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IN Prisoner and Guard Executed

On December 8,1994, Gregory Resnover was executed by the state of Indiana. Governor Evan Bayh denied Resnover's request for clemency. Resnover was convicted and sentenced in 1984 for the 1980 killing of an Indianapolis police sergeant and in connection with the robbery and slaying of a Brinks security guard at a K-Mart. The last execution in Indiana was in 1985.

In retaliation for Resnover's execution, a prison guard named Phillip Curry was stabbed to death on December 13, 1994, at the Indiana State Prison in Michigan City. Prisoner Leonard McQuay was arrested in the guard's execution and sent to MCC Westville.

As one prisoner has stated: "This sort of pushes things to a whole new level in this state for the prison movement, primarily because such a move is unprecedented in this state and the political ramifications of such a retaliatory act is extreme. Resnover was a revolutionary political prisoner of war who had a political case. He was well liked and loved by many prisoners." The prison at Michigan City was placed on lock down and all death row prisoners were moved to Westville.

Curry's death came after Charles Roche, a death row prisoner at Michigan City, fired 3 shots at a guard with a homemade .22 caliber pistol during an escape attempt with four other death row prisoners. For more information on events in Indiana contact: Indiana Committee Against SuperMax Abuse, P.O.Box 20670, Indianapolis, IN. 46220 (317) 475-1755.

Shortly after receiving the above information we received the following letter from McQuay. We have given him a free subscription to PLN and urge any of our readers who can be of assistance to help him as they can. His letter states: "Revolutionary Salutes, I'm writing to you to advise you that I was just charged with murder by the Laporte County of Indiana. This charge comes in light of the death of a prison guard at the Indiana State Prison. I am a New Afrikan revolutionary that has been struggling throughout the department of corrections, waging struggles against colonial/neo-colonial oppression on every level. As you already know, the colonial state in Indiana just killed yet another New Afrikan revolutionary in the electric chair. My charge comes right after Gregory Resnover's execution. The state has waged its plot to kill all the ones who stand up in defense of their revolutionary integrity from the parasitic genocidal oppression.

"Could you please print a brief notice on these matters? I am seeking the support of the revolutionary national/ international community. The Euro-arena will try to advance its measures of death in this case. I need help to prepare for my defense. Please let me know as soon as you can on this matter. I want the people to know that the racist colonial elite plan to kill me through a political lynching." Write: Leonard McQuay (AKA Khalfani Khaldun) # 874304, P.O. Box 557, MCC, Westville, IN 46391-0057.

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