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Articles by Robert Durkee

BOP Lieutenant Pleads Guilty to Brutality Charges

In an ongoing criminal investigation, the Department of Justice, Office of Inspector General, is continuing its probe into allegations of obstruction of justice and other civil rights violations at the federal prison in Beaumont, Texas. The investigation took a dramatic leap forward when Bryan Small, a 34-year-old lieutenant at the ...

BOP Changes Organ Transplant Policy

The Federal Bureau of Prisons announced in early 2001, that it had decided to pay for organ transplants in some circumstances modifying its longstanding position of refusing to provide organ transplants for prisoners. Officials made the decision because, for disorders such as leukemia and endstage kidney failure, organ transplants have ...

Virginia DOC Cuts Ties with CMS

Virginia DOC Cuts Ties With CMS

by Robert Durkee

After numerous allegations of inadequate medical care, pending prisoner lawsuits and nearly $1 million in state imposed fines, Virginia Department of Corrections decided to sever at least two of its contractual ties with Correctional Medical Services. "Starting Feb. lst [2001] the ...