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Rejection Process

Last Thursday I got a rejection slip in the mail for PLN #7! The reasons listed were: 1) the mail contains threats of physical harm against any person or threat of criminal activity - then in quotes "chewing policeman's hand off', 5) The mail concerns plans for activities in violation of institutional rules - "solicits contributions of stamps, and 14) the mail contains information that threatens the security and order of facilities - "drawing of pig and pig barons."

I grieved it on the grounds that it is a non-profit organization and it's simply our choice to consume or not to consume and that not less than a week ago you let me receive #6. Much inconsistency with your policy and I guess I can understand why you would feel threatened. By denying me my rights you're admitting guilt.

I am going to tell them so, tell them I sent my copy of their rejection slip to my mom, she also receives the PLN and when she looks at your reasons and reads #7 you will have formed her opinion for her. Thank you.

Anyway, I liked "Prisoners can't be punished for refusing to perform unconstitutional assignments," "it costs too much and does not work" and "Walls gets Special Needs Unit." I like them all, but I suppose I like the ones that directly benefit or affect us as prisoners immediately!

D.H., Shelton, WA

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