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Articles by Christopher Zoukis

$30,000 Settlement for Brooklyn Man Falsely Arrested by NYPD

by Christopher Zoukis

Derrick Baxton, who was arrested by officers of the New York Police Department with no evidence of wrongdoing, settled his federal civil rights lawsuit with the city of New York for $30,000.

     On February 5, 2010, Baxton was allegedly on his way to visit his sister ...

$125,000 Settlement in Case of Michigan Man Who Killed Himself In Jail

by Christopher Zoukis

The estate of a man who committed suicide while in the custody of the Crawford County Sheriff's Department in Crawford County, Michigan, agreed to a settlement offer of $125,000 in response to a federal civil rights lawsuit against the county, the sheriff's department and several county employees. ...

Native American Prisoner Settles with California State, Prison Officials over Religious Liberty

by Christopher Zoukis

Ralph Martinez, a Native American prisoner who was denied the use of elements fundamental to the practice of his religion while incarcerated at Calipatria State Prison in California, agreed to a settlement with state and corrections officials. Terms of the agreement were not disclosed.

     While imprisoned ...

Pennsylvania Prisoner Settles with Prison Officials over Permanent Injuries Caused by Medical Neglect

by Christopher Zoukis

 Thomas K. Turner, a prisoner housed at Berks County Prison, Pennsylvania, agreed to an undisclosed settlement with prison officials in response to permanent injuries caused to his leg as a result of medical indifference.

     While Turner was imprisoned at Berks County Prison, he suffered a ruptured ...

$91,615 Awarded to Injured Aramark Employee After Indiana Jury Finds Against Prison

by Christopher Zoukis

 An employee with Aramark, a government service contractor, who suffered a back injury that required surgery after having to force open a gate at an Indiana prison, was awarded damages of $91,615 by a Superior Court jury.

     On September 3, 2008, Aramark employee William Kelly was ...

Disabled Louisiana Police Department Employee Settles Discrimination Suit with City

by Christopher Zoukis

Walter Steele, a city employee who worked with the Oakland Police Department in Louisiana and had cerebral palsy with partial paralysis, agreed to a settlement with the Oakdale police chief and the city after he was required to do more work for less pay due to his ...

$9,900 Settlement Reached After New York Prisoner Denied Medication Resulting in Seizures

By Christopher Zoukis

 Jerry McKoy, a prisoner at Arthur Kill Correctional Facility in New York who suffered seizures because medical staff denied him his medication, agreed to a $9,900 settlement with the doctor in charge.

     Beginning on May 9, 2006, McKoy was denied Neurontin, a medication he used for ...

$200,000 Settlement Given to Family of California Man Who Died of Heart Failure in Pretrial Custody

by Christopher Zoukis

Jorge Osvaldo Cottini, who was being held at the Metropolitan Detention Center in Los Angeles pending trial, died of heart problems after allegedly being denied his prescribed heart medication, leading to a $200,000 settlement for his parents.

     On January 16, 2009, Cottini, who had a history ...

California Prisoner Awarded $500 for Spread of Cancer Due to Medical Indifference

by Christopher Zoukis

Armster Hampton, whose cancer potentially spread because prison medical staff failed to initiate any testing or treatment, was awarded $500 in damages by a federal jury.

     In 1999 and 2003, while imprisoned in the California penal system, medical examinations revealed that Hampton had an enlarged thyroid ...

$700 Settlement Agreed to by California Prisoner Treated with Deliberate Medical Indifference

by Christopher Zoukis

 Marvin Glenn Hollis, who was denied appropriate treatment for a serious medical infection while incarcerated in California's High Desert State Prison, accepted a $700 settlement offer made by prison officials.

     According to Hollis, officials at High Desert State Prison refused to provide his prescribed medications and medical ...