ~ s.drn~t! OI emr.ti;Cl)l;)' cans

pr·V¥Vdod ou'laidc of W! c-Mtiidlonsl fflvirnmueot.
At a mmimnm, PHS will tmck: Bfi ~~ 1cla:tcd. oo iiJj.litllcnt oo:;piii!Ji~..: by bcspilal,
diagoo;is. adm~& adtn~on &.b:, ill~ dill(!, wd DRG <.Vmpr;Vizo.u~ nU ~ n!€!t00.
to~ w.f"I!IJ'llb b)' i.Dmaif'Jrati!.OI, facility., wagualliB, m:mne;)t r~'Cd, rreftmug
pbysi.CJID. mW. wC~o.-rnt! pihysititso; wall ~t5 m primacy h~lh care 'f~ by ldma:Jxy.
r.nd:io:lo,gy, .md. uth.cJ· ~illnry ~'iem~ skt ~u.. spccialt)"~c cne., ~'lodicaJ
Ob;:;t!r'Vtdtoo Un1f. mcc5~~ and m.cdJI;nl] ~ l,lprpl!ic::s. PH'S ~JI)~ ~to per snc or
~t. Utilization ]s mon)~ 'lllith 0'~1!'1 pt;r ~~-and~ &tan to·l1lD'
tl•"o bisli:lrica] ~ QwJ: are uni11,PII~ for cithcr j111b l.n'~ Somtelti ldiliz:J:tf.oo
~ lll'C incloo«< in. fblli Attaduoo»u.

Oiha LodiDIWl


R.oooglliizing:tb~ ~be 81"l8tes1111'Cil. ~ eost volru:Jli.ty imd ~: {otl•er th!m.s~a) l:cs itl
the~ tl) dt_dl.i!vefymtdmrtznd ~ ~off.~r tllili:z:t'.ticm, in <ldditiora ':Q u.
Utilizmio [\o'bsJIIl;&i2llml: pt1)'Jl"am,.
bas w:«< out extensiVE! inrtiiW diJ.t,.,~., devel!llp Q




pnrpri~~ary dais~ eost .lUilllys pro.,-.unL Undt-r the l;'mLe orCutM Lanif', the
sy.i~ IS &bJ.0 l.o take tlt'l ln~}' ridJ. ~ii;'bfJ.3C ~J fl'tl1\U the cl~ l,liYMCirt prnooc:ss
~ ll(IndlX:t a "'dm mixrl.n8'' analysis th:rnl a vlnually ~~ act of vi.,.. !I qf~c d:a1o fron:t

~ itnpOrtmrt. ahout wh:icb iile'LO.r"$ (~ ~1uruent;sp.m:id~~Q..) .me
W.ll.f:ihtniqg to~ 11ad lr'mda in ~·locarc OO:it. Clfbt, lAlf4 Cl.' aha be usOO fB.
t~rcdicdvc mOO.~ IXKI'L IWd ser'>"e 11$11 ~ e:naM¢a PHST• rtta.oaguniO:Il.l t~mn"'
J~fy ti:.<e hcoJ1ih ~ ~ditiODS thi!!: II.OOOWJt fOi ll
i.npff-si_t;t; ulii:Jmtlolli ~ zud
impkmcnt Slro~~ wil!! Che ACSO·ro 'W.OBt ~i:lle]y 1Dlirk'1$~coots.. In WQiun.<l'!i[IQ
wilil Ca~ 1ZJ1d PHS ~s Chrtm__ie cart 1'n~&
tmn, t1xlsG apprlca.'liom ...~ tc.uB
~c.h im:prov(l ~ QilillLty of cm-c: wb!Jc she moat ~y m~WS.siaS off~si•e Md Olhet
rosl:s.. A rotlJillek ~of C.l4Ulti hu been iocl.u!IM 1n tbt AJ.tHbnJmt:c..



1'r~ .of I!.VI!Jit! bJ

fjliudJJn MM•J:,csnamt Spmn
dill UM ~e-m rupoo approval The 31lproY~ ~results ·n,lh!
l.'-'lrtlt3itlon of an .n!Jtbm~on D~- The
rizahoa.:cmnQ.!:r"rem!iM in dfu:t •lll.llillbe>
e~n~c.e is. p~ .md u;por~cd o~; lht aUI!oom.:tfl(lll u~ hs:~ 'CoWl red. "'h !llltlmr:it•llit(tll
ID& ia a prc-<Jdir..ed ~·stem pm-o,". PHS t1 1:1~ cllart ~8b ~tin:!(!
~ pTio:r 1.1) p:.agnuo implt:~~lta'lioo.. A.lllhrrtizmoo UWllblm:' ai.C ~ wiJJ::XJ ~
pre-Bppl'ti'ol'oG $~ML:~ is uot performtd 'ti't<ithi.n dir: ~WJ:d pa.rmlt!LC:fS. or wh~ rotificahlc
is given by thi' fotOI'Iry.

Sls:'Vlct:s mtt CJ1!m.'d ·

~ &1~~ I~ • llEP Nu. ~ • L~lilnol ~;t-. P o~~



l 'Tocuremett ~ Corn l.n.~t

1'1 . - --



1 e d:iib· tt:}XI!:ti_x:~? ('f ~·


'l (!!crvL..a:.s pt.1foomcd) is a ltey clemt::!J'l iD 1M mil~rwu a.M
fu,~·u.::i· ~J.~ pr~ ')"b.: d!lly Iii Llckiog ofC\'ccdsU e!ili~ 1st 81.1al ~ t11e u-;c-of
r~ a:u:! projeding tM ~ f01r futu:e resources. Ev=tq. ~ Dlcib.L'r repottfld Oll a paper
los ot cl~l:rOcic.aily c:m t.ltE t:Lil-11 dayfo1lowirle; ttl: -lky r,f ~e..

&. e'V\mC> I!!JT:i ~ md rqKJ*d th-!!!Y ~ ~-red into 1bt; UM a}'S".cm. md ~ lu O:lti
~pri"ttet ~Oiii~MJJ.b~:r. ~rt.«l m·w.ts lhatu.'CI.'C:il(]( pr~ri~ ~~ru dla.!Uifi4ld
oil$ c!e(i~nt. "1J'"h.e T~o;ilil:lh~;m pen~ ~ b$00 'k t 1J3ek the IWillbQ' {)f ~.~nh; >tDtrpletfld,
ldeC'JtlfY dil!l oom_p($'m l)t eyt~l:lil~ :ihru Q.IIW not ~pl(l''Cd., McmifY 11 .1}" wi1h wi!umplcte
Uta, a~ul tu :ldi!rdlfy ~~~ lhttll t.a:~~ oot 1'cp.rt1cdl. Addilinnillly, 1:'1-"eelts ~ote lhe bru.i!l of
~ paymt•nt tilt'1' ~ ~uthurtzatiaos:. O:dy whm. the ~~ Mt(ll on a clilml.l.ll.S'ICbcs ilio
~ of a LCfJOrted cfatt will l!he c:!alllL be proo~ AU u~ed ela.i!Jm will tiC researched
wjth'lbelG!mirlg facilityi:udctMlline ~1 resoJmioo.
ltept~J1iat: Otpi!!illtlcs


PBS l~ ~'ll~ illl ~~..,{oro llKl vf" ll1mdanJ repom for bo1lJ Otiliution ~ftlt li1ld
C1a.i.:wB Ptoc~.-s~ IW.poyts 21l1'1'-' buD '\!lo'fitl:t-Jl wrins Seag~tle- Cry.•tzl L~eporu Vetaion 8 e.
Clygtal Vmfua 8. j !l !be DiM cnrren vCIIIi.oo ofthe~~ dlld ~ fL!:lly W't>b c::nabJcd. PHS
ba!l ndiiitioDIBlly ~ve:.'lop0d a reporting mmt mel funl ~menu d.aVi!i:t md oootams O''C:r 3-0
~ selrolion aita:ia Selection aita:ia .m~l:dii.W 'lq)iilJ 11!J1ilf In insure mot :mptJtt$ Ml!
oot run <1g.tfu!i. illvntirl dll2. that V~-ould ulti!J:mtely a.mcTiltu ~ttCI."$ CJUtput. The "'ecti.o.o
cs1tma ~low ~ IJ5er to gmcnte il wide van-d)' of tqx~r1& lbi!SC.d 00. v:!rio•~ ~Qr;!J~m GtirtT;itt
wbiJe .aQunlly ra~ng I ll!¢ snme ~ n:pOrt. b. ndailiooi, .Dl3D:)' rCJ)OII!ts bu''C bet.'D da.Ugr~ed
50 t1m tihe \l~ CQ. ~lly dm!Ct·tlJ re.(l<lN ompas: K~ e-mail. "Ih:: RdpimJ. c.~r th¢ e-mail
is d~~.:~h_tbi_l. by~ :silt.: tnblc ·d~nt\.awltt.g the oocd for llWllllllly ~ ~ tn t>1.nail
The IqiQit:img ftmctioo hsa bcr.D ~~ 1111'itb Chl!l ~ty SE1, tiXl iodi\.·~ ~
m1'1!y aeon.ate~ for lmly II ~ermined ~et uf' silea. PHS will m.dlc'fue RJKKtin!'l
ftmrmon 11:vuilab1c mACSO rmdlocw~ ~ a!ld diwtlltltc. ~®a.~~"-

PHS. will 0Cifllim:l11 IX) 1ru::l:: die cb1a ct~~Ycmly ~ ~ 1b 1be ea.llh scrviCC3
program. iJtdudiD& -m.lizaioo of suv]ccs. smfiing. UDd 4JCh« dt!~ l.llamtfli'lfs. PBS wilJ
c.o:ntiiiw:: rn fofunr,, OCHC guidclio:s BOd :rwJmmocl;tir;m.J T(:ism!ifig tile rype of
wll~ to m.ol:!iioc1rcnds io the dcfu·ay ofh:iJith (:.1![1::. 1llc H.eahb Suvtoca Admioistntm
wlliiilllin1ain 0\'mDgbr of dlc r~ pro CO$.$ and will he =pO~e M ensuring the
rapt~ ~ ~ stibmitted to m a ti~y mt~Wfill'.
S&:Ll;'lle Util.iutoo RqJorts PTt inolt.K

ill, ~hi! nnem.

t S.1'6 Admini&1ratlve & ManaSjement S4Mec:.~ Fbn (JlfPII!'9. 2i)
~ ehaJI il'ldud'e 81C:Orii~~tl Altnlrtl&'lrfilMro ~;~ndl"ibi"'J!)cmcn'i Servloe!i Plan M rcflcliwl.:
a. Am-oola1illfl,; b.. Pft11011001 SiJr.tillf!9: C. Molit CU!Te0lf1l!111J~ l'.lullCl ~ ~~~·h'l!t!!t R.t!~
d. Rl!l"e-toe fron:l! il"oo;ntr & OJtl'!li'IL cliut'tfs: ~tidl e. Ottt4r

m:SCI(QO!\ J'.:3..] i:itd L\«<13lngiCrcdr:r..ti.AJi.o.& >(T.;lll !be
fotDJdl W. S~ U .J. P'mOim.I:J Servi~ ii(1!l d.b"b!i!~ io Sectlo.n l!.5.l7 bd.ow. Tha I'DOtd
l:l1n'fnt p:n!Jii~ed Dunn
\lndd:red "hport h!s hem illliudcd i.n die S~J$0JII fi. 1!"-.aucla.l

A~ticm infummtioo can bc: tr1111.d

Stll.tdbC:'Ilf£. !{~~

:J~ ~n:t~1uded :Eli F.tlrlhit 1).1

Page ]61

and D-1 in Section K


iProeurement Cuntli'art N(),

--- --- M11$ter Contract No.


l 5.17 Per&o:r\1\01Sevices {RWPg.. 25)
lh::hfens ~~ rn.w,; ~-;ail ~I!! ldiQY." pal'!!lONU!I ~:

1,5.. 11.1 Rc~t (RFP p,:g. ;idJ
AlclwJu.J9:! li!:llth care ~11 md mt.'tli:iull I.'S cyclk; md. ili~ ~11~ Lo ~ pcriotlia

sho.rb!~ qfmedical pcmJllil • PHS bn8 d~t:nfi:d lbe ~iity eo ~. retain
q'.Rli:fied staff Due lo ~-..e I'Ca'l.l:itrmnmJ' cl'f()N, pm:naril~ ~ Clil·IIJJc internet
ad~ t~tafi'i:ng

S.tmts. Ri~ Jail .IYl'lf t1U:! Glenn H. .l)yi!t Dd.artion l•aciJJf}' .is as aolid 1l$ it
bas beru :in. rec.cnt ~
of all ~ at:to pi~ llypL'IIOOII.<lill: stn.ff wifh th-e ~mAiluic­
provJd.ed by per diem ~a: This. is li:lt 10 be ao ap1imal Rilo of~ and ptz difom ~


b~ upoo 20 ;rears of J;~g. cxpmimQt a1
F~ 'ty.

Sacu Ri~ Ja:il and tbe Gleatt E. D~!!Cr Dr:LI:::II.'Ion

Whlk •egimy mm.ioJ st•.tJ'1sl!Soo in mooy ~titJPl ~it resdlb: mm:li'8-C3.11t,rklag
l!.t the faallty who lili'l.ynl)'l. bG ~ w.ilh <CI.')~ho~ ctrt.. ~f,:m, ~ ihcse :rr:gi~
lliJJ;$GI have~ if;zj.y ~.,£the ~ f,Jclilt~· in wbith

'Lbey &l!'e wootm:g.

PHS aclbll)wl~ tl)e d.Um.c~: of~g ~m~J. ~ q~Ly JJtltff m OO<iay's
mvnoom'Cni. M >\tell as: mDin1IIilli..Q~ !!. fully smfr~: bumm ~-.ct4 d_c:pamn<m c,h01J"'8UI
wilh the RQ\Il1RGlt, ~pmeot :tw:d ~ o:r am. di."Dllll,;uy 'lfllldc:fo:rcc Dt11JJ)T', ttJc
PHS Hmmn ~'1#)'\.t;CC!: Dcp~u4 ~ cotttpilcs ao.::l ~31}'2£8 ~ Jttmually 001. job
lm!lO'r"(:l" fuv eud! coo:b:acc •cm~~pU~y-"Wid\c. 1t~.(£41 ~~ ~ shared Vii til t!he fHS rcgiomJI
l~hip(J) .~job wmo..utssw:s. !II sammm~iplL bclo1t·. due to tb~!}1lof
tar: PHS M~IICai iMaD,a~llt T-. 1he ACSO tmDovl:l' Will for lOO!S wn.s $1,1~11
lo~·;:r ~ the tt:St. of the PtiS f iu:ill1ic; io thti United St:d!i.S, aa well~ Cn1~fom1a.


Th~D ~~of • PES nllniCvmb die ACSO is i11 ~~till of six (6) y~~ The cumnt
PUS M~ 'fcam b;u; m ava'&te ttmllnl of moR 'til! an el'gbt (8) y~, ~ Srmtn.lllil

Prism I

~11: !JijrW...u:,ln:;.

" H.fP l\IOl. P]CIJ;p...

+ .. fldd~ oC'IIf<o ~ s..,·.,.._.

Pacl! l 71

PHS Rccnifm~L~tt!ntiaA ~

Allhcn.cgb .PUS~ fi.<ll. mmnmc to n~shmtage, oar prowarl'll tied~ Itt :roduce iiDY
impact 001. oor ~''elY oC' care.

