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From the Editor

Welcome to another year of PLN. This issue contains our case and subject index for 1999. In 1995 we decided that indexing PLN would greatly enhance its value as a research tool. All of our back issues are indexed and each January we have published the index to the previous year's worth of PLNs.

This will probably be the last year we publish our annual index as part of PLN. As PLN has grown in size our coverage has expanded and so has the index. PLN is currently publishing 28 or 32 pages each month (compared to 10 when we first started.) If we had the funds we could easily publish 40 or 50 pages per issue. However, if we publish more than 32 pages our printer cannot fold the issue and mailing the magazine flat significantly raises our postage costs, to say nothing of our printing bill being 'higher the more pages we print.

With the index now taking up more than half of the January issue, we will probably either mail the index separately, send it on request or post it on our web site in future years.

As always, we welcome comments, suggestions and feedback on the index and PLN itself. We are in the process of finishing a cumulative PLN index that will list, by subject and case name, all articles PLN has published between 1990 and 1999, the first ten years of PLN. Once it is finished and ready for shipping we will announce it in PLN.

I would like to thank everyone who has responded to PLN's fundraising letter. If you haven't sent in a donation yet, it is by no means too late to do so. Every little bit helps. PLN needs to raise an additional $24,000 this year to hire and pay a second staff person. Your support is urgently required to make this happen.

We would like to thank A Territory Resource in Seattle for giving PLN a $5,000 grant in November, 1999, to assist us in meeting our $24,000 goal so we can hire a second staff person. We are especially grateful to Shannon Hall who has generously volunteered her time to assist PLN in seeking additional funding by writing grants. Earlier in 1999, Resist in Massachusetts gave PLN a $2,000 grant which is what allowed us to expand the selection of books we offer to our readers. We are grateful to Resist and A Territory Resource for their support of PLN and the work we do.

The latest in the unending censorship struggles is that the Nevada Department of Prisons has decided to censor all copies of PLN entering Nevada prisons. Nevada prison officials refuse to respond to PLN's inquiries on the reasons for the censorship but their attorney seems to think that if they can prohibit prisoners from writing each other then they can censor magazines that have articles written by prisoners, such as PLN. It appears that Nevada prison officials do not know the difference between a magazine and personal correspondence.

Speaking of idiots, Jeffrey Sperry is the Kansas prisoner who sued PLN claiming he was unhappy with one of our advertisers products. In November, 1999, the trial court in Leavenworth county, Kansas, granted PLN's motion for summary judgement and ruled that PLN had not engaged in any fraudulent or deceptive conduct as Sperry had claimed in his frivolous suit. PLN has been dismissed from the case.

If you are wondering what happened to PLN's book ads in this issue, rest assured we are still selling books. To make room for the index we decided not to run the ads in this issue, but we are still selling all the previously listed books. We will run the usual ads in next months issue.

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