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Articles by Rick Card

Book Review: Power, Politics, & Crime

Book Review: Power, Politics, & Crime

by William J. Chambliss, Westview Press, 1999

Review by Rick Card

"There is ... a huge chasm," says William Chambliss in his book, Power, Politics, & Crime , "between the reality of crime, the public's perception of it, and the information being disseminated to ...

Book Review: The Perpetual Prisoner Machine: How America Profits From Crime

by Joel Dyer, Westview Press, 2000 (318 pages)

Reviewed by Rick Card

An estimated 69 million people, or 44 percent of all households now own stock or invest in one of thousands of mutual funds. According to Joel Dyer, they are all "deriving at least a small portion of their ...

The Politics of Heroin: CIA Complicity in the Global Drug Trade

By Alfred W. McCoy

Lawrence Hill Books, 1991

Review by Rick D. Card

Imagine America, the great crusader against illicit drugs, a nation willing to sacrifice hundreds of thousands of its citizens in the name of its War on Drugs. Now imagine that same sovereign secretly allied with known drug ...

Race to Incarcerate

by Marc Mauer of the Sentencing Project,The New Press, 1999, 224 pages

Review by Rick Card

If understanding the social, political, and financial issues associated with our nation's massive prison system was a solution in itself, Marc Mauer's book, Race to Incarcerate, would spell the end of the prison industrial ...

Review: With Liberty for Some: 500 Years of Imprisonment in America

by Scott Christianson,Northeastern University Press, 1998

Review by Rick Card

Prisoners have played an important role in the entire story of America. From the founding of the New World by Christopher Columbus to the economic power of their cheap labor today, convicts are as germane to America as apple pie ...

The Keeper of the Keys

by Lee Dickenson, Lost Coast Press, 1999, 161 pages

Review by Rick Card

In a sequel to The Sounding Tree, published last year [PLN, May 1999], Lee Dickenson now offers a bundle of unrelated tales about his experience as a Connecticut prison guard. The stories range from administrative incompetence to ...

Reviews: Voices From Within the Prison Walls

by D.A. Shelton, News and Letters, 71 pages

Reviewed by Rick Card

"Criminals have become the 'bogeyman' so that corporate America can continue to commit atrocities against the proletariat throughout the nation and around the world," says David Shelton in Voices From Within the Prison Walls. In a book that ...