PHS ~fil~ me complcxit)" ofT(~lfug 1md ~~~~ t{• s1nfi i loc:by's
m"iironm~- "litJm !bun.d3:ioo fur~~ b 1o pay a e:ompeilti.vl! $alary, off~
s«~sibla bantrllts aot! fo&t~ 11 pro(~ ·wod.~ <CDWonmet!.t where ca& wrployre fcds
~P'· w~ a.kll mainta:io • tillly !Jiai'fOO. hlliDlll:!l tt=IQOJlC·il:S dcpa:rtrmr:n.t d ttrgcd. wilh. tbr>
l'CI;TUitmeni, dev-elopment a:nd re'Ji:l!tiao of m c:ump:k'V)' tr()djbrce no:fion.,..idc.
FJlS '-'I1JIU'1UY 1ca:uits., places. ~ vri~ appro~ tel)" 1,000 mcdt~ ll!len.ta1l!calth ~U~rl
suppnr1 ~cl. PHS oonduru ooaliml:ou; ~tmi:!Ctl'staffiug miti~'ati dmrugh.Logl.
vr:p,aal mXI lld(jootf advert~ inB. PHSF ACSO [(ICn!Lt:mwl effo~ vnll hl. b~ oot of Iii,..
WestuuReglooaJ Offioc: A~l.lsii:J,. in additioo ttt CX)CpllCato-le-.'Cl ~aut of
Bro.!! wood, 1'N.


Rumples; ofrr:~uirm





md ~ ~~ lcdud ...

'Lt~ boouacs
}t~.cruion booa9cs
Tuitioo !rcimbu:rn~:m~
Clink:al rotati.ooJ 1~ D.!.n~~c.scllool !ii.
au~ tminh_~

• CoDtioJJiq oduto:UOII


M~ pmpa


Ye&IS ois:ervl~ Awmd Pims
1bc K.udo~o Award: l'rogmm


The. Ku.clM Awm-4i p-rogun ~ ~tmployeec; c\lfl ll. regular basis fur ~itl\'G
opcntiool; ~W:Jd q.Wlty care.

oomrl~'llo j;u1

1D o&. ~ r•:as maiotai:ls 11 ~ebmrivc ori'(,l[J_It!fi<m &'ltd til1ining proxmm ugn«J m
tll.orougt.!l'y pn:pare its stDf:foc !he 'I!IJl.iql:le ~Clmllcu.p~J of~~~ ewe-., as wr:n ~
~IJG ~ p rofcssjprul.r,ro'W1b: koon.g the topit:ts ~cd ~




'llui IGg:fil/OON!tin~tiooa~
to care: ~IJoow !iimitutj~JD.S.
~on of cot!;'l!llltloll!!l and oommi;Jili.iy bea1!b. ~ pm!;tice.

• Ddinitioo of the i(lilJIUll!tSon. to 1:le 9:1Wd; ~plian of tlho ~~system.
• 1dcoti:fi.ielfum of:>tn!te!9cs used by~ u;manip~heoJihQ!tesW:f".


--- .. , ....




CollD'act '"
~o. _

foco :tectuitiflg ~i.fied at;~


_ _ _ _ _ ,.,JI-.,.,.;r

.. .,•- Cl)nuJJ.,..
4 - "' '

o ""'"'~"'

· ~

lbe Bay MC~~l1!.dudie;

• nJrm !\'bill • Tarsct mark~g, 1hrou,gb dL~ mail nmii'tmem {Le, 1ett:eJs, postcards,



• LocJill'Uhll.eadom - Ad\"ettiaiQg in local pap~ l!t«:h. :u ftlo s.m ./Me MeTCWy Ni:w9~ ·~
&fuYmfDrlo Bu, the MtN!i!tto Bu. (ht! Trocy itet;,cnJ 3Dd fu.c.F"lll!fmat Ar-gus.
·+ Colllermootl - Pmticapmng mloccl, SE<.: nn.d.
mtlollal :{lrnfcs:sronal conf='(:JlCli!S (NCCHC, M:.A,

AJAr etc.).


"'rUng :hbij~3doDJ - ~gill~~
jomrals. mcii,Jdiug print urn ~g.


l"rorus1aJ13] iPublt~artou- N~l~ ad~ 1m.
b1l.~i. o.r profesomorml pub'lli;.-u ~ (l:e.., ~
phys;cilm spcti"llf)' jmnll.l]a. ~c.m
l'll)dto~ ~C:iatioo. m_).



itu!11o1ol!Hl! " - t1 ll'c- ..._ Rlilalln:-nl Fx

lltiutlll. Files · M~ 1md n:fmioe active le'JW!~ '6iJea
-~ (i.t:t., trlYBrt!ising.job f.1its.. comp~my w~ eca:.).

~ bom a YliJ!l~ {}f

~ l}ataiwe- 0t;n·do~8 [UliiJ main.CBi:Mng a da!Jihase- ~ ~ qWilifi&.l
mnlii~ fur itmJ;:Jslilikl abd fu.b;lr·a oppertmli~

'PtlS J():xlgniD:s. th~ ~-wfug nCClll fur qruilifil'd ~ fN.iQcd ~liisJau.a!.mo;lical llt.affin U,a hc:;a;l~ field. To UIQCt 'lfljs n~ J>HS is ~at'ldimg Hs mtll.fical re~
PfograLD to in ,edia llmt ~fi~y ~m;: dl'C hilf~gtlll mmkl:t. lt!.s
iriel~ E.d~ cmplo)m<51t uppommit~CI$ M lhcN11#11M:ri.AsswjgJitnt of~C
)',""l(l':US ~ zrml tt..c ~al Sodny fl/llisptMk Prf!.[~Nfb wcbsim. PHS w:D ~
~ mm;inl>~ Olll MimlrttJNY!ItUOW lmO it; J'B.'la!::d pu.b !.~<lOB. AOdW.Onul
Iccnli' ·0J1110t11mitics f1R! a'1'2.1 ble dlmtl8h die. job .mid ~ t:md spur::wotcd by ~



1.6.17..2 EqD;rJ l!mployment Opportunitiu(llFPPg:. 21S)


PHS wiD eontinU£ to prov;j&: ~:oal cmplormoot oppOrltm:l!ics to ru1 qm!ffiedi cmpl~ end
~ fut :ewplo)'lnt:Tl1: wibitcow ~·*ill) mr.e,. oolQt, ~Ugicm. li~B, ;::ga, ar nnri<mul U11gi.n
and Qb~ to lho disab(le;t, disabled veCeram, md ~of tbc. Vit~~~Mm en. l)q1141
unpJ~I!nL ta11llots. to ~1 pfiascs of cmplol'ma:tt:. intl uJiug but 1\Qt ~to, I'CQldti:ug,
pl~~ upgr.arlimg. dMQdqn, ~. t~», mcs ofFY o:o ether roJ~J~.S of
oo:mpentuiliQH, &elcdi<m (j,· U1l.inin& etbueottiollll JL>ttis'lacoc :mdl ll!le of all W::ilifi,e.s, and
pmtiti)t~ woom.pomy-s:pooa~ emplo~'IIC o,r;;tivl.1ics. Ao)'(l!ll.l! '\1bn mcs WI~ or
di&rlap ecmduct (~ruc!!iQ,S any fu;m of ~l) 9.•bich nnl~ ~ O.P' 'lli.OC,
00<11;11", ~on. 8f:F, r.aliooal o£ieiu. 'liite dl~ ~lot 'oiletcmui, met~ v-et~ the
VJe1.112m aa. may be t.'Ubjca to disdl)linary ~(101 UJl o :met itu~ittdllig di~


~ocur~menl Contnu:t No. -----~ M.a!Hs CollJr:u:t No. ~


Ui. '17.3 ~t.2rkm R~uimn~a frK stMH f.TlJ:P4 MJ
As plll:"a'io~· :tiLted, the PHS CmdCXI.f.ll\li.u;g Progmm ., ill Ol.llrtinu¢ to r:M!i~« fuat h~ care
pru.::titioncn prov.tdmg OtJ-sitc ~" ~ • ACSO f4clJ~ h3NC fu: ~liala JC> Co
pmelfuc. wltbin '111m field £n the St)t.a qf Cali:fotlma. AU l;.Qllh care ]lll!cdtioo~ (CIIIJ'lkl~'!:cs
8:ld m&pcn,Jmt ~tot.4) who pnJ"vide oa-si•c SCf\'lceJ alllhc ACSO fucllities v.iil ~
rcgt1iin:ld ~n ~~- thB crcdcn1in.Lina PfOCCB3..
See DdiOOJ U-l ft• addilional ~.

t5. ~1.4 Staff s~hvd«/o by p,~mon$ i'Hfl ~· .s,
Picaso ~ kl OJ~.; pt~tviotJs ).5.4 far libe- FHS Staffing Pla:ru;,

1.6 DebarmentiSu~nsion IP ollcy (RFP,.. ~WT~
Jn DaJet to ~ U1.a ~urement ct 81\)' gtOd!l Cit' lervkles. uflrn~ furPiJed by Fedt!ral ~
froiTII tli!Jbarloot. ~ •Qf" ~ 801:~h.doo p:rift. eMh ~....UI beecrtw:n:;ld ::.ttAe lkr4!1 of
RFP m~!!e to. MIIUIIB hidd$1', its prilld~S .srrd 1bt!lrt IJ\al!l8d 5!.1'bc;oo~ are•oot. ~.••

N i:; i;l'.lmp!ctlld aDd iiL'I:S " :lnd!uJCloo in SC:diaa. N: Otll« Re.(ll.lred Sllb.IDi~



1.7 - General Environmenbd Requirement$ (.RI'P Pp.. :t7-2.8)
lil'le n!CI ~ ~itt ~J9 aac:UOO ~yrt,o all PRJ(i;lct~ ooota1n~ in ltlis tid



lleaure D Requiremcn~ ~R" PQ.
11 3 Ole~ cl·ll:.e Countvto I)Ql:"'w podud$ rMltl fhll ftt.wt!91. OJH!faJ ~:r.~ bl~
1tmn mllnlt'8allri1l!11 '"~t!IHl or 1r.e ilr4llo pnx;ut'e ~ ttmt ild'f\M IH~ gmft ~.,.

PHS Will C(lntinue, as. rcqllil~d~ ro riled B,lllllJill)'. $the l'CqllCst of ~ OSA ~
Coord.1narm BDd the ACSO frnj~ to te-Y'iew updot=s; to 1tlc recydms pmyams
nod !u t:v:tl~ PHS" pm:ti~!);i)..
1.'1.2 Rag.ulittory Compliance (RFP PS>


M~-n.llf!dl ~rtt!oproY!dl!fBwtl ~ lno:mlfC8ooe~ ~ ~looiil.
MYii'ont.lii!I11DI aruJ 'I'IQikm ~It! Mlfl ~ ragula1ioM ltlal ii;!ply I.e ,thlfrcpen~hQn.

PBS wi wutiouc to be in rocnp1~ with iJll ~ ll'l:a're IIIld fedsaJ. t.'ovironmeobl allld
.....'Ol'ker bli\dt:h and s;oftooty n:pb.~e, at Rlql~ th1. appJyto "'11f gpUirtilm.

1.7.3 Sol.ltCO R.c.du~lon & PaCkaging (RR' Pg..:21)
The Ceu~ty lwl·a ~ ecmrn'imart 11o &I}Yil:'(l ~ mi11PI~W8iite ~·· illkl Mdl)l;ln:g

~ Coul'l1:(3 expen€C1Jro c;rr Wll$1e di8poaa! ;nd ~•11)- R~~ o:;n.:JJ p!'(Md& tnll~
~. 01' tn~ ~ In proilkUng ll~ to U118 Cl:Jtlrtty, ..


PHS will C(Jiltmikl [J) pf'O\Iicfe hTJJ.k packaging. ~le, or minimal prAa.gin.,g in pnnirJU.g
~to Ow C~. Pa~~8 3ltd distn"butinn ~"ill~ bt'rlb llr.ade ii:um rOC)IClcd
m~l! .and. bG OI liet)'C1~e.
(_ .

PHS il1: C(JctllJrlitr:..ed to a.So1we Rrtduorion and Pat:hgjirg P.rogr-llll !hat sha:ll o;:lllt!a:l~ oo [Db,
E'I:..OO~~. ~ · RfPI'\1) ~ · l.~d'!J141Pf~~~
P..~N~ l$1

d)t::$, ptgmml$, ~l>i!i:zers 4lr iiL1)' olbCf ~1CS '10 wiicl! ~ LUI!,. ~lirn'uru. mt:ICUt)' and
h~avdcot ctuami:am h8:"' bem Mdct'l.

ll.'I A P'er9151ent Blo3QCl.lmulaUvo 'T oxins (IU'1' JIB. 22-)
In JanuB)I 1002, !he ~ n ~l.JUon ~to ~~Ute rodt.IQifat~ m:f ~ reas:IJ.(I, ~
etirni1J181.i;f) f;l [.peifail!.4uN, bio;;xlcu~ ;:lM tadu ilfll!fril::al} (Pill)~~ - .. • Tho Ur~ $talC$
&r..·r,unmerl;J;L P\lu~ Af'PVtt tlai .~1:41!:t!ed ~ I~ af L'.velvc prictit\t PBT~ ~ flillliffl....•

PHS w.iiL CCU!;iim;lc co provide _plll.Mlurts and ~ocs tbl zsl!ow tbe Coooty to OOJlll'ly ~ 1be
PBT Resaluli.oo. :E"d:t.illit K &nyjtilD111cmal Cufilit!..tiQa lw· been ~
Otbt:J ~ SllbPUtt.aW &ilit.l;lia,


.Piilloll HaJlfl ~ . In;. • Rff'

~ • I. D~lan d - ~StMuc.


Pa2e 166

Pt·ocuranentConh'1u:t NI;J. _ _ _ MufeF Cootnc:r • ..,_1)()0324





lmpl ementatio~n


Plan &


C oD.tncL

o . - - -- - -

Ma.stu c~ofr'l!cm N6. 900314

J . hn,p l'e mentation Plan & Scbedula·tE:IIihlr. Mt
The lliid FV!Ip<lnae w lndi!Jde ::m •npc:m~n 1)1811 Dnd ~ftr I!H!i p!OpCSe!JI ~ic89 . tl:
Admti(n. fl~e pl311 !.!18ll*"cCfum a oeoa-e.1~ ioolmtmg I"~Dw efd(Scy wtl t!·~~~ ~cea to (l)c
health~ ;x;rMfJIR! oo a w-.-cn (7) d!lY ~ weak b:isiJ ail~ lotth ~n. Rerl!t to S8t'llon


OF WORK, G. A~· Pmpc&al SYlm'ti!."Sioo ~L~P.!MBllt$


With 1bc ~LCIIIWn oi .fiRS as
noal~ providet for the .ACSO filciliti~ J•Hs 'Will
~tee-~ 1D t.ltt; bad tb cart; plUI. KtiviHt.'!l co a a~r,;n (7) dey per .,..~l:: ~
" ill DO 1ftuiti(m • fuc hi.gb1y .,&i.rwptive. ~ .mdi ~18 'impoa o{ ~



l!i:Wlbcare "~om ml.h.G ACSQ, ACSO !I«UUitY pe;rlSOo:rtd llll4 f'HS empiQ)"DD- is
·completccly avoidtd illd i.nstc:nd lib~ fo::ua ~ w sco:util]!li~y of sace ru:ccru:nla'bjl.ity ~
mew._mggpup irn'jltl=l••cnt!tioo.
We~ 11. ~fu.d PHS miUI~e:ut tcAni in ilte West.em ltcgiannJ Ofti in Al~~
CA Mil n.n-al~ Ill th.e Saum. .Rlta Jail ....t.o w.ill ooiitmlll: eo p;ovlde l=dW~IIlp., coDliDNUf.)· mil
J:'CSp(lru.i'o'I!De!:S ro tb£ ACSO dwiog fum f:HUCL"'n.

