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Editorial Comments

By Ed Mead

Well, at long last here I am writing my very first editorial from the streets! Regular PLN readers will remember that some month ago I initiated a campaign to get myself free. For reasons I still don't quite understand, I am finally out here in minimum custody. What this means in real terms is that my cage is larger, my leash longer, the bribes more numerous. Other than that things are just the same. And my work will be the same, too. The newsletter will not only continue, it is going to be even better. And at last I will be able to put some computer time into the calendar project and other PLN-related tasks that have been put off for too long.

Paul put together the contents of the December issue all by himself. That was because I was off in a federal prison trying to convince my captors that the court order mandating my release was indeed genuine. This month, however, the burden of putting the newsletter together fell entirely on my shoulders.

Hope you like the PLN's new format. I will occasionally experiment with different styles, trying them out until I find one or two that I like enough to call our own. Next month I will try a three column newsletter, which may be easier for you to read. Write and let me know if you have some suggestions in this regard.

Here's a nice tip for you die-hards who actually read these monthly editorial comments: Larry Goldsmith of the Prison Book Program (92 Green Street, Jamaica Plain, MA 02130) has reconditioned typewriters to give to qualifying prisoners. There are about seven of them left, electric and manual, and they are to be given to prisoners who are doing work for others, either prisoner rights litigation or some other form of progressive political activity on the inside. If you think you fit the bill, let Larry know what you are doing and why you need the machine. Also include any relevant restrictions that may apply to sending it in.

With this issue we start our fifth publishing year. In all of that time we have not only never missed putting out an issue, we've never even been more than a week late for a mailing. That's quite an accomplishment for a motly crew like us.

Remember that we are able to keep producing this paper each month because of your donations. Lately we have had to buy some computer-related stuff for the paper, which made our coffers low. So like the TV preacher says, keep those contributions comin' in.

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