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Offers to Provide Legal Information

Offers To Provide Legal Information

I'm an incarcerated paralegal and am always on the lookout for new information that can aid me in my efforts to help others that are in this system. As it's well known fact that the system is in very serious trouble and the officials don't want to do anything to correct it, and that is where the jailhouse lawyers come into the picture. Maybe we can apply enough "heat" in the right places and help out in Costellamo v. Dugger and any other cases that may arise with the same overall issues.

I know one thing, I'm tired of the system putting all the blame on the prisoners when in fact it is they who are helping to retain these present conditions. Sure, if there wasn't any crime there would not be a need for prisons, but there has been crime for almost as long as human life itself.

There should be some way to curb the actions of the Department of Corrections. For instance, if someone (escapee) goes out and commits another crime, they take it out on the whole prison population, as if it was the population who did the crime. And that is a full-time job for the few of us who try to go against the system. Any help we can get is a big help. So please, if you have a list of those seeking information from you, I want to have [their requests] sent to me.

Frank Wade #C-064304
Apalachee Correctional Inst.
P.O. Box 699-W (T-15)
Sneads, FL 324600699

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