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Articles by David Reutter

Maine Prisons Expand Medication Assisted Treatment

Going cold ...

Iowa Jails Lower Phone Rates But Not Far Enough

Kentucky Consolidated Local Government Entitled to Sovereign Immunity

The court’s December 17, 2020, opinion was issued in an appeal brought by the Estate of James Hatcher. ...

Former Georgia Sheriff Deputies Denied Immunity in Criminal Case for Taser Death of Unarmed Man

Class Action Lawsuit Over COVID at Chesapeake, MD Jail Reaches Settlement

It alleged that, in less than one month, ...

DOJ: Florida Women’s Prison Subjects Prisoners to Unconstitutional Risk of Sexual Abuse

Rep. Diane Hart filed legislation in January 2021 to create a volunteer Citizens Oversight Council ...

New Hampshire Prisoner Sues to Enforce Conditions of Consent Decree

Court Orders In-Person Inspection of Michigan Facility to Determine COVID-19 Policy Compliance

“Through filings submitted as part of the bail process and supplemental briefing, the Court has repeatedly received information suggesting ...

NY Prisoner Entitled to Release Upon Reaching Conditional Release Date

PA Lawsuit Claims Allegheny County Jail Sergeant Brutalized Disabled Women