Doth tha ACSO llDd PHS bttliillt from oqEJtlc lling ~ re1arlo11Ship t,y ®Jng l1u:! time' i!Eld.
R!$IY!ilVL'S othe~ ~ml 1A:t ln.JI.s~a tc. .a new v'CDl.d.oo: sm .nPJIIy.iu&1lbcm oo Lbe
biqlle.mtlltadoo Ill uew .md. m.ha•ed ~~ wo PJ'DPOSC undtr '6etlCW QCD{r.,!Ctl (see
!pecifiic phlm 'bCJio.W}. Our fooos. wi1l b1: tOll :im·estjgal.Ulg1lhe ~I) oF:
• m VJAIDS CM.rccetiiJ~WJi'C<Iamw.llU:y lnfcri'a{'lt P!N:Jg:ram (Hal') · PHS is
~ L~ est:lilo~t of NJ. H1 V'IAIDS


l":::n.&mm (HCIP). The Program will ~ ecru~ J.t :s.anta Rm aM. \Wil bo undii('
the ibdmim~ ~oo. ofHarold On:. "MD. r'HS Medi<lill DiNttor. A PJ!S
HJV/AIDS ~ Mm3g,ec willlll
'Wiith amb mdlh•anlto :re:u..-h the g<lM of a
~ll~s lnmBititm 1t~ community HlVIAIDS rt:tcurcea lllJIOOl Q'C~ trom etucody.
f'JI'S ~ ""'"Ik. c!.~ "Wilh th~ AiPS r'roj~ off~ 8381: B1y !or 'I!.Qwmg;
~~WI u ~ m Faimlo.ct ~D~d Hetrick h~pltals.. (See SltdioB tl.l7)



·~--rst 11 "' ~ PHS will~- oolilabomliively witJt the ACSO W 0:X(Ilo.rc
i.mpl~" Qf~ ~. Caiil~~ i:s U'le fitst ~U.c eal1h ~ dcs~ed

by oo~ baJ.hh pro((:~ b meets tlte furl.Qfi<~crd roquin:m~ uf llll
clcdm!Iio ~tb fCCOid ~ di.Uikd by 11te. ~tutc ofMillticinc. ft~ets popuJiltina
and siDtiJtiatJ ~n 1D dlirucimls ~ adminidiu.;w"'l< ...Wcncrn- lbcy nocd. i'- ed
provi:._, Attive ~ aut.hmticatioo. ~CIC3 to tiOlmrc privaq aoJ
contldda3ly. ~ ~ 'Sedioo 1\.Ui )

Chn!Oit (,.~ Tndilu!lS)'mm - .PHS will wnrit ooll1lbo~y w.ifu d!c ACS'O 't o
e.Kp~ d~.e pombiljt)' uf~tin.s lhe PitS O u.ooic ~ Ttacl.i.Jlg Sys~•
(CCl'S) modlllie CJf OUt ~ .._~}stem to SJ'II,t!mk:ally ~c ~Mia co
'J]MdCillS: with ~c chromo~ lis~ am to; ide.Jtlfy mose Flimts wid~.
cbmnic ~; f!f<Wide p.romr(.~ fctr the provider to gk~ mi~ care;
ptm.'i_dc [JIJ1rOR.<;h [{) !:hose 'il'i!.h ahnolll:lal. 1~ ~ pi'QQ!aaCS~ .and ~
outcom_es. (See Sad !lmJ. iWJ..S)

PtiFI"! H aaHIS~~~ + RFP 1b ~ •


J. r ~ ~·~it

PHS i!; oocti'lltttro m c:zmhlfllLirlg ch!'; v, elf c::lfui.c;zj ~1 ,ndmi~.atlvc 1bilf:
hru; efl'~lli\\Cly TI"JBIW)~ tt.e hcal1h Ci1rt': progmm fM the .t-~Ocb C.:;~llRly ~ffs Offic.'!'!
mro\lgb the .J)if.sll 20-:t~ ll)ilttiJCl5h.ip. PHS iJM. ruJQcated ;WT fa meel th.c.dimea:l. ~iomJ,
OO'.tl~ct at'ld p crtbimilll L:l: :rili)Uirnl1lt;lnl!t fu·r ae;r.oi«lS ac lh>~:~ &.nb !Ril:il Jafi and (Jtew E. DY~

Detmlliom facility.
E.ey o:u""'Silmgrefjiml~ cmFme, lltid local si,I'J.'fiOrt. ~nl!el .fm lbjg (;(rlllin.d em be {B.~
in $eetiiod. D - 'Q~rloolf. & ~~n~

~ ---

~ r.I'L




:Pai!e 170


~..-.\rc. .. 'I VP r.{oJ (K;Il~oL + &. ~lli'Wi Ai111.S.:sm..-d.i!Jo

n ___

'I '1' 1

P.rocurcmenl. Coo11r:l.<:m No. - - - - - - Contract No. 22!!.lM


~~!'~me. -.

R1W Nfl. 'liM124 ., .J. li1lil!!fl'ti!IU:torl Rri 6-~b

Pruce 172


I'TI!il.lllll9!>~. lz ... f" ~p t>IO ~4- .. J.l.qi£mmlllim

n ___


Phil"' ('~h



Key Con11' ProVisions.
AI~;Jb PHS ill tM ~t provida", ms take.~ ~mtati.(l(l mil OOID:Jliiml;i,\l ·'likt'f
$tr:i(fl.iSly . S~ FliS js, ~ways: s.tri "ng 1:& :improve WU1Act oo~ a.$ [KLII'Il oftDoDJi~W
c:~ PHS "'"ill ckvdop·~ Co! Pr--oiDmns m ·lll!.Sl.m:'~ F.A:S ia oomph.l:iog. aiD. of
it!t ooii.Cmct ~llire.mJtms. PHS will CQ~jtimJ_c ro fQC~.!S on D:ilfiJilmlo:n't afO!.H ~
obligi:Wcm:s Lo tb.IP AC:SO all o. d~n{l'll$11!1k11!1 l;)ft}Hs imj"H)Ito:moe "'~ plsot O'D ·O"TJ£ loo..fttemi
~vrithAlam~C~·~ n ~~~ rnc. • RfP ~h~ • J ,l

Page 174

l'ro~nem :ot CwJtnct ~o.

- - - - --

Upon t:(Jra1rad. avt'Z!Id. R¢'1Ltey !Holl:im ~ v;oe i'~idm.t. Bill \4.rJ!sall. ~wooal
~. and Scott Kinlb Cb.ief Couose~ " ; I ~op ~ ti$1 of 'ey Coo.tnu::t Pi\'1 •Wow :fi'«t~
the fin.l oowact,

A 9o-da.y aucfit 'iWill ~ Oi,utduct«i ~ug the Key Contnt.t l'"rol"WiJn AIDdlt Cbedduc to~ ttte _provinom
bci:t~ met Mr. Ro&OiD and :tk.. Wi~o ..... rontinue i:hrougf;.lf.lltl
the !.1)tLftact to Cllllllllr"~ !hot ll(cy C<Jiltmt:t J'w~joos IU1Il mooitM tbru i.mpi~;Ut~on.



A ~e: Key P.rU'rinnns Lht aa.1 a. K"t!)• Co.t~o-ttll. Pro~ititJ Audit Ck kflst
~ ~"U .i.ucludcd :I:Oilf>"' thi'll ~.


Post- ImpLementation Rerrlew

PHS 11.i.U also, .in .m~ ~e I"C'ii""v• coruftltl~::~ ~I)' ro:mprclrelm\'f: f'.oJf-~t;.<t'llGULalipn

AudLt11{"00(3 ro ..-:s:s...~ dle ACSO (>{our WIJlwillmmt. to dcli~ aod bciiJ.e lLcn-n:nmble for

rfJ.S !:as roo:o.Uy e!lbhlishcd ~ p!.IS&:impk:utstld:ation !i\lt\!;C:>S to prov]tlo ~ intemal
e:valuatian aad ~~of~ pmpn inl]l).rm~ ...~ apptoxilml.cly ~days a:ftr.ttlw
$'.art date. Tht::JJOS1.-3u-~J~lt:ml!nt~~ull surwy is pm ofPHS' <lOD"Iir.uin;g cffu~U· to i:D;pctrv~<Om"
prncc:s:sa, <ll3llN Ut.r.l FH.a i3 l;ii;Jfltjte'!ina a.I~ importmt &Cti"litie; .aDd is (;(.1J(Ipliant with the
Key ~t Pr{Jvi,sk!ns.
It 'Will be~ to w~et'deuttb~;Coll.tradlmpkm~ Sarver Tool Qlftddls'
will be Dooded. Gcn.mill)y, un.fy fuoJWii1icati.oa ~t:ivitlcs o.n 4la lmpkm~on ~ m:
appli.;.abl'e. fh ,i rc-nwmd of cxi.!.1iog, ~eas, ~ 'Wdl ~·he tof11{11.cb of implcmo:utrstion




A sw:vr:1 ~hcadcti. by a Busi~ DmreJop~l ~CI1'ti\1iv.e, and ~ed lby a
clliical opcnti~ ~vc;. w.ill vi!it lbr: <ritu and~~
opportlurl&s for impru'l.' m!d OOIDplilmto willh tM ~elron Cbootill,i ~ k'ey
oollir..t.ct ~BiODB. The lrHB t~ ~ ~'0)'~ "P'iJl be ~Shared 'ilrtl!nlally wilh
PIIS .m.iO.t mna.n:t,ga11en1 ~md. .itnptv\'fllll.alb made to~ ~lemcn&."l'ii~r;~ .fll:~ 1D additi001,
an exit dtilri-eflng Ed smJPI}aty ~ts win 'be $bJiml with d-J£ ACSO ~'\ ;;art of ()UT"
COIIllllitm.J.-ut 1.o meetms your oontract r~esmmlli :w1 n*Dtllixm!g ~11-conmr.mi~.

A,.; ~le Coatntct I.mplemmu.tW• Survey" 1'oo& rClhod.Cmt haa eJso b~ inctodfll
fulic>'WJJI8 Chis seaioo:.




The fullowina i$ A JIISl!ing of Otc ~ etiaiJ'"Iiet provi!ioo-"1 canwn~IC{IJ.

ms and _C<mn~y.


ro~ -r.n pbce fM ~~[ng prior approval from Cbc !ihmfff11Qr to
1he luu: .. rsubalf11nL(l1(1Jli, Tbis provi!;ion :mo~t '00 included :in all

Qlmfact P'rov:Woo 10



Process im ~ 4D pa)' iJl.ll ~~J)tnctors. wiibln 1 b)',J :afl.c% n:ccipt.
of rumnmt ~If by sll.ailf. rr !). decide to 'lv.JJbhol<l pa)'DJeiD 'lhlm
s.o_boJil.1:r.!ieiM, kavc ~ I(II'OOI!::U !n platletn UJJtitY !lbcri.ff mJd
8111~ of intG't 1.0 witbhDld with · 7 da~ of p&''IIl.r:nl by

H&&'ilh 8e'ro~. Inc:. • A.Fi' IKIJ. ~

* J. !n

1'191' 1

Paf!e 176

Cor•~ttet Prov.iaion


Pm~ss in place ~I)~ dl. 'boo'k:s. :re~ •or oChc1 dloeua_
11!lmled tu tbc proalfl.-:mtW fur at la~S~ .S. ~s eftc:din.'ll Jltl.)'lrlent..

Coo:rDct i'Tovi!';LCJD 12
.ProCCS3 in~~ ail.d oii.JJP'O\'OO. by silt!riff ro l('ooNU!:t.(:e aud aooc.cgc
' .=:;;;aoon=-· ~WI
··""'Ib:::..;OOC::..=..=~,.=fur.:::;,Wmi p kil!IJI.t«:s to e DOC. IP'rovi:sion B
1Ptoe£SS io J.iar.c tCJ :see.k 3 part}' ~t \ lll.r.Gll and.~·~ is
QJ'Io'ercd by paivnlc h~:Jtlth ~ WJ' Qe'~te er.rv~ go]y.

Conb:&.~:L ProYi!ion 15


Proviaio '17


Prt;~:c~Ho!oi•Sotta~IM. • ~ ~. !i00l24 • J.l,.~~~~


n .. ·--

1 '1'7


PiJ.·ocLtTer.rtcn.t C6ntraet No. -----~


( '
T9Jl"KK"K ID!ALTII :mli.-.'lCP-3 tfC..

Oon11n-ct i(')-Q~II Audlt Ch~
Ctll 1ll'cd Slorf J)¢t:: -------OJ~i(!

The fo~.s 1~ i! lli'tiug of the .h:ycowtt'aet proviBicw & n>nrMfi't..1
Agreemer~t ~PHS &:

,-!qjyu.- Sbditl c C- Compl£tc:d. r- J'ttiDUy Complee~ N
&nr,ce-r~FVennQII!.kru ~ IndJcate tile~ s(liiT<:4!1 (E.e-.

~ 11uth 38 IJ)~ IWl1lalll or 1ii.OIO·

Cam•.eatr. Ad.diid()ll:al ~ts should bf..~~-~iii.
m~t 'C:Ompjetcd.


add CQD!mUifl Iii lilt UK~UCI~. R~l1foi~illilll



Pa2:e 17&

( ~ N __ RA!;TiPROyfSI(I S~.
: _ ·.-


.. Atlrvrfv ·:; 5_
9 _RC:~f9~
~9-mPJlEN:l:~::·: / ~
. _ S,.ATUS -_~/.ERIFICATION . -~
-- • · :.'.~ ·.

eco[>c l)f 'ii'Cd: Oiurt ·c;DSC~ ~ rualeri.M
cl~e or otb~ ...~u call fur
NditiooaJ 00
~:s ia

piKe to be wmpliani with
l!J.oci i\'UIOO:J,
Proc-ess i.n ~a~ to be compliant
oo~Jtrnct ~ ilJ tillli:4k oootrw...ttna

~ tlrog-frce W




\"'~ ln. p_bo:- fur ~l:rtUmug prior
npJI'I'(tval i'0m ~ Shl:rilFf!tior to~ lt.'li!l
cf ~.rrtracton ·r · t1f0visian m1~
be mdoood io



~ i~p:lace

- .HS ~Y

s~ requem foa:: rq~loc.mJl;;.lit of

~~ (XlULJpm".At]JriOr to ...'\UJUBt L11 of

ar. .

Process in pbt:e ~_o, ~e Chill IIJ'Uit'Gdim
writ.t~ un-tie-!! is givt!rl to Shmff.,
~of Correctioo. and lh~ Su1~
St:ni~ AdiJ'!to;lstrator o f ~snattan of
an oOxr
of'lcmlim1i~Jn l')f


PeooliMI:I ~ - fl'!ll. • IVP 111:1. '31)0;]?11 • J ~otd.1Jon. P

-&ScMdlltl- ~'"'



· ·.


.Pro~ i"' ;ro tc tlnilwe PHS
miUl~~ins a:~:nnplim•~ with CCHC,

('A, !Aid [)()C st:mdan&..
m~r:e to pt'OViru!: ~
«!~ n: ii(Jfi.S.
~in p'lace to ~411u:uc .woo:m.r.ed
inmi:C~"S}'detn wi.lhi.rl 90 days of atru:t. rL,,te
8lld nmnge fCrr if

Proccsa in p]soe ttl ~1.¢1! ,1\J).J.lUaJ
E.xcart:ive S'ICI.lllliJY ~ S~t:i!W~
Summary by 1lme ~ 4Jfe;:da
in placc ro provide 1'1'\tlCtthly
updotet 8Ddl to Rll:llllCi1~ aggreg:atcl cap
o.nn ~





Pae:c 180

SOURCE 0 ·"'







l!)afe.~ _


_ ___..;r;.o~!'Pt--""""'lr?-

Primary Facility Contact.~_~-..........~~;...........'!l'.he following: iJ • SII)"Ve')' fG"o! deA~ to be~ 1 •
UrJplemUJtH.tio.n S~!,T'.'ey-hiudlt. Th~ fufonuat!IJ · ll...r:'o"!'~dr~
d ~ bd_q;.o_


AC'Ali$C,V S!Jtu~:
SQame !Yf '\l'mGc:a-l!tm-:-!ttc 111e:~~

p.~J'Jt rui:h a! log. II!.3nu2t o:r nfl!linD-1!'~..
Co!tUTIC'!tds~ ~d.illtllooa~ oomm.1~1LU sJta,.UIIlli\i~i\Cd
not!~ L!l£~ :lilld.

