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RESIST GRANT: In my last editorial comments I waxed eloquent on the increased cost of our current publishing format and the need for us to obtain new readers in order to sustain the cost of these increased pages. More paying subscribers, I pointed out, would ensure that we were able to bring printing costs down. That's because the more copies we have made the cheaper the printing is. Well, I am not yet sure how that appeal is going to work out, but we do have one bit of very good news. Resist gave us an $800 grant, an amount that should tide us over the worst part of this format transition. We send our thanks and a tip of the hat to the folks at Resist for their help.

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED: Readers in the Seattle area, or those on the inside who have loved ones residing in Seattle, are urged to assist our outside volunteers in the production of PLN. This task consists of two phases: The folding and stapling that takes place before the regular mailing at the Capitol Hill home of a volunteer. And the general mailing that consists of adding address labels and sorting the newsletters. Each of these once-a-month jobs takes about 1<$E1/2> hours. Anyone who can make either the folding or the mailing should drop Paul or me a line and we will put you in touch with the folks doing the mailing. This is a small slice of your monthly time, and you needn't even make it every month. Please help us out if there is any way you can. The ongoing production of the newsletter depends on a good base of outside volunteers.

STUDY GROUPS: About eight month ago I asked readers if they would be interested in participating in a political, philosophical, and legal study group. The response was underwhelming. Accordingly, in a subsequent issue I reported this fact and said I was scrapping the idea due to a lack of interest. Well, that brought on a spat of letters from interested subscribers asking me to reconsider that decision. We will get the course going. Those interested in participating should write me a letter saying so. We will get the project off the ground within the next couple of months. This is not going to be a free law book program, but rather a lot of hard study primarily in the areas of philosophy, politics and law. Don't get involved unless you are willing to give it a good try. We will provide you with the necessary books and course materials when the time comes.

BACK ISSUES: We have had quite a few people asking us for back issues of the newsletter. Most of these come from law firms or law libraries. We don't have many sets of back issues, and getting more copies run is a real problem. Still, we can provide copies of back issues at a rate of $35.00 per year for the years of 1990, 1991, 1992 and 1993 (volumes I, II, III, and IV). This may be something your institutional law library will be interested in obtaining for their collection.

BIG MAILING: Last month we mailed out an extra thousand plus free sample copies of the newsletter and a subscription form to prison law libraries at every maximum, medium, and minimum security prison in the United States. That means your prison law library has one of these. This would be a good time to urge your law librarian (or the person responsible for supervising the law library) to subscribe to PLN. Please make it your task for tomorrow to see if you can get your law library to subscribe at our institutional rate of $35.00 per year. It is the money generated by these institutional subscribers that pays for the 38 percent of the newsletter subscriptions we give away to locked down and death row readers.

CONCLUSION: That about wraps it up for another month. Again, if you are an outside person in the Seattle area, I urge you to attend our monthly mailings. The time involved is small, the people you will be working with are wonderful, and the political impact of your time will be considerable. Prisoners with loved ones in the area should make them familiar with the paper and ask them to become involved in the production process. Continue sending us articles. You can see that we are using what you write, and that the newsletter is considerably improved as a result of it. We are especially interested in "How To" pieces on various aspects of prisoner rights litigation. Enough for today, precious reader. Be sure to pass this on to a comrade when you are done with it.

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