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Mystery of Guard's Death Unlocked

The guard who was murdered [during an escape attempt at the Wyoming state penitentiary in June 1997] was in a cage built for the "Shift Commander" when he was stabbed to death. The cage is made of brick, concrete, steel, and bullet-proof glass. HE DIDN'T LOCK THE DOOR! But the news media hasn't mentioned this fact once.

-- B.K., Wyoming

MI Phone Rip Off

I have read the article which appeared in PLN (Vol. 4, number 4) by Paul Wright about the prison telephone system. I was amazed to learn that the Washington DOC telephone contract states that the commission checks are sent to each institution and made payable to the Inmate Welfare Fund. That is not the case in Michigan.

The Michigan DOC keeps" all commissions paid by the telephone companies in spite of our protests. The Inmate Benefit Fund does not receive a single penny. We are currently litigating the matter and we hope to be successful.

B.K. Jackson, MI.


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