Iii fQr chu:i&d:i~ H m a~ty i.ll
,.ncl an~ dlltf!'of COJliiJJefi:o•.


m PliS
of OOilt:Jji1d 8Wilid
(CJ:" intcut to avroLrd Jl"- · ~sfu:t
oogDtiatWos). Oepartm.cnts to bc-nQli lie:cl aR~
• Aoooillltina,
de~ :mid S\!.bec




!mfiJIIII·~ 'lie.choology


.. Lc:g,il1
• Mcdi:~
" Nr:tvmr¥: Db"'~

~--·~~~----------~----------~---------L---------L--------~--- ~
~ •'J'tllaw•l.t&ll' f'bn f. Sdllll14u

1'.111)1:: 1

P a.<B.~>

I Si!l


Jii'CJ;Cnrl!nu!nt ontract

to ddcmJ:in: bn1.· r. If!!

• UJ\.f. Peer :RC\<iC"W Gw tna[ !lta.m a.00 CUtl1t'lld
~om.. Li~


• Cmpar.nLe -pmc'li~ nl medicine. Does
Pmfcssiollllll Coxparnticn (PC) need to be


R.egulntiom iha:l: emd 'Pi.1imt smety


Ob1airn ~ (lof~..cot itgR~'I. l!ftd
· ,root already OOtD.'ill!ld dmicg

~ liti~



(or .

OOIJKIIIlk: ~ d MJ!t''fim

"' Idemij'y ~~ lhi'"Je ;md k~ miJestooca.
bdore sl.ut-vp
f.)ffvuloJI timehlble Coi YHS U;J be oo-!iitc.
bei!J8, vl3lb[e~ ~ malctng 0011~. e~e.
• rt£Wtcw ll!ld !tMsc


Page 182

O- _ _ __ __

M~h:r C ontr::td:

Nlil. ~

Pro~ur-rnH~nt Contliaet No. --~--- "M'i.iter C'4ln tract No. ~

j. Opcmtions VJ' to mec:=~:
vcndorto ::cc ~ect.,t:loru furro~~
OO:riog ttmllidoo. im~lng sWf, sale Q
equipm ond!Br S\lpJl ry lnven.t1'::![fus if
arJ?lic!!bl; ~c. lmph:mcn.~ iPlm dtstiblll to aD
ilm'llval !!taft from Opmnom sWt ~ ccam.
~w wd~Se~pport~ts&d
PHS 8ta:ff Ill tho



site to JtiCrn!l~

W.!ird~, ~EmfJ?.J~:ttator,

Cbieflkputy, l')(iUty
l:l~ ~' Acc:rcdiWioo ~. CoJ!tr:act


Proc~rr~nt Conlrad

1), -

- - - --

~bst(!r C()lltf'ad No. ~

d. Designate oo~t to be

si..HB' vmtlng Ri•.e..
CommtmK:atJ::: ~ms mtb~ot~to PHS suppon

St:CUrity c;JeJIJI'tll«;r!\ fnr


mtm1r flf:ilil)'• .1o¢1.ude
~fudical. 6.1ld appli~e ~:rt d.eputmtt1'i!s ou

• IdCDtiJY needs in
r;:IJIJ'Cill! ~IMiin,(i. clml


unl:t, tmcludi!tg

ii1G'Ot1!1Jie:<i, clr.qnli"JJas

BDd p.bytiQI} plJm!..
• Obcam list ()((lJrnUil and offioeo
~~1. ifn.o1 dn:.u:l)· ollt.ained d:urioa



to fnma.les. [~ ~
ft> b~iii ~ -'lhis should bel dmte ~
~ WIIJaiCS, c:speQaDyif'WQ


& Cbc Bite for


mring llUt'9e


~ 1-teeltl ~iqop.lhc.

t · RFf' ~. 1100324 + J. ~IPl;,n ,l .SchlWie • Sa=j:{"





l'-.r«llil"eD~llt Contract ~o. - -- - - - Mrwer Cootrut 1'-"o. ~ ~

Qnpro~ .;u-e


union.lf yG$. obtain~ .;:o;p)' ofllllkm oa:wl:rad: and
dC'Ioocl.op 'lmiw lltl1tcm' with VP ofH'liO!ft:n


rommunka1ioo ~~
v.'.i1h lh:imnn R~«a. (i.-.:.. iamQc'loclion ro l"HS,.



• lfJ.clLJde NIIDlo, P1,1sliioo; Shi:ll WQ~b.d
(md:cat:; FUll l'itne/!"811 Time)•.Hue Dstc. ·
Ola·coJ Hourly Rn..!e..
• Indicate aD}' iclbrmation tMl ~y "'"'~'"""
ofpay(i..c. ~.le\"alnation trot l)l} i.ncr~e


ll0Cd I»
(i.e. II S A,
Sta(~~Jf!l sbotrld uJI lie
inliaY.iewcd by 11
or othtr physi~
d'csiglu.ted try- M<=illcal D~~LI:
• No«~ O~wo W]liea of~ cmpl4 yeer
.P&l' ~ ('lm1n.g ~ntemvitrMI "' '>'mfy
wm~~~m~. inU:~h¥3..

prnccas fur g,~t:r:"lW
ca.~ I!.S~aey

r lljifu Hbt111 ~ hoe,. •


iiFf' lia. Q00V1 "

J, ·~ ~


L-6mPJ>I- Soizg~l


EVEPn , , <eTMTY



~tis11 ~ ~ amd h:a.w: tOOm. matcb slmt ~ e

( " i.





a. CoDduct ~ nf ~Mh~&-supplic:a..
1;vhh cUCIIl mp..

D~o P..-r t£\•ii!s 'fur invmtori=o .IPf
WIIIID'Im:~ to srl"' (or approplin.ta PJed ~y



vaulor) :sd tm;ute p at levels rm liOJod oa. gtaJt
i'Tbgnlteg\h~ ,N. + ~MI. ROO~





· --.-




co:m.lEr~ rs
- ~

of~. In l!dl.l'lhM, ct~tnp!ct~ m1y filcility
~ly tl~ PI'~ fur aD DC'ilf c:mpkr)'C:le$
'or to tbr:ir lJirt, ll<1L~

mcdieitior~.s. .t ~up.


\'E~Ii;ICA uc:-r.:

IPr(Jcur-crwmt Conl!ract No.


·Coo1E.ot Qfili(;c ~~jp:i" 1:(1
D.Dd llmlllge fm Cidr:;- o~~ud d~;~H~y 'l)e

------------ Mastn' CotltJrad No.



• Office~
• Co_pm
•· Fax M.Kbincs

"' Fonru; (owropci;.to fut th.c",ooD1lflct)
Estnbtuh fed 12 !!.(;a)ucl
Note: ~dull dcUvm). !JM'iioos ~


fhe sit.e'~ reggl,;d;o:n., ~.ilig delivi:C)•

d iw

ill! f) '





~lirlc) • ,... N:o..~• .l.~'tl!Jr;i.1ft:n KS::IWoc!Wt - Smu~ t
·~ 1

41. • ~.;


cumm:t 1m:~·VI~Jti:l$

N'>t,~Dcvcfopment ])c.'pt

• ~c S~U"!S~ Nam~ ~'It!&.

• Nom: dOOgn:* on-tire vs. off-Qrc



mfotmatlon mto


• n,.e claim! dqJartment roods site infui1D81io.o
IJl[D clmns S)'51m1

• AfR. Looda ~ ~ infuli11.1,3JJtm

• U:gn~ b;p1.. mn~'! ~ '\~es pricing

Wfmmati.oo llct was 'Eo:adcd tar l'HS (B.Dd



P roouremeDt 'Coritr!u:t No. - - - -- - Masur Contra.d No. 2..,1Hl324



Jail as

~ }1roc•.:dl!r~ wi.Ut Pt{S J'o(iey Me.nual;
eva.hutte ~ d&nfiiftc policy & ~ :& ~



lhst Il1lJ'BllJJ!: ~RI)I'!L Eire trained



Prn(:Urftn~ut Conrtnd No..-- - --


)iaii'tel" Conbaci

,., ~00·3%4

t«pnflltic (PC)

tho aitc, bn:&tlll ® tbc IJegal revieW,. tile lead
opentioos. vi~ Jeaidml: and :r.C ••Jil'Jt revivw
8Jld !ign off on


e!UW:al poti..ies and

ood eompkte
Cootrolllll.d Sta[fitl,G Rosti.:S. Rt!lliCW as
~QJplicthl~ with. Jt.SA{s) m.i R~ai MQM.!.'fl:(s)
and IJlro.vjde lib di&~~t iff()(jll<ind
• Obtcla ~tiOB CQDJ!ro\ s preadSbcd 1\nd staff
J'OOler ~l:cs fimn the ~··




omd. ~en.t .:OL'Itrad:or. F~ 1.0 includ!:l;

Capy of.;_~on

(- ~~ ~~~----------~~~----~------~

Page 190

of licms~

('..op-y of 'J.i~elj jrt\1 ~cription
• Cup)•of .siguo::llJI~ orlcn'lailion o~

• Sig.xd Empl~ li~oo'.£
• <..~pies of ~We credc::Itialio~ c




a:nrl vidco:s

(lbnrm;)ty lllfo~it..
m.tbrruatfoa ~ obt.irlnJ~~~~:'ItoYi~cd,

oo.d ~ [() the ]lbam:L~ 1.n dine to gua..-mtce all
win be

~ Holtil\ ~.

,....._ • fft' M"- ~ 4 • .)..lorlpl
p-~ ~



Pal!e 192




L." Bid

For~m/Pricing ('ncluding

Pricing Narrative & Bid Form)

Pn2.e 194


L. BJd Form/Priciflg (El!hilllt a a. RFP P!J8. 4f1•
0141' p:itX PfOii"MI w &.'I!:UCC ili= ~nltOW pro\'i:si<n• of all iroCJI~
bt=:iJO.e;.ne ~Jeti fur sll ~ unb:r the oontrol ~11d <ll.lStDdy of J\Ja:m-cda Comrty
~nitfu::r rt:femd to 83 "'the CountY'} ~ housed withln Sit!Un. Rim h i1 md Glmn.E.. J))'i:f
D't!tmtirm F"t>.t:;tLI,Cy. Our prtJp05&l ~ Slid ioQw~tll dt::: ccm.te~nl.s aad pro~oi~ia{IU
~md :iJ1 )'()(1t' RFP .md ~ •u .questi.ooB. • e ~ ~t; om twwy (i.O)
)'!elm 4;1fespe.r.ii!:Du ill .Ah:!Dcd• Cm.udy, as well.~ l)l~<r Cdmi.caJ proposal.

Fli..<i: bar. prepat"Gd

M ~ ID tlte RFP, o.m lllricin&. will ~ vafid tur HI ~Qd of I ro ~ ftom !he propoSal
d•J!;. dat~ [klow, Vi'e prc3:nt .o prir,igg ~ lllOJJ¥ witt• a dcscrip4ioo. of ILGy UJl.DDpli(ms,


and. annual :i.ru_.,~


Ont Pt~ .Is for oompR.b.en~ imo;ne health r;a.m wi1li.ool ·

·ttl~. ioduriinl Q~itc
u11D8Lc hcs.lrh care, 0~de mcdll~."ti ~', nodi t!lJu:maocutical~ e,.~
IP~ d.m RFP. PHS w.ill !B!1 be· r~fe b lbc oost of HIV/h{OS and JIS*~
mall.cali.oos. Tbc County will. ·~ responsible 'Y ~ HlV'IAIDS mcdicahon.~ 110 aJil.
cll,gihle iilm.!ta. ttn-ou!lh (hu AIDS D~ .MsLsbuiioc Pro,gmm (ADAP). Thre cost of
~tropic '~Il.Cdicoow~ will be bomc by tlta CblbllY'a mm~L J:u!alllh J:rovid~.
Hcal!lb Cce Se:rviCll:!i (B~

PBS vnil perform •llill:r.atioo.lca!C ~oot scrvi~ to ;IDrl)mtor llJe n~t)· rolll'l
iiJlPIOllli~ of~ti~t bolljriitBJ CaR utd cth~ onlsidC mcmca! SCf\.-ices O!.;Jd. 'Aill ~
all p:rovi(kr ~llimS ~ess ofdlc love'! Q{tutsf inruD't'4.

b • P~tioa, Pa!PI'Ient TQI11\S ~ .AnnLJal lncrtases
~ '('li1,.1e1 pmposall1a on a cmnbina::l av~~r> dwl.}' popa'lmioo (ADP) for bolh
f..l.eil~lii:$ ( t{ 47 S,SO ioma.1:1:3 (4~00 il:maJC'I fu Sli.Dtll Ri!1! Jilil ~ ~80 imm.~ Cut Olea B. ~



~"'DDID!I-01:7\'I:fl:ld.~ pbnm!!!XDII~ em:Q La: tude: O.T.C. ~~ ~ rat.i JMDrob:muimy

~IW_aJ. ~t.up pharww;y~ icl:;..:dOM, ~("~~~II, D.u
~ a.u(I~Jecs.

T\ ___ 1/'IC

i mlnM.), cvw:ia

Procarcmm1 Ctnitrad

o. ------~laster Cootr~~.

~l.$:1Lk111 !F ~. Sbttuld tJt.c occohined stlonth!.y iLV~ dlily f!!tiJ.11di!.OOD.s c;ii:~ 4.~0
inmt1:cs PHS owiJI ~ a per diaD to OQWL' iD.cil;lll~tliJ 'Villil:lble (tl<lll-stafi'iQg) G]lQlB:::S.
C'®'Mt'l!lcly, abr.RIId the ~ilwd moaclf11j avaag~ ptJPllatiOOJ. d~~ beliJ!W 4,156 it:iwaT,!';S.
PH:> will reb~ to tha Coocty to coona .MIIt.llgS in ~ vmiablc:. (n.on-1tBDialt,}
e.lpettSC!I. Dolh ~ ~~rt~~lr'Cbete -lllllOIIII.t$ by oontr~ jW arr:: sci fi»tJJ m Toh."ee One !hove.


o. 9(103241



¢case- no1J!! OIIZi 1ltt: rebnl'1: n:ia =-~ 9~)' le~'l: llwm tiu~ ~ pc:t'ditm :mJ.o

d'Je ro PHS' ootl~oo t~ pay a ~ :u»olld. r01' pro~~ liability in.iUI'&IillC: b~ 011
roa~fl<:tc.i ADP. Th«fto~e. ~lA. uei!.W. ADr l11!1ltss. iban ~ 4,:589 an'ti:;:ipi!led mm)bCV' q.f
i~. pro~ofi2J tithili~i~J)f:e apcmc tq
~;n not be r~


SJmuld the! pop\-ttl:lcllt mooed 43ll0 mmates tar S&J1a .Ri1:1 .tail Of 400 romates: for Gl~ t:::.
D)'« Detc:utioo F.,:dllty for 11 pt.-dod of 60 «~~uOve day:; or more, ~ adj~ to
Sl:afling ~1 btl ~ i:n omt~t lO dcli,·cr roquircd ~c~. lD s-J.C;h ~.l, PHS WI' the
C0111IIy wd l ~ d~oo:.s ro MgPtist~ tile l£vc1 of ~1affiog mLd l\:. ~<iared il:oplltl lo

wlJb the~ ClOCl.b;n.c:tld ~Lt, PHS ~~ ro
llllth nf !he aonoml .;.cmiT.!l!t ~ IJtirl:}' (30) days. prioT CD
the ~ lu. \ .aervi<ZS tae mm~ with ale Q:lli!Jij' agn:ein& lil p&.J' PUS wilbin lhirty
P.aymerrt 1ierms! ~e
~ ih¥oiq lhc Co-mty
('30)d~ ofthc invoo~;~: dS.e.

La16 P~~YJM~; Tho O:t!lilty :s.'hnl.l p.t(Y PRS Jato prt}"c.CDt feet 04 all tll".l.i~eted psymcat!:
hcmmdel" tbat w:. mQrc fbao ~ (3~) daj'S! p3$t chle. :I..JJ.fu p8}mc:Bt r~ ~ 1qin 4o
~ thirty (:>'Ol Qyti ;aftu: the date tlLC GrigW:d po:ymmt ~ d-Ll-C at ., ~ af (jUC pemmt
( 1%) F month 111\tiJ Ole pa~ E:i lllade iD fulL The ~Ly &bill. bctir tbe oost!l of my
lt;gaT cr· wl~l) fros and c.~•ses: iocmml ib:y "t'EIS i.e Gt~"t1iptmg to ,mf~ the Co1111ty•s
P}1IlCC4 ooligai.iOM bcmmdcr.


