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From the Editor

The index for the 2004 issues of PLN is now ready and available for shipping. PLN's indexes are a great stand alone research tool as well as the best tool to maximize the use of PLN as a research tool. Each index lists all PLN articles by issue and article title and topics can be researched by case name as well as topic. With more than 500 individual topics, any subject can be quickly pinpointed and at a glance provide information such as the state of origin, case outcome, damage and attorney fee award, injunctions, and much more. The 2004 index is a bargain at only $10.00. Or purchase a combined 2002, 2003 and 2004 index for only $22.50. Indexes can be ordered from PLN on the ordering form in this issue on pages 45 and 46.

As this issue of PLN goes to press our matching grant fundraiser is still going on and we won't know if we have met our $25,000 goal until next month's issue of PLN . Since we remain reader supported, any donations above the cost of a subscription are what allow us to continue our work.

This issue contains articles on the recent Tenth circuit appeals court ruling in PLN's favor in our suit against the Kansas DOC's ban on gift subscriptions. That case is proceeding forward and it remains to be seen if it will result in a settlement or a trial. This issue also contains an article on the court ruling also in PLN's favor in our suit against the Florida DOC over its censorship of PLN and its practice of punishing writers who receive compensation from publishers for their writings. PLN has no litigation budget and we are able to carry out these important struggles only due to donations we receive from our readers. Sadly, PLN is the only organization fighting against censorship of prisoners' mail and for their right to receive publications as well as publishers' ability to send them. Currently PLN has three other cases pending in appellate courts and two others in district courts.

Apparently PLN's fame has spread farther than I imagined when a reader alerted me to a thriller by best selling author Lisa Gardner, The Next Accident . The book deals with two FBI agents tracking a serial killer and low and behold, PLN is duly mentioned as the personal favorite magazine of one of the novel's fictional FBI agents. As far as I know, this is PLN's first mention in a novel.

PLN continues to receive a lot of mail from our prisoner readers. I would like to thank all those who send us settlements, unpublished court rulings and news clippings as those are all put to good use and help keep our news coverage up to date with news that is frequently reported nowhere else. However, some guidelines on writing to PLN that will save time and postage. Generally we are not interested in individual cases that are filed. We usually only report on class actions when they are filed that are of national interest. Otherwise, we wait until there is a decision on the merits before we report on it. If you have filed a lawsuit against prison or jail officials, we will most likely only be able to report it as a verdict or a settlement if and when you win. You can save time and postage by waiting until you have won a case. We do not report on individual criminal cases as we lack the time, space and resources to do so.

We also receive requests for cases and other legal materials. The only materials we are geared up to provide are those which we advertise. If it isn't advertised in PLN , don't write and ask us for it. When writing PLN please be concise and to the point. Don't send a five page letter and wait until the last paragraph to mention you also need an address change.

If a copy of PLN has been censored by prison or jail officials, please send us a copy of the rejection notice you receive and we encourage you to exhaust whatever administrative remedies you have and send us copies of all responses.

Also, if you patronize the services of any PLN advertiser, please tell them you saw their ad in PLN . It helps advertisers know which ads are reaching their customers and encourages them to continue advertising with PLN. Likewise if you know of any businesses that you think might be interested in reaching PLN's readers let us know who they are and we can contact with a PLN advertising packet.

Enjoy this issue of PLN and please encourage others to subscribe.

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