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Articles by Van Poyck, William

Death Row Eulogy

By William Van Poyck

On July 17, 1999, my friend and co-defendant, Frank Valdes, was stomped and beaten to death in his X-Wing cell by a large group of Florida State Prison (FSP) guards. As FSP prisoners know only too well, this beating was uncommon only because Frank actually died. ...

How the Florida DOC Circumvents Prisoners' Rights to Meaningful Access to the Courts

by William Van Poyck and Enrique J. Diaz

Although prisoners' constitutional right to meaningful access to the courts has been clearly established for almost three decades, the Florida DOC continues to evade and circumvent their constitutional obligation to accord prisoners their rights by employing blatantly unconstitutional rules and policies. Florida ...

Unconstitutionality of Florida's Outdoor Yard Policies for Close Management Prisoners

by William Van Poyck

The constitutional right, based upon the Eighth Amendment's proscription of cruel and unusual punishment, of long term Close Management (C.M.) prisoners to outdoor recreation exercise yard is long and well established, nation wide, going back more than two decades. Federal courts have universally and consistently held ...