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CORRECTIONS To Danny Trejo Interview in August 2011 PLN

Prison Legal News always strives to get things right. Last August, our cover story was an interview with former prisoner and famous actor Danny Trejo. The interview was conducted live, in person, and transcribed to print. Unfortunately, due to difficulties with the audio transcription process, some mistakes were made. We are therefore running the following corrections to our August 2011 cover story:

Page 3 – First column, first paragraph. Mr. Trejo did not say his son is a rap singer; rather, he is a punk/rock fan.

Page 4 – Third column, at the top. Mr. Trejo worked for Jimmy Gene at the Narcotics Prevention Project, not Danny Lebatoff. The corrected paragraph should read, “Yeah, and I was also just doing a lot of volunteer work. You know, talking at schools, doing whatever I could. And this organization called the Narcotics Prevention Project heard about me and a guy named Jimmy Gene who was also an ex-convict offered me a job. So I went to work for him and they saw that I was kind of articulate and I was the court liaison for a while, then I was the hospital coordinator. And the NPP was one of the first substance abuse programs here in LA other than Synanon and those beat-you-down kinds of....”

Page 6 – First column, first full paragraph. “Rap jacket” should be “rat jacket.”

Page 6 – Middle column, halfway down. Mr. Trejo said, “International Tattoo Magazine says it’s the most recognizable tattoo in the world.”

Page 7 – First column, 4th paragraph from the top. Mr. Trejo’s answer was, “Exactly. I think society in general don’t care as long as you do the work.”

Page 8 – First column, 2nd full paragraph from the bottom. “I go to Hawaii and I say...” should instead read, “I go to CYA [California Youth Authority] and I say....”

Page 8 – Middle column, at the top. This sentence should read, “The teachers’ union, the teachers’ union is probably the best thing that ever happened to teachers, probably the worst thing that ever happened to students.”

PLN apologizes for these errors, and we’re pleased to make the above corrections and set the record straight. The article has been corrected on our website.

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