Annuill lnu~: In. d~~ om -cost prO;pOOal. ·w t: blw mac:i!c ~et;r cffiJrt, ~!ltwt
~tJ ~iness ~Ct!&, ro prescm O;e Coun1y wd.tb l!l
IC8.lKIIJ;"lbl~ a.fl'ofdablc pro~rt of c.ue. ~ru;l!letn with tlu; 1\JIP, PHS
fur tlN iaJ.tia1
con.iP\d ~ to be fOr a. 'JlCiiod of tJiiw :ycatR wiJh lwtJ· ooe-reor ~. UpM mu~
~of OOth p!ItW:s... C.OO.~tmt wi!lb lh.;:: C'o!II!.ty's ~ and hlrlOtieal ~ t8fD15,

Wh 4IIJil«<pdde clillic:al a.."'Ni


PiiS Jlro.~ lnoo:rpomtion of tbe _provi:rion that ·cifber party may lhc iiJ~
wit'ID:nrt (;ifi.W'Iu by fK"O'idln.g 011 <mG lAm.dJiert lwilDty (120}1day ~'Ti"ttm oolice to tbc Olbt.r ~.o\8 ~!led~ '"lhbibit B-8 d F(l(lD..., tmrtsa.l pri~ .alljw...~ furY~ Two &00 'LlDiw will
be S.4~~ anil1..5%. ~·my. .P'ri.ce ~ fm-n'Ucwds bayuud Thntt shall be
n~J.ed! in. good :lirith ;m;cl be bllSed ~· oons~~ CJf ch!m~ 1bc
of ~r '3 Ccm..~ Pria llfde;7; (C/>lrU) /UJ" }.{~ Car.r; F'rOJJersr»-Oal:i.'c.m.d-S(lff.
.To._~ CA Region ~ we11 83 ad:1t:l:l ~ ~~ ex~m.QC ctnd! any cl~=t!t JD oomJiill;t

m u..s.


l.c:::lms or ~d<ltl.!l.

Staffing Casts
At 56% of me •ot.111 price., stnff ~ccs oompr~ lhc laJgeJ;t portiDll of ~:u&:. 1.o 1b~ GolJ,tlt)'
under 1bis medieal :a:t..,j_cet! pricin& PHS hit!} budgeted :fur n~ dr:::ntal, l!rlm!na..~vs,

~''* r' H...tlh ~ ~'*





&\)·~· + LB"d F<im>f'n~



P.rocunmenFC'm.d rul No. _ _ __ _ _ Mllmr Nrl). 901U2A


tcchni~ ~ md o1iLft" be:alth ~ -pllESmmclll~ fJJ provide hmll =rt secvi:~ 2!ld
maintMn ~fu!ulcy <>-f car~ unik:r' .a umfi~SL mamagcmr.n.t ~acll.
B~ PHS is a:'llfl.:~Bg wi'th otb:m'e plltMclmVlrospi~._; h'l Bsyo ~ for
rccruitm~b'Rill!;ncion uf bcnl:thc:J:R stt~ff, patticularJy nlning ~ it Li lm~w that
we ofrcr py I"Jil.m tbaJ. JJCI:llain .CCMIIJIIt.ihU'l'e. in the ~ tnatkc'~.. ffiS p;s-fMmed n detiil1oo
salncy ~lY31Is; uti !:Was. ERI SalarY M:es~. olh=.r :pYbhshtrl !ruiVC~ ~d. O'JIJ ov.'D 11-C'tmi
cx:pcri~ 1~~~, Al~·~ Coom:j· .:~ · ~~•oe the OOII!p:Dii.~ of our~ ~ ~
oo tms inli1.m.r•o a:u.d a.:naJysis. md mo11t nll]Jo:rtmrtly r.M' ~g eaperttl:Irct; we h:;wo set
s.llari~ 1:0 tll~ ra:nHl and re.t.:Jitl. ~kfit:-d mff from w1Lhin the IXIDLITI'Uaity ofhcnlllu:aro
pmvir.kl'.;. Dy ~&the time ro ~,- oorulitiio:DS uoo embtisb ~stit: ~ ril~ w.e
ciim.ilumr 01 $1J§Jiilitatl CWBt of fmj.~loyee
~~rnific;mt!ly, PHS lw inclr:rdtl(lrtht: ~~n~1"--d. 10'.7% s:lll: art ill~CNe rOO' all
wLimW:ed. IMI~Itli:rDI (ecff«=dyc: A ..Jt,lll~t Z008') &5 ~ {3 .ant~clpa'led l~.P "-\~ to
U~OO!l tlil<l.ll111 Care Wo.l hrn WC!l'l,. Scrvlec Employm; :W~:~J Unioo. (foLTD~Y SEIU
~ 25{)) ~U.~>-g_otilltions to reswoc in ':c.1.f Two of !:he ~ T1n"S:e are real ~ ~ficmt
«l11t f2tduts 1hat PHS 'h&s. im:hrdL'(I au.d wbid!i mt)' I;Je unde:rearim..tetl by ather o,irldcm oo._
~ with these irapodant .a.'!peCts of tile o~,g ud oost mvit't~llllllmt ill;;qibi).t to lhis





Lo I!Dt:icipo.lioo o_fU.JOOn lL~adons., PHS h:B bud~cd ~n ~cd 10% ~1?31. in~
!or tmion anp~ mslaii~ aard ~ oom ill ~ ~ Yoom Two illltld Three ·of OOI
pl'OJI'081111. rn 'I,'.QI\e Two berow, we U..~¢ 1l$Ed lbc av<nl,!l) blsi!l bourly ~ ~ or

bcue::tits,. fur lllniOG ~1G)II!CS bild~ in on:r pmposn:l • ordet fo i[low' t:5 10 lbe ocmpdithc
withili Ch~ Bay ~ ~ace nod 'Q'ia.i,Jilldn the R".q~ of ogr ~'W~ with the




I' .







rt 1Rll.1









Medi.~ Rt:«trd!J Ciclk


()mnd AD·tstmt


Rcgbitm'il.l Nurse


IJcmsai VoGD'!io.IU\1 Nur:SC:
MCldical ~M(s J La}.

$31 ,'00



,.e8t.tiJ. Nxt Wmtj,I t1.1e, ~WI~


Im:wdt.-d. \n OW' tor.8l salaries coot ~ bacldill mKl on~ cq~~ oe~ to Cl{)'l'ilt' pMd.
~vt tbAlc (c..g., va.rolion. '!wiiclay.t, ~iclc !lime) QB wt!ll .u ~~ Wllflces.. &.fu)winr. PHS
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Om- ~~~heal 006.1 projec£ons are b!JI:el! pr:imariJy ~u a.ctmJ t!illlzWil'n
Alsm~ Cctun.~. M ~ll as OQIL!t(derntiOJl .of !ndusby-p.roJ~ inflati~m. PliS' pricxl Cor~
gMo. ~dtiou 'Will be cqu;l1 ro the amoum PHS ~ 1n
~f!d p~.mical
pro~. Mllil:llt' Cm.rectinaal f hrmlll;C:r Smrie~ ('\'\-1-Ct'S'.-} by I'HS for tltc ~
incloomf. iinfappltC'8ble diz!x.m••S. fe<: ~ to PHS ~· MC..IlS.. M('lJS will sett ~ ~uire
mcdit<ldion:s al p_rices 'lllat ~ ~tivc rn tllfl u!ldi.:Jahy.



ltefra11 oftmJ Cr~dlSfur Unm~ Mtodi~nt'! To au.t-effif;i<Vtt;;y Ior the Coucl:y, we
villi ~ for !be :rcm:n of outdated, tfi~ntinuOO, ~cc:5-s, or ~able DX!rl,r;., ljotle to
MCPS, &.!! by Jr~w. l'BS will cm.'dl.t a~t ~r:~.'llb:cAI coot3 o.ny cmdit il
~ves fftr r~~ctlmJt.OO m~):J.s.

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g;nt C'CJJ!OI!ID

wrtnitt t1M: correctioonl po'JIIllatioo. · ne price m j'tf'O'a'idc di~ .and Cn:obut!nt of this
~c.a..'M! IS ilx:lndcd in l'hhl propo941 ~ oo fu"' r;w~ lcvd. of ~~8 ~
pnloools, 1:ype5 of iDC!Idczti.(m 1ltimed :wt the l~·el <>f unliza1if'llfl ~ &icida!c.c · tlle CIMI'Cd
~n. Sho.a'M tmc oom:aiuui.")' ~~~dard -of c3ft, p:t;C?.olen~on ~~ or ofiu.v
d ta:ngcs ill~ ~ costs of Hc:p:tti~ C ~t, the oov~J£f! of sn.dJ in~~ifiiiUI] ~
·would be~ te by the pidties.
fc armtio.u., -pl~ abo note lb.'lt r~.IIOOBI'"bility for cxccpti~ Mood prodoct.;o; {c:,g. FIJ$)1 ~
and .stlilokin.g ~ ib are~ from. ~pticlttg.
Acute Psyc:hilltric Uni!
AS mid~. mere ltl: c;IIJJ'sotly pm ~ o.~ an 11¢.tte psycllia;riQ Mit at GfctJD. E. Dyer
D~~~~~. !la.cility within the fm~t We. DJm~tl:.s of 200S d-..11 will. ~ i{l.-20 rmJ~ lll!tlt f'£t:r"l3]e
Cowt)r Wmat<:a. Aa:rtc ps)cliiari~: apm~ Le.. ~~ ps~ ~ 4!lc". wi:ll
be '!he ~nsibi.tity r3f tbe- ~&.!ric ptOvit:!~:r (BHCS). .PH.<l win be ~~lbftc fur
1hc tJ!VVision ofmcdir;qJ_ >Cal"'1 ro the in.Jut-as at a o;,8-t tJqUi.v.llent 10 lbe pa diem o $4.~ pa
inD"'Zte pQ" day for r-Aeh iuat3tc the actrfc p!Jyt!h:tilldc Wllit. n . !fcl~ in. ~ One
aJ:xmi. 'The per ·diem ~t oovmf 1111 wr:L!Iblc oos~ ~Led with tl!cr m.edi.Q) hle!cictll: of




Cf1;!.1f1ga of SCope PJi'OvtSI'on
1tt.O prices iD 1lhl3 ~ refi.!ed.: lf,e. so;,pe of Si!Mem 8lB ~Ju?d bcrein md it• <b& current
tt~ll11JtU1lity mndi\1Cl q f we, ·with reg::m:l to hei!ltli C21""'!1 :Sa'Vlc.cs. ~d Ibm: be iUJ)' c~ in
OT tnodiliea.ti(lll af J1,!.\ildi!D1 distJJi~ <{~ II :Si£nlfiamf. t:h:fn.,gt!l the blmd of Cu.uc1y gg
Fedml ~). !itmd.ards of CM"c (~g., ~ lu HIVI'AlDS tht;mpy. Uepa.tlt:ls B cr C
tfl.cnpy, eoo.). ~zyr~ OT~Iablc MlTkfurce pc!J11lud ~ts in m~al clalJ18.1: w
com mcmrr:xi ~· rHS ilf.dc:r the ~ the r;Q:!iiB fclotcd In ~LOb <:lwl~ cr l:'l).(l(lliicaon ilJ:\'1
f?Ot eo~ jn ~ll ~noot <trn3 ;WllJ be ~tiatl:d wilh mlne Cl)'llllty.
In ~.



bm~ d~lopcd qgr oost Jlrot'IJ~1 based Qlil ~ .U .!'
~.put from 11t1 e:t.eq>:ioonlly C~CIY-!cd £V01!J1 o f
heru~ p.rut~r.als !It tlltl .o\lmnor.h laci]itta 9S
as t'~~e tw.c:B~'-


desr.:n"bcd in tl'.c RFP.

PaRe 198



•roeurement Cootr::act No. - - - -- -


t\'hste#' Ccmtrut No. 21!!!ll!

.tu (l9) ye:an (11. ~tnca provjdin.g hc311h f~ ~'ices to oo~U<m;d Jicilt'liC3
'ltrmul:llXM Uk: ~l,ln'l(y. mcludimg twenty (l(J<) :p:OTJ ~~ ~ees to J
ed:. Ccru1d)'.
llelie~· ocr priJ)l'UW provides ~ mo'.:ll <JO!.i ~fficicw l.llix of~~; 1equim:l fur
deliv~rh:JS quality h~ili .e;uc .in. ) om ~wtir:::s C:ct'lt\lblg 1o natioosJ and ~.!:dt}· mm!IM&
of C~>lU. W6 ~e ffil!Hnsd oor key assnmp4fum liur review mt~ m: opm ior ~ of nil
~~ • of(hix ptOJ!osal As a~ clia~t,. FBS b.t"8 forwru-tt: tD (be oppo.rtwUty of meefiog
~ Almledu CcJoWtyfcpfe$CDIB1iole5 im 100 mM .fit~.




Hwlh ~~ 1m. • Rf'P ~ ~ • L Bid FmTt.P ti!Q

XDllBIT .& (REVISED 9/19/07)
lU'P 'N"ct.





Cosl sl1>1!11 oo S'ILbm:iH.ed OD. h hfhi1i n i1.l i~ No altcrt~tio:us o:r cbange:s or any tind a.:re pemJittoo.
Bid r~i!S that. do 110¢ oon;Jp]y will be 5Jlbjoct to .rejdoo in Tlt.e ocat quoted below
sh'lll mclude all 1I1Ues and all ofut.t' ~ ud is the oo~tthc ~r~ly will pay,. oot en .exc~ the
grand~ ~ swn et:m, far lhe lh~e (3) -ycat Cbmlofa.n.y coo11-:tr;t that is .a rcsult ofth:is bid.
1. Pricing

Tond pice fo ]J)f;Qt the Specifi c R.cqui~ ba54Xf upOn an ~c: muu:Jal
inm.-rte w unt of 4200, inelwiw cf pRmlP'f care (}.. bospiml care (linloot
pnuc:nt) ~an oilier expecmd and /~ ac.ticipawcl oosu: ~ted with J»eetmg
the ~enbJ oflbs propoW.


slu,~,sto J

f·~ta~ •o f II~e for ~'CIK t.¥u:
hn:mtllgc (lr ~au !Of' year threec

[.__ _. _"A_






b. Include >l cOJt P\Cclcmisut for IXIlllllS :inc:f~ or

c. lncJudc iil CC$'1 ' <tfliS'ODCDt IJWdwrls:m rO£ Lhe ~ll.t!r-actor•s f.,i1'1ll18 to meet~
Sl:letion E Specific Ccn.lmcwl' R.eq~J14lits Ulld.« Tt 3 "Hours ofCo~g~
aulltem 8. ..Outpatient ~'"
CostJ\Qilt.StmCnl F<mmlla: $200 pn bou w ~~if rtJ~tffint rUb bcl,Qw


of ""bDUhf Qf t'.'O"\o"Cl'a!.t''

d. hlclude ,a tust adj;ustmwt ~m for ·Comtmctor ~4l~g the: c:sll!J.blli;hed
mu:iJmun goal c:rror r.rtc oflO'% lot mimor mOOic:<ll er'J"01'S and 10% for a rnajew
lllbdl.c& emw onim:n.a!c health {utedical) rroootds a.s: sst fmth in Section F
~!!!!:i:~l!'&:~ Item I nod 2 .



CM Adjus~c!a:. 'tnw kePI'l! t'hf l flrlJ btiow 80% for minor m«&al
~'1 f nr 1lhr ee consuntn~ montb:yge tubL~t tG a S:lOOO fi.oMmr •nont:Jl
;gnt!L"ihe s~o!\e reac:bes tb~ sl!«ill£•1 ;~m r'flafor mediw el1i(!lt'! mud be ~
CfllrftctOO widiio 30 d•v qf cliMS!fr ttY- Maior HTon io t':W:£Sf' M' a ·t en pcr«JJt
ClU%) nU, of occurcenc;M d:l¥divered duriog the thintp.arty a:od'its...:tillllw!
matc:rl~•] k1!l;:I!£h of the OOJTtrad

.c:on!idt:Rd •

bCII · OiJ t:JOO

S!!rV!.OC3 md






cust Ceo~ rero ·



J O~LAC!Hef! R"S.'<' h.W.JAGEW EtiT S~R VICI:S . ll'fC .
.ItAlY FRI::CWA¥, S'-!ITE 700
rx 77024
1~-7.Jl.'.•44 r.a




tOe):. Yro.;tt'll'

r• .....-t








1o'!fi !QUS ~101m
IWU:I't.,.r tiAJI.._.,.

