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NBC Slanders Freedom Fighter

On Oct. 1, NBC's Sunday Night Movie was titled, 'In The Line Of Duty: The Hunt For Justice." It was billed as the "true story" of the decade long government hunt for a group of anti-imperialist political fugitives who, when finally captured in 1984 and 85, were called the Ohio-7. This was a pro-FBI/police government movie, that contained many misrepresentations and one very dangerous outright lie. It had no input or collaboration from any of the Ohio-7. In fact we weren't even aware that this movie existed until it was aired.

Besides casting the revolutionary fugitives in a negative light while the government was portrayed heroically, a totally fabricated element was included. Richard Williams, one of the Ohio-7, was shown as cooperating and providing information to the FBI. This is absolutely false. In one scene, as Richard is being transported by the FBI and NJ State Police, they threaten to kill him and as the scene ends he is seen agreeing to talk. This never happened. No defendant in any of the Ohio-7 state and federal trials, including Richard Williams, ever was a government witness or in any way worked with the government against the Ohio-7.

Richard Williams was convicted in Brooklyn federal court for conspiracy and bombing and later in N.J. state court for shooting a State Trooper. He received double life from N.J. and 45 years from the federal case. Richard, like three other Ohio-7 political prisoners, has been in prison for about 11 years. He has no release date.

Richard is and for years has been a committed left activist, a political prisoner, a stand up convict and my friend. This slanderous lie has the stink of the FBI Cointelpro on it. It is designed to cause mental anguish as well as physical attack on the Ohio-7, to relentlessly attempt break down resistance that has held strong over the years in hopes of cooperation from the others, which has not succeeded in the past. This is a very serious move against our brother. Because of the nature of this government lie, I am releasing this statement immediately and ask that it be disseminated as widely as possible. I am one of the Ohio-7 and I feel confident that I speak for all the Ohio-7 when I denounce this government lie against Richard Williams.

I did not see this movie. By what I have heard described, it sounds like it contained many other misrepresentations designed to portray us, and our part in the Freedom Struggle, in an ugly and distorted light. Our fellow prisoners need to understand that the government does not give up its torture game. If they think you have information they want, only the strong can withstand their lies and intimidation. We support the strong.

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