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Solidarity with Revolutionary Prisoners

Solidarity With Revolutionary Prisoners

We are a committee formed by two Italian political groups (Il Bollettino and Solidarieta Proletaria), which have been focusing on revolutionary political prisoners for a number of years, since the early eighties.

Our activity of support for political prisoners not disassociated from the class struggle develops on several levels and goes from the publication (through a bimonthly magazine and a quarterly information paper) of documents, political analysis written by the prisoners to various material activities (medical treatment, sending of money, books, magazines, etc.) and political support such as counterinformation meetings, solidarity festivals, struggles supporting the demands of prisoners, etc.

We believe that this solidarity activity is of great importance and, while not being the primary task of communists, does belong to the communist and revolutionary movement because political prisoners are a part, the product and the living memory of this movement.

Throughout the years we were interested not only in the political prisoners of our country but also, as far as possible, in the conditions and struggles of political prisoners in other countries, especially of the European countries due to the greater homogeneity of the political struggles and of the counter insurgency policies in this area.

After collective debate and reflection carried out over the last few months, we have thought it important to give more relief to the activity of support, information and political solidarity towards the communist and revolutionary prisoners from Western Europe within our publications and activities. That is why we are writing to you: to ask for your help and your cooperation to build permanent relations of mutual exchange of news, information and publications aimed at creating a network of all the solidarity groups for solidarity with revolutionary political prisoners in Western Europe. If you are interested, please write to us as soon as possible so we can start this project. Write: Solidarieta Proletaria, C.P. 17030, 20130 Milan, Italy.

[Editor's Note: The comrades at SP print and distribute PLN to about 70 readers in Europe and the Middle East. Most of these readers are revolutionary prisoners or prisoner solidarity groups. There is a great need for an international association of class struggle prisoners, both to raise awareness around this issue and to break the wall of silence around political prisoners in the imperialist countries. The bourgeois "human rights" groups, like Amnesty International, do not recognize or acknowledge revolutionary prisoners in the imperialist countries. It is up to the working class movements to support and defend their captured combatants. We will have more articles in this in future issues of PLN.

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