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Letters From Readers

Letters form our readers are encouraged. Words in brackets [like this] reflect material added by the editors in order to better clarify a subject. Names of writers will not be published unless specific authorization is given to do so. We not only welcome the input of every reader, we want this section to become a forum through which prisoners and family members can criticize, express ideas, and share information. Here are some letters recently sent to PLN workers:

Calls On Others To Support Us

I subscribe to the PLN and I not only think it's high quality, but even more credit, rather than criticism, is due to those who make this fine reading available.

I personally don't see any need for criticism, but rather for more and more help and support for this newsletter. We readers can do a vital service toward spreading the news and awareness, ant that's by providing some of the financial support necessary to keep the paper going. So let's all do as much as we are capable of [in this regard], as payment back to those who sweat and bleed to keep the paper going.

D. H., Clallam Bay

Article Was Inflammatory

I thought the article [on racism in #5] was a bit risqué - in the inflammatory sense - meaning it would inflame the snouts, not the prisoners.

Seems to me the whole purpose of having such a news vehicle is to help us "numbered folk" get our shit together through sharing info and ideas - not to enrage the Beast with tiny pointed sticks that make no changes or raise the collective consciousness. I was taught (the hard way) to always keep my personal feelings from the eyes of the enemy, to never allow your adversary know what you are thinking, one's agitations and such, unless it is absolutely necessary - especially when you are in your foe's power. Otherwise it's a fool's game.

Likes Our Paper

I have repeatedly praised your articles in the PLN to anyone I could find to listen to this most needed point of view in the prisons. I am referring to your articles pertaining to sex offenders. "Divisions within the prison population on the basis of crime makes our captors' job of oppressing us a lot easier." Very well put and extremely important. Perhaps the introduction of this point of view played a part in the apparent success of the "kitchen boycott" of June 25th. I don't know if the quality of the food has changed but I'm sure the administration took notice of the solidarity factor and that is what it's all about.

I enjoy receiving the newsletter very much. It seems every issue has a different flavor to it. Thanks for being a part of a very important publication.

A Prisoner's Wife

Paper Basis For Discussion

My husband is currently a prisoner at WSR in Monroe[, Washington]. We have had many interesting discussions relating to different articles on PLN. Of particular interest were Ed Mead's series on "sex offenders." That's a real hot item with the guys at WSR and al the other prisons around the country.

The "regular" cons don't trust the "rapos" and the sex offenders don't trust the regular guys. The irony being that this not only feeds into "The Man's" plan, but basically causes everyone to feel like shit.

So keep up the good work and letting the families know how we can help to make changes.

G.C., Seattle

He Wants More Accuracy

I just want to state that there is a cause and effect in the universe; my letter [to one of the PLN editors] was returned to me because of incorrect data derived from PLN #5.

In the spirit of encouragement, I would offer that giving accurate information to PLN readers would likely add to the newsletter's credibility! Perhaps a review of the Monroe [inmate] computer [ownership] problem, et al., and the program donation incident, or the copy problems in the $20,000 program donated which was put to private enterprise? Well, any how, it's about keep[ing] the credibility. Best of luck.

B. L., Walla Walla

Needs Advice

The Board has been maxing out just about everyone they've been seeing at .100 hearings, and I hear they are not giving us the good time [credits] they have dangled in front of our noses like carrots for years. If this information is accurate, is there something legally we can do about that?

M. R., Shelton

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