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No Room for Police State in America!

America is again being set adrift upon shifting sand, just when our economy is so fragile. And so the Police State enters its battle cry, "Let's get tough on crime!" Then we watch the prime time results. Anarchy momentarily explodes, then the police move in to "control the situation and restore order."

It is the job of the police to protect society.

Why have our Police Officials found it so convenient to attack and destroy the very foundation of our American `Heritage? I am referring to the United States Constitution.

The fact is my fellow Americans, it is the mentality of the Police State to strip individual citizens of their constitutional Rights. Such rights as freedom of speech; the right of citizens to be active participants in our government; the protection from police brutality, illegal arrest, search and seizure.

In historical times the Police State resorted to the manipulation of the masses by isolating special groups by labeling them as enemies of the state. Witch hunts, religious crusades, political hate groups, racism and other social gremlins are among the known ploys. Why were these things promoted? Pointedly ignorance, suspicion and the fears of the masses have always sat conveniently within the manipulative grasp of the Police State.

America has the highest crime rate and the world's predominate drug problem. Why?

"Criminals have too many rights," is the campaign slogan that's vigorously waved in our faces. In fact the only rights the accused did have, had been the United States Constitution. Now it has been deemed lawful for the Police State to arrest and search you and then seize everything you have. The Police State does not have to charge you with anything, they merely need to accuse you or simply claim to suspect you of criminal wrong doing.

What gives drug peddlers the authority to sell their stock at the covered prices that they do? Ask yourself these questions. It certainly isn't because the narcotics themselves are particularly valuable or difficult to produce.

Our Police State gives the street drug peddler the very means to manipulate drug dependent individuals to stoop to the levels that they do to maintain that necessary next fix. Who knows this better than those people most likely to profit from a "War on Crime?"

What would happen if the use and possession of narcotic was suddenly elevated to the same status as the use and possession of alcohol? Certainly a lot of people would still be determined to abuse narcotics, just as many individuals abuse alcohol. But what would happen to our current national crime rate? Organized crime, street gangs, black market economies and corrupt officials alike would find their future drug profits stripped away from them. The Police State would lose a huge portion of their argument and grasp over our Constitutional Protection from them as well.

Huge prison populations would collapse, and so would the need for the monstrous tax budgets to warehouse people with drug problems. Then the social threat of drug abuse could be regulated to where it belongs: in the hands of educators and medical treatment.

When someone is labeled a "criminal" before he is convicted by Due Process, that type of "criminal" could very easily be you. Do you have too many rights?

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