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From the Editor

by Paul Wright

We have recently added several new books to the list of titles PLN is distributing. In coming months we will add more titles to our book list. As PLN 's office situation stabilizes our staff has more time to do things like track down book suppliers.

Among the books that we have added to our distribution list is With Liberty for Some , by Scott Christianson. We first reviewed the book a while back when it first came out. Now available in paperback, it offers the best history of the American prison system there is. It is well written, highly informative and easy to read. The author does a fantastic job of putting today's prison situation into historical context so that 2 million imprisoned Americans is merely continuity rather than an aberration. I highly recommend this book and I am very pleased that PLN can distribute it.

In some cases PLN 's ability to distribute the titles we want (especially law books) is hampered by the fact that some publishers will not offer discounts to resellers such as PLN . In a few cases, publishers have offered PLN discounts which we are passing along to our readers. Legal Research , 7th edition, published by Nolo Press, normally retails for $24.95. By dealing with the publisher rather than a distributor we have obtained a better discount, which we are passing along to our readers. While supplies last, the book is available exclusively from PLN for only $19.95, plus shipping. See page 33 for ordering information. Watch our book pages in each issue of PLN for new titles and special discounts.

We are also working on expanding PLN 's circulation. In addition to gaining new subscribers, keeping the ones we have is important. A trend we have noticed is that most prisoners let their subscriptions lapse when they are released from prison. While it is understandable to want to put the prison experience behind you upon release, many prisoners are released on parole, supervised release, or community placement. PLN duly reports on the rights of parolees and probationers as well as prisoners. With the stakes even higher, all the more reason to keep your PLN subscription current.

We would like to encourage all our readers to subscribe or extend their subscriptions for more than one year at a time. It ensures readers receive all their issues, and saves PLN the time and resources of not having to send renewal notices, process them, etc.

A number of readers have written to ask about PLN 's index. In the past we published an index in the January issue. As PLN grew, so did the index, until it took up most of the issue. We have been working on putting together a cumulative index that concisely lists all articles published in PLN . An enormous amount of work has gone into this project and we expect to have it ready to print and distribute shortly. As soon as it is ready we will announce it in PLN .

As noted in last month's PLN , an anonymous donor has again agreed to provide PLN with a matching grant in the amount of $15,000. We urgently need the funds in order to keep the second staff person we hired. Each month we will report the progress of our fundraiser. Any and all donations are welcome.

Enjoy this issue of PLN and please encourage others to subscribe.

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