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A Matter of Fact

Since 1991, Ohio's corrections budget has grown by $527 million, a 110 percent increase. Ohio now spends three times more money on state prisons than it does on grade school students.

Of 20,088 Maryland prisoners in 1994, 15,457 were black -- a staggering 76.9 percent. Ninety percent of the 281 prisoners in Maryland's Super Max prison (MCAC) in 1994 were black.

According to FBI statistics, in 1992, the murder rates in states which have abolished the death penalty averaged 4.9 murders per 100,000 population; states still using the death penalty averaged 9.1 murders per 100,000 population.

The state of Ohio spent more than $34 million in riot related expenses stemming from the 11-day 1993 Easter uprising at Lucasville. The $34 million includes costs of controlling the uprising, prosecuting 47 prisoners and repairing and renovating the prison.

James "Andy" Collins, former executive director of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice said, "The goddamn media did as much as anyone to build all those prisons [in Texas] because they fanned the flames of public hysteria. The issue of crime has become entertainment. Turn on the TV. Cops, Rescue 911. That kind of crap." -- Texas Monthly, May '96.

Business Week's annual Executive Pay Report shows that in 1995 average CEO salary and bonus rose 18 percent to $1.65 million; and average CEO compensation (salary, bonus, and long-term compensation such as stock options) jumped by 30 percent to $3.75 million. That comes to $75,000 a week, or $1,875 an hour.

A 1996 Census Bureau Report noted that in 1994 the bottom 40% of Americans received 12.5% of national income, an all-time low, while the top 20% received a record high of almost half the national income.

"The principal contradiction between the oppressor and the oppressed can be reduced to the fact that the only way the oppressor can maintain his position is by fostering, nurturing, building contempt for the oppressed." -- George Jackson from Remembering the Dragon.
Karla Laughlin, McNeil Island Prison (WA) "Work Ethic Camp" program manager, quoted in a Seattle newspaper: "So much of what we're talking about is stuff parents never taught their kids. How to sit properly for females; the barbaric behavior of males; the burping and farting. Sometimes I think it's like they've all been raised by animals."

According to Harvard economist Richard Freeman, the number of U.S. men incarcerated in 1993 was almost 2% of the total number of men in the labor market. Public jobs for police, judges, prison guards and related jobs account for around 2% of U.S.'s full-time employment.

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