,., ~~oolt,..Jm~Er.r;J;C';IT~
Oo-+!Ce"l"'f-R r;;tCIII.~?

.,....,. .......
.,.Hl. . . Hl&d""'"-

1!!1-"""PTIDII Of Cl' l ..Tl . ,..ll.ft!:.O'r.OU.'II'tec:t.CIO'I.ct:LU. .'I II!I' llJDCD tl C:llih.>4:AI..I I(Vfl! PJ!:!;!A L ,.I'IO'#II IC"ll

COVER EO !rr"Ti.S-: N~ M', AZ, (;:.\.CO, DC, OE,I'I.. ~I\, Jl), IL, rN, I<B K't' u,. l.lo'o.,.. . liE Wl.WN, oo. Iii!':, NC.~ NW, NY, WI, OX. 01\,1'"/1. ft~ 91!, 'ftl, "J?I,IJJ, VA, VT,
M, IIIlTH REO.'.~ TO ~EP$ (1 J"EI'.SAT'C+I, J,~'IETWAJVER ~ !':UIIIl'¢G,.i0N /1.3 R~ll 'lllf COOW.\1....,-.


Jl I:GIIoi!Hia ......,~ '

~ o<IO 1 L"'KI:SIOI; P fl SUI~ go7
OAKLAII.ID, CA 94i!1 ~


• Ttt!l


CA h!l:• .,..,

.. 1.11 it'..,1LL E:Y~tJ.oD>l


rO U"'L _u_

r At.:.UU: TO DC






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.o11: 11
• ON-jl


,,.. ..Wl'et:, na IIQ> ••~ Olll


,..,. ,_......



&_. . . . .

VN10~ liTitirg aw OCMf ol~~atial or ftahlity urmr 11\s Pereecneri. tile CmitrrJCIJJf. at fB sol1 ~ and expeiiS8, sflal seru-e ard k@@l) • fcroo
dwirg the en~re ~m oo the Agreemem a- blger. as may bo s~ bew,. the flibN.'ng ll?slll"ance 00\~ irn ard end~·ts:



$1~000,COO per ooturrence (CSL)
Premi!;cs _· bnity; Prooucts ~d Completed Operations; Cat1ravtua
Bod:~· tnjury aoo Pro~lt! Damage
Liability; :lersonai i~PJJY end AdverbSill!J lia Y. AbiiSe 1 r~stal:b'l,
Sexual ~lOBS a111d AssEt~J aM &Ire
CommefCia1 or Business Automobile. Uabinty
$1 ,aOO,ODll per cocurrtmoo (CSL)
AJI owt ad ~~J;hioles l hifitld w leased ..-ehictesl oon·O\W19d borrowed and
Any ltvlo
pei1TlisW.-e IJSes. Personal~ Aut<nooble Liab IS aweptable for
Bc<fil')' Injury ard Prope;AJ ~e
indi..Wfi loo- rectors v.tjjh no tr
a11on or aulin related a~:eviti"es
Wortert· C.ompen$illion (WC) and Employers Uablllfy (EL)
we: Statutory L!ni1s
Re ufred 'l'r~ ~J con:.rOC'!Ors with em ~
EL; $1 00.000 sr acdilent for bod In ury or disoasa
Professfonal' Uabilft)'J'fnr.s & Omlss:Joo'
$1,000 1000 per oocurr~
fncludes emlorseroonts o1 cxm1racrual • ifrty and dQ~~e and
$2JOOO,OOO pro)cl as!9iemale
in~ errrifmom of rt.e Cou
EndgW!ffienls andl COAditlons~
1. ADDilriONAI.. n4SUREO: All imsural"iCtt r~ulrerl abo•Ie with ·~t~e e'.K~~n of Prnfessfanal Liribility, l'eJSonal Automohlkl
lfahiltyl Wo*el51 Cornpensat.ion and ~ayers UabUhyl shall be erKkx"st'd to name as 3:1dit_~ lf'Gyred: Colilnty of Alameda,
Its IBoard omStJ~ors, tltttt lndiW:!Uaf members lhelie'Of. ard all Cct.lnly oflieers; agems, emplo)'eeS and ~presen\ativms.
2. DURATION OF COVERAGE: All requrod •r'l~ffiflre sflal~ b!!l n1alntaiBed dumg kt en1ire toon of lheAgreementvmh the
follo~ng exoeplfon: ln~rnm.e poti~s ann 00\"erage(s) 'Mitten on a tlain1~ b<ISE sta'l be 11'18 aillcd duMrg•the en _re
erm of
~t and ll 'I 3 ~'eaiS follov.1ng lerminafon 300 ~planre of aU ~'OJk pwlided t~~~der tthe Agreemcm1, \'"~
the mtro~tlive dffie of sakl insuraoce {as rna1 be applieaiJ(e) 0011:urrent wUh the commenconter. cJf a~i•l'!:ies pursuarrt 1D this
S. REOOCTlON OR UMn OF OBUGAnort: All insurance Jdcleos saall be IJ(imary iBSUmrlle D any Insurance awilable ~o tt·.e
Jndolr.lllfJed PaJties al'ld Addilion:ll lllsurelf(s) .PtuSuanl lO the pro!Jisions. of hl.; Agreernelltl lnswra_nce efft>:tadl o.~ ~try
Ihe Commctor shall not re®oe ~ limit Contradorls ccntra...1l.lal ollli!}~M ID iOOemnifj and defend c lnde · ~ell Parths.
4, ft~SURER FINANCW.. RATING~ rnsurar~ lit! all be maintained lhrough an insurer 1M h a millimum A.M. Best Rating of A- or
lx:lt '"'~ deducliblll amoun~ accentat~re m(he County. Pioceptanca of Con acto(s ilsuranoe by County sh:tJ ~ relieve Cf
c:te::rease me liability of Contra:t(!t' heramder. Any ~le Gr self-hls1ueil retemion ernoiJlnt or ~ slr'lli!arobigation •der
lhe pcticios shall he lfle sole responsibility at Ule Coolractor. Any d;duclib» or salf-lnsul'ed re~ntion alilOllflf or o.1hcr sirn~1ar
obliga'lloo l.l1der the po:ll~ies :Shall be the !ide res,I)(Rib t~· of the Contractor.
irtclllde a'.! s-•.IDoo.ntractors as al irsu!OO (covim~d patty) under its poftctei or shall
furnish snparat& certTr-.-atas and er.oo.rsme-~ for each suooonlra~;tor. All oovarnges for subcontractors shall ibe sub;Eict to an of
the qulrernents stated rlerel-n.
6. JOINT VSNTURES: If Coo1rnci:Of' is m assoclatkm, lla.rtnerslllip or other lolnl bliSiness ~n1!lreJ req,uired inswance sha1l be
pro'iidod h'f eny one of the lolfo·~ mo •ods- Separate ~RSIJJFal'(ie policies lss1ted for each tlr.dJvldlrlal enfty. ,.,,lh l!aCh enbty included as a ·~ lns111'Etd t~overed party~
or at mil\imum BBmed as a ..M iDnal Insured· crn the G~(s pdloies.
J()iPl~ inSUI"ar~ce pro.;)tQJ!Tl vrith the assooiat«Jo, partnaslllip or otner joint bi.ISines.s Ye:nA11~ ll'lduded as a 'Nflm&d tnsured.
1. CANCELLATION Of tHSURAt4Cf: Al1 11 .red rsurance shaD be e M:lorsed to pwvllie ~irty (30} days adVance 't. "tton Jloroe
to fhe Coullly of ccmcdatbll.
8. CERTIFICATE OF ~NSURANCE; rkfore COOII'I~eY.<In!l operatioos lflldet
Agreememt, ~rateor sllall provide CertiTfeato(~}
Gt lllSuranc9 ar~ epP:c:able lhsuraooe endorsements, in rMn and ~Usfac!Dry to Count)' ev.idercing lihaf all eq - lilnsuraooe
OO\ i!; in effect The C~J~Uo'lty rast~~s tile liJtlls. to ~ijlre ~he Con1razmr to provide ~e. csrlfflf}!l ~ Qt all
required insttra~ po!):;ies. n e p~uire cert1r.cale(s.) and en"orsomen1s mus-t be: sent to:
DcpattmanUAgc..ocy lssumg lhe cooeract
- l"hlh a(lo to Risk Man c:menr Unit 125 - 12to s1ree1 3r- Fblr, Oakland CA 946(}7







Page 11)(1




( ,8(1115) 3 716 • 6~()1.
Neely , c~~ g & ~lt011 . Lt..P
A Mi!l:tber of the 1(15 Gr-oup
PO 8Qx S()6

AJ!iU' i 11 0


FAX (&06)376 - 1449

uo!" l\ iu i o 11"'1 Pflu.hliU;; y
Pha!l"'nBBci ~$
320 S·. Po lie St . #$00

0..'111..'( N4t) CO.>JFERS NO RlGHTS IJ.P,()t,~ THE cmri ~A T E
11'9S IJ RE~S

TX 7''9l!.OS

sc: n1 Ct> r p

DBA ~ 1\'\a.'li'Or

Amu"i 11 o. lX 79,1C 1







Lib~ty ln$gra~~~ Underwrit~rs

III&.L"e!:R t;.
L'CU~ {Io'




at n'll" AAO't/e CEicftiiii!D I!'OII.iel:t 8i! CJII\CCU.I;J liiEFOM: 'NI:

9J'ftl.'i'II:W lli'Tii T~E RE:O.f , '111111 ~~~ ~ 11\IWII~ 11!.11.1. Flf0£Al'OK 1 DW/1.11..

G041n t )' of' Al ;uneda.
Risk Minll!g~nt Un1i it
12~ - 12th Street , 3rd Flgqr
o~k1 •~~ .



..iP_. t\AY~'l!.fi:lfli!N Kal'l:;l£ TO Jl£G

FMLIM. rQ lli\ll ~ IIOl'IC

nAOAT- !1~ MM'IIC) TD T,..:;lb'r',

!!;~&Hl. l'lllf'O!ll!OO


Cf' ~JIY !UMOUPICMI nt: IN!!IIm~ ml ~S<llt~"'FR611iNT'•'U

t he celtinldle halde: is a11 ADOITlCh-~ lr-..SUR:o. the polic.J'Il"") mom be- l!m®ru~d. A S"latcmoot
Ol'l th :; cBftillCS1e trt;';13s nl)t ~DAfl;!f ri ~htE to tine all!1;1flt):;l m ooh:rer Ill II~ .cd" saroah endl)r!l!-mo~!i)..

SUSROGATION JS WAIVED, sub.jnd to ~he 1erm;, 3111!1 condltio"s rA lhc p~;>li~ , cerlilln polj(:lfMI nu11r
timdor•amant A $4me~eflt en thf!i ~rtifloate does ool eo ..¥ rii B t.o lite cr.rtificste
Mldtr in liw ol '1.4ch enoou.ement{!ll}.

~qu 1 re 9.11

Crartillcste C4 ht$Urenee tm t~ reveree silie or ~hi5 ioron ooe!l "r;;• Y1l>lil:io"btu1e a COMJ~dl bet.ween
lh8' IS'3Uir.:J inR!r~!r(s~ a:Jttx):l~d repr8enbl~ or prodl1et!l', tmd ihc ce:tlrlcate· mklcr. ooc Ooe$ if
amcme~t'iv~y cr neg:& lively armeoo_ e~n(lt or ai~Elll" Ule O!!varn~ ii!l'f"Qrd&d' by ltu::~ policfes lhl~~ lrtoreon.


46U U UX163H




lNam• Of Addition&~ lnt11rad Ptrson(•) Or ~nk.ation(•)

county of Atameda. i1s BoaJrd of Supervrsors, the indbl~dua l ~embers thereof,
and all County offk;ers. agents. emproy-e:es and repre-soo~ative

lnfOrmaOOn reqlil.lf«< to eom~G thi& ~edule, if nc4 &hQ'Wfl ~bcve.

lbe ~n In ltl& Oeclaration:~.

Section U - Who hi An l naUI"'td l; ,~manded to
rlnolllde a~ an 4l.d'df anal lnsu~ iltto 11)91'80!"1'$) 01
O!fianQ!ioo(s) $h Q'Wn 11'1 the SCiledUf • ~t allf)t w.'th
~eapect ,tg ftsblllty for •OQ:h.y
'{". ~pi'Ciperty
<t.amage·· 01 •personal 1\1\d BidvQ~Ialng1 illjwY" ~used,
in who'llt or in ~~~rt. lb)' )'i> acts 01 omaslons or ltrle
acts or ornia~ cf lh¢$9 acting oo )'OOJ b~t
A Ill the .l*'furtnPIIIGO o-r yot~r onQolng oporatian$; or
rD. rt'l con~~ witt• y-our prefllliSft o~tmed by or

.. need rtg yow.

00 .20 26 07 04




1U?P I'io. ~00324




The b[ddcl;"', ondt:r penstU}· ofpe:rjlnryj (:utiQ,e:s that, ex-cept as no·red below,
pri:qciple., and an)" narned subc:onttt~ etor:




J S' ~tot cu r·reutl}' 11oder .s'I!L$peos!Gn. deb:a·rment, voluot~ey e:s:cl qsiou, or detc.rm.inati(Jn of
ind.ig.ibillt) by any ftdual ~genc.y;


Has not

bee11 ~mpendcd, deb"~.-~~ ¥Oiun.1ar.ily ~cluded or detetmiued lnHtgible by

any federa~ agency lo\'tthin tbc pallt 1-brt-t:



Hasn.ll)~· lt-aen;

not hltve a propo5ed debar meut pe.odiog;


indicted, convicti!d, or bad. a chrfi judgment rendered astaill$t it by a

tourt of c4)mpeteu t Jlll'isdiction in any matter lrn..oJViflg fraud 4)r offiej:Jl Plt oondl•(t
wit.Wtli the past fh ree yea rs..

If thcr:e are 1my e·xcc,ptioM lo!i1 certifltation, lnsett ~he exception-s m'( be following space_.

E,;eepthms will not neecssqy re!ult in derual of' alYard,. btrl wm be to:n.sidecM io det~lllliniug
bldrler rc:spon ibilityT For any uc~ption noted !lbove., indicate below to wbom it ap;pltc ·
mitiatlos: age.ucy, and dates Dr aeUolJ.

ntes: !ProvJdh:tg f~ls e inform.Mion !trulY result in criminal prosecutiB;o or admini<Strati'Ve
ndfoh~. Tb.~ .f1bovc certification is parl of t he. h"Opoul- ir;ning tnisPI'GJ)G!ml on
t]J.:: signa~m:e portion thereof shan al~jo consti:tute rj~uatu ~ uf thi Certint:ad ou.


Prison HeaJtn SeNX::Cs. lrv.:.



