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CA Guard Plants Ammo

California prison guard, Mark B. Hardisty, not satisfied with his share of gravy from the state trough, decided he'd get himself some extra overtime pay. "That is the allegation they've come up with," says Hardisty's lawyer, Mike Rains of the Department of Corrections' case against his client.

According to state investigators Hardisty smuggled six .22-caliber bullets into California State Prison-Solano and planted them in the prison yard. The bullets were later found, wrapped in cellophane, with a note addressed to the prisoners in Building 12 that said, "This is your share." As a result of the ammo discovery, the prison was locked down for ten days.

Prison officials contend that Hardisty wrote the note as well as another note he allegedly "discovered" while processing prisoners' mail that read. "Any officer that wants to make the biggest find of their life, look in and around the trash cans outside of the building."

Hardisty, a CA guard for about ten years, was fired on July 3, 1995. Criminal charges were filed against him. He faces up to four years if convicted.

Rains said he is trying to resolve the case against his client by working out a deal with Solano County prosecutors wherein Hardesty would agree not to try and regain his job in exchange for leniency. Despite the attempt to strike a deal, Rains said his 37 year old client maintains his innocence. The attorney said "correctional officers other than Mark Hardisty" may be responsible for the placement of the ammunition.

Sacramento Bee, Aug. 24, 1995.

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