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Articles by F L

Why Do Legal Work?

Dwight Correctional Center is served educationally by Lewis University, " A Christian Brothers University." Lewis University offers courses entitled Paralegal I and II (16 weeks each), which I have decided to take. According to Lewis University, "the primary purpose of this course is to train inmate law library clerks to ...

News from Dwight Womens' Prison

News From Dwight Womens' Prison

By L.F.

Geraldine Smith is only the third woman to be sentenced to death in the history of the State of Illinois... the first occurring in the 1800s and the second in the 1930s. There was almost no media coverage of Ms. Smith's sentencing. There ...

Women's Report

Prisoner's Legal News is an excellent monthly magazine that I sincerely hope is generating interest and financial support, to which I will soon be adding.

The major concern among most women in prison is the welfare of their children, many of whom were declared to be wards of the state ...