TITLE: s•. V.P. & Chief O..clcpmen! Offu:er

':""oonce ~

p;p-; ~TE:


biNbk N

12..-J ~ )&






First Amaulmentt

Couoty &f Alanteda 7fl edit:al Services Agreem en.t
THJS FIRST ~IENDMENT {.heJieinafl:er tht: ••p:iJst Amendmentt'~ t.CJ the Medical
Servioes: Agreement, Confrnct o. 90032,4. (her-einafter the "Agreem<m.t"')) is made and c:ntercdl
Utio tbi~ ~ ®y of July 2009, by and b~w~r;:n P:ristltl Health S~iees. Ine.~ (he:rcin&Jk'f
'-"PHS") aad the Col!lnty ofAla.m.e da. (hereitlafter the "COIDlty"}.
[n addidon to any .Amendments set forth herein~ PHS

and the County hereby seek ~o
memorialize and Ji<!affirm tbc compcmsatioo duc andl owed to PHS by the C01mty, toT past
ser-vices t~cridered ltlnder ~ Cnnlnlcl . o, 101231EP'l03 (bercinafter the ~Expired Comract.·1~
as amcndoo.



he County hereby acknowledges and. rea.ffililiilS that compensation is dne and owed to
PHS :tor past renderud (and accepted by the County) dming the period from
September 1, 2007 lhrou,gh June 30, 2008. As c:o·osidera.tion for such, the Coiilnfy hordby
a~ees to pay PHS a one time ~ump sum pa~1t1eat in lhe SJmoun~ of 'I wo Hmt&ed Twroty
Seven 'fJJ.OUsand Nine Hundred Seven doJlars and Sixty ,cen1S ($227 ~907 .60)) under me
ctpplicab]e tenns and co:ndt.irtions of1Jhe Expired · greemoot. SpecificaUy, .in a~coraanee
with Section VI - Jte:m B of llhe Expilred Apeement, PHS js entitled to monthly
adfjust:rmmts inlJajU'Ients for reported per diem exce5s charges based on the differ;ence
bctwoon th.e comb:med arve:mge daily [)QJ)l.datiQD (ADP) of 4J 00 and ·the aotual daily
population in excess of 4, 100 of ACSO inmates. ,averaged overtbe aff'ected calliendar
monllis of September 20Qt7 through Jllllc 1008. As suob, the Couuty her;eby agrees to
tender paymenrt to iPHS m tbs amount of Two HUIUJ.rud Twenty Seven Thousand Nine
Hundred Seven doUars and sixty cents ($227t907.60) '\vithio thirty (30~) days of PHS'
Invoice for such servic-es.



WH.BREAS, the County and PHS en~ered into the Agreem.wtt on July 1~ 2008~ by
which P.tiS assumed dte responsibilities, for tbc provision of com.p.rehensivo medic,al
services to be delivered to inmates in the custody of tbe Alameda County Sheriff's Ofnc-e
(lleremafteli the ··ACSO); aoo

at its Glenn E. Dyer Dctenti<m IF.aci!l.ity
(hereinafter ~GEDDF') to increase lts population and to i.n~e !booking at GEDDF;
1WHBREA.~,. the County expanded se:rvices


WRE.RJBAS, the County increased the number ,of inmate·ttarnsfers between Santa
F rrta 1ail (hereinafter ...SRJ,.) and OEDD,F; and
V{.f)]EREAS, the Cournty has chosoo to ·expaud services at GEDDF to indude 11!ie
provis.ion of de.ntaJ and railioJogy serr.rices~ and
\VJffiREAS, dle Co1.mty bas chosen to expru1d phanrutc:y seJvkes at GEDDF 10
include full service setviees on .site;

r .0\\! TDEREfOl:tE for valuable conside,ration of the mutua' coven.a.rds kerc:in
contained tile rec·eipt. and sufficiency of which arre hereby acknOcwlediged, the County and
fHS ~dby agree to effecwate the following cllimges:

The ~sttaffing Pattern for Santa Rita JaW' a.vd the (4Smffivg Pattern for Glenn E.
Dyer Detenti<:tn Facility'~ expressed ·in Full Time Equivalents (bereinafter "FTEs'')
attac'hed as · AJ to ·the Agreement is mneuded by replacing ~:he on.rrent
Sllaffing Pattern for OEDDF as expressed in FTEs with the revised OHDD:F

Staffing Pattern to accommodate an ADP of 8()0 irunate8. Ihe ·revised GEUDI•
Smffing Pa.uem is attached hereto a EK!hibit A lO lhis First Amendment


The 'base mo.nthly co.otrad oost for GEDDF ~ calculated by PHS as stated in its
original proposal~ and the monthly contract cost for the amended Staffing Pattern
for GEDDf shall increase the monl:bly payment hy the following amOUililt:


Applying retro~iv,e]y to the period from April l~ 2009 and June 30, 2009
(3 calendar :months), the increased staffing oost due and owed to P:HS is

$]09,574.00 per month.


The base monthly oost for OED-DF, as stared by 1PHS in its original pr-oposal and
1he monlhly increase in ADP/Staftlng Pattem, and the·addidon of radiology
services; dental services and pilam1a:cy servtces arl GEDDF shall increase we
monlhlyp.aymelil.t Cel.<it by the follO·Viring amounts:


Mas-ter Contract No. 900i24 frocUirement ~ ccntr.act: No•.i§2. P,uKhase Order No.

5 97CJ


Beginni11g JuJy 1. 2009 through June 30, 2010, the increa ed cost is
165,716J00 per DlODth' and


Beginning July 1, 2010 rurough June 3.0~ 201 1 ~ the increased cost is
$ 1 78~ 1 45. ()0

per month.

Howevt-T .PHS ht.-rc.:by agrees to deduct the monthly amount of $19,26,2.00 from
the mon1hly payments sot forth in SooUons 3a and 3l~ of this Fim-st Amendment,
until the dent.d services ("r:>erual o"ption',) agreed upon lly the Parties are being
piovidod by PHS at tbc GEDDF. In the event the Dental Optinn commences at 1h~
GEDDf on a day othe:r than the firsL 01 last day ofthe calendar month. PHS and
the County hereby acknowledge and agree that any deduction due and owed to the
Cowllty shall be prorated accordingly.

AdditionaBy,,PHS hereby agree~ to deduct the mon~y amount of $.23.192.00
rro1n t:he monthly payment ammm1S sct forth mSections 3a and 3b of this Firrs.t
Amendment until the p·b annacy services (..Pharmacy Op>tiot1") agreed upon by the
Parties are being provided by PHS .a1 tlhe GEDDF. In the event Lhe provision of
pharn:naceutica1 services .at ti1e GEDDF commenres on a day other fhan tbe ftt"S-t or
last day of th~ calendar month, PHS and the County acknowlcdg'-l and
agree that any deduction dut: and ow«l to the County sh all be prorated

The maximum comptm.satio:n payabte to PHS under Sections la~ 3a, and 3b o f this
Fi,rst Amendment is $4,455,054.00. As such, the maximmu rompen.~.ation. payable
under the Agre~rneot as amended shaD imctt8.S(:: from 77,644,623.00 to
$82,099,677.00, a total increase of $4,455,054.00. The increased amm.mJ shall
incfude the new GEDDF staffing patticm attached to lhis First Awel!ld.ment as
Exhibit A, and shall include the radiology senriccs, lhe den~l servkes, and dJe
fuU-service pbmmacy services al GEDDF. This iDcre~d amount does ]lot
incl udt! th~ sum of $22 7,907.60 previously discussed in Section I of trus First
Amendment (for past services re.nder,e<ij.

Section B. I.a. '~The Payment Tcnns and A.nnual. Increases'' portion of Exhibit B
to me Agreement, is he,·eby delet ed and superseded in its entirety as follows:

Pricing is based on a combine-d avel(!ge dail.y population
(ADP) for both fudl itiet: of 4,900 inmates_ S.hou!ld the
combined monthly ADP exc,eed 4900 i.mnates, PBS wiU
charge a per diem per hlDlate to oover incrementaJ variabl.e
(non-staffing) expenses. C.onverse1y sb.ould the combiood
monfhly ADI'' decrease below 4,200 1wnates~ PHS will issue
a crerlit to ili@· AC SO to cover savings in h1creme'llitaJ vadabl'e
(nQ. .ffing) ~L..~. Both charge and credit am-ounts by
rontrn.ct )lcai .are set forth ill1 Section C oJExlli!bit B of die

Sect ion B_3 _v_. ~uality Assumn.ce J Ovendgbl l Reporlingn of Exl1ibil A-2
("Scope of \Vo:rir'} to the Agreemen~ 15 hereby ,deJJeted and supeJSeded mits
enth-ety as pre>vided. in Ex..hibit B to dJif.; AmemhnenL


It is the intent of PHS rutd the County lha.t the Reaffin:nation and
Acknowledgemeat Section oflhis.First Amendment ~{Secnon J) shall apply
retroactively to services. rendered by PHS dati_ng back to September I. 2007.
Consistent therewi~ the C()anty shall .pay PHS a one time l.ump Sl!nn payment in
dle SlllQUnl of$227,'908.00 within thiny (30) d~ of being invoiced for such



FiTSt AmendttulnJt shan be cfiec:tive .as of July 1 2009 (hereinafter "Effective
Date"'). However; thi~ Eftbctive Date shaU in no way aff~ct or aher the retroactive
pr~visions and'or any payments due lhGl'eun.der1 as pmviousty set forth hel'ein.


In rui other respects, the tenus and conditions of the Agreement ex~pl as
amended here~ shall continue unchanged and in fuU forw and e-ffect..


This First Amendment ~e<mr~aills the en·fue ~reemenlt between the Parties hereto

with respect to this First Amendment and supersedes an prior agreements, Wti tten
or oral; and negotiaticm~ b~twoon thei! Parties regarding this Fmt Amendment

11\TWI"INESS Wll!EREOF, the parties beri!'to haYc exeeut~ed Chis First Amendment
as Gf the <flay and ear indicated.



Title: Putdlasmg Agent

By signing abov~~ si;goot~ry ~tarra.nrs and
1\o~fits tb~t he/Sht) exocuifed thi8

.App1'oVOO as to fomr::

Agreement in Ibis/her aurthnr.izoo capacity
and thartt lby hisibe.r ~':ignabrr.~ om this
Agreement ho/~he or dre entity upon benmlf
of whl.db he/she acteil7 exeCUJted tbis

By: ~
.. ~CJfounty Comsel

~J;< t.eGAL DePT.








Health s~rvi~ Admin. ~

S¢~t Note

See Note I)


Ass.t. Hea1tb Services Administrator

Comm. Disme CoordinJd.Or
Omti:itv Assurance Coordinalor
Admimimmtive Asun/SecreU!i'y
Dental Assistant
Medical Assislaut
Perinatal Coordinator

t:te rinataJ Educator
Medic;a1 Reoo1'ds SU,pervi,$0!
Medi¢lll Records: Ckd
i..aboJat.Ory Tcclmiciun
Nm-se St~pervisor
Registered Nmse See Note 3)

Licentied. VoctdioiWJ.l Nwse- Sw NO$e 3}
T'OTAL HOUR_SIFrR per 'ftieeR
ote;: 1) On call twent y- four (24) hours pe:r day.
2) On c:tdl twenty-four (24) boutS per day {or
designated A...ssi'!UrtH Health Services Admin) ..

:3) I!tld ho~ida}'S.











1. .00





Medical Directo.r - See Note 1.)
Physician • See NG:lte [)
CilSe Manager (HIV}
N_1.m;e Prnctitionerll>hrsiciaml & -















U lO


1. ] ]l










Physical Therapy

0. ]0



0. ] 0
0. ] 5





ADP > ·400 (with p.M't~time Dentam)





:Physidatl • Se~ Note 1).

Dental A:;siswn





Administrative ABS>tfS.ef.,'T~

Pb.mmacv Tcoh
Moo:bcaJJ &ecords Cle~k
Registered Nurse - See Notes 2) .&
l 1censed Voca.timtaJ - See
Medical Assistant
TO TAL HOORS/Ff'E pw week








hours per day. 2) lnc!lldes

Radiology s~rviees provjded 2 half
days per week by CleafVie\.\r XRay. :3) Im1cluding holidays

Toml- All FaclOOts:







~ )On cal~








Quality Assurance./ lJJ.'USighll Repm1ing:

PAS shaill oooperote fullywith ·dle Adult Iru:nate MedicaJ

Services .Panel (AD.{S Jtanel) and County Crim~nal Justice
Oversight Committee, which b.a'o-<e been ~jgnated as
advioory to the Boatd ofSupen-isors (Board) whb regwd to
rom~ j~li~ medicai semoes,


PHS s.hall participate as lieqtrested ou service :rclakd Co-ctn~y
committees, and. shW!l promptly oomply U'J.)Qil J'eOeipt o:f
~uest:s foli ~ervioe u1fonmuilion. and stmistics by the AIMS
fnel and CrimiDa1 Jastice Mt!dlcat & ?tleDfcal Hadtb
Committe~. PHS shall fo.mrrurl in 'Yiliting the r~u.cs~-'d

infomll!l.tioulo·1he . CSO for ~e-.'Y'..

Cmmty. at :iits own expen..'ie, sbrul oo_ptraet with m1
irut.ependblt nem.traJ t!hird party experienced in mOO±cal
quality assmance reviews. Trus ilbiro party Contra.clnr will
wndo:ct mon1hly revtew ::UJdjts (l'ftbe :ruedic:al reo:uds: of tiDt~
in-wstody imn~ [() evaluate ilie titneltness of care;
appropriateness of assessmemt! ~~type ofprovider
and level of care, ''ml()' tiM fQntitt inmate wa~ i.mCU!'ltody,
using :sampling tedlnique;, mrliltl,liallly agreed Llpo1l by Cou!D'ty,
PHS and the AJMS. Panel

ThG thi.Jd party R-"'Vi~us shall .act in an ad:vtsory ~pacity
·onill:v ood are not w~a.oo any ·righ1S ·o f comrnct ,enforoeme:nt.
Currently lhe ACSO is usmg American Heallth r'AH,-) as its
moo party Contractor. The ro]e of AH is to review medical
recoRk and took fw diS<."'l$J)uciEI:S mJrOOOrd keeping?
diagnosi·s, or prognosis ~it n..feJS to treatment.

T be audi~ complded b,y dt·e tiW'd pariy owd~al
auditor shall illelude1 bm: not be limned to:

· &ier Problem List;






Medication Administration Rrteord;


l'AP re!mlts;


Diagnostic servkes;




Assessment protocols;



o) care~ il!ld,


Refusal of b.'eatm.ent.


lltes.c:: a~ldits are ~uJ'lldudtd using ctm>~:ctiOflal care criteria
reviewed and approved by lhe C ouuCJy,. PBS arui the lbird
party 11eviewer~ cunently AH. The completed auilitt srudies
of medical records mU be made avai!lable to thE Co•mty
Boo.l'd of Stlpen~m~ CAO ACSO, AfMS Panel, and PHS


AH. :rnndomly solccts filt?-s offonn~ inmates to review and
&IJ.dit moutWY for items S'llth. .a.-; timelmess of~.
appropriatenes.~ ·uf cardd.xwneruation, and le,?d of care
given to the inmates dm-ffig i.ncal'C>!1trstion. AH gencra~es a
mooddy Iq)(lrt of their findings to the County
Ad!J'Urnti:sb:ator•s Office (CAO}~ 1he ACSO, and AIM:S Panel


The AJM:S Pomel wm infonn. PHS in wriling of alliY a1eas of
ooncmt. P'HS wm provide. writhm &clmow]edgumcnt
withti10. 10 days. The PHS, M-edicaJ D'irector? l]e.fl.lth
Sea-vic~ Adm1:1Wttmtor, an,d. olher ~pria.te staff will be
invited to tile AIMS panel to revtew the area(s) of oo.acern.
If afiec this :review. tne A.IM:S paud concludes a written
p]an ,m)f a.~ion is n~sarry PHS will pJepare a wrUten
corrective ~ction plan and pres.e.n.t it to the All1tvtS Pane! :llrfl:d
the ACSO within 30 days.
As an advisory body to the Board~ the AIMS Panelma)'
cbO<)se li.l CXJttmlum~t~ dim(l11y wilh the Board n..c.garding
any area.(~) of ooncen"l on inmate h-ea.1th, tncludtng
recommendation forme assessme:m.t offmes. The penalty
l!IIDO\._lfit m.'ly range ·from One Th.ous;md I:>clllm {$1 ~~00) to
a maximum ofTbree Thousand DoU~ ($3~000) peE

occwrence. ]f PE;]'S does not provide 1ovrittem
acknovtrfedgemmt within 1Q days fullb1\ing uotincation
fuJm theAIM8 Panel of al!eaS of concern ~t will be · ubj~1
to a fme of One Thousand Dollars ($ ~ ,0001) per occllfJ"ell.ce.

