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Resistance at Pelican Bay Gulag

Resistance At Pelican Bay Gulag

Greetings from the Control Unit in California's Pelican Bay state prison. I am litigating a civil rights act lawsuit 42 U.S.C. sec. 1983, due to being forcibly double celled here. The case is Fetters v. Marshall, N.D. Cal. Case No. C-91 -0633. Correctional personnel here at Pelican Bay tend to harass and play psychological mind games with prisoners. I filed an administrative grievance on mental domination/resistance breaking tactics being used on prisoners here. I drew a parallel with Stammheim Prison in Germany and the tactics used to violate the United Nation's Declaration of Human Rights guarantees of the RAF. It was denied, of course. I made a draft of Biderman's chart of coercion and put it in as an exhibit in the appeal. I focused on isolation, threats and degradation issues experienced in this gulag. Due to people who have gone before me and given all to the struggle, I am proud to continue my battle against oppression here in California's Department of Corrections. The resistance will not stop.

T.R.F., Crescent City, CA

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