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From The Editor

From the Editor

Welcome to another issue of PLN . The big news at this point is that Ed was recently paroled from the Washington DOC to a federal detainer and from there released by the feds. When we started PLN back in 1990 we agreed we would do it as long as it paid for itself and we'd reconsider the project when one or both of us got out. At the time it didn't seem like we had much to worry about in terms of either of us getting out any time soon.

We plan to continue with PLN and hopefully now that Ed is out we will be able to improve and expand it even more. In the meantime, while Ed gets situated and attends to minor things like finding housing and employment, I'll be handling PLN 's mail and such. If you write and don't get a reply right away please bear with me. Everything will otherwise continue as it has in the past. Except now Ed will be able to help with the fun tasks of folding and stapling PLN !

We are still working on expanding our subscriber base and are doing well in terms of new subscribers. Recently The Echo ,a Texas prison paper, blurbed PLN and we received a lot of inquiries from Texas. It seems that prison papers are a good way to reach a lot of prisoners as they tend to be given to every prisoner in a given prison. I have tried to locate a penal press directory or such which would list all prison papers in the US but apparently such a publication does not exist. I would appreciate it if readers could send me the name of the editor and the publication name and address of any prison publications they are aware of. I will then contact them and ask them to blurb PLN . Readers are also encouraged to request a blurb for PLN in their local prison paper. Ideally, it should include our name, address, subscription rates and what we are about. We will send one free sample copy on request to those interested. Obviously it helps if folks include a few stamps to help defray the cost of postage. We also have a camera ready display ad available for publications willing to run it.

The best advertising is by word of mouth so if you like PLN tell your friends about us and encourage them to subscribe. Send us your friends name and address and we can send them a free sample copy. To steal the motto of Joe Bob Brigg's newsletter "We're like a drug, the first one's free." We also have bulk copies of PLN available for anyone interested in something to distribute or hand out at events.

I hope you enjoy this issue of PLN . Pass it along to others when you're done reading it.

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