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Articles by Christopher Zoukis

Sikh Harassed for Refusing to Cut Beard Settles Civil Rights Suit with California Prison Officials

by Christopher Zoukis

A practicing Sikh in a California prison who refused to cut his beard for religious reasons when ordered by guards agreed to a settlement with the prison system and officials.

     On March 22, 2007, Kanwaljit Singh Hundal was told by guards at Chuckawalla Valley State Prison ...

$78,214 Awarded to Massachusetts Prisoner Assaulted by Other Inmates

by Christopher Zoukis

A prisoner incarcerated in the Massachusetts Department of Corrections (MDOC) who warned guards of an impending attack, was assured by them of his safety, and then attacked, was awarded $78,214 by a Superior Court jury.

     Dennis Pritchard, 58, began receiving threats of assault by another prisoner ...

Kentucky Jail Guard Receives $60,000 Jury Award in Sexual Harassment Suit

 A female corporal at the Fayette County Jail in Kentucky who was sexually harassed by her male supervisors was awarded $60,000 after a jury agreed with her harassment claim but rejected her claim of assault and retaliation.

     Charlotte Trotter began working at the Fayette County Jail in 2000, and ...

Visually Impaired Missouri Prisoner Receives Settlement Over Denial of Reasonable Accommodations

by Christopher Zoukis

Richard Ruffin, a prisoner at the Missouri Eastern Correctional Center (MECC), received an enforced settlement with the prison and prison officials, one aspect of which provides him with enlarged-text materials that he is able to read with his visual disability.

     Ruffin was suffering from end-stage glaucoma ...

Assaulted Detainee Settles with Louisiana Jail over Deliberate Indifference to His Safety

by Christopher Zoukis

A mentally ill jail Louisiana detainee who was beaten by fellow inmates after urinating on another detainee’s shoes agreed to a settlement with jail employees regarding his civil rights suit.

On April 16, 2004, Stephen Stewart was placed on probation over a felony drug charge and misdemeanor ...

$60,000 settlement reached in prisoner's case against officer

by Christopher Zoukis

A man suffering from schizophrenia at Tangipahoa Parish Jail (TPJ) in Louisiana, who was not always provided with necessary medications and was attacked and injured by other detainees through staff indifference, received a $60,000 settlement in response to his federal Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) and civil ...

Two Men Unlawfully Searched and Falsely Arrested for Sitting in Vehicle Settle with Middletown, N.Y., Cops

by Christopher Zoukis

Patrick Ammirati and James Esposito, who were arrested and prosecuted over a speck that wasn’t even a drug after Middletown, New York, police found them suspiciously sitting in a vehicle in a parking lot, agreed to a settlement with the officers.

On January 7, 2009, Ammirati and ...

Louisiana Prisoner Beaten by Guards Settles Excessive Force Suit

by Christopher Zoukis

A prisoner housed at the Jefferson Parish Correctional Center in Louisiana (JPCC), who was pinned down and beaten by five guards, agreed to an undisclosed settlement with the guards, prison officials and medical staff.

     On June 12, 2009, while imprisoned at JPCC, Charles Alvin Cummings Jr., ...

Warden Settles with Prisoner Made to Sleep on Floor of Overcrowded California Prison

by Christopher Zoukis

Jacob Howard, a prisoner transferred to California’s North Kern State Prison where he had to sleep on the floor because of overcrowding, settled his federal lawsuit with the warden who knew there was no bed space available.

     Howard was being held at the Los Angeles Men’s ...

Queens Couple Receives $10,000 Settlement after False Arrest and Property Confiscation by NYPD

by Christopher Zoukis

Michael and Alisha Drepaul agreed to a $10,000 settlement with the city of New York in response to Mr. Drepaul’s false arrest and prosecution, and the police confiscation of $9,800 worth of their personal property.

On December 2, 2008, New York City police officers searched the residence ...