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Prisoners as NAFTA Export?

Worried about the cost of California's new Three Strikes And You're In Law--recently made a constitutional amendment by the success of Prop 184?  Some say it will bankrupt California as we convert the State into a 21st Century Gulag. The voters pamphlet conservatively predicted that $20 billion will be spent for new prisons in the next 30 years, and operating costs will rise by $3-$6 billion a year over that time, over the already skyrocketing incarceration rate increases. It's safe to say that those estimates are way too low. We haven't even scratched the surface of the Tough-On-Crime mentality. There's an endless supply of "criminals"soon to include 10 year olds who refuse to wear bike helmets and high schoolers who protest school policies.  Where will the State get all that prison money? Education? Not education!  What will we do?  What will we do?

Not to worry, Bippy. A newly elected Georgia congressman who is a retired cop and ex-Newt Gingrich top aide is already at work on the Real American Solution: a NAFTA-inspired bill that would sub-contract long term incarceration to Mexico at bargain rates. He says he's already spoken to the Mexican government about it and negotiations are underway. This would be a Win-Win-Win-Win-Win-Win-Win scenario, wouldn't it?  Prison guards who thought their over-paid union jobs were secure should think again. Like everyone else: You can be replaced. And Mexico wouldn't coddle those damn dope peddlers. With a few pastel interior redecorations, cottage industry entrepreneurs could convert newly vacant places like Pelican Bay into lunacy B&Bs for fun & profit. See?  Winners everywhere!  Let Mexico be the prison, then we could use NAFTA to subcontract low skill work to our own prisoners since Mexico's already equivalent to prison labor anyway. And trash, don't forget The Trash!  Sub that out too--we've wrecked Mexico with industrial pollution already, why not finish the job? Surely they wouldn't mind.  Think of the recycling opportunities!

Reprinted from Anderson Valley Advertiser

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