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Foreign Letter

I see the continuing of PLN; the paper is fairly legible. It seems, the malignity of the rulers in Walla Walla and Monroe with their quest to delay, restrict or even destroy the PLN are banned. In any case there are some news lately which are of interests.

Comrade Gerry Hanratty has been moved to the maximum prison Düsseldorf, Gerry McCeough was moved the Wuppertal shelter they are awaiting their court trial in front of our fascist Oberlandegericht Düsseldorf. (An anti-terrorism court) full of symbolic-racism, neither objective nor fair. The media had much of a subordination since the Comrades arrested. This would be an unjustifiable step to circulate reasons for suspicion.

The first day of negotiation is August the 16th. Anyway, there is a solid trial-information paper every two weeks, responsibility has the group - "Comhphobal Cumhact' (address in PLN #4) and some other supporters.

Furthermore, Pauline Drumm (Irish) who is imprisoned together with the two AD members (ActionDirecte) in Fleury-Mérogis Felale gulag, had to share a cell with an Aids-HIV woman, just to keep her quiet and cool. Especially her political beliefs and activities. Death punishment by the so-called French government. Legal murdered outlined by the leading judges and their rulers. They are surely aware of the fact that only a small blackout would murdering Pauline during her following years of prison and torture.

The "Durchblick newsletter" has interests in some details on foreign gulags, make sure to give the Comrades there an overview on the prisons you are in! The address is:

Durchblick - Knastschrift
c/o Cneisenaustr. 2
1000 Berline 61. W-Germany
Also fascist riots against our Comrades in the Pro British KZ Cnumlin RD (the prison is remand for Irish in the six counties - Northern Ireland). The screws and Loyalist gangs are on the loose, they are beating, torturing the Republican POWs for no reasons, the battle for segregation continues and a whole floor was put on solitary-confinement some weeks ago, the POWs denied their daily slop-out which returned heavy punishment.

The thoughts are, we need more framework, it's the biggest quest for higher political developments! Regional struggle is needful, I hope we are able to perform our struggle as an change-of-the-system and gain widespread support.

Rosa Luxembourg said once: "the movement itself, without its connection to the final goal, the movement as an end in itself, is nothing to us. The final goal is everything to us."

Slan and revolutionary power.

Alex, Germany

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