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Articles by Christopher Zoukis

California Prisoner Denied Adequate Exercise Time Accepts Settlement

     Thomas Goolsby, a prisoner at the California Correctional Institution in Tehachapi, agreed to a settlement with California prison officials for an undisclosed amount over the inadequate amount of outdoor exercise time he was provided.

     As a maximum security prisoner, Goolsby was only allowed to exercise by himself in ...

$224,528 Awarded to County Jail Employee in New York Retaliation Suit

by Christopher Zoukis

A federal jury awarded Mark Battistoni, an employee at the Dutchess County, New York, jail, $224,528 after it found that his employer unlawfully retaliated against him.

     In July 2007, Battistoni received reports that the wife of his supervisor, Gary Christensen, was engaging in sexual conduct ...

Daughter of Texas Prisoner Who Died from Asthma Attack Receives Settlement

by Christopher Zoukis

C.P., the minor daughter of a Texas prisoner who died after suffering an asthma attack while in prison, agreed to a settlement with the Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ) and a prison guard, the terms of which were unreported.

     Shermaine Peterson, who suffered from ...

$50,000 Settlement for New York Female Prisoner Fondled by Physician's Assistant

by Christopher Zoukis

Tunisia Ivory, a female prisoner at Riverhead Correctional Facility in Suffolk County, New York, received $50,000 in a settlement with the county over allegations that she was inappropriately touched on multiple occasions by a medical assistant, and that this assistant was allowed to continue in his ...

$45,000 Settlement Ends Pennsylvania Prisoner Federal Assault Suit Against Guards

by Christopher Zoukis

A former prisoner at Fayette County Prison, Pennsylvania, who was allegedly assaulted by prison guards on several occasions resulting in physical and emotional injuries, agreed to an out-of-court settlement totaling $45,000.

     While Timothy Michael Reckner was incarcerated, he was cooperating with authorities in a homicide ...

$1,500 Settlement After New York Prisoner Claims Smoke Injuries

by Christopher Zoukis

A prisoner at Franklin Correctional Facility in Malone, New York, received a settlement of $1,500 to drop his federal lawsuit in which he alleged suffering severe respiratory attacks from unauthorized smoking within the prison.

     Kenneth Ward allegedly suffered from severe breathing problems and was repeatedly ...

Pennsylvania Prison Inmate Receives Settlement for Ceiling Collapse Injury

by Christopher Zoukis

 Ian Quarles, a Pennsylvania inmate at State Correctional Institution Smithfield, agreed to a settlement in response to alleged injuries caused by the collapse of a shower ceiling.

     On October 12, 2005, Quarles was allegedly injured when the ceiling of a shower collapsed on him. He filed ...

$25,000 Awarded to New York Prison Inmate Over Medical Mistreatment

by Christopher Zoukis

 Michael Brew, a prisoner at the Greene Correctional Facility in Coxsackie, New York, was awarded $25,000 in damages against a prison doctor whom a federal jury found was deliberately indifferent to Brew's serious medical needs.

     On March 11, 2004, Brew was struck in the ...

California Casino Patron Settles Civil Rights Suit with Casino and Tehama County Sheriff's Department

by Christopher Zoukis

 A California man, who was allegedly mistreated by the staff of a casino he was visiting and sheriff's deputies who forcefully arrested him, accepted a settlement agreement of an undisclosed amount for his troubles.

     On July 19, 2008, Roger Clark went to the Rolling Hill ...

$1.25 Million Settlement for Chicago Man Coerced into Confessing to Rape and Murder

by Christopher Zoukis

Harold Hill, who was coerced into confessing to a rape and murder, and freed from prison when DNA evidence exonerated him nearly 13 years later, settled with the Chicago Police Department for $1,250,000. Attorney's fees accounted for $750,000 of the settlement amount.

In ...