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Kurdish Prisoners Resist

Kurdish political prisoners at the Diyarbakir maximum security prison in Turkey battled soldiers on October 4, 1994, in an attempt to block the torture and interrogation of another prisoner. Turkish soldiers fired shots into the air and tear gassed the prisoners, who responded by throwing broken glass and rocks. About 157 prisoners were involved in the struggle. An undisclosed number of prisoners were injured and soldiers soon regained control of the prison but did not immediately storm cell blocks occupied by protesting prisoners.

The prisoners were all members of the PKK, Kurdish Worker's Party, an armed communist party seeking the independence of Kurdistan. Since 1984 the PKK has fought a bitter war against the Turkish government and army. The war has been characterized by massive human rights abuses against the Kurdish civilian population and captured combatants. Those desiring more information about the PKK and its struggle should write: Kurdistan Information Center, 11 Portland Gardens, P.O. Box 1922, London, N4 1DL, England.


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