If a M~or medical e:rror is not coneoted on timely

basis as determined by the Alameda County Sheriff
Offi~ ~ 1be Alb1S Panel, it will be ooxu:;idered fl!
m81.erial breadt of tDicS Agrt:em.ent.



that OOIJstitute a Major mGdical GrroJ shall
be dEleormirmd by tbe Alf\·tS Panel and the.A:CSO.

f'BS shall SttppJy d(lOU[nenmtion for lhe a.ooreditatioo
prttQeSses as identified by the A.lam~hi County Sheriff


Complianre ~Yith aocredimtions as itiml.ti1ied by the Al~
Cowty Sheriff 0~ is mandatory.

The iedi~ Dlreci.Qr {~dy )}t_ Orr), ·01' l-1-eaJLth Set'!lices
Administrator (c:nrrenllly BHl WmlS'IDn); and other appropriate
repiesetltatives oftrhe- m.eilicat] provider shall Tegu.kuly attend
scbedu1sd meetings of die CrlmiDid .hlstice M~l aud
M·emal Heahh Committee to~ on. 1~es of concern to
tJMN Committe¢ .and :shaD cooperate o-o an ongumg basis with
designated Cmt'lmitiee representm..,res.


0tlLrf Efi7t_
RFP No. 9003·24, ·.u~:s;~er Contract No•. Ql!Dl24, Proc:tr eme. ·~ :.on-tra.'d No.3459


This Seooll'ld Amcndm.ent ·t o Agreement C'Seoond AJ.nendment'') is made by the
County of Alameda. (~ountY1 and Prison Health Serv ices~ Inc., C"Contractor'~) with
r·especl to that certain agreement entered by them on Deoember 8~ 2008., arnd that c~rtain
First AJ:nendrnent to ConlTact, (c.ollectively referred to her-ein as the ''Cont:n~ct'') pursuant

ro v,trich Coatroctor provides health services 't·o iomates in the custody of the Alamedtt
County Sheriff's Office to County.
County and Cootractor agree as follows;


For vaJuable: consideration, the receipt. and sufficiency of which are hereby
ac.knmvledged, County and Contractor agree to amend ilie Agreement in the

foll·owlng respects:

Except as otherwist SULh:d in fuis Seooad Amendment, the ·merots and provisions of
this Second Amendment wiU be: consid(:rcti to bee dre~fi ve· as of July l , 20 I0.


Contractor's. name shaH be changed fr-om Prison Ht.-altb Services lnc. to !PHS
Co:rrectio:nal Healthcare.


Page 30, Exhibit A-2, Sect]on 8 2 nem 3~ p, 5), is r·eplaoed with 'The Ccuety shan
be responsible for providing and paying for all eligible H IV/AJDS medications."


Page 5J, Exhibit B. S~Xtion A, ltem :2 is rep la<;ed "v•th ..TI:te County wi1I be
responsmble for thtt cost orHJV/AJDS medications. The cost of psychotropic
medications '\-l'iU be borne by the County's 1\.oioufal Hca.Hh Provider, Bohaviora[
Hea11lh Care Services {BHCS}.••


Page 69, Exhibit F, Section D. lt.em 16, ns replaced with ~·The County hall be
responsible for prOVLd]ng and paying for aU e1lgible lllV/AlDS. medications."


Except as e pressly mod~fted by £his Second Amendment. an of the ternlls and
conditiortS of the Agreement a1··e and rem a in illl full forre and effect

Pag,e t afl

RFP Nll:l'. 90032.4, .••dst<€1r Co11traci No. 900324. Pror::ureme.. _ COrttra_ct No.J4S9



parties :heNtQ hove exuoted tbis Ame:ndment to tbe
Ag:reemeo~ as of ttJ,e day snd tar first ahov~ wr:i•teo.





Namef'odney D"' ~Hollii


John Glan:n

Tide: _ _ ____;.P
o;Let..._-!J""'1_ __



signing ~bQve, s.ignatory w21rrants
and represents that be/she executed
this Agreement in his/her authorized
capacity atnd lbat by his/her signature

on this Agt··cem.en~ he/she or Lhe entity
upon behalf of which he/she acled)
eJre,Cuted this Agre!Cmcnt.

RFP No. 900324, Master Contract No. 900324, Procurement Contract No. 3459


This Third Amendment to Agreement ("Third Amendment") is made by the
County of Alameda ("County") and PHS Correctional Healthcare, ("Contractor") with
respect to that certain agreement entered by them on December 8, 2008 and that certain
First Amendment to Contract, (collectively referred to herein as the "Contract") pursuant
to which Contractor provides health services to inmates in the custody of the Alameda
County Sheriffs Office to County.

County and Contractor agree as follows:


For valuable consideration, the receipt and sufficiency of which are hereby
acknowledged, County and Contractor agree to amend the Agreement in the
following respects:


Except as otherwise stated in this Third Amendment, the terms and provisions of
this Amendment will be considered to be effective as of the date this Third
Amendment is executed by the County (July 1, 2011).


The term of the Agreement is currently scheduled to expire on June 30,2011. As
of the Effective Date, the term of the Agreement is extended through June 30,

In consideration for Contractor's additional services, the County shall pay
Contractor in an amount not to exceed Thirty-Five Million Six Hundred TwentyTwo Thousand Two Hundred Eighty Dollars ($35,622,280). As a result of these
additional services, the not to exceed amount has increased from Ninety-One
Million Ninety-Nine Thousand Six Hundred Seventy-Seven dollars ($91,099,677)
Page 1 of4

RFP No. 900324, Master Contract No. 900324, Procurement Contract No. 3459

to One Hundred Twenty-Six Million Seven Hundred Twenty-One Thousand Nine
Hundred Fifty-Seven Dollars ($126,721,957) over the term of the Agreement.


Exhibit A-4, "Electronic Health Records" shall be amended by the inclusion of the
following language:

Within 30 days of signing this Third Amendment, PHS will present to County an
implementation schedule for deployment of the catalyst electronic health record
system. The catalyst system must be deployed, tested, and fully functional to the
satisfaction of County before the end of the term of this agreement. PHS and the
County hereby agree and acknowledge that the County shall be provided Catalyst
pursuant to a license for the usage of such during the term of the Agreement. PHS
retains any and all ownership rights to the Catalyst system subsequent to the term
of the Agreement.

Except as expressly modified by this Third Amendment, all of the terms and
conditions of the Agreement are and remain in full force and effect.


RFP No. 900324, Master Contract No. 900324, Procurement Contract No. 3459

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties hereto have executed this Amendment to the
Agreement as of the day and year first above written.



Name: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __
John Glann

Name: · "-.).

S!orr k;')


Title: ---"'-P""'ur"-'c"'h""a"'si"'n,g-"-A""g""e"'n"-t_ __

Title: 5;;";,.\j;._e_rzs:uwt

Date:_l---!ff--·-z__:t..--+-/__,_ll_ _

By signing above, signatory warrants
and represents that he/she executed
this Agreement in his/her authorized
capacity and that by his/her signature
on this Agreement, he/she or the
entity upon behalf of which he/she
acted, executed this Agreement.

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1J D\·~~~-

RFP No. 900324, Master Contract No. 900324, Procurement Contract No. 3459


The contractor, under penalty of perjury, certifies that, except as noted below, contractor,
its principles, and any named or unnamed subcontractor:

Is not currently under suspension, debarment, voluntary exclusion, or
determination of ineligibility by any federal agency;


Has not been suspended, debarred, voluntarily excluded or determined ineligible by
any federal agency within the past three years;


Does not have a proposed debarment pending; and


Has not been indicted, convicted, or had a civil judgment rendered against it by a
court of competent jurisdiction in any matter involving fraud or official misconduct
within the past three years.

If there are any exceptions to this certification, insert the exceptions in the following space.

Exceptions will not necessary result in denial of award, but will be considered in
determining contractor responsibility. For any exception noted above, indicate below to
whom it applies, initiating agency, and dates of action.


Providing false information may result in criminal prosecution or administrative
sanctions. The above certification is part of the Standard Services Agreement.
Signing this Standard Services Agreement on the signature portion thereof shall
also constitute signature of this Certification.

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RFP Ho. 90032;.., Master Contract No. 900324, Procurement L .ntract No. 3459


This Fourth Amendment to Agreement ("Fourth Amendment") is made by the
County of Alameda ("County") and PHS Correctional Healthcare, now known as Corizon
Health, Inc. ("Contractor"), with respect to that certain agreement entered by them on
July 1, 2008 and those certain First, Second and Third Amendments to Contract to
Contract, (collectively referred to herein as the "Contract") pursuant to which Contractor
provides health services to inmates in the custody of the Alameda County Sheriffs
Office to County.
County and Contractor agree as follows:

For valuable consideration, the receipt and sufficiency of which are hereby
acknowledged, County and Contractor agree to amend the Agreement in the
following respects:


Except as otherwise stated in this Fourth Amendment, the terms and provisions of
this Amendment will be considered to be effective as of the date this Fourth
Amendment is executed by the County ("Effective Date").


Contractor's name is hereby changed from PHS Correctional Healthcare to
Corizon Health, Inc.


The not to exceed amount shall be decreased from One Hundred Twenty-Six
Million Seven Hundred Twenty-One Thousand Nine Hundred Fifty-Seven Dollars
($126,721,957) to One Hundred Twenty-Three Million Seven Hundred Forty-Two
Thousand Three Hundred Fifteen Dollars ($123,742,315) over the term of the


Except as expressly modified by this Fourth Amendment, all of the terms and
conditions of the Agreement are and remain in full force and effect.
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RFP No. 900324, 1vlaster Contract No. 900324, Procurement L-~ntract No. 3459


IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties hereto have executed this Amendment
to the Agreement as of the day and year first above written.

Corizon Health, Inc.



Name: _ _ _-::-:---::-:-------John Glann


Title: ---"-P""ur,c"'h""as""i""ngb-!-A""g"'e~nt"------

"'7,-4<~'-+I/-=-L-Y;'tr-/-=-l_L_ _

Date:_ _

Date:_ ,_/-'-~-/,.J. . .!. d:-'-)- _.

_ __

By signing above, signatory warrants
and represents that he/she executed
this Agreement in his/her authorized
capacity and that by his/her signature
on this Agreement, he/she or the
entity upon behalf of which he/she
acted, executed this Agreement.



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RFP No. 900324, Master Contract No. 900324, Procurement Lvntract No. 3459


The contractor, under penalty of perjury, certifies that, except as noted below, contractor,
its principles, and any named or unnamed subcontractor:

Is not currently under suspension, debarment, voluntary exclusion, or
determination of ineligibility by any federal agency;


Has not been suspended, debarred, voluntarily excluded or determined ineligible by
any federal agency within the past three years;


Does not have a proposed debarment pending; and


Has not been indicted, convicted, or had a civil judgment rendered against it by a
court of competent jurisdiction in any matter involving fraud or official misconduct
within the past three years.

If there are any exceptions to this certification, insert the exceptions in the following space.

Exceptions will not necessary result in denial of award, but will be considered in
determining contractor responsibility. For any exception noted above, indicate below to
whom it applies, initiating agency, and dates of action.


Providing false information may result in criminal prosecution or administrative
sanctions. The above certification is part of the Standard Services Agreement.
Signing this Standard Services Agreement on the signature portion thereof shall
also constitute signature of this Certification.

PRINCIPAL: _.:.<:_JJ._~,~~~L.t-t~+-_L___ TITLE: _C""'.'-ti'ZJ-1.------r-----SIGNATURE:

~~L:;f::=c:::;;2_____ _ _ _
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RFP No. 900324, Master Contract No. 900324, Procurement Contract No. 3459


This Fifth Amendment to Agreement ("Fifth Amendment") is made by the County
of Alameda ("County") and Corizon Health, Inc., ("Contractor") with respect to that
certain agreement entered by them on July 1, 2008 and those certain First, Second, Third
and Fourth Amendments to Contract, (collectively referred to herein as the "Contract")
pursuant to which Contractor provides health services to inmates in the custody of the
Alameda County Sheriffs Office.

County and Contractor agree as follows:


For valuable consideration, the receipt and sufficiency of which are hereby
acknowledged, County and Contractor agree to amend the Agreement in the
following respects:


Except as otherwise stated in this Fifth Amendment, the terms and provisions of
this Amendment will be considered to be effective as of the date this Fifth
Amendment is executed by the County ("Effective Date").


The term of the Agreement is currently scheduled to expire on June 30, 2012. As
of the Effective Date, the term of the Agreement is extended through June 30,


In consideration for Contractor's additional services, the County shall pay
Contractor in an additional amount not to exceed thirty-two million six hundred
eighty-three thousand five hundred sixteen dollars ($32,683,516). As a result of
these additional services the not to exceed amount has increased from one hundred
twenty-three million seven hundred forty-two thousand three hundred fifteen
dollars ($123, 742,315) to one hundred fifty-six million four hundred twenty-five
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RFP No. 900324, Master Contract No. 900324, Procurement Contract No. 3459

thousand eight hundred thirty-one dollars ($156,425,831) over the term of the
Agreement and any amendments.


Item 20 of the Standard Services Agreement has been amended as follows:
20. TERMINATION: The County has and reserves the right to suspend, terminate or
abandon the execution of any work by the Contractor without cause at any time upon
giving to the Contractor prior written notice. In the event that the County should
abandon, terminate or suspend the Contractor's work, the Contractor shall be entitled to
payment for services provided hereunder prior to the effective date of said suspension,
termination or abandonment. Said payment shall be computed in accordance with
Exhibit B hereto, provided that the maximum amount payable to Contractor for the
provision of health services to inmates in the custody of the Alameda County Sheriffs
Office shall not exceed $156,425,831 payment for services provided hereunder prior to
the effective date of said suspension, termination or abandonment.




By signing this Fifth Amendment and Exhibit D-3, Debarment and
Suspension Certification, Contractor agrees to comply with applicable
federal suspension and debarment regulations, including but not limited to 7
Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) 3016.35, 28 CFR 66.35, 29 CFR 97.35,
34 CFR 80.35, 45 CFR 92.35 and Executive Order 12549.


By signing this agreement, Contractor certifies to the best of its knowledge
and belief, that it and its principals:


Are not presently debarred, suspended, proposed for debarment,
declared ineligible, or voluntary excluded by any federal department
or agency;


Shall not knowingly enter into any covered transaction with a person
who is proposed for debarment under federal regulations, debarred,
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RFP No. 900324, Master Contract No. 900324, Procurement Contract No. 3459

suspended, declared ineligible, or voluntarily excluded from
participation in such transaction.


Except as expressly modified by this Fifth Amendment, all of the terms and
conditions of the Contract are and remain in full force and effect.

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RFP No. 900324, Master Contract No. 900324, Procurement Contract No. 3459

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties hereto have executed this Amendment to the
Agreement as of the day and year first above written.





(John Glann)



Purchasing Agent








By signing above, signatory warrants
and represents that he/she executed
this Agreement in his/her authorized
capacity and that by his/her signature
on this Agreement, he/she or the entity
upon behalf of which he/she acted,
executed this Agreement.

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RFP No. 900324, Master Contract No. 900324, Procurement Contract No. 3459


The contractor, under penalty of perjury, certifies that, except as noted below, contractor,
its principals, and any named or unnamed subcontractor:

Is not currently under suspension, debarment, voluntary exclusion, or
determination of ineligibility by any federal agency;


Has not been suspended, debarred, voluntarily excluded or determined ineligible by
any federal agency within the past three years;


Does not have a proposed debarment pending; and


Has not been indicted, convicted, or had a civil judgment rendered against it by a
court of competent jurisdiction in any matter involving fraud or official misconduct
within the past three years.

If there are any exceptions to this certification, insert the exceptions in the following space.

Exceptions will not necessary result in denial of award, but will be considered in
determining contractor responsibility. For any exception noted above, indicate below to
whom it applies, initiating agency, and dates of action.


Providing false information may result in criminal prosecution or administrative
sanctions. The above certification is part of the Standard Services Agreement.
Signing this Standard Services Agreement on the signature portion thereof shall
also constitute signature of this Certification.