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Prison Repression in Spain

Prison Repression In Spain

The prison Meco is 30 kilometers from Madrid. It is a maximum security super prison where torture is most of ten practiced against the prisoners. Currently they have stopped beating prisoners a little but there is all kinds of problems, such as censorship of mail, communication with friends and even family members. All of this has been complained of to the Judge for Prison Vigilance but the judge always, except for a rare occasion or tow, rules in favor of the prison directors, that is how "justice" functions here in Spain.

The situation in the prisons here has not changed, we [Editors note: political prisoners] are still dispersed and some prison officials are trying to hire social prisoners to murder political prisoners. All of this is being done with the governments consent. But it has turned out badly for them as the majority of social prisoners are on our side and an organization of social prisoners, which includes the most militant prisoners and those in control units, that is to say, like us, have issued a communiqué threatening to kill any prisoner that harms a political prisoners.

Jose Jimenez Fernandez
Penitentiary Hospital
Madrid, Spain

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