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Attention Prisoners Convicted of Drug Offenses!

The PLN has often stated that in terms of political power prisoners don't have a voice that anyone in power has to listen to. A PLN reader in USP Lewisburg disagrees and submitted the following.

Inform everyone you know (your spouse, children, family members, friends) to telephone both of their Senators and members of the House of Representatives once per month and deliver the message: "Decriminalize drugs and stop wasting my taxes incarcerating drug offenders."

Inform everyone you know that they dial (202) 224-3121 in order to speak with both their Senators and member of the House of Representatives. If anyone does not know the names of their two Senators and House member, they need only telephone their nearest Post Office and ask for that information.

Remind everyone to telephone once per month until the repressive drug laws are changed. Talk to other prisoners and get them involved, too. The more people that are phoning in the message to their two Senators and Congressional Representative every month the sooner the laws will get changed and the sooner you may get out of prison.

In 1992 there were one million people arrested for drug offenses, at a cost of $40 billion. 340,000 of those arrests were for marijuana offenses. Currently there are over 250,000 drug offenders in state and federal prisons. Approximately 65 percent of federal prisoners are imprisoned as a result of drug laws.

If all of those imprisoned for drug offenses got their family and friends to call their Senators and Congressional Representative every month... well now, that just might be a voice that would have to be heard.

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