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Prisoner Beating Filmed

The January 5, 1994, issue of the New York Times reported that two New York state DOC guards, Korey Gordon and Edward Sharrow, had been fired after they were caught on video tape brutally beating prisoner Jason McDade. McDade was handcuffed and not resisting when the guards struck him on the head and legs with their batons. The attack occurred at the Great Meadow State Prison in Comstock.

NY DOC spokesperson James Flateau stated that the NY DOC does not tolerate excessive use of force against prisoners and will immediately discipline guards involved in abusing prisoners. Two other guards involved in the incident, who did not beat McDade but lied about the incident and tried to cover it up, were suspended without pay for six and nine months, respectively.

A PLN reader at Comstock who wishes to remain anonymous, had this to say: "Such brutality is routine in this `end of the line' prison, but it is rare that it is caught on videotape and even rarer that such a tape is released. Once the film was out there, they had to dismiss the two guards. The commissioner made a ringing statement about not tolerating abuse."

"What none of the media reported is that the captain who sent the film to Albany (DOC headquarters), rather than suppress it, and the Deputy Superintendent for Security who backed him, have both been booted out of here to comparable ranks at other facilities but as a clear indication of reproach. Of course the media will never deal with how routine the brutality is."

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