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Racial Discrimination at Raiford

Racial Discrimination At Raiford

The prison population at gulag Union Correctional Institution (UCI) in Raiford, Florida, borders on 1,500 captives. The population is made up of approximately 800 Blacks (55%), 675 Whites (43%), and 120 Hispanics (7%).

Under the compulsory slave labor theme of the thirteenth amendment, prisoners in Florida are compelled to work for the state. At UCI job classification is a systematically racial placement. Black and other non-white prisoners are selected and placed in undesirable jobs (poorly managed, supervised and operated), like food service, the laundry, inside grounds, and horticulture. While white prisoners predominate in desirable jobs, such as dental laboratory, maintenance, machine shop, general supplies, radio/television repair, electronics, carpentry, air conditioning, and vocational classes. Here is a racial breakdown of UCI job assignments:

Food Service: Blacks 100, Whites 7, Hispanics 15

Laundry: Blacks 75, Whites 20, Hispanics 5

Inside Grounds: Blacks 50, Whites 15, Hispanics 7

Horticulture: Blacks 47, Whites 13, Hispanics 4

Janitorial services, housing areas, administration building, school, and the recreation yard make up the remaining jobs, which are predominantly made up of Black and Hispanic prisoners.

We feel that this is a colorable claim under 42 U.S.C. section 1983 civil rights complaint. Contact Lawrence Jones or myself for more information or to help us with legal advice.

Lawrence Jones #077137
Darryl Conquest #109347
P.O. Box 221, Raiford, FL 32083

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