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Resistance to Oppression

Resistance To Oppression

The struggle to maintain principles that we live our lives by. The conscious support of our political beliefs in the face of calculated deterrence. Refusal to conform to standards set by the controlling parties, despite coercion. Any political prisoner, politicized social prison or POW knows what this is about. I live in a very repressive environment, a control unit prison in America's gulag archipelago. A prisoner's rights activist, anarchist, anti-imperialist north American prisoner. I face constant tactics geared to undermine my beliefs, integrity and attitudes. The stability is resistance, constant, unyielding, and timeless. We who live the resistance are never going to compromise our positions. The struggle today requires unity and communication between people in prison, the streets and other countries. Fascist influence has manifested itself in the form of policed states and peoples' rights are under constant attack by the new Supreme (travesty) Court conservatives. Resistance is survival of who I am. Sell-outs live the lies that would cause endless sorrow to one who believes in his self and cause. Resistance is the life blood, oppression the Angel of death.

Crescent City

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