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From the Editor

Welcome to PLN's 132nd consecutive issue. May 2001, marks PLN's eleventh anniversary. In that time period PLN has grown from a 10 page, hand typed, photocopied newsletter to its current magazine format and size.

As reported in last month's editorial, things at PLN have been hectic in the aftermath of the disappearance of PLN's former office manager Fred Markham in mid February. Since then, our main goal has been to get PLN's monthly production back on schedule. Equally important, and vital, has been the reconstruction of PLN's financial records, reorganizing our office and in many ways starting from scratch. We are still assessing the damage caused by Fred's embezzlement and sabotage. Right now PLN is having higher expenses than normal, including having to hire an accountant to help us reconstruct the financial records that Fred stole or destroyed to cover up his thievery. If you can afford a donation at this time, please send it. Any support, including stamps, is much appreciated.

At our current rate of progress, we hope to be back on our regular publishing schedule by the June or July issue. You can save valuable staff time by renewing or extending your subscription before it expires. We will keep readers apprised of developments and progress.

On January 19, 2001, longtime political activist and political prisoner supporter Herman Liveright, 89, died in a Corpus Christi hospital in Texas where he was spending the winter. Herman's political activism included being fired as program director of a New Orleans television station for refusing to tell the U.S. senate's internal security committee if he was a communist. He was also convicted of contempt of congress. The U.S. supreme court reversed his conviction in 1962. For many years Herman and his partner Betty have published This Just In.. A Bulletin for News of Political Prisoners and POWs. Herman is survived by his partner Betty, son Timothy, daughter Beth, his sister Lucy Wilson and two grandchildren. Herman will be sorely missed by the activist community. Everyone at PLN offers their condolences to Herman's family.

One of the last acts by president Clinton before he left office was commuting the sentence of political prisoner, and PLN columnist, Linda Evans. Linda was released from prison on January 20, 2001, after serving some 17 years in prison for anti imperialist actions against the U.S. government. We wish Linda luck and success in her newfound liberty.

On March 21, 2001, the court of appeals for the Ninth circuit reversed the dismissal of PLN's lawsuit against the Washington DOC over the censorship of our May, 1999, issue. Washington prisoncrats censored that issue of PLN because it exposed the DOC's long time practice of hiring and employing Nazis and white supremists. The ruling is unpublished and will be reported in greater detail in an upcoming issue of PLN. The case is PLN v. Washington DOC.

PLN was represented in that case by Frank Cuthbertson of the Tacoma law firm of Gordon, Thomas, Honeywell, Malanca, Peterson and Daheim. On March 2, 2001, five days before oral argument was scheduled in the case, Frank was appointed to the Pierce county (Tacoma) superior court bench by governor Gary Locke. In doing so, Frank made history by becoming the first African American judge in Pierce county history. Tim Scott, another lawyer with the firm, took over the case and did oral argument in the case. PLN and many other injured plaintiffs have lost a powerful and compassionate advocate with Frank's ascension to the bench. The residents of Pierce county have gained a brilliant and fair-minded jurist committed to the principle of equal justice before the law. Everyone at PLN wishes Frank success as a judge.

The other good news is that with the reversal in that case, at this point, PLN has never lost a lawsuit. The case has been remanded to the district court in Spokane for further proceedings.

Enjoy this issue of PLN and please encourage others to subscribe.

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