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Since PLN began publishing in 1990, we have never had to make a retraction based on our own factual mistake. While we’ve run corrections before, they were based on errors in the original news articles or reports that were used as source material. PLN strives for accuracy.
That being said, we need to make a correction to articles we ran in the September 2004 and July 2006 issues of PLN, regarding an incident where four prisoners were shot with a smuggled gun at the Washington, D.C. jail.

We stated in those articles that the four prisoners involved – Frederick Robinson, Leonard Johnson, Jamal Jefferson and Shawn Gray – were prosecuted, and that Johnson and Jefferson had cooperated with authorities and testified against their co-defendants.
That was incorrect. Leonard Johnson did not cooperate with the prosecution; he was found guilty and sentenced to 69 months in prison. His case, which is currently on appeal, raises claims of prosecutorial misconduct among other issues. According to the Washington Post, Robinson and Jefferson assisted the prosecution in the D.C. jail shooting case.
PLN regrets the error and we are glad to set the record straight.

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