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Corruption at McNeil Island

On October 4, 1993, they locked down all the outside shops here at McNeil Island. There has been a three month investigation into the activities of the crew bosses who headed the motor pool, plumbing shop and auto body repair shop. Last thursday the cops filmed two of these individuals with their crews loading up a huge truck which they then put on a barge to the mainland.

Once it was on the other side of the water the cops followed the truck all the way into Tacoma, where the cops saw it enter a shop owned by the auto body man. On monday morning when they saw that the crew bosses were on the morning boat to come to work here at the prison, they had the Tacoma police raid the shop. Inside they found over $200,000 of materials that had been bought with the people's hard earned tax dollars!

Why this story has not yet ran in the bourgeois media is anyone's guess. Maybe it's a cover up, it should be big news and yet, as of this morning, not a peep in the papers or electronic media.
R.P. McNeil Island, WA.

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