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South Carolina Woman Arrested, Jailed for Overdue Jennifer Lopez Movie Rental

by Joe Watson

Spending good money to rent the movie "Monster-In-Law," starring Jennifer Lopez and Jane Fonda, is bad enough. Not returning it after nine years is downright criminal, at least in Pickens County, South Carolina, where sheriff's deputies actually arrested Kayla Michelle Finley on February 13, 2014, for not taking back the VHS tape she rented in 2005.

Finley, 27, was dealing with an unrelated matter at the sheriff's office when a warrant for her arrest issued by a Pickens County judge years before was discovered. The owner of Dalton Videos—which now, in the age of Netflix and Amazon Prime, is out of business—actually persuaded the judge to issue the warrant when Finley did not return the J-Lo flick.

According to Pickens County Chief Deputy Creed Hashe, Finley was sent several certified letters asking her to turn herself in to police. But Finley said in a post on the Fox Carolina News Facebook page after her arrest that she had moved out of state because of her husband's job, forgot about the rental and never received any letters from the sheriff's office.

What's even more ridiculous is that Finley was forced to spend a night in jail to wait for a bond hearing. She was not released until after she posted a $2,000 bond the following day.

"I'm no criminal, but Pickens County Sheriff's office sure made me feel like I was," Finley added in the Facebook post.

A reader of a story on Finley's arrest best summed up the absurdity of it all in a comment posted there: "They should sentence her to time already served," the commenter wrote. "She'll never get the 2 hours she spent watching that movie back."